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Check out the latest Text or Die reviews! Users in the United States gave this casual app by Lava Level an average rating of 4.48 out of 5 stars. Check out the reviews from other countries as well (links below).

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Rated 4.20 out of 5

25 global ratings

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25 Recent Reviews in the U.S


It’s a good game! But there are many missing words like when it said name an African country I said “democratic republic of São Tomé and príncipe” which is a country in africa, and many other things, to fix this I think you should ask ChatGPT or Google to show a list of all of the things, example: what is every singer that is a man, or for ChatGPT name every singer that is a man.

Please add sound.

I love this game especially when you misspell a word you can choose to watch a add to have it spelled correctly. I just wish this game had sound (not music) it would make it so much more fun. I would like to buy the no adds options but I am hoping first sound will be added. If sound is t eventually added I might uninstall the app and find one with sound in the game.

You just insulted me

I was playing a special animals round and the first prompt was “ name an animal that lives in a lake” and I said Axolotl and it didn’t take it! And the ONLY PLACE THEY LIVE IS LAKE XOCHIMILCO. there my favorite animal and this offended me. Please fix.

Keeps blacking out

Whenever I’m just trying to play it just blacks out it’s ether my phone or the game Because Iphone 7 lol


I love the game I’m a boy but they force me to watch 3 ads to be a boy honestly it’s not okay I hate that you can’t choose you gender

Best game ever

This game is the best game ever

Funny but fun

I wanted this game since yesterday. I downloaded this game thinking about it. I found it super fun and easy to play this game. It’s also funny.

You need to spell good

It is very fun highly recommend it

To the person who made the game

It is so much fun! But is also kind frustrating when you get so far and loose

Add more answers

I won’t type out a lot but i will say this app is missing a lot of common answers in favor of simpler words.


It is a really fun game but I think of it as harsh of to die but I love to win it is awesome but I really like less harsh I would rather die because of how old I am instead of getting eaten bye a shark I love that it is kind of teaching me and it is a really cute game just a little to harsh


This AD watching app is pretty good, kinda ruined by the breaks of minimal gameplay, but sometimes even when you skip ADs cause you don’t care about the better prize it still throws 60 second unstoppable ads at you and don’t give you the better prize also I learned that no “competenthuman” has ever been a U.S. president.


This game is soooooo much fun. And there’s nothing wrong with it except that it gats too easy

Mad ads

Amazing game but the amount of ads is extremely annoying, the ads def would be the reason I delete this game. Thanks

I don’t rlly see a problem with it

The game isn’t as bad as other people say it is I personally really like it! :)

Good game and i dont blame you for this

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the longest climbable things name

Noice game

I am a furry, aka I am a rabbit, noice game

It’s a thinking game

I makes you think and bond with people


It is really fun but the only problem I have with this game is that when it corrects you it makes you go through a 30 sec+ ad. I feel like there is no reason for that and that if you need to be corrected that it should just correct you and move on. That’s just me though.

Lots of errors

For a game emphasizing text, they have a lot of embarrassing spelling errors. There’s also a lack of inconsistency for the answers that are accepted (plurals, etc)

Great Game

Text or Die is a very fun game!!!

Text or die

It is a good game but it won’t let you you get ads to build up your money or let you choose clothing and when you purchase something it charges you more than what the item cost


Love this game love this game love love I love it when the I love it when the shrak kisses love love love filter


please just put the ads on the bottom of the screen you would even make more money!

It’s nice

There’s a lot of adds so I just turn off the internet