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Add more features for us non premium users

It’s says I can’t upgrade in the app and there’s no option for it here! What gives man? Lol tell me how to upgrade and you get five stars 😁



I love the way it’s on point with the way I’m feeling



Pay your artist more!! W/o them, you wouldn’t exist..

Iphone user- my system is update. I did a reinstall of Spotify.. still no sound. I use this app mainly for group yoga classes and this glitch is a real problem as i don’t always have time to turn my phone off etc until it decides to work again.

Listen to every day

bs5301 phone

Good format, to get my Joe Rogan and daily music mix. Occasionally find another podcaster to listen to based on the subject matter


Bride In Waiting

Spotify keeps me company when I’m exercising, entertaining a friend or when I just need a “pick me up”. Life is short and Spotify brings Joy in the midst of chaos.

Love the app


Keeps crashing every now and then very irritating

I wanted to upgrade to premium but couldn’t through the app. I guess I’ll just have to try another music app.

Great app

livvvyyy live 80

This app is great I can make my own play list and it has all types of music

Wonderful Information

CCC- Blessed

These short educational series are wonderful. I feel that they will help many individuals better understand.

Sabrina’s Review

Sabrina Elise Andert

This is A blessing to me and gives me music that I love and I need to hear💕🥰🕊🙃🥲😘

It’s amazing but...

Lexie Naveo

Hi! I love this app, I have it on my computer, my phone, and my headset. But my belittle brother uses the IPad the most and I can find the settings on the IPad to trun off explicit music. But overall it’s amazing

We can’t be Friends

Tia Stephens

If you don’t have Spotify Premium we can’t be Friends



Great. Needs more live albums though.

Simple to use


I like it! Good job guys n gals !!



Way way way better than pandora!

Fantastic App


Easy to navigate, great app for music, even without paying for premium it’s an amazing app, and idk what I would do without my Spotify!!!!

love it but…


Hey hi I LOVE spotify but I think y’all could make a lot more media attention if you had a light version like how twitter has a light/dark mode. Thanks bye!

Love it


I love it but can you please put the Musixmatch back on it with the lyrics? I loved that feature but don’t know why it was removed.



And to all the people who don’t love it I read some but when I was gonna use it it needs updated and it disappears To who know?!!!

Apple Music


The hardest break up I’ve had was with my Spotify subscription.

The app is great


It’s good but don’t play songs that aren’t in your playlist

Me encanta que puedes escuchar toda la música que deseas a la hora que quieras !!! Me encanta :)

Estupenda app


Amo esta aplicación tiene tantas opciones y listas de canciones del Hoy y del ayer

Can you please put on Friday night Funkin :(

Good app


This is a good app but I don’t like the adds but it’s ok

Just one problem

problem with game pl

If you can pls add no shuffle for songs because I want to listen to some songs but then I have to listen to like 5 other songs first


sir akaashi

i love this app its good. but it would be good if we could download more music like whatever music we want cause it really bothers me when i always need to have wifi:( i know this is short but pls let us download other music thank you<33

The first thing I think they should add is a clean version kinda like the kids one but with every song on it like I want to listen to out west but there is no clean version second make it easier to upload songs

Spotify is awesome


I dont care because i love spotify

Constant problem

Liberty Asbury

It never will let me change the playlists pictures from the app. I have the newest version. Other than this the app works well. Just wish I could change the photo.



This is the best music app literally,you can find any song you want ,I LOVE THIS APP if you want real music app then this is the best for you

I loved the app for a while. But now my trial is over, and I can’t listen to music I want to. If this isn’t a result of the trial ending can someone help me.


bigshaft joey

Best music ever! Don’t hesitate just download it🙂

It has every song and on YouTube you can’t save songs



The app is good only if you have premium. If you don’t you can only skip songs 6 times per hour. It get annoying.



I was sick of the ads on the free version so it’s a relief to pay for 100% music.

love this music app but...


this is a small issue, whenever i'm playing on my liked music playlist, it'll switch to some other playlist and i try to play my liked songs again it's just not working, i have to restart the app. not a huge deal, just a little annoying.



Thank you music is life. Best investment ever



This is an amazing app!! I use it everyday! It has all the songs u wanna listen too!!!!!

So um

Bombs away!215

I originally went on to the App Store to see if their was a update it took a second to show up but I think that was the problem so I love this app thank you! 😁😁😁


fif j

Awesome no how to use it it is awesome I find everything great

Muy bueno y confiable


Me encantó ..!!! Encuentras todo tipo de música de todos los géneros muy buena calidad 😊

Awesome listening


Currently, I am listening and enjoying island breeze tunes of the island of Hawaii. Aloha nui... Mahalo Spotify! You guys Rock!

8.6.22 is laggy

Urr it ated

Make sharing music from the app easier, when I try to send someone a song in 8.6.22 it hesitates. The UI is also meh.

I like Spotify a lot, I feel their interface is easier to use than apple music. It could be better if it had lyrics for the music you’re listening to.



I can’t get past 30 seconds without having it force pause. And it fixes itself later in the day or the next. Idk how to fix it manually.

amazing app

Reader maniac

spotify premium is sooo good, if you get the family one, you only have to pay 10$ each so vv helpful


🧸Nokia Afton🧸

It’s a good app, I just wish you could download songs without having premium.


agust d🖤

I love this app so much it’s so useful



Spotify has all the best music, it has the moods your feeling , happy, sad, mad, proud and I am very happy with Spotify and it’s music

I spent many months putting together my artists list and with one update 2 days ago it’s now entirely disappeared. Extremely frustrating. It’ll take several more months now to try and rebuild it. Was that necessary?



I like the app it’s just when I press play on my playlist or liked songs it goes to a song I didn’t like or put in my playlist because of recommended songs or songs we added

I just want to listen to my daily dose of lo-fi with my dog and I have to sit all day for them to go through :( (the title is a exaggeration !) have a good day!

Not random enough


Out of my about 400 liked songs, day after day I’ll hear about the same 50 songs with the shuffle button. It’s really upsetting since I love this app and don’t want to get rid of it.

Best app like ever


Amazing haha best app like ever use it all the time Poggers



I love this app and will give it 5 stars but I would like them to do a lot of glitches with podcasts. If you forward or go back it sometimes starts all over, won’t come back in after a call or text or directions when driving.


jimins wife lol

notes and Spotify at 12-3 am = free therapy

We all use Spotify


Computer version is better and I hate the ads but shoot Spotify has a really good way of showing you new music. Idk if it’s the algorithm they use to find stuff that you like but whatever it is, it does a good job at it.

Great but…


Lacks one very important feature: LYRICS!!

Great resource


Really comprehensive and helpful in understanding big topics. Engaging and fun. Hopefully it helps in the exam!



I can listen to anything I want, and whenever. And I really didn’t get the hype of Spotify. That’s why I didn’t download load it. But I wanted to pre-save something so I did. And I’m glad I did, this is amazing!

Great App

Alissa Bloomfield

I love Spotify but the reason why I say four stars is because there are too many ads for the free version. I still love the app but I wish there weren’t as many adds.

It has all

give glory to good

I like it. It has all the music but it makes you listen to adds



Spotify is great for finding any sort of music, from hip-hop to country. Along with being able to make your own playlist, this is a great way to stream music, and it’s all free!

Full of ads

Lana oubre

It’s awesome but it’s full of ads one or more ads 30 seconds each after every song. I didn’t have money to buy premium. Ads are so annoying.

Love the variety of music, but when I’m done listening I should be able to switch it off! Have to restart phone just to get it to stop!

It's good but

cat lover 689

I love this app I've had it for a year now but I don't like that random songs come on that are not in you're playlist, and I've been trying to get my songs for almost an hour AND my songs only come on once then I have to wait

Great but a downside


Ok i love the app but im mad at how i have to have premium to have only my songs on my playlist please change this in the future

Too many ads

FaZe Savageone

I get three 30s ads in a row, I can’t even enjoy my playlist

Waiting for HiFi

Roberto Sorocaba

I have tried Tidal and Amazon HD. The sound quality is much better, but Spotify is still better in usability and other features. I’ll wait a little longer for HiFi, otherwise I’ll change to switch.

Nice to find Obscure Greatness "Mr Smith" and Private World


Yours truly Harper

Spotify never lets me listen to what I try to play. It plays a different song😐



Real good no advertisements awesome beats and good tune !

Love it


Almost perfect. I just have an advice to Spotify. Services are like friends there are some friends that you don’t talk about politics. So please stay out of that. Don’t ruin it by assuming that all of us are one side or the other.

the best


is extremely good have good articles good music good sound very happy with this application

Are you a human with OUT Spotify you must download this it plays clean music which is awesome because I’m 8 years old



new music that i search for via the search bar wont play unless i favorite it or add it to a playlist. this only goes away when i restart the app


✿ sherlizzle ✿

it’s good, but can the next update allow you to see who liked a playlist ? or at least who liked YOUR playlist



Spotify is a nice streaming service for music, I’m new to Spotify and really like it

I am new to Spotify, and is curious about one thing. Why is there no shuffle button in my Spotify? Do I need to purchase Premium or something? Because it’s kinda annoying how random songs keep popping up in my playlist.

Instant Photons


What a great way to start my day! Thanks so much for creating beautiful music for my soul.❤️

Whenever using this ap with Waze and there is a notification on Waze it stops playing Spotify and you have to manually go back to Spotify and unpause. Great other than that


the battobman

Spotify is awesome and I just felt like writing a review for it. I really wish it didn’t give me ads in between songs but otherwise it’s great! 😎


Raven Ozouf Adrien

This App is great for families, you can put an explicit ban on your child’s profile so they can’t listen to inappropriate music, there’s just about every song you can think of and it’s compatible with almost every device


Juju usher

This app is amazing i love it so much and I hope that this app goes on forever

I wish all songs had lyrics to sing along :/

Best music app

deja gutierrez


Legit easiest way to find all your music

literally play one song then next song cuts out and i have to reboot app plz fix ive seen other reviews concerning this



Macaroni with the chicken stripes ughhhhh😩


yeah roght

I love Spotify because you can exit the app and the song still plays.



me encanta esta plataforma desde que la probé la primera ves , mis playlist los puedo colocar en el trabajo y en mis otros dispositivos con 1 solo click . en fin me encanta!

I especially like the ease with which you can explore lineage. Like John Cage and progeny !!

cooperated with (GTA5) so that there was a link between spotify and the game

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s here. Spotify rocks!

Bad steaming


I can’t listen to Spotify continuously. They keep kicking me off. I’ve not used much. A real hassle restarting Spotify all the time. Jeff

I RUN to Spotify!

The Lone Runner!

Spotify is awesome! I play it during my 5 mile daily run & it give me an extra kick when I need it midway thru!!! Gotta Love Spotify! TheLoneRunner!

More and more


Spotify is getting better all the time. Everything I have searched I found in it. I use Spotify to access the songs I like and discover others that express what I feel. It is a great service for those who like to search for music.

Ta fachera la app recomendable 😎👌🏻

Why choose Spotify?🤔

the three basemen

My family of four and I can enjoy every song you can imagine for only fifteen dollars a month!!! 😄

A decent app


Nice app but the we added is annoying and doesn’t make sense



Could you add a place where all of the downloaded songs are in One place, please?



I really like Spotify especially when I am doing school work

Not interested in listening to podcasts on Spotify



It’s has sSOO many song choices and it’s really great way to listen to you favorite songs! I highly recommend this app!

I use Spotify all the time and it’s wonderful! I have a problem, the app randomly closes and if I open it again the song I was listening to starts over. It’s annoying to have my listening interrupted. Please fix this!

i’ve had spotify premium for a while and it’s been okay except the pesky crashing. it’s not only on my phone but any device that i log into my account in.



I understand that you have to make money, but 2-3 commercials after every 1-2 songs is ridiculous!! And the “watch this video for 30 minutes ad-free” is a joke. If you’re lucky you’ll get 15mins. Going back to Pandora for a while.


mya hughes

Loveeee spotify but I like the old library better 😭😭😭😭

If you pause a podcast it will not resume in the same spot when resumed, podcasts also cannot be screen recorded.


Flame ghost

I poppies my pants and sent it to space via balloon 🙌

It’d be nice to be able to see what playlists a song are added in, cause it’s easy to forget/don’t remember. (So y’all are just taking every feature away from non premium listeners. Gee thanks.)



I love the podcast section makes my day more productive

Love Baggin Broads


So happy to finally have a great podcast that addresses this topic. Girl power!

I love Spotify

deb 5924

Like Spotify a lot better than Pandora

Hits Home


Butch’s music helps me remember why I fell in love with my wife.

Closes out randomly

milk before cereal 😂

I will be listening and all the sudden it will stop and completely close out the app or just stop the music and I will have to open my phone and the app to start the music all over again.



Thank you Spotify, without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today. You guys are a blessing and keep up the good work 💕-Evangelist


Dio Blakely

The sign up is easy and the variety of music the app gives you is fireee!! This app out of 10 is 100

i never used spotify ever. but now that i am i’m never changing. 10/10

Awesome experience


I am new user here and its amazing now I am able to experience the songs which I wasn't able to find on any other platform and ofcours voice quality amazing

No download limit

delores' paint

Used to be a download limit for the amount of songs you could have on your phone. Now there’s not.

