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Sweet Dippy Do! app recently received 13 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Sweet Dippy Do! app an average rating of 3.83 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 18 ratings since its release on Nov 17 by Maverick Software LLC. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Sweet Dippy Do!?

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13 Positive User Reviews for Sweet Dippy Do!

Yay! Luv it!

Wow this game rox! For those of you who have asked questions on how to get some achievements hope this helps! Two great tastes- dip a cookie in peanut butter and chocolate! Hidden bunny- use bunny sprinkles then hen you eat the treat there will be a bunny in the bottom left corner, click it! If this helps tell me in a review! :D

It rocks

It rocks but you guys should make salvory like chicken Nuggets and ketchup. And u should make a fair food game cotton candy funnel cake. Also make a Chanukkah food maker. Potato Latkahs, brisket, chocolate gelt.


This game is the best game ever


This is an awesome game! Keep it up Maverick! Also, does anybody know the achievement for batty for apples? Thanks!

Sweet and Awesome!😄

This app is amazing and it is totally worth 0.99. BTW does anybody know what dippin breakfast is?!


This app is great I love it... You should make a nail game! 😊


This app is awesome! You can make your own stuff even caramel apples! It's fun because there are lots more stuff to come in further updates. I know there will be way more exciting updates even more achievements. I think all of these apps are fun and exciting! Keep up the good work Maverick! Hope there are more exciting apps in the future!

It's ok

It's very boring, but I love your other apps! You should create a restaurant app where you can have real customers make orders:)

Sweet dipidy do!

By Bella , I love this app so much!!!! It's so fun!!! Keep making awesome apps maverick !!!!😊😄 I'm giving it 5 stars !!!!!!😱😊😄 Great Job!!! Maverick !!!👍😄

Please make it for the iPhone 5

Everything is wonderful, just please make it a bigger screen :(

I really like this game

It's so much fun to dip the foods and plaster them with sprinkles and other things. I really like this game. I would like to dip ice cream bars and cover them with sprinkles. I think if ice cream bars are added, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etcetera, that this game would be perfect. Also, dark chocolate eggs would be good too. Wonderful game.

Just in general

I love maverick apps so much! Even though most of them are the same (involving cooking) I just think the games are so fun. This is a ten star company if that was possible.👍👍👍👍

Lots of fun

It's very fun and you should make another one

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