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I like this game now

resd this below

The first review I wrote it was saying how bad the game was now I resolve after playing it and getting good at it how fun it is you can do so many tricks once you learn how great game



overall awesome game.. sometimes get points for tricks i failed

Why pay


Remember when this game was free oh what you do well I do the game is a very simple game why do I have to pay for it now!?


jack the savage 20

This game blows me away, to the deck and grip tape wear, the the satisfaction of landing a trick such as a backside flip, amazing



Why does all the maps cost money

Very Entertaining

Mr.Fancy Reviewer

I am quite fond of playing this board riding simulator for an extended amount of my day

This game is fantastic! I haven’t been off one day of not playing it. It feels so good and it satisfying to land tricks and build up a streak. This game is fun and definitely worth $2

Good but frustrating

Tanner Juday

So the game it’s self is really fun but the missions are so hard and when you fail it says ‘’fail” and it’s so annoying you have to master every singular thing for you to complete a mission!

Its good but stop kicking me out!!

Love this game


A challenging yet enjoyable experience and after ups and downs this game really came trough for me I have to say one of the best games I’ve ever played defiantly worth the money😌

Little bug


Today I bought some green wheels but when I went to repair my skateboard the color was gone pls fix

Anytime I try and go to my locker now the app shut itself out and I can’t access the stuff I paid for. My grips, decks and skateboard customizations are all inaccessible. I have deleted and downloaded the game again twice and nothing has changed.

We need more parks

ur. mom. ...!

Please add more true skate parks and real live parks

When I load in and try to change my board I press the top corner to go to the home but whenever I do that it kicks me out of the game?????

pretty ok


it’s a good game with good controls and great graphics although it crashes all the time when you try to do missions continuously and randomly at times but if that’s all fixed it would be an amazing game

good game but


make maps free. you already have to pay to play the game and shouldnt need to pay for more maps.

Could be a 5


Ok great game but I am trying to download a pack and a other map but it says failed to download plzz see this

Great game but...


Can you please make a snowboarding game? You guys would kill it and more people are into snow sports than skateboarding.



The game always crashes when I play missions.

Second best skating game to bless iOS (first is THPS 2)

True skate


I want a refund it’s a really good game but I want a refund



This game is greatest in all app store

Bought a lot of skins and won’t let me have them

No help

red rose137

This is a fun game but every time I try what the tutorial on the missions are no matter what I do it says I didn’t do it and sometimes barely counts when I do it right



i put 5 starts so people would see this review it's a waste of money you get one skatepark and you have to buy the rest i had the free trial version and the game and basically nothing changed don't waste your money

No content

average wallet

Great game but you’ll immediately see that you get nothing with your purchase. You have to pay for all the actual content after your initial purchase. There’s no way to unlock parks, board and more. It’s all paid.



it is a great game ngl but it does these random flips when i try to do an ollie but other than that i think it is a great game and totally worth it

Good game

zane flores

Perfect game but needs to add nollie and switch and late tricks in game of skate me and my cousin were playing and planning on doing nollie heel but there is no option I give a four it can be a five

Only problem I have to complain about is the tricks can be very inaccurate to what you actually do



This is so cool like I don't even have to work any muscles to do the skateboard like I get to be a mindless zombie lol yayyyy

It has been the same kinda stuff for like 2 years I think we need new board brands and skateparks.

The game overall is really good and i really enjoy it, but when i buy a custom deck image it makes me waste my bolts and makes the deck all black.

Great game

s k09

I love this game I love playing it! One thing though I’ll do a grind and stop on the rail and it’ll say that I failed but I am still standing up why does this happen! Overall it’s a AWESOME game!!

It’s a very good game

Glizzy gobbler 2565

So it’s a very good game but There is one thing you need to fix i did a variel heel flip and a double hard flip and it did not count the points



I like the game but I bought 30,000 bolts and I accidentally deleted the game and I lost all my bolts so I would like to get those back.

