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Mountain Rose 102

Fun way to connect with faraway grandchildren

The game ends entirely too soon!

Best ever


Absolutely the best perches I’ve ever made this app is so much fun I’m so addicted lol 🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤

Amazing game but


I think it’s amazing but there is one problem that makes me frustrated.One day I was playing the game and I tried to click the single player mode and it didn’t work. Please if you can, please fix it.

Love this game!!!!!


I’ve only been playing for a short time, but I absolutely love it!!! I love this game in real life and this game brings it to life!!!! 10/10

Good but short

E=F Flat

I’m really loving this game and how inclusive it is as far as gender and the choice to marry or stay single. However, the games are incredibly short, especially compared to the original Life. I’d like to see longer boards and longer games.

Game of life


This game is short but fun sometimes you win sometimes you loose 🥛🍪🧋🍱♈️

Great game


If you have a projector it’s the best game to buy! Get yours today it’s so worth it! Seriously five stars!!!!!!!!

Awesome Game!


I love this game so much! A great Purchase. Can’t stop playing.

El juego me saca



Good Game but


I Love the game but the multiplayer is dumb I tried to play with friends and it doesn’t work please fix this

Love it 😍

Ryan J B.

I love these games. And this one the most ❤️❤️❤️😃


stupidest idiot ever

I love that you can have a bbq without a house and that if you get a dog or cat first and then get married your wife or husband has to sit in the back👍. Love this game, it’s FANTASTIC!!!

This game is…


FANTASTIC!! I love have parties and barbecue without houses And you can be the colors pink blue and purple And name stupid cpus *hint* try to lose if you don’t try you will still lose👍and that is so not awesome

It’s so much fun I play it at my camp and I enjoy I enjoy it so much thank you🥳💅🏾❤️😮🥳

So Much Fun


This game is so much fun and I highly recommend it for all role-play fans. I’ve been trying to find a role-play game for so long but all the ones I download it sucked so this game was a real joy to download. 5/5 for sure.

great game


i got the game last night and never stopped. it’s totally worth the money and plz get it not a lot of people play on first map and i’m not a sponsor i love this game!

I love this game

Amelia liyn

This game is so fun I play it every day I recommend this game for your kids and friends you should play it with your friends or kids I love it so much



I love the new attributes. I think they are just so creative and put a new spin on things. I also like the new customizations that can be made. Just overall, an amazing game. -TwizzlerOfTime

Enjoyable game

good good Gucci

This is a very enjoyable game that I would recommend to anybody who enjoys mobile board games brought me Joy while playing



It is the best it is worth the money



I love the new attributes. I think they are just so creative and put a new spin on things. I also like the new customizations that can be made. Just overall, an amazing game. -TwizzlerOfTime

Me and my sister play this game all the time it is so much fun!! You have to buy this game! It has way more activities Than the board game.

Very Fun


Very fun to play by yourself and with others.

Just so fun


So fun could be better but sooooooo fun

Amazing Sequel!


I wasn’t expecting for this to be that good. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Edit: Thank you for responding!

Its alright


I really hate the taxes part because so much of it is pulled 🥲 It definitely passes time though. I wish add ons weren’t so expensive and the game is so limited. I prefer the first game better.

Game of life is awesome


I love this game it is entertaining fun and you can do multiplayer and basically everything in my opinion it is a 5 star game

I miss the pastel vibes. The colors now are harsh and hard to look at. I wish there was at least the option to use the original soft colors of the game.

Amazing Sequel!


I wasn’t expecting for this to be that good. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Great game✨👑

not a fan123

It’s a great game it’s fun tho my iPad died a lot because of how long it is but it’s a great game

From Layla


This game is so fun! You can play with your friends and battle❣️



Wow this is such a good game I have not played for a while yet but it is just so awesome


Addy kanoy

I love this game it’s just like the last one but different in its own way!!



I love this game, i am giving it 3 stars though. The reason why is we shouldn’t pay for the other worlds since we paid for one

😍 Love it.


Great app. I think it is a little confusing but, it is very good!

Hi my name is Amanda markle and I love this game is it fun to play along with friends.


cupcake 112234568583

I love this game me and my friend play it everyday after school it has been so much fun and idk how but my friend always wins.

Awsome game ever


This is awsome totally recommend it

Cost to much


2 dollars to buy the game then 5 bucks each for the extra maps

World gone missing.


Last night, I ended up buying the fairytale kingdom world and had a blast playing it! This morning, I went in the app to find the “$4.99” sign with all my money gone! I hope you can fix this problem but if not, I'll understand! 😇

I love this


I Love this game it’s like real life but a game! You should play it! It’s a dream literlly! I should have got this YEARS ago like so fun fuuuuuuuuun also vaction and 1 are good get them and you won’t regret it trust me so fun

Life is good


This is a very good game for kids and adults because it teaches people how to use time wisely and spend money wisely too.


reagan red

Good job. I have so much fun and playing this game

This is a great game but it is $5 for just a map I don’t really think anyone is gonna spend money on the game and it’s my opinion because I wouldn’t because next thing you know they deleted the app and all their money went to waste.

Great game


Great game but you should let us get a option to pay your loans before u finish the game



This game is so much fun. I just beat my older sister in a game that we just played. Thank You, Nia Fortin

Ok but


Im so sad you have to pay for cool levels! Subtracted a star

Best game ever


I love it I love the pets the houses and the update

Awesome game (but it glitches a lot).