My review


I love that I can get my favorite songs from the past to current music!!

Spotify Props


I’ve used other music apps, Spotify is the only one I’ve kept!



Dear people, I love this app because you get to listen to your music and podcasts. They should fix ads that show up every second.


cjdi hfj vjwivjevbei

Spotify Is a great app it has great sound you can attach speakers to it it has all kinds of music I just really like you should try it out

I get so excited for new laughs every Wednesday! Brit and Alyson are hilarious! 😆



Add lyrics back!, I had them yesterday and now I don’t. It will make the app better with lyrics.

Spotify Is Great!


Easy to find and save music, extensive library. Sound quality is decent, but, can’t wait for lossless version.

Every time I wanna play a game or something on my phone with the music playing in the background, it randomly stops playing the music. If this is a bug, please fix it. Thank you

Superb App

I Notice Me I

I have been using Spotify for about 4 years now and I absolutely love it! Wish I could give it a higher rating than 5!!!!


Potato cheese sticks

I love Spotify, but if you don’t have some sort of meambership, they put random songs on your playlist.

Best music app ever

savannah hoff

It lets you listen to all types of music, podcasts!!! Trust me you will not regret purchasing Spotify it will be the best music app you have ever downloaded!!!



Finally I can play any song I want!



I love Spotify so much it lets me listen to all my favorite songs and artists

This app is amazing. But you can’t buy a month of premium with an apple gift card, or money in your iCloud account. That’s literally it. Everything else is absolutely amazing.

Great app

The worse thing

This app is great! Just wish there were more songs on it.

Good app


Too many adds and it glitches when it says you have 30 mins of add free music then after one song sit plays a song



Easy to use plus the deals for college students is a bonus. $5 for hulu showtime and spotify.

Soooo many ads!


I love Spotify but holy moly, the ads! I barely use it now because it’s practically been taken over by advertisements.


Fish Sauce

Every parents or parent-to be should listen to this!

Love you guys


Amazing app because I can listen to music for free

Best music app ever


This is the best music app I have ever used the premium is really cheap I love it <3

Please bring the genius behind the lyrics to the Apple TV so the interface can look better on the TV screen when using the Apple TV.



It’s not very easy to operate tho but still I love it here

Has all the music in the world except Garth Brooks

Okay but can be better


Every time I listen to music it disconnects my AirPods and I have to open my phone back up again and play the song and it’s reset



It is a nice way to listen to music



So far I haven’t ran into an ad on these playlists which is exciting🥰



Spotify is a great app. And there’s really nothing else to say.😊😊

Less skips

Joshua C. Jones75589

I Love Spotify. I only wish there were less skips.

Find awesome all of my favourite songs here. Really love Spotify !!!

Love It!


Top Music/Podcast Streaming App Hands Down!

Love the choices


I love the variety in music and choices I can put together. My favorites have no boundaries

Great! Suggestion:


I’d love to be able to sort my albums by release year and possibly even some other options. Here are some interesting ideas: Sort by album runtime Sort by album color I could think of some more if I wanted but I’m bored now so peace



It great I would like less adds

Great app


I’ve had this app for a while I like all the features

Excellent sounds

David Boy OK

My whole family loves Spotify we listen to it every night and every day it is so good I’m so happy to have it and I recommend it to all my friends

I love it


I, like so many depressed teens, use spotify and pinterest as coping mechanisms 😌 so thank you spotify 🙏



This app is amazing. I do recommend this app if you’re looking for free music.



It’s the my own personal favorite place to hear music

Yasss queen

ava kitty

I 1000000/10 recommend Spotify it’s on of the best apps in the world and works so well. Also person reading this YASSSSS

Love ut


Absolutely love it👌🏾❤️

Worth it!


Best music app ever! And the fact that you can download the music to listen WITHOUT WIFI is insane! Go download now!

This is a good app but...

Ivory Syversen

It’s kinda lame that you have to buy premium to play your own songs on demand and the skip limit is annoying but it’s a very good app in general.

Spotify is so good!

Mac&Cheese girl

I listen to all my favorite songs and it is easy to use! I would recommend this to anyone who likes to find their favorite song easy and fast. 👍🏼


Aveeno lotion

Spotify is an amazing music app I love to play my favorite songs on it. But, the only downside is it doesn’t have every song I like to listen to. But I mean besides that Spotify is amazing.

I Love Spotify/Spotify For Artist!!! I Can Review My Streams And See Where My Music Is Being Played At. Big Thumbs Up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Spotify rules!!


Spotify is the best! I love it soooo much! But I’m 9 and there are some songs I should not be listening too! But I still LOVE IT!!



Is super great helps me get away from reality.

Mostly great

Magner Apple Product

Great mixes and music..the Daily Drive plays the same music...despite following advice from Spotify

I lllooocvveee this because “ NoGud “ music is soooo beautiful and realistic and sooo heartfelt

Nice toons


Nice toons for a great workout!


john. Land

It’s only good if you have premium

Whenever Gary speaks, I listen. I’ve built a multi-million dollar business following the actionable steps he gives is all for free. This guy gets it in a big way and spares no detail on how you can succeed.

It’s meh


So I sometimes get those ads that say ‘now enjoy your add free 30 minutes!’ But then I literally get 3 ads straight right after and one 15 minutes in-

I love this


Hello, I love Spotify so much !!!!,


Carson Fredrick

Good quality music for iPhone if you have it skips,you can also pic your favorite artists and albums from them and even repeat your favorite don’t many times


tough rating site123

The quality of Spotify is amazing. Things are very neat and orderly. You can make playlists and like songs that you can listen to later. I recommend anyone reading this to download Spotify today.🎧🎼🎤🎸🥁🎷🎺🎻🪕


KD :) 🤗

I love Spotify!! I do t have premium but I don’t mind the ads! I love listening to this great music for free!! Thank you Spotify!!

Honestly only a few tweaks I would give to Spotify, the ability to add a song to multiple playlists in one go being one of them, but otherwise if you’re looking for a one stop music shop, Spotify beats out Apple Music any day



Spotify is by far the best app I have on my phone and the only thing I know I can’t go without! You guys do a wonderful job and ever grateful for the platform you created!

Problem with ads


Can you please keep the ads consistent? I have 1 ad per 30 minutes and then 2 ads per song. Can you change the ads to 2 ads per 15 minutes or something like that? Thanks!

Best Music App


Been using this app for about 10 years now, and it keeps getting better every year!!

Great App!

Kitty thuja

Easy to navigate and simple to use, and course, they have one of the best, if not THE best music libraries out there.


my tiktok is chl03.s

bruh when ever i listen to the music it likes glitches out of the app and i have to restart everything for it to work

I love spotify

Yolo beast mode yo

Amazing app. Just a few things. Most times i cant play songs until i like them which is kinda annoying. But the main thing is i really wish you could customize playlist covers from mobile devices.

Home page

Cool white boiiiiiiu

Take podcasts off the home page, and bring back daily mixes. I really don’t care for the podcasts



The best music out there but I would like more skips and let us select songs like 2 times that would be nice but other than that it’s great

Great app but....


Great app just stop adding six skips add ten at least and don’t add other songs to playlists ty

love it


you can just vibe and chill w the music, lads

Best app for music

jo baby <3

A large variety of music and very simple to use. I've used Apple Music, pandora, musi and many many other music apps and this one is by far the easiest and best app to use.

This is all of my favorite music on it I love it so much Spotify is amazing


Joshua Kerr

It is so well made and easy to access and has all music

3 stars

Natilee L

You don’t have timeless by a boogie

Amazing app! But...

saknia marie banner

This is a very good app but when I run out of skips it tells me that I found a new feature and that I should buy premium. I understand that you want to make money but it gets very annoying when you tell me over and over, other than that good app!

I Love This Podcast

This Is My Million D

This podcast is fresh new and innovative. Shante has some amazing guest. Make sure you check out a few episodes.🔥🔥🔥🤗❤️



Very helpful and I recommend but I don’t like the fact that you only get 6 skips per hour but other than that ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️love it

Hope this makes it to Broadway as a musical.

My business disclosed

solitude sought

Someone stated that they didn’t prefer Spotify adding to their playlist. I must say I agree. Other than that I love it .

Not to hot...

jryrhgsvdghsbd dhdnd

I was just trying out Spotify and i saw THREE ads and it did not even let me listen to the correct music. Why do we have to pay to listen to our favorite music?

Great app


My favorite app. they have everything I need and the interface is so easy to use.



I enjoy watching Spotify and always will too!!! Thanks.

The review

the 56/8 CNN

We absolutely love Spotify! We truly do think that u you our music is amazing! We hope you get more reviews like this one! 😁😁😁

Stpotify is good but if you don’t have premium then you only can skip six songs and a lot of adds overall great

Why i love you


My parter made a playlist for me and I literally started crying when i heard it and im glad that you are an app that people can make playlists and share them easily on

Yo mama

what it do fligjt cr

Best for music especially ppcocaine


thicc boiiiiiiiiiiii

Every thing is on suffle and idk how to turn it off plz help

BWP LOVE SPOTIFY 🎖🏋🏾‍♂️🔥❤️🔥🏋🏾‍♂️🎖

Favorite app for music


Spotify is 1000% my go to music app because of all the playlist it curates and how I can shuffle my liked songs 😌



Nunca me salieron las lyrics para canciones y a otros usuarios si les aparecen y a mi no

It’s good

Ryan. 🙃. 🙃. 😑

Just I wish there would be a little less adds

I love this app


It helps with my crippling depression and anxiety it clams me down, it’s better than sound cloud it has better like spud with head phones than spud cloud and u have better choices so I suggest that you get Spotify.😊

Its hella good but-


There are too many ads and I can just pick the song you want that is in my like playlist which is really annoying-

This is what annoys me I have to watch 2 ads for every song and before I can listen to any playlist I have to watch like 6 ads it gets annoying

Love it!


Easy to use, so many choices. Can’t say enough good things about Spotify. I even own their stock! Best app ever.

4 Stars


Great music app!!! But it cuts off a lot sometimes.



They keep adding inappropriate songs to my play list.



Commercials are way to repetitive at least switch them up

This is where I listen to all my music and podcasts. But they did an update recently and made accessing podcasts more complicated and kinda annoying. Just a bad update and wish it would go back to having a music tab and podcast tab

5 Stars


Best App ever to listen to music! You don’t have to listen to ads to listen to music! -McKenzie H

Just the best


Better than any other music application out there

a good and reliable music app if you can get past the ads and automatically added music


PERSON 999.0

I love the app! I can listen to it while I am sleeping or relaxing, AND EVEN PLAYING! I think you should get this app right away to listen to your fave songs/music. Trust me, you’ll have a GREAT time -PERSON

music randomly stops

suggestion for the a

i love this app but the music stops at random times while i’m listening with my phone off. My app is up to date, so idk what the problem is. It’s really annoying

Happy cat


I love this app becauseI can listen to my music

Fixes they need to fix

Kristian Barron

Love the app but when I want to play my playlist it bugs out and I have to go in and it starts at the beginning of my song and when I play it again it bugs out again so I hope that they can fix that


emma reds

I love Spotify, I have premium because my entire family uses it very frequently. I say that premium is very worth it when you do the family plan. if you don’t Spotify is still very great but has adds and other limits :)

In love

love LEDS

I LOVE THIS APP omg I’m in love 🥰


Hi??????? hello?????

Spotify is perfect with a few flaws like some songs that I play won’t repeat even if I hit repeat.I know that’s for premium members only but it would be better and I would use this more.

מדהיםםםםםם שאלות שלא שואלים אמא עם בת שבע ואילנה. מעל גיל מחישים חובה! להקשיב כאן.


Hello yallz

The ads are sometimes annoying, but otherwise I love it!

Can you please improve your shuffle algorithm!!!

I was asked to rate this after listening to 20 great songs in a row by the same artist. Yes I was feeling it. YES Spotify. Okay 5 stars.

Good but fix this


Spotify needs to fix the problem of crashing into the app. when I listen to my music the app crashes and stops and when I go back to the app it restarts the song and stops the time the song stopped the first time it crashed please fix this Spotify

Lyrics Spotify LYRICS!!!

Chriistian Ov

Whatever you you you’re behind any other platform if you don’t show lyrics, we like to listen to music but as well we like to sing, just got that I still use Apple Music as my main music app

Best Music inventory


Incomparable selection of music puts Tidal to shame. Unfortunately best quality of playback is 320 mp3



I pay for premium and here these past few days my downloaded playlists won’t play at all no matter what kind of service I have it will play like 5 sec then just stop plz help

Spotify Review


Honestly this is my favorite app. It’s free, I can listen to any song at any time, it’s really a no-brainer to have this app. Spotify is the app I would choose if I could only have one.

Love this abb


Dear Spotify you are the best app I could ever use it’s like I can do listen to music without adds it’s just the best thing in the world. Love, Maleah



One of the best apps to listen to while doing work!!!

Me love this app!