Glad to see you guys still improving on the game after all these years! I love the new physics (1.9) and skater legs/feet.



This game valid af when you have nothing to do, had this game since it was free like 7 years ago now

it’s literally $2


easily the best game in the app store. been playing for years and it never gets old like most games, you can always keep improving and have a ton of fun as well

We had a lot of fun missing around with it on our smart TV and it worked really well! It’s nice to see the devs still care about this game after all these years! Keep up the good work!



Tricks are cool and all but,I bought some maps with my money and a couple days later it deleted them for some reason and now I’m stuck with the first boring map



The game is good but after I put a custom skin on my board I crash when I open the app. I have the most recent update of the game and I tried resetting my phone and everything.

Love the game


I love this game and have played it for years. I just wish they’d either add a multiplayer mode or like a downhill longboard mode where you can go to different locations and what not.

Great app


Seriously I’m a ten year old and this game to me is so much fun. Trust me the 2$ Is worth it even if you in quarrentine this is a great app but I do wish there were free skate parks just a suggestion Over all great app❤️❤️😊

I love the game but….

Sean M Timberlake

I love the game but already saying that you have to pay to play it at first but then just any other content than the first map you have to pay for it is just because it’s behind a paywall!

Great game


Excellent game. The physics are awesome and the parks are plentiful. The developers blocked me on Instagram for no reason however, and I’ve never even commented on their posts.


59 cent

I like the game but I lost All my maps and I paid money for then so I don’t give the game any stars

PLEASE make it easier to find the decks and grips you’ve already bought make a tab that says “My Grips” or “My decks” it’s just difficult to search around



I’ve literally never left A review on a game on any platform. But I absolutely love this game. Yes, there are micro transactions but that’s everything you play.

cant play


the game looks great and im sure i would love it but i've tried downloading it many times before and everytime i try to open the app it crashes immediately makes me sad

This is a truly stunning game for only 2 dollars, not to mention the realistic movement of the board, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

best mobile game ever

Yogurt yedi

i have had this game since i was a kid and it still hasn’t gotten old. it’s very fun to just pass time and it goes great while listening to music or a podcast. no regrets. definitely worth the purchase 100%.

Worth the money

friend my roblox: Ta

This game is a great skateboarding game. It’s really realistic and fun to play. One thing I would like to ask is if you can put some BAKER boards on there because I really like BAKER boards and last time I checked they are pretty good.

Lost progress

Da da DJ Roomba

I love this game but even when I don’t delete it, it will randomly loose everything that I purchased on the game so than I have to do it over again. I even lost a skatepark. I love the game but it scams you.

Graphic not showing


I bout the old school custom deck and I put the picture in the graphic and when I skate it doesn’t show up on the board I even closed and opened the app on the graphic still doesn’t show it’s just black how do I fix this?

It’s awsome and there’s a mini game in the skate park factory if you go up to the game and Ollie on to the wheel of the car game you can play. I also recommend getting skate park Havasu!

Give me my map back

i like the wildernes

Ok so me and my friend grinned for a long time to get the map compound and with this new update we lost our map so I was wondering if you could fix this and make it where we get our map back


Itzz shady yt

Its a good game but you just do the same things over and over again plus you have to pay for other maps it was better free than for 1.99$

Please add auto spin cam

Please add manual

I like spin cam it’s amazing to me but if you can add auto that would be cool if you could do it thanks

Yes, the game is pretty fun to play, but the camera angle update is pretty annoying. When I am going to do a trick, or just riding auround, the camera just decides to face backwards and I cannot do a trick. Please fix this. Thanks!

camera angle

tonk cawk

I updated and the old camera is no longer available. Is there anyway to bring this feature back on the next update?


shawn Acosta


Things to add


It’s a great game and it has a lot of great stuff. But the see the legs feature is cool. It would be cooler though if you could customize the look of the pants and shoes. I would absolutely love to see my skater in baggy jeans and some d3s.

love the game but it dont work on my iphone 11 so please make it compatible

Hard to get points

Molble gaming

This is an amazing game and I love it but I’ve been grinding on this game for a couple of months and I don’t have many points. I would have given this game 5 stars if it wasn’t hard to get points. Please bump up the points a little.

