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Tetris app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Tetris app an average rating of 4.55 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 355.6K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by PlayStudios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Tetris?

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Rated 3.91 out of 5

355.6K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Tetris

Ads ?

Disappointed with the ads that have been introduced. Use to be a no ad game.

Great Game !

Great game I actually like it and play it daily it’s just slow at times like the game needs to be updated and it has way to many ads

What happened to goals? And challenges?

Seasonal individual goals seem to have disappeared which takes a lot of the fun out of it. And the android version has challenge levels where you have to complete in so many moves… why isn’t that available on the apple version?

Good game but way too many long ads

I really like this game but the ads are ridiculous. You have to watch a 30 second ad each time before you can play a game and if you click on the wrong part of the screen to continue it takes you to the App Store to buy the advertised app. It got too bothersome and I spent too much time waiting for ads to finish to be able to play so I deleted the app. Don’t waste your time with this one.

Ads Ruin It

Fun game but no option to remove ads. Thumbs down.

Too Many Advertisments

I love the game but there just too many advertisements. Maybe offer a chance to pay to avoid the advertisements.

Insane ads

Honestly the game is Tetris it’s a honest 4/5 star game normally but the ads in this game are insane these are the type of ads that literally pop up even when you don’t click it and I get some ads that don’t even show the x to click away from the ads until I wait 20 more seconds please fix your ad problem it really ruins the Tetris experience, I’m not going to pay 5 dollars every month just to turn off ads when there are literally better games out there that allow you to remove the ads for a dol


Better then crack cocaine

Fun game. Way too many ads.

Wish there was a paid version. This game makes you watch ad after ad.


Not the best but it gets it done.

Great game.

Still as good as the first time!!!

I spend more time watching ads than playing Tetris

Great game, but honestly no one wants any of the bells and whistles, we want the classic game no ads.

Money greedy

Too many ads and micro transaction's ruins the game. Why is there 30 second ads before every game if you already have so many micro transactions. Game is fun and enjoyable besides that

Game is pretty good but

Game interface all good only problem is why do I need 5g to play Tetris? So playing in the subway signal cuts can’t play anymore, so annoying

this game is fun!

this is so good that when i get on my phone it’s so fun that my kids play the game so much that you should make a pt.2 of trivia and make other game and make games that give money way cus this is so fun and i like that game sir or ma’am and you should make merch pls so fun that this is a iphone 11 cuz this is fun as heck you should make like 1000 games of this like this is so crazy and cracking funny .

Awesome but needs no ads.

Great game but there needs to be an option to buy the game for no ads they do tend to get annoying.

Just like the original

Best Tetris game out there!


Too many adds for games

The ads is the only problem

I understand you need to make money somehow but I feel as the bombardment of ads isn’t going to help I really think the game itself is great but it’s just not worth playing if I get 100 different ads.

Too many ads

Ads are really long and will play sound even when the game is muted

Tetris is fun

I mean what can I say, it’s just Tetris but there are way too many ads and when you do anything but I understand that from a marketing perspective because then you can have people buy the no ads feature but still pretty scummy. 8.6/10

Love the game ADS ARE HORRIBLE

They should make a permanent option to remove ads not have to pay once a month kind of ridiculous

Tetris never dies

Such a simple game can be enjoyed millions of times. A game like this will never die.

Frankly appalling

I have tried to submit my review 3 times now. They are filtering out all bad reviews! The ads are too long, too frequent and misleading. Hit the ex on the ad and it sends you straight to the installation page for that game. Similarly, hit the fast forward button and it will do the same. An ad that feels like longer than 40 seconds occurs before each game (so every 3 minutes.) I asked the game not to track and it did, pulling up the city records. This is not only dangerous, but also disturbing in

Love it but the ads are long before starting a game

Very brain stimulating

Pretty darn good

Simple, classic Tetris with a few twists, however loading times are absolutely atrocious. Takes about 5 minutes to get into a single game.

So many ads

If they could cut the ads in half and stop making me open every one when I try to close it out that would be great

What happened to the Friday night competition :(

I can’t remember what it was called but what happened to the worldwide Tetris competition every Friday night? I downloaded this like 2 years ago or so and it was the highlight of my week :( now its just some boring ole Tetris game,,, i miss it

Love it

I love this app very entertaining and mind clearing .🙃 I have lots of fun playing this game after doing homework or schoolwork.

I enjoy Tetris

I just like Tetris. That’s basically it.

I like the game but too many adds!

I like the game over all but the ads…omg is on each end of a game and usually 2 that long las 3min each. Uninstalled ✅

Hello Julia please please let me know when you’re ready to be ready for work me for the call

Jimmy Client is ready for coffee and tea and milk

One big problem

I shouldn’t need internet to play Tetris. Otherwise good


Idk it’s good I like it I recommend playing when bored

Great classic game with twice the annoying ads!

I just with there were more ads.

Great game but…

Hi my name is Gino… A little bit a little bit of pizzazz

There is only 1 problem

Can you make the blocks faster??

Good game

Tetris has been my life since last year and. I have been Playing like crazy. It’s honestly a great game to play when your bored or u wanna become non-bored


The first day I got Tetris I literally couldn’t stop playing. It practically doubled my screen time every day. GET THIS GAME!

Great game, too many ads

I love Tetris. Can we get an ad-free paid version? I hate waiting 45 seconds between plays.

Airplane Mode

Great traditional game to play but you can’t play when in airplane mode or not connected to cell service/wi-fi

Fun game but with annoyingly long ads

Fun game and nice interface but ads are annoyingly long. I understand ads are unavoidable but they really don’t need to be this long, it’s too annoying

P2W Tetris

Unbelievable! Just play Marathon, only reason why I gave this three stars… Congrats N3TWORK you made EA look good!


Me gusta mucho la musica y el juego yo estoy tocando esta canción en muchos instrumentos!

I recommend!

If you like puzzle this game is for you! It’s so fun no money just play it!I love this game I hope you do to!😁

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