Love this app so much! Great music

Spotify crashes

Nate Boss4

This is so good but sometimes it crashes let me know if you guys have this happened to you

I like all the availability of selections

Controlling the volume on Spotify Connect devices, especially Alexa devices, doesn’t work after a few minutes of playback and I have to relaunch the iPhone app to get it to resync whenever I want to raise or lower the volume



I think Spotify is a great app... if you pay money it’s easy and very customizable, but I think they should stop removing old music and add more music from lesser known artist



I can’t skip more than 6 times, there are ads, and I can’t even shuffle without paying? Like there’s some good stuff but I shouldn’t have to pay for something as simple as being able to shuffle music

Great! But...


It’s great but it likes to pause randomly and I have Spotify premium.... Really sad because when the beat drops and I’m jamming and it pauses it kills it...

Ssg Jay

treasure hunter 1025

Joe Rogan is fundamentally changing America IN A GOOD WAY.

When I want to listen to specific artists I don’t want it to switch on its own to something else If I want to change artists I will on my own Very frustrating! Also music just cuts off by itself often Right in the middle of a song

Thank you SO much. Please dear lord almighty never remove this feature. Just. Keep. It. Where. It. Is.

Absolutely amazing!


As a delivery driver— and before that— I use Spotify every single day! It never fails to give me the music I won’t without absolutely ripping through my data!

Лучшие песни

Ксения генералова Ан

Самые лучшие песни и качества просто бомба. Но есть одно но песни не работают В не сети и это не прикольно

A Spotify problem


I would give Spotify a 5 star but on phone when you go to play a song a different song plays please fix this problem

I was gonna give five stars but then they have this new thing with only 6 skips per hour and I can just pick what song I wanna play from my playlist and I don’t like that


Wonder Woman 1979

Happy that I can download songs easliy. And it’s FREE. I can listen to music without any commercials. Spotify is my go to from now on. I’m from the old school. So this is so easy for me to move around on. And find what I like to listen to.

Just plain perfect.

it not that bad👀

I’ve been using Spotify for 2 years and I just love it.

Lyrics please 🙏

Ancheta chris

If they add lyrics to songs, this will be the best music app. That’s the only thing that Apple Music beats you guys, but so far I’m pleased and happy with Spotify

Just music

Mrs. Silence Doogood

Have not heard 1 commercial yet!

I like this app and it’s cool that you can share your playlist but it would be better if you could share your likes songs it so easy to add songs so you should be able to send it to your friends



No Girls Generation Japanese albums 🙄🙄 while Apple Music has them

Overall, pretty good app. I like how it interfaces with Sonos and my other devices. I wish they would allow you to turn off the podcast suggestions from the home screen.

No pongan

sky doniz

No pongan anuncios repetidos y bájele el volumen a los anuncios no suenan más fuertes que la las canciones gracias

This is a good app but it’s lowkey not working for me rn

I love this app!


Spotify is an awesome app! I can listen to any song I want! The only thing I don’t like is that it adds random songs to my play list and it is annoying

Most of the time volume controls don't work with google home/nest devices. the song playing will also not match what's shown on the phone. This is when casting from the spotify app.

I love Spotify, it’s so easy to use. Makes me personalized playlist and so easy to share to friends.

Great app!!!!!*****

nickname J Bacon

Other than the glitch it took 4 months for them to see and fix!!! I love the music selection but wish it was unlimited in the library like apple!!! I have had Spotify for 6 years.

I think this is the best app ever to be made and they have every song I usually listen to and it is amazing I’m probably going to buy there prim

Just great


Free music the adds are a little annoying but it’s worth it trust me.👍

It’s ok

[My my]

This app is nice but I don’t like how when u tap on some music after a while it won’t play wat u want🥲

I downloaded Spotify to listen to The Joe Rogan experience.

Really nice

song lover lilly

The app is good for finding new songs and old songs too. It has lots of great artists. You can go on other apps and still listen



Best music app out there, only problem I and others have been experiencing is fast battery loss when listening to music.

App bad


App bad because Spotify keeps crashing in the middle of my song and restarts it all over just to crash again >:((

This is a good app I can listen to music that from game YouTube and listen to music while playing games

Spotify rating


I have been using Spotify over a year now I first started using it with my ps4 and after I loved the playlist and music I sometimes use it to be focus before a sports game or even to study.



I honestly love this app sooo much. But recently there has been so many ads, more and more everyday. I put up with a while but pandora dosent have that much and I don’t have to pay for almost the whole app like spotify.



My account got hacked into and the next thing I know all my social media’s are hacked and it all started here. They need better security and a better way to reset a password. It took me 30 min just to finally get a new password.

It’s Spotify

Dynamic Doughnut

It doesn’t matter if you have or don’t have a subscription, it’s spankin either way. Imagine RDIO before Pandora ruined it by buying it and shutting down the service.

I love it but

pull the horns

Love it but please remove the ads



I love the app it’s okay but I think it will be better if it loads lyrics



I thought if I downloaded Spotify, the music would stop when I leave the app. But when I use any different app it plays my favorite songs all the time without me having to be using the app, I love this app.


Felonius Chuck

I just wish the artists made more , I’d be willing to pay more for the service if the artists got a better cut , but other than that this is the greatest thing an audiophile from the 60’s could have ever imagined 🍯🤘


Mr frog rules

It’s Just the BEST when you can shut off your Device and it still Plays!! Plus your can make your own Track of songs! That will never go away!! 😉

Love it!


👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 love it

After Update It's Freezing


After The New Update The Apps Freezing Please Fix It

I love it


I can Watch the Demilio into chicks with Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio so fun funny and just catch me up on some stuff that I missed once in weeks😊



I can listen to all my fav music with no limits and I there are no ads amazing.

Great app!


I love this app! I find it very easy to use. It’s very easy to add and remove songs from my playlist!


Roy Ballentine

Great music at you fingertips!! I highly recommend it!!!



It is easy to play songs on but you can’t look up a single song it will pull up a album some times



this is the best music app ever I keep listenig to it my parents and my whole family loves it I NEED YOU TO LIVE IT



I HATE the new updates there stupid you can’t play an individual song without playing a whole album


antwon 38

It is not seamless to to switch from audio to video with the Apple TV v. 4. Yet on my IPad, easy, done. What’s the deal here? Am I missing something?



It’s good and all but It would be be nice to get paid a large sum of American money

Play my song


Play the song I picked not an ad or a different song😪


Typeing shrimp

I like it is very nice and wayyyy better than apple Music Apple Music = ☹️🤡🙅‍♀️☠️ Spotify=🤩🤪😌😃

CarPlay issue


The new update does not work with CarPlay. I’m constantly having to restart the app. Horrible user experience. Please fix!

the new update has changed all the orders or playlists and intertwined them with albums and other junk that clutters the space and messes with my head. usable but the worst

I hate how when I type in a specific song I can’t listen to it. It plays suggested songs which is fine, but let me listen to the song I CHOSE first


pink raylas

It’s the best I literally loveee it not to lie!


Oscar Harwick

I can’t see all the songs that I like

the ads


i love being able to listen to music but i get trojan ads relentlessly. i don’t know what about only listening to one direction makes it seem like i’m getting railed constantly... other than that i love the app

Buena aplicación


Bueno,me encanto la aplicación, es fácil de utilizar, y los que mas me encanta es que no hay tantos anuncios

Experience it yourself. ENABLE CAR MODE! DRIVE SAFE!



Good app if you want only the music and no unacceptable visuals.


poprock 🤍🖤🤍

Spotify is better than any other music app that i have used i can listen to any song or album or playlist❤️🤍


Blake Henrichsen

The fact you can stream any music under the sun for free is awesome. Great app.


Snowdisberry ads Jus my songs after more of my songs !!! Love Spotify



It goes to a different song then it is



Watch this video to get 30 minutes of ad free music? I did. I got 15 minutes. This has happened more and more frequently. Kinda feeling like it’s a plot to make me spring for the paid version. Just be up front, Spotify.


kitty cat778

Love this app it is wonderful love my Reggaetón music.


melodyy howard is th

I love Spotify but iys so annoying when the music pasues and restarts the song,i shoudknet have to keep listening to the same song ovwr and over again. Also too many adds,i shouldnt have to pay! GET ANOTHER JOB



Can you add a loop so we can hear the same song over and over again

Spotify is awesome


I love Spotify for podcasts and music I definitely want to recommend it to everyone!😆

I try to play music only on my watch near my phone and it freaks out. Fix it please.

So I don’t have premium but I love how Spotify puts songs that you will like and once and a while find a good song to put on your playlist and the podcast are great



Best listening app and it’s easy to use

not sure


IT KEEPS ON STOPPING MY MUSIC😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Have to have Premium

Tyton O. Daley

There is no reason to download this app without premium. Otherwise there are far better options. Family premium is only 15/mo for 6 people though, so if you and a few friends chip in it can end up being pretty cheap for everybody.



Good quality ❤️❤️❤️

good, but..


I’d love to be able to see who is listening to what on my friends list :) I love that feature on desktop, please incorporate it into mobile!






This app is great keep on working hard



I love how all the songs are free and so is the app😁

Super good


If you are reading this, just know that getting Spotify was such a good option to get for me. It’s really accessible and easy to use. If you don’t know which music app to get, I promise you, get Spotify

Great music😁😁🙂😉


In love with this app !! The best .one thing you should be able to make your own music if it had that five star ⭐️ just like that. Please try to update if possible love y’all stay safe😘😘😜

Too many added songs


To many auto pic songs takes too long to hear one of my pics

Spotify is best

cool lookin 😎😎😎😎

Best ever not so much commercials and great sound

Random stops


While I’m listening to music I’ll be enjoying it but the the music just stops and it keeps doing it over and over again. It gets pretty annoying, if you could just fix it, I would give it a 5 star review.

Love it

Sub 2 Schleeba

Perfect I can just lessen to some of my favorite songs and podcasts


late school hero

I wish we could replay songs. I with we could like X out bad words if we want too.



Music Girl 8!

It’s really good, it has all your favorites tunes, podcasts and more! The adds are a bit painful if u don’t pay, but there not constant so other than that it’s a 10 out of 10!


is meh OwO

I would rate this a 5 start but there so many adds, less adds I’m good

I’d like to know how many views Sahara’s podcast entitled ‘Perspective’ has received. Thank You

great but bug problems

idk bro just me

it’s always been my top choice in music but recently my music will stop playing and the whole app will crash lol it’s really annoying because i’ll be trying to listen to music and it will just lag and kick me out

I love this but


When I’m listening to my music most of the time Spotify disappear then I have to start the song over and over can you please fix that and why only 6 skip per hour like maybe you do 10 skip so it’s a like fair



Just brilliant mate just brilliant

I absolutely love all of the new songs and artists that I come across on Spotify! Never a dull moment on my playlist. And I especially love the custom playlists that Spotify makes for you based on your listening.

Song review

Canon the Mane 000

Whenever I click on A song it goes to a different song that it doesn’t even match with can you please fix this is really annoying I just want to listen to a song

It’s alright

AnOnYmOuS 3302

I love this app, except for the fact that it keeps crashing every five minutes. This started recently, and I can’t seem to fix it.



everyone who got this app is either broke or got a andriod



P, D, and B. And that’s all I have to say about that.


hasti ❤️🌹🇹🇷

I love this app It’s so good 💝💝💝



I just be jamming to the jams idk what else their is to it :P



It’s fine but it’s keeps crashing can someone help.

I Wish it can tell me what kind of Genre the song I am listening to in the album like Apple Music does that’s why I put 4 stars

Getting new song

Mohammad Rasel

Really nice apps all the new songs getting.



Easily accessible All Genre All Langugae

Good app but....


Good app but needs some fixing like making it not have a free trial and R.I.P my free trial 👍😭

Great music bad politics

hacked phished leavi

polotics took should be kept out of platforms like this to people used to get away from that kind of stuff you shouldn’t push anything whether it’s black lives matters why merchant the water, I don’t ou

Spotify, keep up the awesome job!!

This app needs to be able to bulk deletion for podcasts/downloads and it needs to add the “Your Playlists” to the playlists section of Apple CarPlay. For some reason it’s missing. Thanks!

It ok


My problem is I pick one song and a different one plays, also adds music to your playlist.



Spotify is the best! It has all the music I love! Spotify helps me get through the bad times

They are listening to their customers. Once you download a song, the artist should automatically show up in your artist category. And songs should be able to download in the background.

The selection seems infinite Keep up the good work

Stops my music


not sure if it’s just my phone but when i’m listening to any music Spotify automatically stops playing it, sooo then i have to go back & put play but then when i do it starts the song all over again.

Stop putting birth control ads

Isabella primakov

There are little kids who might listen to music in Spotify. I am 14 years old and I don’t need ads abt birth control and s*x 😂😭

Love it.

Ø r ę ø š

I’ve been using this app for a while and I haven’t seen ANYTHING wrong so I gave it 5 stars. But what I like mostly is that I can be listening to music while my phone is turned off and none of the battery is wasted! Lovely app!



I love love LOVE this app! I love music so I use this app multiple times a day. It has a ton of songs (obviously not every song known to man).

Good but nonstop crashes


It is a good but songs play for like two minutes than crashes


v e n i c e 💖💘

TOO MUCH ADS PLS LOWER THE ADS 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

The music


Straight just the music is amazing

My happy music


I always find what I want. My music helps me enjoy each day.