Only one skate park?!?!?!

wowoow supppercel

Great game, but i do no recommend whenever you buy something most of the time it just DISAPPEARS?!!?!??!

A great game but why does the news pop up always pop up when I’m trying to catch a trick

It’s a great game but it needs more new maps and it could use fixes on the new legs .



Board wear resets randomly after sliding consistently on one part of the board .

Good game


The game is really fun to play and is great when I’m bored but when I buy a wheel color I never get it

Great game

;) lol xd

The best skateboard game on mobile. Probably one of the best stress reliving games due to it’s satisfying gameplay. All around beautiful game, worth downloading

Weird glitch

Exploding creeper 12

There is a glitch when my 720’s don’t register into the trick book I am a bit mad about it

I like the game but...

DA BEAST...103

I just bought the game and I love it. I even bought a Santa Cruz deck pack. But when I payed for it, the game never gave me it. I tried restoring the purchase, buying it again, and nothing. Great game, but I got scammed. Will not buy anything else.

Pretty good

Snoozy Snake

It’s good but the missions seem basically impossible and became frustrating


Brett the author

This is the best skateboarding game I’ve played. I bought a new skateboard from Walmart. I tried out tricks from this game and I scraped my back and my knees. But overall this is the best game EVAAA!!!!!

Good game


Amazing game but REALLY YOU CANT DO MISSIONS ON REALISTIC MODE this is so stupid because there are missions that are insane of fake mode the game should only be in realistic mode please fix this

Really good.

ape says hello

I really like this game it’s fun. This game is good but it would make it better if you could add a BMX bike and a scooter to the game.

This game is good


I love this game it’s really fun at the first time it might be hard doing tricks but then u get the hang of it but out of it all it’s cool.

We rlly rlly need third person replays. To get sick clips. PLSSSSS. Basically in more detail, the replay function should offer third person and other camera angles to see the trick from another perspective . Pls this would be so sick.

I love it!!!


I play this game a ton especially when I am bored in the car and stuff like that. But if there was one thing I wish could change was if you could compete or interact with other players.

We need multiple player


This game is actually really cool but I feel like there should be a multiplayer option so you can play with friends.



I will say who ever made this game is a major jew



This game is awesome really recommend it if your looking for a realistic skateboard game or just a skate board game. Play it a lot but it would be cool if you came out with a bmx game and make some maps free on true skate.Thanks a lot!!!!

True Skate


I absolutely recommend this game. It’s worth every dollar I have spent so far. I have had this game for about 2 days and I have had so much fun on it I maybe just might start skateboarding in real life sometime soon

I love playing this game wether it for 20 seconds or 5 minutes. I think this is my favorite app that I have downloaded so far.

Game problem


The board doesn’t get scratched up anymore

It’s good

dont get this!!!!!!

If you have 5 bucks to spend it isn’t bad. When you buy it you get one skate park and you can get bored of it quickly so I would recommend buying more maps for 1-2$. Also please add a multiplayer function!!

I’ve had this game on my iPhone 8 for years, but when I downloaded it onto my iPhone 12 pro max It didn’t work, like I couldn’t pop ollies so I couldn’t do tricks, can they please fix this?

Only one skate park?!?!?!

wowoow supppercel

Great game, but it only has one park. At least give us three parks like we already paid for the game



Please make the slow motion thing toggle.

Very good


This game is lots of fun but everything costs money or so much time

I can’t stop playing this game. It is my favorite mobile game ever. It is so addictive and has little no no bugs. 👍👍👍

Good morning cheese I like ur cheesey game


good game i need ski

I think you should have some free maps and decks also add check points like where you can start and redo over and over again because I fail tricks and always need to line up to try again but over all it’s a really good game!

