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I’m here becuz of Emma Chaimberlain 🌱



An app that actually does what it claims to do, and efficiently! This is one of those rare times I don’t regret buying an app 😁

I would not have believed this was possible short of Lightroom or Photoshop. This app is magical!


Shyleen C.

Honestly this app is pretty great. I’ve been having fun with it and no ads is amazing. 10/10 recommend. 👍

Basic Healing Brush App

Bad update

It works as well as an amateur healing brush photoshop user could expect it to but, if you need fine details preserved you’re gonna need more than an app.

I can’t believe how easy this is to use. And at the same time, the results are outstanding.



This app is one of the best editing apps ever. Tbh i rarely use editing apps and iam not familiar with using them and this app make it 100% easy and straight forward thank you alot and thanks for the hard work and it’s definitely worth it 👌🙌

So worth it!

well blocks

This app is literally incredible it does have a little blur when you erase large thitbut I definitely recommend!

This app doesn’t do its job. It removes the object while also smudging the background, which makes this look so unnatural. I’d like a refund

Love it💜

Raj Malla

Very Useful! It’s really helping me!

Love this APP


This app helps me so so much LOVE ALL THAT THIS APP DOS!!!!

I love this app!!


I don’t know what I’d do without this app. Easy to use and free! Cannot beat that‼️

I love this app, I wonder why it's free? I always worry about free apps, because I assume they are using my data. But I'll continue using it since they have to provide more transparency once they update the app.

I am having a problem at trying to import image to be edit

Totally worth 2$


Some people might be hesitant about buying this but it is worth it. I have so much fun with it and it helps me get rid of junk in pictures. 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 stars!!

An additional feature that would make it even better would be to make teeth white.



I am amazed at the degree of photo retouching I have been able to do with this app! Definitely something every photographer can make use! I highly recommend it.



The best background editor you can get! Totally worth the 1.99 instead of messing round with other apps!



Better than Snapseed a tool and that’s saying a lot for me.

I am new to this app. There are tutorials for the actual object removal, but no instructions on how to select photos or delete the ones you are finished with. I don’t think I should have to use google to learn this information.

It’s very good.....BUT some spots can’t get just right, I’ll keep trying other ways, like a new photo of the same to see how that works, removing the hard spot first - then copy & remove the large are that came off very easily with out damage.

Really amazing!

silly rabbitttt

It makes the stuff you don’t want in your photo disappear. It does a really good job of guessing what to fill in with too. 👍👍

Adjust settings and clean up easily. The “magnifier” is so handy! No more need to launch Photoshop to get in tight. Love this app. Thank you!

Worth Every Penny


Best $1.99 I ever spent! This app makes retouching photos so dang easy! I wish I would have downloaded it years ago!

Must have!


This should be on every iPhone. It’s an awesome tool to clean up unwanted “imperfections” in any image. Highly specialized app that is very good at what it does.

This app is crazy powerful in its simplicity and as close as most of us will get to actual photo magic.

Lifesaver of an app


I bought this app just recently and it has bailed me a lot. My camera has a large image sensor and I do get occasional dirt/dust on it. This app has allowed me to rescue photos that I would otherwise have to delete.

Love it!!


Works really really good love this app worth the money.

Love it so far


Very useful for those minor details 😉

Ummm rip-off

Wevideo Lover

well i got the app to remove other random people from my pictures but when i tried to it just glitched and multiplied.🙄😡

Amazing app!!!!


This app has been the only app that removes images with quality 100% recommend this app



This is absolutely perfect for quickly repairing photos. Definitely a 5 star app.

Best app ever

Victoria Brace

This is so easy and fun. Amazing 😍

Insanely good


I’ve never rated an app before but I have to rate this one because it is sooooo so good. Absolutely worth it.

Always amazed at the AI behind this tool. I use it almost 5 to 6 times per week. This is a must for every mobile photographer.



Best app ever for quick and thorough fixes. Use it all the time. Especially repairs old photos. 👍



Was hesitant about the $1.99 lol but I downloaded this app to delete people in the background of a picture. And instantly was taken away about how easy it was to use the app. In minutes I was done with my portrait. Love it!

Love this app


Really easy to use. Object removal has been invaluable to me as I’ve edited photos for my new biz. Thanks so much for this free tool!



Best $2 I’ve spent on an app!

Touch Retouch is so excellent for making a good shot great!

Really works great


I have been using this for over a year and I still thrilled with it. Primarily I remove items or wires.

Amazing App


The efficiency it has is fantastic! what is interesting is its speed and accuracy.

Fricken love this app!!!


I got lazy during a photo shoot one day and forgot to take my scrunchie off-without this app I would have had to retake hundreds of pictures because of a simple mistake! Great app!!

Easy to use!


Love it! Perfect for touching up pictures of unwanted items!