What is wrong


I do not like the ads but it is ok and the music breaks up a little but overall great and it is free so amazing



Every Sunday morning I love this music and I seen them live

Personal data


The service is good- I just don’t appreciate the terms of service- unfortunately I’m not aware of other solid options in which my data isn’t used for their benefit.

I dont like it


I hate how you cant choose a song to play i am going to switch to another app

Good spotify

cody is bad

I can shut my phone off and still listen

Just one thing

yeet yeet2737373737

The thing I did not like is that it needed internet that made me mad but everything else was awesome 😀

I love the app but the only thing that I do not enjoy is that when you type in a song to play it gives you the entire podcast. I would rather it play that exact song.

And i hop you like it to⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Too many premium only functions. I like my laptop and phone compatibility.

Radio lacks

Scammed person 618

Good but could be better.. the radio lacks

Premium is LIFE


I can’t live without Spotify Premium! It’s amazing!



I love Spotify because I can listen to my favorite music easily, anytime, anywhere! This app is great and I TOTALLY recommend downloading if you wanna listen to the best music.



Too many ads, not enough skips. But the music is very good.



Adds should be played one every hour



Great app, always good quality. Has most songs, only some remix’s could be better

Spotify rating

Blake Fultz

It’s so good for when you’re stressed and just wanna listen to music

Srsly, can’t search on “title AND artist” ?

Best app ever!


i love this app but i wish i could listen offline whenever

Great! Just one thing


It’s pretty nice only thing is that the app will close on itself every now and then and I’d go back to the app to see that the song restarted. Hopefully this will get fixed.

No se puede separar la biblioteca x canción solo x artista o álbum, debería tener esta 4ta opción, además no encuentro la opción de costos para versiones premium.

Is cool

Hassen Hernandez

Like you can hear music while playing games

Buena app


Muy buena app la amo :D, tengo mucha música que me encanta ✨🖤

Major problem


App keeps closing itself, very annoying


The writer of someth

The podcasts and music is managing I would say that don’t do as many pop up adds but there actually not that annoying I think this is an amazing app

i hate this

Fix this glitch bruh

this dang thing annoying i hate when im listening to my playlist IT ALWAYS CHOISE SOME RANDOM MUSIC THAT I DIDNT EVEN PUT ON MY PLAYLIST i literally hate it fix it god dam

GET IT please


It’s amazing GET IT what are you waiting for. It’s the best for lonely,happy,and bored kids because it has podcast, music, and comedians. GET IT.😀

Your app is amazing I love it it’s the best app I ever used

Spotify glitching


I’m not sure if this is happening to everyone but Spotify has been kicking me out of the app in the middle of every song and it is really annoying. Also I have tried deleting and installing it again but it still seems to be glitching

The best music and the best experience!

Keeps crashing

Ayy, It's Caz 🤧

Not sure when this problem started but just recently whenever i try to play a song the app crashes

Memories new&old


At the touch of ur fingertips, music that we grew up with, lived, laughed, loved with! Puts me in a great mood every time!! Ty spotify!!!!



It’s really nice but the only thing is that it’s not offline enabled but it’s still ok

Get Spotify!

Noah Lauck

It is great. Every song is on it.

BMW Spotify is working as designed



coollll igzzzz BOZO😾👊🏽

I woke up this morning to see I can filter my liked songs by genre. THANK YOU FOR THIS.



I LOVE IT I have apple and you need to pay for Apple Music but on this I don’t and I’m 11 and I never have loved an app like this ❤️






Has good music and keeps my happy

Pretty good

orange music 9

Been using it for three years and I’ve never had any complaints.


J p fire

I is good but I don’t like you can’t choose what song you want to listen too.



Bruh guys keep up the good work 😉



Everytime I try to preview a song the app crashes...

Ten Stars


Spotify is awesome I highly recommend it very easy to use it is awesome


soccer maniac (Big C

It won’t even put the song I want and when my sister tries it work that’s why I give it a four stars

This app has every song you could ever imagine

It constantly crashes


I love their service but I constantly crashes and I have to reinstall it or it will continue to crash, please fix soon.

It is failing in my iphone 12 it closes only someone knows how to fix it. Thank you

Love the music!


It’s awesome, I love Spotify soooooo much!



I love dis app I can finally listen to music without adds intrupptinf it 💋💕☺️😁💖☀️


Mel Derille

I love spotifys way of making things easier for their listeners. There this new feature that separates genre of music?! For your music?! Ill be using this feature a lot Thanks 👌🏼👌🏼

Personally, I have such a vast variety of music that it almost becomes infuriating when I can’t find a song that fits the exact mood. However, this newest update has COMPLETELY changed the game, thank you Spotify :)

I just like this app because you can always listen to fresh music

In Heaven 😇

Lory's 🎧 Jams

Can’t go a day without Spotify!!! It’s a real deal 😍🥰

Old format


Please put the old format back with searching and being able to find the artist albums and singles

One issue


The app randomly stops playing sometimes and when I get on it and hit resume the song starts all over.



crashing when im making playlists :/



spotify is great. i love how it makes all of these playlists for me..but it always stops in the middle of a song and glitches out of the app. i always have to redownload it every week for that. super disappointed

Few songs missing


A few songs are missing that I’d love to see but that comes with having a music app you can’t have all the copyrights but the songs that are on here bring back memories and make me smile each time I hear them.

Hours of music across genres can’t beat this app. Runs reliably , ¢o for it¡



So, don’t get me wrong. I love this app, but for some reason it keeps playing random songs that aren’t in my playlist. It’s getting annoying. Please fix it.



It’s a good app and I like that I can listen to lots of music I like but I don’t like that some of the music I like I can’t find

I like the free nonsplayiy whe it gives 30 min commercials free.

Some reason when I try to play previews from my radar release the entire app closes. It only happens on that one playlist & it never did that before. Please fix this issue


Nessa Hampton

love it lots. wish we didnt have to pay tho. or at least pay so much, 5.99 would be better. also wish free version was better, more skips, less ads. yeah

Very good



hurry and fix your app

enter a Nickkname

i barley can use spotify or follow people because everytime i try the app closes by itself! it’s so annoying. i’ve updated the app, deleted it and it never worked. fix your app

It stops playing and the apps crashes randomly. This is a new problem otherwise the app is great



The only app that I use for music.

It’s good but...


After a certain amount of time of listening the app will repeatedly crash and stop playing music to the point that the app needs to be on and open the whole time to actually listen to music.


Daily esteem



khcjfxgnxhr gj

It is really great I love listening to my music



My favorite part is this is free and it doesn’t blow up with adds and it has all my favorite songs



I’m happy Spotify introduced Moods(genre) to pick above songs downloaded hope we keep it !🤞🏾



When I get on the app and listen to music it will randomly stop, it’s really frustrating. Or when I’m trying to pick songs for my playlist it kicks me out of the app.

Acting stupid


So i w been listening to music for 15 minutes and it kept stopping and I can stand it it keeps crashing it needs to be fixed ASAP

I use it to help me focus while I do work, and to just vibe to the numerous amounts of songs on this app.

Love it!

sneezy mcnuggets

my most used app🤌🏻💁🏼‍♀️🥲❤️❤️❤️



Love this app. Couldn’t live without it!



so much better than Apple Music. Spotify cares about you. I couldn’t leave a review on Apple Music so I’m leaving a review here. Spotify > Apple Music


Ashlyn Charlotte

The fact that u have to get premium to do anything- u can’t play a specific song, has to be in a playlist. It’s just annoying. But I have a playlist with good songs so it’s a bit better



The app is pretty good and it has a lot of music but I hate the we added feature because it plays music you don’t want it wastes your skips trying to play songs that are actually in your playlist



10x better than Apple Music. Has gotten better with every update

Muy buena música latinoamericana

What is wrong with your app?

A new player 👦🏻

I keep using Spotify to listen to music even though I am a free user however lately your app has kept crashing every time I use it for some reason. And this not only happens on my phone but on other devices when I sign into my account.

Auto play went from working sometimes to not at all.

i don’t know what i’d do without spotify



I love Spotify it is my favorite app ever!!

It’s good but


It’s a good app, has all my songs, but just now when I select a song it’s not playing it it’s playing something else, 2 stars

It’s an awesome music platform. I’m able to listen to old and new music.



Great for listening to music! Good price for the subscriptions!

It’s amazing


I can listen to almost everything. I love the podcast Listen Out Loud and The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian.


stev in michigan

Takes long to load. The same button for download is what you push to mark as played. Frustrating when it does the opposite of what you wanted.

should definitely be able to see who follows your playlists! please add this feature!!!!



Why u give ad when I dint want ad 🤨🤨

Ad problem


This app is fine, but it is appalling the amount of inappropriate ads on a kids music station. On any of the others I understand, but more time needs to be taken to what is being played on the children stations.

Spotify has what I’m looking for



I love the app. I love that it suggests other songs too. It’s the best way to find new artist but it glitches. Cuts off in the middle of songs... repeatedly. I hope this is fixed soon.

Organized, easily navigated... nice.



you guys are the best I could just say hey Siri play my playlist and it’s insane I love it because I could play all my music and thank you By Armani



No matter what I tap in the app, I can’t seem to be able to upgrade to premium. You’d think they’d make it easy to give them money. And I can’t seem to find the ability to speak to customer service either, so throwing arms up!

I’ve been using Spotify for almost 5 years now and it’s hands down the best music app out there.



Toughest App, Bump My Music on all platforms links in Instagram bio @kash.973



spotify is okay, it would be better if it had no ads for free but i guess y’all have to get that coin so 🙄🙄

Ad bug


There a this thing on mobile when you get an ad you can’t get off the app and get back on and there won’t be an ad anymore



So. Many. Ads. But the app works well.

Good but a big but


I was greeted with a ad that said if I viewed the ad I’d have 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening. So I did. Twas a lie. After 3 songs (less than 15 minutes) I was hit with ads. Otherwise no complaints right now.



MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY. so this app is amazing yk😩😩



Sometimes when I’m listening to music it just cya the song off and restarts it. It happens quite a bit, fix it. And there is way to many ads

Great app but needs some real user input to optimizing adding sounds to multiple play-lists and also Apple Watch interface improvements

LoveThis to a well thought out presentations.very clear interviews and teachings.certainly

On point


It’s nice to have music with great quality. Are you gonna start incorporate a way to shorten a song?

Worth the money!


My daughter turned me on to this app. I was instantly hooked. Excellent database with a wide variety of old, new, and small town jams.


koopa. kid

Not all my my favorite songs loved it ❤️❤️ cool👂🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👁👅👁

I LOVE Spotify.


98,000 listening hours last year. 66 days of my life just trapping.



Ive been using Spotify for years and have never had an issue with ads but suddenly there's 2-3 ads after every song. I was fine with "click now to get 30 minutes ad free". How am I supposed to cry with McDonalds and podcast ads every four minutes?

My fav


I love it. Anything I want to listen to is on Spotify


jay jay jay i

I love this app it’s cool I heard it from my friends and I downloaded it it’s nice cool and ya.

Great App


Finally found a music app that understands my likes, and dislikes.



Great music love 💖that I can make my own playlist has got me jamming to tunes I love while cleaning it makes doing chores so much better also they are veryOrganized.😄😁

There’s not an easy way to dislike songs if you pick existing playlist

Needs fixes


The app is so buggy. It stops playing on certain app, glitches sometimes, and just straight up crashes. I love Spotify but it desperately needs changes.

Great selection!

Madam Willy

There are a lot of great selections of tunes to choose from & they're all free with advertisements, which is totally fine!


Alc savege

It’s at what is short video to get 30 minutes of interrupted listening then a part of for ads then it did it again for more ads I’m listening to right now for ads and it said watch a short video to get 30 minutes of Unerupted listening


ariel kallie

I love how I can choose my own songs and no ads



Spotify needs to suspend it’s censorship activities

Greedy app that is very limited and annoying in the free mode. Unfortunately it constantly crashes (latest version, iPhone 10), which makes no sense to even consider premium.

Spotify is so cool!


Spotify made me happier always!

Fine... But


It’s a good app but recently every time i try to hear a little sample from a song it just randomly freezes then logs me out of the app.



Old layout had good intentions but wayyyy too confusing. This layout you have now is what works best, 5 stars for bringing it back

New problem

Waldo is still missi

When I put a playlist on it will play the first song then go to random radios if I skip 4 songs then hit rewind it goes back to the very first song I selected???



I love everything about Spotify premium. I have the family plan and it’s a great deal. Custom playlists, download for offline listening, ability to share playlists, and even collaborate live with friends. I’d say it’s worth it!

I’ve had a subscription to Spotify for years now and it by far exceeds everything I’ve ever used. YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud. I’ve never made such a good choice before :)

Always entertains and provides a great live show.



I like Spotify but it keeps cutting off at random times. And then when I go back into the app it has the song but I have to listen to it over again.

Great app

Aryanna Harrison

This app is very nice and I love it so much! It helps me wind down and listen to my favorite songs. I think that’s the only problem is the purchases. Overall I think it’s a very good app. Keep up the great work and have an amazing day. 🙂

Not bad


Great when you have premium. But it still needs a feature where you can make your Liked Songs a public playlist.