Great game

Gold Mosier

Great game for a mobile game love it make more

I have a lot of coins but when i press the 3 points to go edit the board it kicks out of the game



So fun, I have bought so much. A few suggestions, Add board flips up to 6, I do like 6 kickflips and it could a quad. Add front flip and backflip Custom map Drone replay cam Online free roam Hollywood high map, like skater XL

Great game but...

rigby and mordocai

One of my favorite games but it’s hard to earn points

Awesome game


This game is awesome you can do stuff and cool tricks THIS GAME IS SICK



I think true skate is a good game however I would like to see mods like in skater club.

I bought this game and had a lot of fun. The only downside is that you only have access to one skateboard and one skate park.

For the last mission for the Thanksgiving event my board literally gets stuck when u grind like that’s not fair... other than that it’s a great game



I like the game and all but these challenges are so frustrating the live events that go the things they want you to do and the fact that it just seems like I just can’t get past it



Hi I lost my snake grind rail because I was not signed in or can’t remember what email and password is is there any way I can get it back ? I love the game and wish I had what I worked so hard to get

Good I mean GOOD


Ok so Everything Is GOooooooooooooooo Ooooooo Oooooood

It’s ok


.......... sooo......




It’s a lot of fun but if you want to skate more that one park it’s a lot of money

It says I have to reset the app to buy a park? Why can I just be able to buy one?

Best game I’ve ever had

matthew w 11445678

I’ve had this game for 6 years have a lot of parks and skate irl. This is the best skating game for phones today and I will always stand by that. Favorite game by far but would really only recommend for skaters.

So I got a new phone and I’m signed in and the maps are on restore purchases and click download but when I do click they all stay on download in queue and won’t download at all... what’s the point if I can’t play the maps I paid for

I love it


I just love this game it’s like real life.



It never works anymore! I’m on a new SE and updated all the way! What gives?! Crashes any time you try to change; decks, parks, any settings!

I can’t refund


I wanted to try this game and I’m not a big fan of it personally and I went to refund it and I can’t.I got it a couple hours ago is that why I can’t refund?



This game is really great but I think adding a multiplayer mode would make this game a lot more fun then just playing by yourself:)

Skateparks gone


I love this game but all the skateparks that I purchased have disappeared from my list and I can’t figure out how to get them back. I tried deleting the game and restoring purchase but that didn’t work.

Been playing this game for years. Absolutely love it. Can’t skate anymore due to injury but this game helps with the cravings!

So I play this game and I really like it, but then I do some crazy trick going into a sick stall and it doesn

Game was fun at first


I used to play this game a lot and just messed around but when I started doing the missions it was no fun because i hardly know how to do them

I bought the factory and they took it away

Why do i have to buy maps


If i already bought the game for 1.99 why should i have to pay for maps?

Okay game


The game is mediocre at best, the calibration feels off, and the challenges are awful... like especially on the first park, like when you go to do an Ollie it kicks to the side and can

Yes but

Read my comments

Good but the maps cost money when the game already cost money, you only have one map



Had this game on my phone since 2016 and I hate to say it but it keeps getting worse. Everytime I play the controls seem to have been messed with and there

I usually don


I have never wrote a review for an app, but true skate is the only app i


Extreme Rudy

It won’t let me add my friends, otherwise it’s a great game, please let me know how to add friends

More content needed

Harris Brekke

I’ve played this game for WAY too much, mostly on mondo ramp but a variety of others too and I really want to see more creative/extreme maps, something similar to a jet car stunts map would be great, doesn’t have to be realistic, just fun

One tiny problem.


So I love this game but whenever I try to buy a skatepark it just is stuck on purchasing...