My boss asked for a picture of everyone to show the new hires and I didn’t have a picture with my new short hair without my septum piercing. Edited out my piercing good enough so I didn’t have to get ready just to take a picture 👍🏻

The app would be nice if it worked for me. The app is having difficulty loading a picture from my camera roll for edit. A friend of mine showed me on her phone what the app was capable of. It looked nice.

Otherwise works great for touching up photos

TouchRetouch app


TouchRetouch is a beautiful app. You can fix the virtually any issue you might have on a photo. The next best thing aside from photoshop. It’s a great app and I highly recommend.

Pretty good


It actually works really well, just try to avoid using the eraser on large things, otherwise it will turn out weird. It was worth the money, I recommend it.

I recently purchased it well and I could say my best 2 bucks spent! This app does exactly what it says it does way more efficiently! Amazing app.



Just love how quickly and easily I can retouch with this tool!!!

So Easy


Super easy to use. Exactly what I was looking for to remove powerlines etc.

Things such as light post, objects pretty much removed anything. 8/10 it gets the job done really well.

After more than a year of using multiple other programs, this was recommended by Emil Pakarklis. It instantly gives me solutions to about 1/2 of the issues I need to address in my photos.



kept seeing ads for this. it takes out all the people out of photos or the leash out of dog photos. love it. no in app purchases that i’m aware of but i’ve only used a few times.



This App is SO addictive!!! It is easy to use and so much fun!!! You won’t stop editing. You can’t retouch just one HAHA

This was my favorite and go to app until the photo library started to glitch. My pictures never load . It’s like there’s nothing in my camera roll. This never happened before . Idk what’s wrong

I mostly use this to remove little bits of food on my toddlers face when I take a cute picture and don’t notice until afterwards. It takes me less than a minute in most cases. I love it so much

Great app


This works amazingly and you don’t need any photo editing experience!



It’s my go to for all quick edits and fixes !!! Absolutely the best!!

If you try to remove objects it drags other objects too and it makes photo useless! I felt sorry in first 10 minutes of using it!

Really works

Ted the Artist

I was able to remove type from an ad so I could sketch the image in the ad!

I use this every single day, to help clean up scans of my grandparents’ 35mm slides. I recommend it wholeheartedly!!

amazing app!!

dina sanchez

i love that you dont need to pay a trial to use this app, its more convenient. i also really like the performance of it, it works very well and this is why i rate it 5 stars.

Love It!


Love this app so far. It is making my work quick and easy to do.



I appreciate you guys keep updating the app without making us pay for the updates or force subscription based method. It’s one of my favorite app to use and it works well.

This is an essential app for clearing clutter from your photos. Very helpful.


homey bunches of oat

This app is incredible! I can take out the most annoying things in photos

You can remove the image sure. But then you are left with a wonky weird looking area. Keep your money.

A very good app


Sometimes I get too lazy to do my unibrow so I fix it with This app

Does what it says


No BS, no gimmicks, no subscriptions. For 90% of your photo retouches, this is fantastic. In the time it takes to just load photoshop you can be one & done.

A new tool


Honestly I dont write reviews very often but I rrally enjoy this and if there was a restore tool that you could use like a brush that would return the photo to its original in that area only

Very good app

Little big mike

I love this app, you can do so much with it, I use it a lot to remove water marks or the names of the app in the corner of other picture apps so I don’t have to buy other apps. The object removal part of it is just great.



The app is working again! This is a wonderful and indispensable app. Original: This is a great app but bringing up Albums just shows a blank screen right now.

Not that good


Don’t buy, not worth it. Wish I could get my money back

Best app


It’s pretty amazing and for mine after I used the app I used a little bit of photoshop too and the whole person was gone and it looked like they were never there in the first place I can’t believe how well this worked

Nice app

emkay is cool

This app is amazing but you shouldn’t over use it in any photo.

Awesome app!

Sunshine Daisy Mae

Don’t know how I lived without this app! Really easy to use and great for eliminating crap from your photos you don’t want. AWESOME!!!

Love It

Moonlight Vis

I really love this it’s helping me remove stuff. It’s really working out!!!!

is it going to be monthly billing because i didn’t see that it was money when i bought it and i need to know if i can cancel it so i don’t pay monthly.

Wanted to remove my tripod from my 360 photos and this is just as easy as highlight and gone. Other apps worked but this one is easy and faster to make it like the stand was never there



I’m a photographer and I love this app

Better really better


Had this a long time ago but you guys made it way better than when I had it

I got this app to help fix some of the memories I have in picture but when I go to erase it will duplicate a face or an arm. It super weird and not at all like advertised and not as easy as they made it look

Great App


Took awhile to learn the things this app can do but now since I got the hang of it I use it all the time.


