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Tricky Taps app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 3 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Tricky Taps app an average rating of 4.64 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 41.7K ratings since its release on Apr 24 by Crazy Labs. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Tricky Taps?

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Rated 4.20 out of 5

41.7K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Tricky Taps


It seems easy in the beginning but it is not easy

Awesome game!

TRICKY TAPS is the best ball strategy game. If you love strategy games then this is the game for play.NOW.




I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. There are no ads whatsoever. So you are going to use contraptions to make the ball get to the end. Each little contraption does it’s own thing and every time you tap the screen, you activate all the contraptions in the level. This game is literally perfect, there is literally nothing that I would change. Did I mention it was perfect and that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game? (Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day/night I don’t know.) 😁

Love this game!

I play lots of games on my phone and consistently download new ones this is a favorite! i am on level 148 and i am still finding new twists. simple and fun! 10/10!

This game is good but I don’t know what those things that

This game is good I give it five stars, but just tell me, what in the heck is the thing that you have to avoid?

Good but…

It’s okay but there needs more skins and easier levels sometimes I get stuck in holes and sometimes it crashes but there also needs more stuff like mini games but if you have skill and like tapping get this game

Not a great experience

It is an awesome game when it is not frozen which is about 80% of the time

Amazing game!

Click, click, click, tap tap tap, bam bam bam, bap bap bap. This game is amazing! It cures my boredom and gives me something to do with my free time. No complaints!

Fun and easy

It is so easy and I just can’t stop. A 7 year old can have fun with this

Best ever

I like it becase it is a challenge

It’s a good game

Its not a bad game but it is a little hard I love the game and it is fun so I hope you liked my note but who ever made the game. Made a great game I gave it 4 stars because it was a little hard 🙂

The game

The game is good it’s just laggy when you play for a while Thats very annoying bc I’m trying to level up and I cant and the adds every time you die you have a add ill pay for the reduce of adds on all devices if I have to


Although I absolutely love this app it glitches way to much and turns in to stop motion pictures. Just needs less glitches but other than that it is a fantastic game.

Good game

It is a good game but in endless mode when I died it didn’t respond me in my checkpoint it made me start over and i was so far in it

NO!! ADDS!!!!

This game is really fun it has no adds so it’s amazinger then if it did have adds it takes a while to get used to it though and there is no objective

Great Game but causes overheating

The game is awesome and addicting but it causes my phone to overheat after 10 minutes of playing thus making the game unplayable.

Why only 180 levels?

I gave a 3-star review. I love this game, yes but it only goes up to level 180 and I got bored of playing that level over and over again but u can simply delete it and reinstall it!!!

great game

great game my only complaint is pleaseeee add more levels i’ve been playing the same levels again and again.


tricky taps is a very fun game but it could be more challenging but besides that i love it so oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo much 😋🥰😎💋 Sincerely avaccado

Great game!!

this game is so good! i got a little frustrated because i could pass some levels but that was okay. the only thing is that there are only 180 levels. and i wish there was more!!

great game! but...

This is a great game! I deleted it awhile back but i recently downloaded it again. There is a glitch that i keep experiencing though. it’s like one of the obstacles gets to where i need to get through and i die. hopefully that can be fixed!

Great! But one thing

This game is amazing but I already beat it. And your not supposed to beat games :/ so Please just add more levels and it will go up to five! ⭐️

Tricky taps

I like this game, but there is so many ads!


This game is amazing I love it challenging but not to hard definitely recommend

Tricky Taps

Very good game I love it!👍🏻🥳😁😍

To many ads

There are too many adds like when you play two times you get and add.

Awesome game but I have 1 idea

Five star because the game is good but if you could lose the streak or after every 4or5 perfect you should get a streak

so fun

this is so fun thank you so very much for this game


It’s a great app and I love it so much. I think you need to be good in math to be great in this game.

Katie’s review

I love this game it’s fun and challenging


It’s really fun because it’s challenging don’t listen to the bad views the adds r so they can make money duhh


This game is super fun but often it glitches. Therefore making you loose your place.

To many glitches

Really fun game, I love it! It has too many bugs and glitches though. Definitely needs an update.

My favorite

Every time I play this game it makes me happier.


i am not exaggerating when i say that this is the best game ever created. i literally spend 36 hours on it a week and that again is not an exaggeration. incredible app.

I don’t know how to feel

It’s a pretty good game. But there’s so many adds.


This game is great, it is a battery waster though. Also, the people who say there are to many ads cannot wait at all, there is one ad after every level and they are about 5 seconds each


Love this game! Please make more levels :)


I think this is a really good app I do not have any Bad reviews.

Glitchy losses

The game is great but it is constantly glitching making you constantly loose.

Awesome!! 😃

Not only is this app fun there are barley any adds.

3 Negative User Reviews for Tricky Taps

Not so good

I have had it for a long time and it is always glitching when I watch a video to continue it only has me watch the video but other wise I love it.


Ok, the game is good, I like the concept but Jesus Christ after you finish every level there is an ad

Latest Update Ruined this game.

This game used to be so fun but the update ruined it. Now it buffers really bad. Real slow when you try to start it up. It is like that on all my devices! Please put it back like it was before the update.!

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