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Stop - Categories Word Game app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 4 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Stop - Categories Word Game app an average rating of 4.59 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 103K ratings since its release on Feb 24 by Fanatee. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Stop - Categories Word Game?

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Rated 3.96 out of 5

103K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Stop

Good Game, Too Many Interruptions

Used to play this very often a few years back, and recently remembered it so I reinstalled. Unfortunately now after every click or turn an ad interrupts where you have to wait, click an X which inevitably causes a pop up, exit that, then you can exit the ad. It just takes a lot away from a game that is so reliant on pace.

Stop categories

This game is a great way to move the mind into thinking hard about plenty of things it motivates you and keeps you learning instead of those other brain rotting games. This is a very healthy way to keep the brain up and thinking!



Menos anuncios

Menos anuncios

Love it

Really nice when I’m bored and is basically scatergories


This game is fun and educational. However, it is very frustrating when an opponent puts one answer in and stops the game. That’s poor sportsmanship! Grow up!


I’ve been playing for years. I enjoy it as I feel it’s good mental exercise. I do however feel that the spinning of the wheel is a little rigged because it seems the wheel stops at the same letters for certain subjects. Also, it seems to stop in the less liked letters so I use up my coins trying to get a better letter.

Really awesome game

Hi i love this game a lot its very nice

I love this app!!! ✨

Ngl, this app is pretty fun. I’ve been sick for the past week and have been playing it back and forth with my crush non stop! :) Highly recommend downloading!

Win by default

If the opponent does not play the game in 6 days we should win by default. My opponent went 6 days without playing but it still says I lost because they were ahead of me. We only played one round but they won that round. This needs to be fixed


The game is good but there never I play a random opponent it plays this one really good kid that is so annoying you should put people against people at their same skill level

Not that good..

It's not really good because when I stop the game it doesn't stop for them and it like says 31 secs more to play I wait for 31 secs and it still says to wait PLEASE FIX THIS

Uncomprehensive lists

Your lists of possible answers isn’t broad enough, and it isn’t clear that you review the “This answer is valid” requests.

Worth the Download

I honestly don't see anything wrong with this game. But there is this one bug where the X button for ads don't appear. You have to close the app completely and reopen it to fix this. But other than that, it's pretty fun! It's worth the download. But I do think Stop should add more features, like when you report half a star, I think you should be able to report it to be a fully wrong star, not just fully correct stars. Thank you for reading this.


Some answers are totally valid but don’t register for some reason. Maybe do a revamp every so often where new answers are added in each time or something. Other than that, pretty fun.

Great game

Great game and I love the characters and profile selection but don't like that I have to wait to play and wish I didn't have to payz


I PUT NRG CLIX AND GOT IT WRONG?????😡😡😡😡 clix has 2M on YouTube and 5.5M on twitch

Fun game, but…..

I like to play, but many times it doesn’t count an appropriate answer which is frustrating.

I lost a match even though my opponent timed out.

Yes, it did just happen. The title is all I have to say. The game’s fun and entertaining, but not when you get cheated over cause of your opponent running out of time. The person won more rounds, but the match was not over, and that’s just not fair. It should be that the person who TIMED OUT should get the loss, just like in those multiplayer Scrabble-type games. I don’t want to have to lose like this more than once, so I may come back if this is changed.


Too many ads. Also, too many times other players never finish a game. Makes me want to learn more

Good, but there’s just one thing

Overall I love the game. I’ve been playing for like 3 days straight because it so easy to get hooked on. The one complaint I have is when the timer runs out. The animation and audio that plays is so jarring it quite literally jumpscares me. I like to play this game to relax and it often does the opposite because of this. Please tone this down, it literally makes my heart skip a beat every time .

Fun game

Fun, competitive game that makes you use your brain


This game is fun but they don’t give you enough time to right your answers.


I love this app the annoying part is there are a lot of ads and the ads are really long.

Gets boring

Once you’ve gone through most letters, you wind up repeating answers. The game is rigged to favor the most difficult letters to appear more often on spins, to get people to pay for additional coins. Every other spin is X, Q, K.


Bring back cartoons category please Thanks

Highway Robbery

This game would be so much better if the creators made more of an effort to have accurate databases. As it is, you will be regularly robbed of points because the gamemaster doesn’t know, for example, that the Rhine IS a river. And, they will not give you the points you deserve even when they are forced to admit their mistakes.

It’s A Good Game But ..

It’s Actually A Good Game But It’s Way To Many Ads …. Just For People To Enjoy A Game We Have To Pay To Stop Ads ? When We Can Play The Same Game On Facebook And Have 0 Ads

Really fun

I really love this game so much. And I really love how specific you can be for each category like for “today i will” i put “Fake my death” and it counted. But i think some categories are missing to the game like “blue thing” or “words with 5 letters.” But other than that, its super fun. Keep up the great work 😁 Edit: and for “school subjects and activities” I have a class called AVID so i put the word and it counted incorrect. Can you please fix this? Its still a fun and addicting game.


I love this game! I am literally obsessed! 🤩

Love it

Few things Anteater is a mammal not a reptile. Lion king is a Disney movie not a Disney character. George Michael is a famous person who died young. Metolazone is a medication. Thank you 🙏

One problem

I love this game its very addicting and enjoyable but one problem i have is when im typing an answer it stops me and it doesnt let me finish but other than that this game is very fun 😁


i love this game, but it does have some flaws. when you type an answer sometimes it won’t give it to you when it quite obvious that it’s no wrong but other than that this game is so fun and just like the classic family board gameScattergories!


This app is amazing. I get to play with friends, chat, and even pick sick avatars. I will always keep this app till I die.


I love it so much but there’s so much ads after every rounds


I’ve never gotten one answer for red or green things correct. 🤔🤔 Ugh.. I think I need to put this game away for a while, there’s so many answers it doesn’t accept and the same categories over and over


I’ve never gotten one answer for red or green things correct. 🤔🤔

Fun, but glitchy

Every month or so it signs me out and I have to start over at level 1. So annoying. (It keeps my earned coins, so it knows it’s me, but it doesn’t keep my progress. Total bug.) But the game is fun so it’s worth it.


i love the app but there are to many adds


The best game is Minecraft. But this game is so much fun and I only downloaded it 3 days ago. I rely enjoy playing with my mom and brothers!this game is sooooo much 🤩!!!!!

Favorite game EVER

This is the best game I’ve ever played. I’ve been playing it for years and I still can’t stop.

4 Negative User Reviews for Stop

Pretty fun

I was playing this game and it got two of my answers wrong when I know they where right

Developers do not speak english

Lots of word are not in their vocabulary or count them as spelled incorrectly.

Do not pay to remove ads

After paying the one-time fee of $4.99 to remove ads, there was no change. I continued to see ads even after a restart. I contacted support through the app, but didn’t hear back until I contacted them separately through their website. Too many ads for my taste.. so, if you want to play Scattergories, I would recommend just installing through Hasbro - just as fun and it’s a reputable brand.

answers vary

with the letter “u” my friend guessed “unique blue” but spelt the word unique wrong and got half of a point. next round we get the letter “n” and i guess “neptune blue” and get zero points. can someone tell me how a color that doesnt exist gets more points than a color that is sold by every paint company? makes no sense. fix ur app.

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