Adding the players legs


I think it’s super cool that you guys did that it makes the game way better and easier , i was thinking you guys could put different shoes that you can buy or unlock

I think you should be able to do a 900 or more I mean people in real lif are doin 1080s so why can’t we at least 900

Extra maps


I am having trouble buying extra map packs, but I truly think True skate is a great game.

Top 5 mobile games IMO!


Best mobile skate game there is. I find myself spending constant hours playing. I just want more realistic spots. Hollywood high etc.



If you are not in realistic mode then it shouldn’t kick you off of your board when doing a big jump, it would make sense to only be in realistic mode.

Sick game

Alex guy mh

I play it kinda like a fidget toy whenever I’m bored



You guys should get more real skateparks like Woodward and el toro but I love this game otherwise

So I just bought this game and 2 parks and a grip tape pack then I spent 4.99 on 30k coins to buy a DGK tye-dye deck and I can’t equip it so ima need 1 a refund or 2 just give me the deck for free

Add multiplayer

Logan Barru

If you added multiplayer we could play skate live



Idk why but he ever i buy new wheel colors, poof and disappear, they don’t last.

Game crashing


I love this app, and personally when ever I go to the me page where you change boards my game has been crashing please fix this

Great app but one issues


I don’t know why but when you buy the app for 2$ You only have one map and if you want more Maps then you have to use more money

Best skate game


Love this game, everything in this game is real and fun


hentai protanonist

Probably the best game I’ve ever played in the App Store

Great game but listen


The game has some missions in different skate parks that are the same thing please change them it's u do the same things just in a different line

Mechanics Off


when i come out of a trick and try to darkslide a rail it says failed even though i didnt fail the trick

I’m sick of grinding for no reason. Good game to kill time though.

There are a lot of parks you can pay to play in but there are only 2 that you can get with bolts.


game reviewer2038399

This game has always been the best since day one 💯💯 just an excellent job 👏🏾👏🏾💯

It'd be awesome if you guys down at true axis added body varials, imagine all the tricks and sets could be done, plus I think it'll make it more realistic, thanks


its a very awsome ap

This is like skate3 but it’s mobile

So i went on to true skate and it kept bugging me off the app so i delete it and ive paid for stuff in that games when i open everything is gone and i sighed in so i would like my stuff back



Seriously the best mobile app I have ever played

Worth it

Crazy boy hahah

This game is good, i love it. But i wish that they will add online features.

Fix this plz


It’s a classic but I had it on the iPad. I purchase this on my phone and the moving and flip mechanism is a little slower and less sensitive


the patO

Please fix switch/regular/fakie/nollie when feet are visible. PLEASE

I love it !!! But..

Miikey baker

I ABSOLUTELY love this game no complaints really other then you have to buy all the maps

Can’t open the app

Dennis Tackett

Love the game just can’t play



Pls add some new maps and some free ones because I don’t want to play on the same one all the time but the game I still really good

I can push but I cannot control it

Love it


But… when I repaired my board the wheels were still messy. Plz fix. Other than that I love it

Most recent event

pogoman pogo

I did all the challenges for the skatepark and it took me all the time allowed, finally when I finished it I didn’t get the skatepark. 😡

Exellent game but


Great game considering its on mobile but i think it would be cool if i could buy parks with tokens or do challenges to unlock them it just seems a little pay to win

Decent game but...


It an ok game, but sometimes it calls the tricks wrong and I don’t get as much points, also sometimes it randomly does a trick with out me doing it.

I would love to have an online skate session! Maybe have the option to join and create public or private skate sessions in owned skateparks!

Not bad

Sal is our lord

I’m having a glitch were my color doesn’t appear. Which is a bit sus.

I really enjoy the game, the incorporation IG the skater legs is great. I just wish that when the skater legs are in a switch stance you can continue to push switch and also mark the tricks are switch stance. Other than that game is great.



