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Splash Canyon - Water Puzzles App Reviews

Splash Canyon - Water Puzzles app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 4 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Splash Canyon - Water Puzzles app an average rating of 4.66 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 31.2K ratings since its release on May 21 by Lion Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Splash Canyon - Water Puzzles?

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Rated 4.13 out of 5

31.2K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Splash Canyon

Good Vibes!

The music is SOOO good, I could listen to this ‘till the day I die, the people who were behind the music need a raise!

Love it

Level 25 is hard


First of all, this game has wonderful and simple physics. I enjoyed playing it, but only for the first few levels. It’s very satisfying, but there is too many ads that pop up frequently. Also the ad banner at the bottom of the screen. And also the levels become quite repetitive as you keep playing, which makes the game boring due to the lack of content. Great game, but a little boring! :)

Great game!

Game has great water physics and I really enjoy it a lot! I just wish they had a lot more levels because I can play through this game in a day

Add Custom Levels

This game is the funnest game, but I always want to make a level of my own. I completed the game, and got all of the stars you can get. Now I want to try a new puzzle and want to make one that I can play.

Best game for long car rides

This game is my favorite in my opinion, it’s super fun creative and not like other games where you get bored in a couple minutes. I have ADHD and I never got distracted! Definitely recommend for people that have trouble paying attention.

Needs more levels

It’s a good game I’ve been addicted to it literally took me only two weeks to complete because I play it on my down time so please add more levels ASAP

Decent game. With flaws though

Ads are a bit too common however it’s balanced out by fun gameplay however level 25 is completely unbeatable even using the hint and that kinda just ruins the game

Ads cover part of the game.

Cute game but the lower part of the game is covered by ads. That’s a pain because you can’t see when bottom line is full. Game could be rated better if not for this problem. Very buggy. Sound sometimes plays. Sometimes disappears all together.

Can’t pass level

I can’t pass level 15 or so and there’s no skip button

Can’t see the bottom of the screen!

I really like this game, but I’m slowly going insane because the ad at the bottom of the screen blocks the bottom of the puzzle more often than not. I would give it 5 stars except for that.

The ad square..

The ad square at the bottom doesn't help at all. It just makes it confusing. And there's still sound when I turn it off.Other than that the game is really good

Really good game

Level 14 is a great satisfying level

I like it ... but read on.

I play on iPad. Works well but ads at bottom of game often obscure the goal. Just a bit counter intuitive.

Good except for ads

I would give it five stars but the ads at the bottom of the screen get in the way of seeing what you need to accomplish.

Banner Ads Block Levels

This game is a 5 star game if it weren’t for the banner ads across the bottom of the screen that blocks the level goal more than half the time

Well it was hard

Level 25 is way too hard I would like a skip button for the game please

Too many adds

First few levering are fun. Then there's an add after EVERY level. Uninstalled.

Amazing and simple

It is what the title says. Don’t question it just go with the flow.


Thank you so much for this game

Daily Level?

Before the latest update, there was a push notification inviting to attempt the daily level. Now the daily level is not available, yet the push notification about it still remains, even the title screen is gone.

Ads on bottom

Is there a way you can make some puzzles higher up? Some like 29 have the bottom of screen covered by an ad and I can’t see how much I need to do. Thanks Deb

Why so many ads?

This would be a pretty good game if I didn’t have to see an ad after EVERY dang level!

Nice Update,But...

I like how they added different worlds to the game,but there’s this weird glitch that makes the sound effects sound creepy and distorted, so please fix that.

A glitch..

So I have to say that I love this game! But when my ad was over and I got back to my gameplay the water was black.I don’t know if this was supposed to happen but it kinda freaked me out so please fix this if you can.

Black water

I love this game! But the black water is still there. I had to restart the game several times before it was back to normal again. Also, add many more levels! Again, I really love this game!

Best game

This game is the best number 1 I 🥰😍😘🤩🥳 this game yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

Add More Levels!

I am still waiting for the developers to add a world 5 to the game. If they don’t,I’m never playing this game again until they do!

Will probably stop because ads are so bad

I get that ads are needed to pay the bills. But I will probably end up stopping this fun game because ads have become so intrusive.

Color is so beautiful

The combination of color is amazing

I like the water everywhere stuff

I like how water goes everywhere, it’s like a glitch but I like it, it’s so funny it should be a meme!

So Much fun

I love how you can mix up of color. 🐸🦊🦊🦊

I can’t listen to podcasts

Please fix so podcasts and music during app .

Very fun!

Constantly trying to find the right solution! If you try this game you will likely find yourself playing again!


I would be more fun if you made a create your own levels and make unlimited levels you could create. That would be AWSOME if you did that!!! (I would rate you 5 stars if you do that.)


Pretty neat when I’m on the toilet

Great Game!

I really liked this game, but so wish there was more levels and after a while the daily level stopped working

Review of splash canyon

The sounds are relaxing and the game is simple and fun


I love this game.Its the most sadestfiing

It’s so satisfying

When I’m stressed I play this app and it helps me keep calm

Splash canyon

I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃

4 Negative User Reviews for Splash Canyon

Fun game, but too many ads

I had this game for one day. It was really fun, but in between each 30 second level, it showed you a 45 second ad. I sliced two boards and a half, watch things happen, and then watch a 45 second ad. Whatever.

Hints don’t work.

So there’s this level I can’t pass. I watched an ad to get a hint but when it showed me I still didn’t pass the level. I keep watching ads to get hints but it’s the same every time. Please fix this. 😩

Level doesn’t work

The game was fun u til I reached level 25. At first I thought i was missing something so I decided to watch an ad for a hint, and as it turns out I was doubting it right but not nearly enough water makes it in.

Trash developers

How do you expect players to pass levels if y’all place the ads over the color requirement. The development team is retarded for doing that please seek help

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