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Swing Loops - Grapple Parkour app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 1 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Swing Loops - Grapple Parkour app an average rating of 4.71 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 39.9K ratings since its release on May 24 by SayGames. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Swing Loops - Grapple Parkour?

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Rated 4.44 out of 5

39.9K global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the Swing Loops - Grapple Parkour app: Spain, France, Germany, Italy.

45 Positive User Reviews for Swing Loops

Tips for the game

In this game you want to always jump when there is a dip. It is faster you will always make it over. Also when you get the 3 keys, press get 3 more for add because you will need to watch an ad either way. Overall a pretty good game to me! 👍

Olmost Spiderman game


i like this game i just have some suggestions

i love the physics & swinging aspects. i reallyyy like the levels without a floor, id like more of those. also more themes & worlds. id like longer levels & more control over the gliders👌🏽 it would b cool to have different speeds for the skateboards, or have advanced versions of items to motivate the players to get & use diamonds more.

hear me out.

I literally wanted a game that kind of gives that running subway-surfer-y vibe. Like that action running thing. And I lovee this. You could literally listen to music and jump around & they have things u can ride on like little go karts and hang gliders. So cute. 10/10

Nice game

I like your game it makes me happy.

It’s fun!!

Omg it’s so good I am a pro I can beat your record or can you?

Get this game IMMEDIATELY!!!✨⭐️✨🤩

This game is the BEST there is NO ADD you DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING WITH REAL MONEY!! Creators if you see this PLEASE make MORE of these!!!!!!!!!!

Could use some more hook skins, but still very entertaining! 🌟

I’ve had this game for a while now, and have been wondering if we’re ever going to get some new grappling hook skins. It seems pretty odd to think that this game only has six different hook skins, yet can still keep the tittle “swing loops”? Yeah! But other than that, great game! I highly enjoy playing it & I hope that some other people can give it around as much respect that I did! Very well done!! 👌🤩🌟

Pls no more ads!!!

I really like the game but every level I complete puts a ad so pls get rid of the ad and like make a setting were umm there’s controls ok😠😠😠😡😡😡🤬

Best game to ever exist

I’m glad you’re so nice to me giving me good thingsYouguys are really good keep up the brilliant work

maybe i was wrong?

maybe 90 something is the end? is it? i wanna know?


I have a idea for this game so I think there should be time trials where you race your friends time and there’s a leaderboard so you try to get the best time

3D model

I was wondering if I could have a 3D model of one of the characters or atleast know where you got it from. It’s at the fifth row, Top right. It looks like a forest wizard.

I love it but can u fix the ads?

It too much ads and it a good game but the ads are to much



Great Game!

This game is awesome. The only conflict I have is I’m on level 365, and it’s getting pretty repetitive.

This is the best game

Just saw this is a fun grappling game where are you grapple and you can go onto buildings and it is really entertaining and you will never get bored of this game this is how I think it is a five star review


It’s is good. That’s it… Developer if you see Thai I think you should make a game but with just the swing levels. It would be a great game and maybe even sell good.

A game play problem

So, overall, I love this game! The swinging is what got me to play it. But there is a slight problem. The whole reason is to swing, but you do other stuff more than actually get to swing! But, it’s a great game.

Pretty good

It good but there's a lot of ads.

My problems with it

So it’s a decent game,but it’s repetitive, boring, easy, and the ads are excessive. If you could add more things to do, and made it more difficult, it would be a way better game. Just cut back on the ads and do more stuff with a good concept.

Good game

The best of th best games in the world

Five stars

I like this game it’s fun and has multiple outfits and honestly I love it

Make this online!!!

Hey fellow developers could you add a real online feature to this game, it’s really fun and well-made that it makes me sad I can’t play this game with my friends

A Good game for people

This game is pretty fun swinging on hoops driving bikes and other stuff no I think I would change about this game is like he would have monthly updates and more customizability for the avatar and add add more skins that look appealing and unique

love it!

it’s super fun when you’re bored and have nothing to do, and also one problem with it is it’s just too easy. I also wish you could play with real people too.


Awesome game I’ve played it for a year now

Hard level with hard jumping

On level 77 every time I’m at the end it’s like I can’t control the character.

Ads no matter what

Even if you decline ads for upgrades, you will be presented with an ad. Declining should mean declining.

Game is good but needs more levels

This game is very fun but There needs to be more levels it gets a little boring playing the same few levels that are in the game

No money

The game has a bug for me the game won’t give me the money I earn



A little problem, somehow.

I know I had this game for months, but ummm...every time I complete a level my screen is dark. I have no idea what was causing it, I thought I broke it but I somehow found out I didn’t. Please fix this or make a update to the game.


There are so many adds it’s not worth playing the game

Make a better deatel

Make it more interesting and more real

The exaggerated swagger of a black teen

The exaggerated swagger of a black teen

The exaggerated swagger of a black teen

The exaggerated swagger of a black teen

The game is great but it could be better

You should add an endless mode and made the levels feel better and more dynamic


The exaggerated swagger of a black teen🔥

Good game but...

It’s good but you have to watch an ad for skins u already earned and it’s so hard to control your character. Please fix this.

One tiny request

I love this game just one tiny request please add a spider man suit or a miles morales spider man suit

Good but bad

It’s a good game but after about 30 minutes it kept closing and when I tried to restart it it would close again


I love this game, but there is to many ads

Kicking me out

This game is amazing but am having a problem I keep getting kicked out and for some reason when I reopened the app it did it again

1 Negative User Reviews for Swing Loops

Too many mini games and ads

The game itself is fun, but it takes at least 2 minutes between rounds between the non-skippable mini games, ads, skin offers, and requests to watch more ads. Not worth playing

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