Thank You!! Love your selection of music! Thank You! Nothing Better than Soul Music 🎶 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💖💖😉💖💖💖

New Update


I love the new search and filter systems, it's what i've been waiting for, it is very very helpful. I've been a user for years, this is one of the beat updates in all my years of having spotify



This app is awesome #Spotify forever!!!🎶



I love it so much! I can search anime music and i get anime music!



It’s a really famous app and it’s not overrated in other music apps you need premium to listen to curtan songs but in Spotify you can listen to any song you can imagine. At a high quality for free! If you like music I really recommend Spotify


"smart" guy

Everything is great but u should have a minute AD for a hour of silence

Maria by Hwa Sa

alex howdy

This app is amazing but they keep deleting songs that I really like such as Maria by Hwa Sa. Spotify if you see this please add it back I love the song and I can’t listen to it😞.

Why Don’t Y’all Have Xxxtentacion’s Songs Like King of the Dead, XanaXX, and #sippinteainyohood 😒😡

It rules


Honestly I never review anything but Spotify is cool it is free I pay it’s worth it!

Great except


I love this app but it stops my songs in the middle of listening to them and starts the song over without me messing with it idk if anyone else has this problem but I hope that can be fixed.

You give no choice and I did not wsnt to write one.

Nice stars


I enjoy listening and it keeps me busy. Thanks



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W,M,G, F

My husband and I absolutely love Spotify!! We love the variety that we can choose from. Keep it up!!


tiktok: screamingqho

i love this app, but it needs wifi. so i cant listen while i’m at school while we have time to listen to music

I can listen to whatever I want when I want and it’s almost add free

Spotify Rookie


Enjoying Spotify so far. The play lists that they made for me are great!

Loving it


Podcast, music and making a perfect mix what a dream come true. Spotify it an app that I would download to relax and to listen to music offline. (well if you have premium) I advise to download.

It’s OK


ya it is awesome and all, however it only lets you play you can not play a certain song



Spotify is amazing I love how it mixes your songs

Good song ideas


It like no love it but you need to let people chose a background for there playlist Thank you

Music stops


Used to be a great app but now it randomly stops my music 10 seconds in, it’s forcing me to use SoundCloud which is starting to be a valid alternative if the app keeps doing this

No title

Pro. (:

It puts Suggested songs in your playlist and you can’t delete them. and lots of ads


SB Designer

I wish Spotify showed lyrics while the song plays like Apple Music otherwise I love it.

Great app!


Great app, really wish they would partner with Shazam!

Love that I can find all different types of music and is easy to change of mix what I like. Thank You

Podcasts Don’t Work


Not sure why but podcasts from this app don’t play on my sonos. Extremely frustrating. Also, it still in 2021 does not sync liked songs between my desktop and phone. That’s just....isn’t this a billion dollar company?

better than Netease Cloud Music forever ^_^

Crashes way too much

little covid

I literally can’t use the app anymore it constantly crashes on me while playing music please just fix this

Love it, but....


I like the Spotify app but I have a few issues with it: Where is the podcast favorite list? I hate scrolling or attempting to remember the podcast name.

The best


We've had Spotify premium family for year's and we love it. Even my 76 yr old mother can use it with ease. It's for everyone. We've been so happy. The price is great and we find all the artists we love.

Fantastic music, use it daily on my walks and when in my car.

No Theming :(


It’s always in dark theme. Never light theme. Or system default theme. I just wish I could choose. Spotify knows of this issue, and chooses to do nothing. :(

cuts off my music



Spotify is an amazing app, it allows me to use other apps while listening to music, but sometimes when I am on those other apps Spotify just crashes on me marking me restart the song I was on, it’s not too big of a problem but it’s just annoying



Much easier to use than pandora.

Like it but

rxdck if

I like it but they took off some Kpop idols like seventeen, jessi and HyunA off and I hope they put them back on.

My music source

0233 LH

Spotify has been there for me for five years now. No difficulty in finding new music and artist. Sweet. I love it.

It’s not bad it’s just why do we have to pay just to listen to music I mean I get it you need more money for the company but it’s just music which we all love but I just don’t get why we have to pay for a plan



Has anybody had issues lately with the app crashing every five minutes?



I’m still not gonna buy premium though Spotify :p sry

Music is noice

blubes blu

Lalalalalala I love music and I love this app

Adds don't work anymore. plus on top of that i used one skip since yesterday and now i cant skip at all.

It’s a legendary creature the WORLD WIDE ONE THE...WOALFIE. WOALFIE is amazing. He was born 1782 feb 2. Wood-cutters are cutting his land. His land is greyotevcam. By Greysen.



There is a lot of ads but if you buy the premium it would be better, with no ads.

Lack of choices

pai pau

I use this app all the time but... I don’t like how you can’t chose what song you want to hear. I go to Pandora when there is a specific song I wanna hear. Other than that it’s a great app!

Keeps glitching


Great app, but it keeps closing out the music and starting over.

Love the free music and the 6 skips per hour keep it up

Great app

The Chillmonger

Really no complaints here, love how you can make your own playlists, not sure what version I have but I love it

Hey Developers!

Star lord troll loud

Ive been dealing with this problem for a while now, For some reason whenever i play music, even on wifi, the music cuts off and whenever i go back into the app it starts the song over, please fix this! I still give this app 5 stars ratings.

The Best!


Spotify has all my favorite music and podcasts! Wouldn’t want to be without it!



I love taste in music is very diverse but Spotify has it all. And the comedians you can lister to us fantastic. #SPOTIFYFAN

Rock on


Ok, I love this app. I love that when I make a playlist it gives good suggestions based on the songs I added. I love that I can just play my 🧡 songs. It keeps my day good.


The unlimited options of albums are amazing.

Thanks Spotify

Gary DeRaad

I absolutely love Spotify because it helps me expand my horizons musically. *chefs kiss*

Jerking off

Hardest Nick

I love this app! Gives me raging boners while listening to joe rogan podcasts and other important things like green day!

The app crashes multiple times in the middle of songs. So unreliable

Pretty good


Spotify is an awesome app but if you don’t have premium there are adds between every few songs but other then that amazing app.




great app


great sound quality and they’ve got every song you could ever want to listen to



I’ve been using Spotify for years now, loved how much access I had to Kpop songs. My playlist consisted of 80% kpop and now most of those songs are just gone. Im just really disappointed.



I like the app but I wish y’all would cut it out with the constant ads, one after another more like 5 ads in a row. It’s kinda annoying

Pretty good

Somebody ig

Honestly, the app is pretty good, but there’s more ads than music playing, it gets annoying and i’ve almost deleted the app because of it



Spotify is such a great app, I prefer Spotify over any other music apps. I strongly suggest to download this app.

My Rating

Andre Tall Man

10/10 I’m just so happy it’s being offered in Jamaica now!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

They say watch this add for 30 minutes of add free music but most of the time it is less the 30 minutes. So really annoying other than that its great.To many ads!

Spotify is dope


Spotify is dope get that student discount yuh yuh I’m broke af Jimi Hendrix slaps

Ads ads ads


I know is there is premium but 5 ads in a row ?



There's a problem with transitions in Local File songs. The problem is that when it fades to the next song it makes a laggy/static noise. Can you please fix this soon. Thanks

Thank you Spotify for your extensive library of wonderful music! I have discovered so many new artists! You make my play lists exciting... and I can keep making more off new and different musicians. I really appreciate you!!!



Been using for years. long live Spotify!

Dante Urbina


Muy buen y claro sonido!!! Gracias.

Yeah me too


I also have the same problem as Danny2325


ariel hough

Definitely recommend!!! I am obsessed !!

I love this


I love this because the music help me to take my pain away

I get it, they want your money to pay for premium so then there’s no ads but you cant play 4 ads back to back after every two songs for the free version people without losing those people too. A little ridiculous

The best app of music!!!

hold me now jesus

This app is one of the best it has all types of song’s and you don’t need internet to hear music.

Doo wop music

circle skater

Spotify has a great list of late fifties early sixties Music. Love my oldies. Thank you Spotify.

Honest review


The app could use a new design, it has been like this for a long time, also would love to see the lyrics feature asap.

It’s awesome


I love this app! Always use to listen to music. Everything is cool, but I hate it when it adds music itself to your playlists and you can’t remove it.

Allow unlimited skips

aido neo lad

Would be awesome to not have a cap on the amount of skips aloud on a song. I don’t want to have to listen to song I don’t like and miss out on a great playlist. Just let me skip the ones I don’t like!


messi oobcfnx

You can listen to all kind of music



This app would be ill if didn’t crash mid-track.

Great app but


Its a great app and i had it since 2019 but theres too many ads and every time i click the “tap the screen to get 30 minutes of ad free music” after a song plays, a ad pops up. They have to fix that.

Spotify Rocks!

Sam O'Murphy

I love that Spotify has the live and acoustic versions of songs.



The app is good but sometimes it skips around my playlists when I didn’t even put it on shuffle Also they removed most of the kpop songs so I have no reason to keep this app

Lyrics needed


We want live lyrics when the song plays like appl music!!!!

4 stars only because we’re still waiting for HiFi!


'[email protected]:):63?:92&/";)6,

Sometimes when I’m listening to my music it will stop just randomly. It’s not my phone because my friends are having the same problem too.


bom bombom dude

I don’t like how you can’t skip as many songs as you want

It’s good because you can make your own playlist hear the music you want to hear but it plays a lot of the same songs if you have a longer playlists and they have put more ads to watch it used to be like 2 to 3 now it is 3 4 ads.



I’m so upset because I can’t listen to my kpop artist anymore because Spotify decided to take them down 😐

Spotify is an excellent service and I think it offers a lot, even without a subscription. I applaud that.

The best


This app is the best music app I ever used. I used a number of apps Apple Music, tidal. And none of those apps can even come close to Spotify

I came over to Spotify when the JRE podcast moved over permanently. Overall there are things I like about the app, but I wish it wasn’t so glitchy. Daily this app glitches and freezes.

Kinda dumb


I hate that Spotify puts songs in your playlist its really really annoying and the reason is because they want you to buy premium and i hate that but except that, Ok app



It has been crashing every-time I use it? Either god telling me to listen to something more productive or app needs updates...or both 🧐



Easy to use and fun cool stuff connect with family and what they’re listening to curious

Hey Spotify please put “Cuando Te Veo” on every Spanish playlist, this song need millions of streams maybe billions. Please do it soon. I need money. My Instagram is @elbaronlaperfeccion


Sarah From The Schoo

I love Spotify so much but it’s not always stable and it’s really annoying

App keeps crashing


No idea what the problem is, have logged out, uninstalled it etc. but still quits mid song closing out the app entirely 😑

I swear I’ve clicked the thumbs down button about five times already because y’all keep giving me ads about killers and how disturbing they are... I really don’t want to hear that while I’m listening to my favorite songs. Be better



Honestly didn’t think I’d like Spotify, and it took some getting use to but now I use Spotify over any music streaming app out there.


btandon cole

Less commercials! No I’m not buying premium, doesn’t mean you need to attack me with more ads to pressure a person to buy premium....... I’ll stop using the service

Best music app


I absolutely love this app, with endless songs to listen to and endless artists, although i dont have premium it is the best

Great app but......

from: anoymous

I love this app it’s a great app and I get to play my favorite songs!! But I would say less ads. And also we should be able to skip more songs without premium

fix ur app


every time i used this app it always randomly shuts off

I absolutely loveeee Spotify it’s 100 times better than Apple Music! Especially with the student discount I get Hulu,music and showtime. And Apple Music doesn’t give you all that!

I love this app!1!1!!1

daxid karhayev

This app is garbage I don’t like that it plays random songs



Lol but I accounted like it better than any other app bc the music is just crisp

Es una App muy buena y completa todo tipo de música súper recomendable

I love the premium offer that gives me access to Hulu as well! I walk to work and there is something about listening to ad-free music and podcasts on the way there. I’ve recently been listening to Crime Junkie and it has made time really fly by


Exponet lves u

Spotify is good but there is a lot of ads in the free Version.

Just ok


Every time I try to listen to Spotify it’ll play for a little and just stop.



The best music app i have ever used.


mi mamu

Está chiva y me encantaba pero por alguna razón han eliminado una gran cantidad de canciones kpop que es la música que yo consumo, que chiste tiene ahora entonces?, me han deshecho mis playlist favoritas y ahora es más aburrido >:v

App is glitchy


Content is great love how it works but they definitely have some glitches to work out. Also where is JRE 911???


Aksisi ggg

Spotify is probably one of the best apps for music ever but you guys need to make it where you can do 2 step verification because my old account got hacked. Thanks :)



Spotify.. best thing since sliced bread


15283 soo bad

it’s fine just a lot of ads and can’t pick specific songs 😒 and it’s always shuffle play

Still having problems.

Kaden stalnaker

I only use this for the JRE podcast. I have a problem with the podcast pausing and playing randomly every once in a while. Maybe every other day, really irritating though because I don’t have time to mess with it while I’m working

Quality content

lea buritto

I appreciate the content and the opportunity to discover upcoming and underground artists:) even if ads r lame it’s worth it too support musicians I like


thijs bel

Top dat het nu ook eindelijk beschikbaar is voor Curaçao

LG smart TV


I want to be able to watch a podcast on my LG TV through Spotify. But it only allows audio on LG products. Please update this and your service would be perfect

Great app


I love Spotify it awesome, it has no adds,you don’t have to pay for it, great quality. I think this is a awesome app. The only thing is that it is confusing at some points. But other then that it good.