The main map is good and fun but the additional Maps for purchase are not as fun and they cannot be returned. Would like to be able to get a refund Thanks

Great game!


Awesome and fun game with cool spins (haha) on the Life board game! Would love to see a sea/pirate-themed and a space/sci-fi-themed world in the future!




Best thing ever


This game is the best thing that has ever happened to me

I would add a few things

🧐 hi sisters🧐

In my opinion I love this game. It’s fun but I would add a few things. For example being able to talk to your other players. Players can turn the chat on and off. Then block off some work.

Now this is wonderful I love the way the game is built like the first one but it’s like a 2.0 version amazing 😇



Omg I love this app! Very fun and cool!



I love playing the game of life, I have a lot of monopoly games and different editions, but the game of life 2 has more choices and that would make the game better!!! Thanks

Great game


Enjoying it a lot with my family just wish their could be more than 4 players.

This game has so many elements and so fun to watch people play it, and play it yourself. Theres different strategies to go to and alot to analaze but in general its fun, really fun

It’s fun


I like it and it’s fun to play but there is not family sharing.

Surprisingly fun


The new additions add to this childhood classic

I love this game


This game is so cool I can change my character and there’s a lot of stuff that’s very nice you should by this app because it’s a fun game and very cheap only 2$ 99 cents so make sure to buy it Love, biggest fan of this game



It’s amazing but the wheel is hard to spin please make it like the first one where you swipe thanks



This game is sooooo much fun!I never played the first won but this is worth my 3 dollars!Im going to film videos of this for my YouTube!



Wow so awesome this game is amazing more people should play it it is very underrated but I don’t know why :)


kk Karate

Wow this is AMAZING it has no adds! I absolutely love this game and It is my favorite game!

This game is amazing. The art style blew me away, I love the animation and attributes unlike game of life 1 and three educations is very entertaining. no bugs I have found yet :) Great game keep up the good work!

The best game ever


He has pets has houses so much more that you can’t imagine and I hope you enjoy it because is the best game you I will Siri I hope you all the best

Great Game


I love this game because it is fun and I like how you can get pets and get married. It’s a really good game, I love it. You can even buy houses!

This game is so much fun. My hubby and I love it. We thought of a cool theme. How about a 4Th of JULY theme with fireworks included..:)

Game of Life


This game of LIfe get you to learn college and marriage plus having his or her children’s and adoption pets like cats and dogs.



Needs an AI option in play with friends

Great game


This is a great game I love playing this over and over again

Five star


This is the best game ever it has so many more choices I never thought it would be this fun! I’m more than happy I got it.

The best


This is the best game ever. I really love it. I am so glad I downloaded this app. I love the pets. 😀, I hope you keep making new updates on this game. 🙂

This is the best game I’ve ever played - Briania05

It’s fun!

Thin Mint Grapes

It’s really fun and exciting to play with friends and family. Although I wish the game lasted a little bit longer.

Best game


This is the best game ever I have played I been playing this for years and I can’t stop playing

Game is Great!


Definitely can have some family or friend group fun! Online play makes it so much more enjoyable!

This game is amazing!


This game is super fun and inspiring! There is a lot more stuff to do which means it’s a lot more fun!



Please add the ability for pass and play players to name their character and it would be perfect! Thanks!


chocolate laberdoodl

I love this game it’s better on iPad or phone then the board game! You can play in the car with no WiFi it’s so worth to buy. If you delete it it will be free when you re-download it it’s totally amazing

Play the game


The game is awesome and its like oh no then yes or you have to pay me.So play this game.It is a multi player game, play this game buy it now!Play with friends.Customize your peg(character)And make your name whatever you want.



Great game! I just wish I could add computer players when playing online with friends, I also wish I could communicate with emojis or phrases like in life 1. Other than that this game is really fun and I enjoy it a lot!

Loads of Fun!


Very fun when playing with friends. Not so much when your alone. But ai convinced everyone to get it. And we have a great time playing together. Would recommend, 10/10, send to a friend.

Fun Fun Fun


I I really enjoy this version. Love it

I like this game because it is a lot like real life with chances, risks and upgrades.

Buggy at times


In a multiplayer game online the game will sometimes skip over a player and play the next two players at the same time. There are also other bugs with the AI players where the computer will not make a decision. Beyond that, it is a nice game

Best game ever

Late night shopper

I happy to have the game but t I’m sad you have to pay you o get it but the whole game is good and I think they need more characters and cars but the rest is great

Love this game!

Kamryn Elyzabeth

My fiancé and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together because of our opposing work schedules, but have times in the day where work is slow or one of us is home and we play each other online! It’s so fun!

Love it


Its great its 5:25 am and im wide awake with my girlfriend playing!

I love this game! It’s so worth the 2.99 dollars I paid! So if your reading this you should totally get this game! And I love that you can play with friends or just random people!

Ok but glitchy


Sometimes when I play against a computer it freezes and I have to reset the game

They want me money

Lady La Diva

Paid for it, but they still want me to pay more for expansion packs. Game is meh.

It is good game

The. oi

I like the game and it is fun but it gets boring after a little while


and set fcg

Fun ,but the music and sound get cut out.

Great game made new.


I love the game of life and this game makes it even more fun. With its new features and you don’t have a problem of not enough people wanting to play.



I love this game it’s amazing It’s so much fun. I just wish it had more options for girl clothes. There’s only one and it’s kinda ugly. And if you want a different one you have to pay and can only be a princess

I tried this and it is so awesome it’s so worth buying this and the pack of games👍🏻

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