Ahmad Yassin

The is the most awesome app I've ever purchased! Exactly what I needed!

Love it


Works like a charm! I wish it would be easier to find on my phone (have too many apps) and sometimes I forget how to search for it.

I downloaded this app to try and remove the shadow from a picture based on the reviews but, unless I just can’t figure it out (which is very possible) I’m not able to remove it



Removing objects an cause damage to the original picture hope you can work on that 🤷🏻‍♀️

I really like this app very simple and very easy.

this app helps me so much with my photos, it makes my photos look beautiful!

Easy to use to retouch my flaws! Love it!


honset peeps

It was ok but it doesn’t look real I don’t recommend paying for this

Old photos

Dabbling Dawn

I love this program I just retouched old photos that has spots and they came out great!

I can remove my exes from all my favorite pic like they never existed! Amazing!!!

I like grabbing pictures off the internet of somebody throwing a baby, kid or animal into the air, then erasing whoever is throwing them. This is my favorite app. Thank you.



This app is exactly what you want in a touch up app. Simple to use, does the job(extremely well), and make the quality of your photos look 1000 times better!!!! Great app!!!!!! Get it!!!!

Not the best


So I got this app because all the reviews said it was amazing, but when I tried it it just messed up the picture, I would not recommend buying this.



I’m just here because TikTok showed me this app. 10/10.

Perfect for workflows that require quick photo cleanup on a mobile device. I use it daily. 5 stars all the way.

Awesome app


I use it on almost every thing I do. Extremely versatile.

Best Editing App


I have had the app for 5 minutes and already made some really cool edits. I recommend it especially for the affordable price. It removes pretty much anything you want from pictures.

Coolest App

Wölf Päk

This app has made so many of my pictures awesome. It works so well and $2 was definitely worth it


Lui job

It’s cool and useful but it would be better if you were able to remove things on a video

Can’t write...


I like the app & what it can do, but would be 100% better if I could write on the picture like the older version of Windows paint, that was great!!!

This app works wonderfully! It is a powerful and well-built tool. I enjoy recommending it to friends, who are always shocked by its abilities. Keep up the great work!

I love this app so much because u can literally clear anything out of a picture whether it’s ur face, camera blurs, or something in the way of a picture. Also so much easier to use then photoshop.Best $3 dollars I’ve ever spent!!!

Better X-Ray

Chatting Lady

I needed to remove an area for this X-Ray to be Better & it looks SO MUCH BETTER NOW FOR SURE!! THANKS SO MUCH!! ALOHA for Now- 🌺Linda S.🌺

work as expected


Easy to use remove what I wanted to remove

And is easy to use Quickly removes power lines, people, weird objects from your pictures! I am a very impatient!

Best App


This is my favorite app! I love how an object can just instantly disappear!

Blew me away


Surprised the heck out of me! It worked! And well!

Been using it for years and nothing has replaced it. Thanks to this great app, I don’t have to open up photoshop for touch ups. Very user friendly. Simple. Fast. Great results.

Perfect and very easy !!!! The best to remove itens

Love it


10 out of 10 I love it it has saved my life

This app makes it so easy to remove objects from your photos!!!

Prank time baby


Best app to prank your Friends


gg SC jju

This is a amazing app but it should also make it to where you can erase stuff from videos if possible

Works Ok


I guess I had high expectations but this app only works for items in front of simple spaces, not super useful for erasing people or complicated objects.

Just wow


I’m so surprised in how it made the background just like it was normal and it looked like it was there to start with. Just wow

When you try so crop something out it puts your face on that spot or what ever is in the pictures I my standers people should have to pay.



I’m getting better with time but this app makes me feel like a professional more then rookie



It is fine, but when I erase something it smears were the point were I can see it properly😐😬

Works but...


It doesn’t let me allow it access to photos therefore I can’t have the original date of the photo because I can’t modify it

Bad replacement


They hipe this app up a little too much. If you need to take something like people out in a photo say in water near concrete instead of putting water there it replaces it with concrete, or it blurs it out which is worse. So please be better



This is such a fun app, it is always entertaining me and fun to play. I love to edit some photos that may be a little pg-13 to make them a little more pg lol this is very fun and does deserve a five star rating





use amino its awesom

i can edit photos of my friends all day long and it’s super funny

Well it’s the truth

XxHunkixX 🤪🥳

Honestly I came from TikTok because I wanted to playa round with it lol! It does work well, but it’s really fun to play around with.



I find that this app , is very messy whenever I try to take something out, it does not just go away, but it puts something else there to replace it. And it looks Bad.

Great app

Matt Burkard

I is a great app and works great. The only suggestion is that you should be able to draw on things you don’t want it to blend with cuz sometimes it’s near my body and it looks weird.



This app works soooo much better than I thought it was going to. Really convenient!! I absolutely love it

Best app ever!