Love it


Awesome app not pushy with ads overall a really great app Love it

I love it so much

Dancer Girl 28

I love Spotify so much I can get many songs I just cant explain how much i love it

Great! But...


Is it just me or is it that whenever I try to draw, the screen lags a bit then the music stops? I tried to delete and reinstall it multiple times, and sometimes it does fix that problem. But after a few days, it gains that problem again.

It’s good but...


i’ve had this app for a while but the recent update don’t like it, when it adds songs to your album and controls the shuffle mode is wack, hopefully they can fix this...please do

Great but...


Great music but my music sometimes stops and when I open up my phone, the app is closed so...



Lots of bugs trying to play podcasts. Music seems to run fine. Keeps resetting the podcasts back to start. Also playback keeps cutting out even when service or connection is no issue. I tried downloading episodes but no improvement.


From user: ghostslyr

This app is so good!!! I’m loving the music. My only problem is how hard it is to add songs to a playlist

Love this app! Have up Sirius in my Forester for more music everywhere in my Life! I love It! Thank you!

Spotify is the best music app I own. I recommend this to anyone that wants to listen to music! There aren’t any problems with this app, I love it.

Spotify is LIFE!

Paige S.

Out of all the other music apps, Spotify is the most efficient and user-friendly one on the market. The subscription is well worth the cost in my person opinion!

It’s not as good as it used to be I can no longer download songs and listen to them offline unless I get the premium and you can’t get premium while on the app

Best streaming music program ever

Too many ads


Every time I get the ad of when it says I get a free 30 min ad free Break 10 min later I get like 7-8 ads and then I have to close the tab and open it

Why can’t we


Why can’t we have a free music the hole time like my thing is over sooo yeh



I need help. For some reason when I try to listen to a song it plays a different song!!!!!!! and when I try to listen to a song from my liked songs it plays a short clip from that song!! Creators if I’m doing something to make this happen tell me



Just a little stingy on the whole adding new songs to your playlist.

Bug or Glitch


i love this app and have used it for years but just recently all my music stopped playing between 7-10 seconds and i don’t know if it’s a bug or glitch but has been going on for the passed couple of days and i don’t know how to fix it.


Goldstein fan

Discovering new artists like this is what makes Spotify so awesome! I also love it when I find all my old favorite bands from the 70s!

Only downfall is...


Really nothing other than most videos available with podcasts on YouTube are not on here.



I would recommend Spotify to anyone who loves music and don’t want to hear commercials every other song like YouTube! I will literally NEVER use YouTube for music again after using this fantastic app! Thanks Spotify you rock :)

Help me....

sarcasm sketches

I can’t listen to any song fully.... it keeps on stopping at ten seconds and will not continue playing, and I can’t figure out why.............. please help


rajneesh al'akamed

Alright, but hate how getting the full experience (no ads and can make a good playlist) you need to spend some cash.

Very good


Could y’all put in Pitbull by Twisted insane?


far freakin out man1

would like to clck a link to a song and actually hear it

need a scroll bar


can we get a scroll bar on the side for mobile??

My opinion


I love how that I can find all the songs I love This app I’m so addicted

Why the shuffle?


I used to use Spotify on my phone and Xbox to listen to music but because of the new update, I can’t listen to the songs I want to anymore.


partick lentz

Love the music hate the fact they bill me every month. Would be five stars without the billing



Why can’t I play music offline ???? Help

Ok so


The music stops when I click on Google hangouts. Otherwise it has less ads than YouTube so I’m happy


Ms. T Jones

Great app for all types of music lovers



good but randomly the music will turn off

- start where I left off on any personal play list, this would be memorable - - shuffle play that shuffles - - mic > to sample unknown songs/voice commands - - discover more than once a week -



Amazing got all the songs I like



I love Spotify, but I greatly dislike the amount of adds that it plays. Even when you click on it the video for 30min add free, it still plays adds. False advertising.


potato liabelle

i love spotify so much they are so song like🍵



I like it but it’s kinda annoying when I am trying to listen to music and I don’t have primeme to listen to them over and over



Love the release radar and Spotify’s Algorithms!

App keeps closing


I really love the app and the music but I have been having a problem where when I listen to a song the app will just stop then I have to reset the song. Can you tell me how to fix this problem?

This is a grate app

corn bob1iq

This is so grate because you can choose any song you want

Premium service is far too expensive, and has been out for far too long, to not have strong lyrics... Really disappointing.

It just stops


Spotify is good at lots of ranges of music but for some reason it just randomly closes

I love it but


I love this app but i hate that there are ads and you can only skip 6 songs an hour


Shamil Abdullah

Thanks for coming in Bangladesh. But please accept our local payment gateways. Then it could be great opportunity for the industry.



Won’t let Me listen to a single song like isis by logic it won’t let me listen to it regularly it puts it in a playlist and I don’t want that

My favorite


For selection, device access, value, I like Spotify more than any other music service.

How good is this app


I love this I can make my own playlist and it’s free keep up the good work😊😊😊

add lyrics


Great app love the spotify wrapped and daily mixes better than apple music in almost every way expect it doesn’t have song lyrics

Installing problem


Idk about you but this is a amazing app I love it but my sis deleted know I can’t download it idk what’s wrong with it really

Love it

pdh Bff rjjdfbdbdbdb

You should make it so it’s not 12+ it’s 0+! I think everyone wants to listen to amazing music and podcasts and many more

I love it


I freaking love Spotify 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Always crashes

SK in OK

They gotta fix the storage issues and crash issues. Jeez ...

it’s great for putting a few songs together and making a swag playlist but the app will randomly crash and shut off the music. idk why but swag overall

Good but...

Johnny Z.Z AAtroX

I honestly kind of like this app except the fact that it just really want it’s used to get Spotify Prenium also some cringey ads and It has one major problem, it keep crashing on iOS devices.

No repeat button.

Showmick Zaman

There isn’t a repeat button on iPhone but there is one on pc without any premium subscription. Please add a repeat button.



I love Spotify. I can find just the song I want, and find music to match my mood.

Very Disappointed

Enter Nam3 H3re

I watched the 30 second ad to get “30 minutes of ad free listening”, and after my 9-minute-song, got an ad. Spotify has done this a few times and each time I grow closer to deleting it.


my dog id hary

It would be better if you could listen offline for free

best music app


I am a three year Spotify user and it has limitless features. By far the best and most personalized app. An improvement i would suggest is letting you add friends from contacts and being able to see the social aspect on mobile.


Lil Boots 14

Spotify, in your most recent update the cross fade is making the custom audio file songs I manually uploaded glitch, this wasn’t happening before and now is, please fix!

Loving it

miles Ose

No need for me to be using iTunes music 😜😜😜loving Spotify already

New Update


I hate the new update. I downloaded it because I could repeat the same song and now I can’t, and now it has adds.

.002 per stream


Spotify is the death of music as a solid lifestyle. Still, the UI is easy and spotify is overall a nice APP: It still has terrible dystopian business idealisms

Best music app ever!!!!!


Idk if u guys have heard butta, I hella love this app!

Vpn block


Unlike YouTube spotify blocks proxies; impossible to use in blocked countries ie china bye to jre experience

Lies Thats all and gives 20 ads after.



There music is like amazing I connected with music like I never have



Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asome Asomekjhy



The algorithm for how Spotify creates my daily playlist is terrible. It’s basically the same songs everyday but in a different order

the best

simply piggy

I love this app it always me to make a place where i can store all my fav music and listen to!

I only use Spotify to listen to joe Rogans podcast.. I don’t like how it doesn’t always save where I last was listening. It also is sometimes extremely slow to start the podcast. I hope they fix these problems.

You can't listen to music more than a couple songs before the app glitches and kicks you out. The only fix is switching to another playlist, closing the app or deleting/re-downloading does nothing.

Five Stars easily


It is really good for me no matter what type of music I want to listen to, even though you may think you have to buy premium you don’t it still gives you all songs completely free just with ads, I love this app

This app has everything, from group sessions with your friends, to your own personalized playlists based on the songs that you listen to. What haven’t they thought of? I would love to see a landscape mode for Spotify!!

It’s great but

Gigi shaw

It’s amazing I use it technically all the time, but I’m tired if getting 13 different ads before hearing a second of my playlist. I get y’all need that bag but I need some happiness. 😐

Not working


You’re delete playlist function hasn’t been working for weeks now. I am thinking of canceling since I’ve had a couple of issues with the app now

Love this game

A i love

This app lets me listen to my favorite songs! And it has no adds!

This is the best app I’ve got is because there is so many songs you like and don’t like. Many seem to don’t like this but I do.

I use it every night and it’s amazing! I will never ever use a different music app! HET THIS APP RIGHT NOW!



Spotify is great! I don’t like how you can only have unlimited skips and pick certain songs if you have premium, that’s why I give a 4 stars. But other than that, the app is great! Even if all you do is listen to music it’s still great

To Spotify


I was watching an add for 30 minutes of add free then I get another and another add what’s with that

It’s okay


Well it started good I liked the podcasts and the music. Something strange happened for some reason the song I like Nobody cares by Kina was not working. It shuffled songs and was being buggy can someone help me fix this.

U Already Sno!


I Fux Wit Spotty Wen It Comes To Records.. I Jus Don’t Like How Y’all Be Tryna Rap Da Artist With Them BullSh** 360 Deals. #FAQs #NoKap

Needs a few changes


Overall this app is pretty good. Although they just want your money. You have to buy premium to skip a song. That’s stupid. What if your not in the mood for that one song. You can just skip is on SoundCloud. But not on Spotify.



i liked it but then they add random stuff to ur playlist and like bruh



Nothing to say But this is the best music app ever!

Clicking on Albums


I love the app I wish they had the feature where you can click on the album again so it can be easier to find music from the artist



Amazing new adjustments. Hope they keep it up

Great app, but


It crashes randomly, and when I reopen it it restarts the song. This wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t 3-4 times a song. I’m using an iPhone 7, so I don’t know if it’s a compatibility issue or not.

I lowkey love this app but I hate how 1) it’s mostly shuffle and 2) it adds songs to your playlist even if you don’t put them- I



i love Spotify even tho I just joined I still love soooooooo much

this would get a 5 star if i didn't have to skip songs so often because spotify would randomlynstop the music. that's the only thing otherwise its perfect

Good at first


It was good at first but then after like two weeks it sucked. You can only skip a certain amount of times and you can’t get the song you want whenever you want.

To many ads


Spotify is laired out well and easy to use.But I keep getting 5 ads in a row

Ehh could be better


Just can’t Afford what you want. I have too many things to pay for. I shouldn’t have to pay extra to listen to music with ADS or to pay extra for premium Times are hard dude.

Muy buena

el wether

Lo recomiendo esta muy buena la App

Good music app!


I think it’s better than Apple Music lol

Awesome no flaws totes love this app

Love it!!

@Live it!!!!

I’m so glad I can listen to music by my favorite artists Keep it up!!!



Automatically restarts my music

I love it but idk

i love this game so

So hi my username on here is Landon Mackey and it won’t let me put music in my status an I watched videos also pls fix it .



The only music app I’ve used since I got it! Premium has everything I swear and discover weekly is my favorite part of every Monday


hub hv HIV

It’s free and has good music no add love it✨✨✨🥰


your mom :/

It crashes on me like every night 🤥

Easy to use


Just got this and it seems very easy to use.

This has most songs other’s do not have. The music is clear and I love it.


A dude who likes doo

Good songs easy too use but the small amount of skips and unskippible recommended songs.

Thanks Team Spotify. I enjoy.. others can too!

Good app

Unknown is already t

This is a great app! I love it so much but sometimes I have a little trouble with it but over all a 95/100

Sometimes the songs be skipping like if I was rocking a Walkman and most annoying thing ever is I try and choose a song and it won’t play I gotta close the app and start all over

I dont like how it adds music to our playlists and doesnt let you skip and play whatever you want

I love this app


I been using this app for about 6 years and i never gotten bored with it. I love how i can creat new playlist of anything and everything. I really recommend this app to everyone and anybody!

Song availability


Some my songs can’t be played


Charley's Angel

Since the last update, CarPlay will display the Spotify app and personal settings. However, when the buttons on the display are pressed, the Spotify app closes and the button doesn’t open the music file.

Spotify yeah

elpaso kid 1

Got the JAMS you name Spotify has it search it up Easy save to favorites I’m jamming old songs new songs forgotten song Music!!!!



Spotify is one of the best song apps because it has every song you want to listen to and more. You can find out different songs you have never heard of before. I LOVE SPOTIFY!!!!!!!!!


avery is a bad bleep

This is making my stress go like “BYE” this app is amazing:)

App keeps pausing my music


I use this app for everything from music to podcasts, but every now and again it’ll crash on its own and stop playing what I had going. I don’t know what’s going on... maybe some sort of bug idk.

its pretty good


i just wished there were subtitles, because i’m kinda deaf.

Stop adding songs


Love this app but I hate how it adds songs it’s so annoying please remove this feature

Love it!


It would be great if it can be horizontal too! Other than that, love this app!



I love Spotify because it plays really good songs and you get to search up podcasts.

Good for the most part

łęxį øwø

I love it but the suggested tracks are full of songs I hate STOP GIVING ME TAYLOR SWIFT SONGS SPOTIFY and I can even skip more than six of them an hour which is really annoying please make the suggested tracks optional



Everyone and them the songs just stop playing for no reason.

Suggestions: alphabetize songs added to playlists; please don’t censor original lyrics

Spotify must upgrade system to include songs lyric similar to Apple Music!!! It is time to offer a Premium+ subscription for Hi Fi music similar to Deezer. My suggestion to Spotify:-move forward fast and do not fall behind the competitors!

i love this app but it keeps adding things to my playlist which i cant remove i hope they remove this feature because I cant even listen to the music I want to listen to without going through sounds ive never even heard of and don’t like.



Always on point. I love this app.



I understand having adds but this is a lot. On the other hand I do enjoy the ability to lock my phone and still listen



Spotify is the best app ever! We don’t have to pay and I love all the different choices.

When I first saw this app I thought I would have to pay but I don’t and I can still listen to whatever I want!!!!❤️

This app is great sometimes

that one guy named b

I had a old phone and this app wasted all the battery but now I have an 11 and that has good battery life so it’s good

You put too much ads, you only have a couple times skip, and when you have the amount you could put music is still gives you other music you don’t have hearted I want all of this to change.

Pros and cons


Spotify is really good to listen to music but one thing I wish they could fix is if you can play more songs with lyrics on it. Butt other than that they are the besr.



I love but to many ads to get you into premium

Wonderful service for music and “podcast”. Thank you for being amazing Spotify and associates.


chapo english

Awesome app everyone would enjoy using this app



This app helps me ignore all the mean people in the world. Thank you so much💯🖤💯

Great overall app


I really like this app except for it is really slow sometimes. Also somethings it won’t work at all. But like I said it’s a great overall app.

Full "Liked" songs does not display on Apple Car Play all the time. Please fix this Spotify! Pleaseeeee!



It is a great music app and it is very easy to navigate

Awesome but,


It’s a very good app just way to many adds and I don’t really have money I have a better chance at Apple music


gymnastics 21

This app is the best I could listen to the best music and there is no problems with the app but the one thing I would change is NOTHING hehehe but great app all types of music love the app!

vamp 🤨


it’s annoying that you cant play songs on replay without premium 🤨🤨 anyways, soundcloud is 100x better luv

Too many ads


It’s good but sooooo many ads

Es perfecta pero......


Seria muchísimo mejor con menos oh ningún anuncios

App design


Make the 3 black lines green. The outside background green, and the inside black.

So many ads


I know you can pay for music but it’s honestly not worth it for me with all the other bills I have to pay. I tolerate the ads but my god when there’s an add literally after every single song that’s a bit much



It a great app but it like to exit the music a lot so then you have to go back to the app and the song completely resets


Emma Pristach

i love this app but sheesh ever since i got premium it keeps glitching off and i cant listen to my music and it’s pissing me off cmon spotify

One question

Rainey to the Max

How do you completely stop playing a song? I know how to side it, but how do you turn it off?


sandy booty cheecks

I tried to connect my AirPods Pro and it was lagging and they wouldn’t connect to my phone

Wow it’s wonderful


So it’s a app with music it so easy to understand how to get things started I love the app I was able to find a lot of my interest in it and shared some songs to my friends such a great way to listen

I love it 🥰

haba banana

All stars 🌟 because it’s amazing



i like it but when i’m playing my music it randomly stops and closes out the app, i have to grab my phone and open it again bc the tab isn’t even open and the song it was on restarts

Best has all the music even from tv 📺 shows and it has sound effects so get it or you’ll die 😃

Better then sliced bread?

Draw with Paul.

Spotify is isn’t the best thing since sliced bread it’s better. Especially if you are on a low carb diet, or if you have gluten allergies.

I love it so much


Spotify is the only thing that makes me so happy through depression. Music is the only thing that I care about.

The best


Everyone should have this app it’s amazing I don’t want to use nor do I need to use any other music streaming app.

The crashes...



Love it


Could we just get an option for song lyrics? I think that would be neat.


w collector

I’ve been using my ex’s premium account and I’ve had no problems whit the app at all 5 stars ez dub

The songs

Enrique king

Ok Spotify is good and all but when ever I put music it puts a random song that I did not put on my list pls fix this I hate and I can’t enjoy it

It is awesome


I love Spotify it is so helpful and it is so cool and so much fun

I listen to my playlist with over a hundred songs, and it’s on shuffle but with the same songs playing in the same order, and the same ads that aren’t consistent. For example, if I open the app and try and play a song, BOOM, 2 ads.

Spotify is the best


Very organized and fun to use, not TOO many limitations, even if you use it for free like I am.


annajpop ☺️

Love spotify! but a bit too much ads recently lol.



This app is a very nice app with a variety of good songs.PS give it a good rating

My favorite

christian to spotify

I love Christian music and it Rebel Hart is my favorite song thank you Spotify

Please so far


this is only my second day listening the few things I looked for I was pleased and I like that I can play Spotify and still play wheel of fortune



Pure perfection. Make it so you can change the playlist pictures on your phone.

Love the devil outta the app good good artist and album selection

Need help with glitch


I love Spotify but recently the app just won’t play. It will maybe play a song but then it just stops and doesn’t play again until I go back in the app. Please fix this.

Silky smooth GUi

GoW thiefs

Thanks Team Spotify. I enjoy.. others can too!

The app is crashing


The app keeps crashing when the screen is off. I

Great app, just one suggestion


I think that you could put an option that uses the cellphone’s microphone to recognize a music that is playing and show you witch one is it.


Spotify Jet

The best online music ever for now!!!..

Love the app but...


Okay I do love the app but the reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is because when I want it to play my songs in order ( I do have Premium) it won’t let my it just shuffles them! I am very unhappy with that so please consider fixing that.



I love the app but I hate that we need to have premium so that’s 3 stars



Está aplicación es mi favorita es la mejor de todas tiene gran variedad de música y todas las mejores canciones, excelentes, lo recomiendo a todos



It is just so much better than the other apps

I know I’ve complained a lot about non premium, but now I’ve gotten used to it. But for the people who HAVE premium, in case I ever get it, THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE PLAYLIST COVER FROM THEIR PHONEEEEEEEEEEEE please and thank you <3



Ok cuz wait if there were commented on Spotify that would be fye😭🖐🏽

Great software


Enjoying it easy install and a free service is really good


Luce Lucenten

There is a hige selection of music. Its Satan🎈👹

The best

my boy ha ha Ha

Why I think it is the best is because I don’t have to just have one thing on a account

I love this. I have made so many playlists. But lately it has been asking me to verify my email, and I don’t know how to do that! That is why this app is only getting a 2 star rating.

Love it but


Idk why but recently Spotify will play a song for 10sec and stop right after. It’s kind of annoying and I’m finding myself using YouTube! I love streaming my music on Spotify but I can’t if it only plays the beginning of a song

How you doing

queen kinney

Great music love the look up options



Thank you SOO much I love this app I use it a lot thx

I was trying to revisit an artist I listened to in high school. Spotify played a song, then Spotify played 3 trash ads in a row that killed the whole vibe. Spotify is not for having a moment.

Free version


Free version is great till all the commercials become so frequent that you’re feeling like your listening to more commercials than music

David vs Goliath

Theo Door K.

I appreciate having a music subscription service option that isn’t one of the 5 tech monopolies.



It keeps crashing every 30 secs idfk why



Love the app but since the latest update every time I try to open it the app crashes and the only way to make it stop is to delete it and then reinstall it. please can you fix it as soon as possible. Other than that it’s a great app

My app keeps stoping in the middle of listening to songs recently. I don’t know what’s going on but I even deleted and reinstalled it but it hasn’t fixed the issue. Please update or fix the issue.



You have the normal version of review, pay 19.99 to get review premium, will be an honest review and will give you the solid 3.8 you deserve. But seriously though, i hate when it gives me 2 adds and then ask if I want premium or an add brake

make it more social


u guys could make BIG $$$ if u make this a more social app, like a lot of money do it already

Can you take it off?


I love the app but there a new update for me where it has all the music where I can’t look for it and play the song I want to play I honestly recommend this app but for me it’s getting a little worse

It was amazing. Then I linked it to my Xbox 1 and now it adds songs to playlists , does not play the song I choose.

Super frustrating getting playback issues or it not remembering where you left off, so you have to start all over again. This issue has only been with the JRE podcast.

I wish Spotify had lyrics in all its songs.

From graveyardkid fan


I found my fav songs such as IdK Neón, nostalgic, house on the hill, and more graveyardkid at all times easy and fast thanks Spotify keep doing a great work

Suddenly the app from my watch just vanished and it won’t show up even if I delete the app and download it again. Is it my watch’s problem or something wrong with the app?

Cmon, if u don’t use Spotify, I don’t know what to say to u



Muy buena app , de lo mejor que puedes encontrar para escuchar música

I wish this app will just let me play my liked songs with out it putting there stupid recommended songs like idc about your recommendations let me listen to my music i like not the stupid ugly recommendations👊🏾🙄 BOZO GOFFY



A nice app with good quality music for free ... And giving premium at a low cost ...

Too many ads


I think I’ve listened to more ads than the music I want to listen to.

Upgrade tv app


Needs to have better tv integration on the tv app

Lay your head on me

dnxjtdgfmgxh jbidgck

I love it,I like it but the adds are annoying,I love this app though.

Lo único


Cómo tengo 2 Facebook me gustaría que me diera la opción de con cual quiero iniciar la cuenta

Beep beep immma sheep

beeeep beeeep

Great app, but I can’t access my playlists. Overall a great app, I love how you can listen for free!



I love the app but it randomly crashes and when I re-open it, it makes me start the song over

Get it now


This app is amazing and not only that I could now listen to Doja cat purrr


Rob scholar

It’s a good app but every once in a while it’ll close for no reason then I’ll have to reopen it

Works ok

Frederico Alejandro

Works ok but not nearly as seamless as the podcast app. Freezes often and has a lot of lag at times. The podcast app fast forwards and loads podcast much easier.



i love this app, i love crying and listening to music. i have no complaints is perfect.

my favorite app


thank you for creating this marvelous app!! It’s my favorite!!! I have my own playlist which is the most incredible thing!!! Thank you so much!


jorge weeks

Best app for music in my opinion

Gulf and Western


Great channel perfect for road trips!

I love but hate

sjs eje

There way to many adds I can’t even listen to 3 songs without a add coming and there adds are so annoying Spotify, plz can’t your ad times



im tired of having to make playlists just to download one song, make it so that i can download one singular song please. other than that, nice job

Work dose not work

lbucf d❤️❤️🙃

I can’t play a lot of my songs



I love Spotify, even when I don’t have premium

Locked me out of my account

Isabella iphone7

It locked me out my account, I can’t sign back in or create a new account, I stopped using the app for a couple of days and then it stopped working. What the heck



Make it so that you can get premium on the app.

Needs Song History


How is the option not here yet?



All types of music for me and my family.

It is ok

this nickname is poo

For me every time I am playing games and listening to music it randomly stops and restarts the song there for it is ok



the best app to listen to music

I did love it into


Hello I was using it into they updated it I can’t figure it out now

More available!

just a suggestion!!

Hello! I just want to make this suggestion into making Spotify available for others countries as well! I really want to continue Spotify if I’m perhaps on vacation but I may not be able to. Yeah!

I love this app because it lets us listen to any kind of music. But sometimes it doesn’t. Even when I click the song I want it changes to a different one becuase I don’t have premium. So yea.

Hi Spotify! You probably won't even see this. My spotify app keeps glitching and shutting off in the middle of my song. It happened about 5 times in the last 10 minutes. Is this a glitch within the app or is it just my phone?

Xbox One


I really wish y’all would make it to where on the Xbox App of y’all’s, where you can actually watch the video of the pod cast and videos like you can on the phone App, rather only being able to listen...


henrietta hicks

Spotify is one of the best music apps ever I wouldn’t have been able to listen to music!

Love it!!!!!


This app has changed the way I experience music!!!!!

Good but a few glitches


The app is awesome and I done mind the adds but the app keeps closing. And i cant listen to music without the app being open

Too many ads!

Jude Phantom

I know that without premium, you have to deal with ads. But they are seriously overdoing it.

I love the idea of Spotify but I use it less and less because y’all don’t pay artists enough.

The Best ...


Spotify hardy needs a review, seems to me. It’s simply best-of-class. Period.

Great but one bug


Recently its been randomly stopping along with others i have been talking to about it please fix it thanksss



Listen.... I love Spotify , but how come every time I put a song in my queue and try to play it, my music stops. And to top it off, I have to restart the app to restart my music.. Fix this Spotify and I’m give y’all 5 ...... thanks!