I can’t say enough. It’s easy, simple and works great. It would awesome if it also had a liquify tool too but I have procreate and work back and forth. So it all works out.

Object removal


Object removal is fair. Sometimes what’s left after the removal blends in nicely and sometimes it’s just blurry looking

No adult setting


Their is no adult setting and tik tok lies about it

It’s almost magical how easy and simple it is to remove unwanted things from photos.

Simply The Best


Of all the photography apps I’ve paid for, this is simply the best and the most useful. I’m not sure why this isn’t constantly ranked #1?! Great job to the development team!

Absolutely the best money I have ever spent on an App! Support is great and they deliver.

Almost perfect!


The app is almost perfect and I use it everyday! But, I would love to have some additional tools, like a blur or soften brush. It would help a lot fixing some mistakes from the autohealing function.

I recently got an iPad, and apparently I have to pay again. I think being charged ONCE is enough. The iPhone app is good though. Edit: Thank you for fixing!

Totally amazing


I have removed electrical lines from our sunset view over the ocean, a forgotten bag in a beautiful picture... etc. The results blew me away!



Wonderful app... so easy to use and magic results ...

Best and only app I’ve found to easily remove objects / people from your pics! Love that it’s free 💖

Still needs work


It only removes certain things and I haven’t figured out why other items only blur or smear another item closest to the item removed.

The perfect quickie


Love it, but then I'm not printing an 5x7. Fast and efficient.

Great app


This is so cool... this used to take so much photoshop work to accomplish

Update: The developer responded quickly to fix all bugs reported a week or so ago. It is once again fantastic... highly recommended

The Best!!!


Wow so glad I came across this app. It's hands down the best for photo fixes. Worth it please don't look anymore. Support these guys and get it now!!! Thanks



Hard to use the writing future for adding words to pictures.

Amazing app, everyone should download

Awesome App!


These people created one awesome ap. What would have taken hours in Photoshop now takes seconds on your iPhone!

Photo retouch


Amazing app!!!! Best photo editing ever.

Great app!


This app is SUPER easy to use! I was able to edit a photo QUICKLY and didn’t have to look up a video on how to do it! The app is great!!!

Great app!


This app is amazing. I am a rookie at editing and find this very easy to use. It makes all the difference.

Fun but clone


This app is really fun but I don’t like the fact that when u remove something it clones the background sometimes and shows weird things that weren’t there before


slow but steady stud

The best 1.99 I’ve ever spent. Finally an easy and perfect way to retouch tiny blemishes from otherwise perfect photos!

Great app!!!


I am thrilled with this app. Almost every picture I take has something in it I wish wasn’t there. Now I can eliminate it with a very simple touch using this app!

It’s magical


I work with graphic design daily. This is a premium feature that is heavily versatile. Having this on a mobile app is an instant necessity for me now. Thank you developers for your sheer ingenuity!



It’s okay, PicsArt remove tool is WAYYYYYY BETTER than this



My friend asked if I could photoshop a photo to remove people in the background. So while riding the bus home I used the Retouch app to do what I would have done in photoshop. Keep up the great work.


Scrabble amateur

Can’t get enough! So amazingly easy and fun to play with photos with this. Better than photoshop and 1,000x easier!

The very best app for editing out unwanted objects in photos, hands down. Love this app! Thank you! 👊🏼

Awesome app


I love this app! It takes out people or objects out of a photo. It’s super easy to use from the start. I love it!

Would be better if there were beauty filters as well.

Awesome app!


This app is great for retouching photos right in your phone! The object removal option is amazing. You'll never be able to tell what was there before. My favorite app for editing!

Superb retouching


As a photographer I use this app all the time!

After you learn it, it is a complete winner

Easy and Useful


I don’t understand how this works, but it works! And it works well and it’s extremely simple to use.

My first review was one star but that was before I had some patience and learned how to use the tools. If you take your time you can even remove a person out of a big group photo using this app. Totally worth the two dollars!

So far I really like this app. Simple to do the retouches. Took me a while to figure the saving process. But got it What a deal. Especially for old damaged photos.



Works great. Would give more than five stars if I could.

What a life saver. Instead of paying someone crazy $$$ and waiting hours BAM do it myself instantly! Love this app


Werner Aparicio

La mejor herramienta que he probado Cuenta con opción de corregir errores como desenfoques o un mal retoque

I love this app and use it constantly. I just did the new update. So far it’s crashed 3 times and I’ve lost all the work I’ve done on my image! The old app never crashed once! Please fix!

5 Star 👌


This is an Excellent app for the price, easy to use and works very well. I hope was working on Video as well

Perfect for editing out that tiny blemish or removing entire parts of a background. There are even times I prefer this app to editing a photo on my computer with Adobe Photoshop.

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