Ad breaks


The app itself is alright my problem is that when you click watch video for 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening it still plays ads even after I watch the video

Hello there every song and album in Spotify people can enjoy and I love that I love a bunch of albums on Spotify so thank you

Is the best I can listen to Coco



Omg I really love this app because it has all kinds of things well not things like music podcasts sleep and I love it so much it dose not have any adds at all love it



Every time i try to enjoy some music, i always hear an ad saying,”now you will get 30 minutes of ad-free music” then after the NEXT SONG, THERE IS ANOTHER AD!!

Best app ever


Yo this is the best app ever. Thank you

Randy Moore

randy hr

My music keep cutting off are a few songs

My go to Music Player


There isnt a day that goes by where not listening on Spotify. Music...Podcasts and books. Easy to use and great place to discover new things. Love it

Not happy


Keeps pausing my music I tried everything

Avoid if you want to listen to podcasts. Music algorithms are similar to other app where they play the music you like.



Muy buena la programación lo único malo que te saca de la programación seguido

Tom McDonald


Keep him keep free speech keep people

Wish they had lyrics!!!


Like the title says....can we get some lyrics



My canvas and lyrics are not working



I literally cannot figure out how to upgrade to premium,they must be joking right?! I’m trying to give them money and they’re making it difficult enough to write this review...come on man!

Enjoy it!


The best music application EEVVEERR 😎

Just why???


I get premium for add free listening but i can only listen in shuffle unless I pay you just why Spotify why

Fresh finds is awesome.


Spotify playlists are pretty good; and if lyrics were added to the mix I would be ecstatic as a language learner.

For some reason when I listen to music it just cuts my off, so when I go check I see that the app restarted but it’s weird



Able to listen to any song I want to :)

Stops Music


Having a TON of issues with music not playing. It just stops in the middle of a song or the first few seconds of a song and stops. My payment is current and so are the updates. Very disappointed and upset


Caroline Giles 274

This is the best and it’s free!!


Karen Kountry

I love this app because I can listen to all my favorite songs for free!


haylie cooper

I love listing to music on here and i don’t have to pay please

It’s great

alice the tomboy

I love all of the music it has and it really helps me thx to who ever made Spotify I love Spotify 💕💕❤️❤️❤️😷😷❤️❤️😷😷😷


ice cream sunday coo

Amazing app that’s all I have to say

The best music ever

defintly this

This is a great app it has every song. And I think you should get it

I love it but I wish u can use it without WiFi

I’ve switched between Apple Music and Spotify a bunch of times. The only thing I really miss from Apple Music is the live lyrics which I loved. Spotify is better for almost everything else!

App closes out a lot

Wife left meh

I don’t know what has been wrong with this app lately, but it closes out/stops playing music randomly a lot. It’s been a recent problem



I wish it would stop shuffling the same songs for me. I have too much songs to only hear from the same 7-10

Great app!!!

The BobBro!!!

I enjoy all the music they have on the app and all the features!

I miss how I could preview a few seconds of a song

5 star

Trapper MC

I don’t use this app as much as Apple Music. Amd you people need to drop your prices on things. But overall a great app and I love it.



I like listening to bring it to the while I’m at work.


Aaaaaaqqweruip will.

They do mearly everything to make us but their premium. They don’t let me skip more then 6 time a hour because i’m not using the preminum. That’s the only thing i find annoying in this app. I really like that all the music is free.



I love the app. I don’t like adds so now I pay for premium but still love it.

Premium is a must


10-10 ive used spotify for years the only thing id wish they change is when you make a aylist and look artist up and select a song it takes you back to where you gotta look an artist up

A must have! I think it would be a even better app if they paired with Shazam and incorporated in the app! Just a thought

I love it


You can find everything you like in this app



This is great. I’m enjoying it more than I should



When I’m listening to the song I don’t want no ads

Keeps stoping

Heaven Thompson

I really like Spotify but sometimes it gets annoying when the musics playing then it just stops abruptly and the whole app reloads really annoying when I’m cleaning or getting ready then it stops and I have to go get my device and turn it back on

Great app but 1 problem

sneezeing time

This app is good and all but there is 1 problem: it crashes every 2 minutes and can’t finish a song, other then that it is a good app

My preference

4 stars hehe

It won’t let me play a certain song in the playlist I made really frustrating. Otherwise AMAZING app!!



I literally HATE how much ads there are like oh my god. It’s so annoying



Best app! Totally recommend even though they are ads but that’s until 30mintues glad I get to enjoy my music!

Great but ads


Spotify is great but you only get 6 skips per hour and there are lots of ads and if you want to play a song it doesn't always play the one you want when you click on it.

Love it

Lord Boggie

I love Spotify. I go to sleep listening to cannibal corpse.... is that bad? I need answers..

Offline mode


This app is amazing but I wish there was a way to stream music from the same account but on multiple devices at the same time. Going offline is hard because I can’t explore new music and share the account with a different device.

Good but one issue


Whenever I’m trying to work on something else in another app, the song cuts off halfway through and restarts the app. This has been super frustrating for a couple months.

Six year subscriber

Kennyß is my usernam

I’ve been with Spotify for 6 years so obviously I love it

I love it an all but the ads are a lot and too many at a time. I don’t get a weekly discovery anymore??? But other than that y’all are dope

I love having all kinds of audio easy to access. A variety of guided meditations, sleep music, and all my old favorite songs makes things brighter.

works better on a computer

ugh no nicknames ava

So I started using this app on my computer and it worked great, I tried it on my phone and I couldn’t skip any songs or really understand it. Please fix this problem for people with phones, thanks

Love the app ... I only wish they showed lyrics to all songs frfr!!

Nice app!

Tom n Shel

Good app at a good price. Just wish there was a slightly better way to view new music.

My life


Literally do not go a day without listening to Spotify 🥰 So many songs that are hard to find are found here 💯🙌🏻

Awesome app


I love to listen to music when doing whatever definitely recommend this app

Spotify is honestly awesome to hear music when ur faded and also when ur not haha. The student deal is good too.

It’s been crashing non stop after minutes of just listening it’s usually great but this bug is really ruining the experience if I’m paying monthly

The app itself is okay, but the crashing is really getting on my nerves. Every time I use Spotify in the background the app stops working mid song, I have been dealing with this for a while even after I got a new phone, please fix this!

Not bad


Be nicer if the play list were longer. Some are only couple songs. Should pull up songs like then to keep it going and make the play list longer. Other than that not bad

Keeps Stopping

Thaniel Adams

Great music selection, but the song often pauses partway through and restarts when I press play. It’s really annoying.

Usually this app is great. However, this version keeps stopping my songs at 10 seconds. Its extremely frustrating when I’m listening to a playlist. I’ll switch to Apple Music for now.



The only real complaint I have is that you can’t buy premium in the app

One problem


It’s app is amazing I use It constantly the only problem is when I’ve been listening for like half an hour it just stops playing it get really annoying and I would give it five stars if not for this problem. Please fix!!

Good but to many glitches


I like having all of my music but everyday it has been glitching badly. In the middle of a song it will stop and go back to the beginning.

Keeps crashing in the middle of songs and every time I close and reopen it, it restarts the song.

Like the app very much until a few months ago when it stops for no reason.



Using this app for years and it’s always been amazing

David Shaw!


Not only are HIS songs amazing.....his music box RULES

New Mexico music ❤️


This is the only place I can hear continues music from my parents home state.😘🥰

Constant crashes


Crashes after like 10 songs all the time. I go back into it and then crashes on that song over and over. I have to wait like an hour for it to work again. Fix this stupid bug

I love this app, I find all my favorite music, I really recommend👍

Confusion is real

Ealdor Prime

Watch an ad to get 30 min free listening and then after the first song it plays the ads again. I watched your ad 30 min is 30 min not 3 min

The best app


It’s amazing it’s the app you dream of.its perfect

My review


It has the perfect amount of songs and so many song and Disney songs it’s normally hard to get

Desktop version is bad

Jibbers Crabst

Idk where to leave reviews for the desktop version, but it’s not good. It shouldn’t reset the volume to the max all the time; it’s been doing this forever. Also, nothing seems to load now. Idk if that’s my network or what.

I love the app but you guys won’t allow me to upgrade. Idk why. I’m an Artist myself and I have music on this app. I want to now listen to abs or not be about to skip over some music I don’t like

4 stars

Layne Emelie

I defiantly like this app but there are a lot of bugs, like for example I put on a song and it plays a different song

I love this app


Love this app cuz I can listen to wat I want n


the most Frenchiest

I love this app a lot but... STOP ADDING SONGS TO MY PLAYLIST! ITS ANNOYING. That’s why you get a 3 star.



The app is great but it crashes alot

Eh kinda good


So I love herring my music but when I tried the music stoped and so many ads so please less down the ads because I got four ads just for listening one song so please fix that thx 😅

My family loves Spotify! I’m always amazed at my weekly discovery lists. I have eclectic music taste but Spotify is on to me. The only thing that I wish I could do is sort my liked songs alphabetically, by date, by genre, and by artist.

Little thing


Is better to let user see the lyrics while listening the song , would be good

I love it but too much ads

don't get offened

I love this app but honestly I hate how I get millions of ads just when I put my playlist so I rated 3 stars cause of the amount of ads

It's great other than the issue where it'll stop playing on my Bluetooth and I'll have to keep clicking the song like 20 times to get it to play. It's so annoying

Great App to have


I have been here for a very long time, today I'm in Aruba the sound is extremely clear better than any other apps have

When I listen to music it would cut the music off and stop then I have to go to the app and restart the same song over again.

Great music


I get my music on the go and enjoy every second.

Ads so repetitive


Normally I don’t mind ads, but they play the same ones over and over and over. But I refuse to give in and pay for the non-ad version out of principle because I’m petty that way.

Spotify is boss!


I’m always amazed with Spotify. They help me find songs that I thought were lost me forever. Love the information about the artists as well!

Best app ever

jdud sms

There is barely any ads and you can play clean and explicit music. You can make many playlists. I connect it to my TV play my playlist and I have no problems it is by far the best music app I have gotten

Nice but...


I cannot utilize duo listening and when I play a song it pauses at around 5 or 10 seconds. Please fix your bugs it ruins everything.



With the music I listen to just wish the ads when you decline them didn’t play I have no complaints other that and do a better job with compliment songs

too many bugs


the app literally stops working after 2 minutes and might even crash sometimes

1 problem

ice cile

It keeps turning off in the middle of the song and it’s really annoying and have to start all the way over

I enjoy the app, something I think would be useful is if we could move songs in a playlist so if we had songs organized in a playlist in a certain order we wouldn’t have to make a new playlist if we wanted to add songs to that playlist

5th years and going


Spotify has been my absolutely favorite music streaming app for the last few years. I was a little hesitant at first to get premium but definitely worth the purchase

It’s the best


You can play anything you want I love that it shows the whole song I love that you can like the song and even follow the creative that made it

Best music app ever


I just got a new phone and this app is always letting me sign in with out my password but it has me put security questions and stuff



i’ve truly been missing out on this app! it’s amazing!


Damian Bowers

Wonderful usability, but a lot of times where I get a watch an add for 30 minutes of add free listening it will play one song and go straight to adds, also a periodic crashing problem currently

No Lyrics


Lyrics not available, but u can always use musixmatch or other lyrics app or website to fix this problem. otherwise all good!!!



Everytime I put my playlist it stops the music out of no where and it switches the song I don’t know why

Good But dA ADSSS


I love Spotify! But the ads are annoying.. Really Annoying, I would buy premium but I can’t. So if you guys could go down on the ads it would be amazing! Thank you 😊


RUDE but eh

It used to be awesome but now you cant push a song and play it, it randomly shuts off my music and turns it of, AND IT GIVES ME ADDS EVERY FIVE SECONDS!!!!



The music is great it has everything

I’ll always be pro Spotify!! Going on about 5 years. Even though the price and not being able to remove your card from your account. It’s still the top music platform

Great but 1 problem

Braxen Peterson

All the time when I’m listening to music either with AirPods or on speaker, the app just crashes all the time over and over again and is very frustrating. Fix this and it’s great.

Love Spotify


I enjoy being able to get any type of music right at my fingertips.

Such a gift


Our son gave us Spotify for Christmas 2019 and it truly helped us get through 2020 and these crazy times. It is amazing to hear your old favorites and be introduced to so many new artists; like Cris Jacobs and Mo Fro.

Love it!!


I just love the app it makes me feel so happy 🤗🤗🤗



I love this app so much it allows you to listen to almost any song it also allows you to make a playlist of songs you like and it makes great suggestions for songs I am very satisfied with the turnout 😁



Appreciate the opportunity to listen to the music i grewup listening too Great artist Nina Simone Wes Montgomery Kenny Burrell John Coltrane John klemmer


Daphne Harper

I got premium and it didn’t work and now I have to pay for something I don’t even have and I don’t know how to turn it off.

It’s ok


Lots of adds but overall pretty good



I like Spotify it Is so amazing

Having to stop working out to resume

so many adds


it will play more ads than songs. and, the feature where it adds unwanted songs to playlists. other than that the app is great.

It’s okay


Would have perfect rating if they included SoundCloud songs too. Like the artists wifisfuneral or warhol .ss, have a lot of music here, but not everything that is on SoundCloud. Super annoying.


junko enohima

The 6 skips per hour is a bit annoying other then that all around a great app

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