Awesome game but can u change the screen style to the long way thx love this game

Great game


I love this game but the only thing that is not a really big problem is that the map that it comes with is really crowded so i would suggest buying another map but besides that it is a great game.


nate gorecki

I love this game but I wish there was online tournament or like an online mode where you could be people and just online parks where you can see other people around you play just basically the parks feel empty to me since I’m the only one there

It’s really good but

crazy ball boi

Ok so I really like this game and it’s fun but one problem it won’t let me share my clips. And I’m signed in and out and in again and it just won’t work.

This game is the best skateboarding game on the App Store. But.. they have t added anymore parks in 2 years. Wish they would continue adding more.

Great but...


I buy coins and I don’t receive them at all. Just stupid. Thanks for wasting my money!!

Too many ads and micro transactions for a game that I had to pay for. It’s pointless and stupid

Every time I rejoin the game I lose my stuff, it’s annoying my settings switch but my purchases are still there, please do something about it, it’s so annoying. Thank You for Your Time.

Bugs i think


So when i bought some custom red wheels for 2000 yesterday, i got on today and the wheels i bought were gone. i don’t know if that’s supposed to happen but i think buying and colored wheels is a scam because it only stays for 1 day



Idk why but he ever i buy new wheel colors, poof and disappear, they don’t last.

Line glitch


So I was at like 10000 line at 20 seconds And then do and land a trick and it’s ends my line? I was really frustrated and can plz fix. Thx

It’s good


It’s a gods game but it deletes my progress after I exit out the game

Best game ever

shred all day235

I love it I could play it all day. Beast quality performance. Skate like a pro. Shred on.

It’s takes kinda long when you first get in and your loading so I’d Like to know why it’s doing that

The game

Was mart

It’s a goood game but when doing missions I try to jump but don’t and it I land JUST A LITTLE OFF I fail even if the stunt was PERFECT

I love this


This game is amazing! you can pay for more maps but they are worth it. Message for developers I play left handed and all the tricks are inverted and the same thing happens when I put on goofy stance so add a left hand mode.

Today I bought the six pack skatepark and it won’t download



Game good. Enjoy realism. Zoom zoom skateboard.



The game is broken. Many grinds and slides don’t register and it screws the whole line up.

The game amazing but whenever I swipe out of the game all of the tricks reset

Look the games fun probably the best in its category but I just don't get why the board jumps to the LEFT every time at least on missions when you jump onto anything. Please fix this thanks

I fun, but took my money.

Junø - IAmLøne

Well, I play the game daily. I bought the Santa cruz grip tape pack and it never gave me the grip tape.



So I bought the Santa Cruz pack and it won’t let me use them and when I try to buy them it doesn’t work, but overall the game is great!

Pls fix

ReviewMaster a.k.a B

Some tricks won’t work. i’ll swipe exactly how the demonstration shows and it doesn’t work. also when i swipe down for an ollie it’s height is always inconsistent.

Had saved credits and beat missions on multiple maps, as well as bought multiple different skateboards. I created an account to share replays and I lost over 40K in credits, all mission progress, and the skateboards I had purchased.

seriously they’re not hard but it makes the missions hella annoying


Ven Got

This game is very entertaining; however, I wish you would expand the size of the parks you have to purchase. It’d be cool to have a street spot like Love Park, but to where you can roam the streets to find new spots all around the city.

I love the game but I keep trying to buy a deck pack and when I press to buy it closes the game

Very annoying!!

brake your head 101

I am signed into my true skate account, however when I buy wheel colors it randomly disappears and them I have white wheels again.

I love this game there is so much fun to have.I love the maps and the real places in the game.The boards are so cool and this is also fun on the go.Even the Starter map is fun.Amazing Amazing Amazing 👍🏻👍🏻

I like this game but the only thing I suggest is to add a way to change your truck color.

True skate is so cool


I love the legs mode that you can turn on and this ga,e is super fun playing I hope you guys update the legs



My only problem is that it’s not rated 5 stars. This game is more than qualified to have 5+ stars. The people that rated it under 5 stars are dead to me and should be put up for adoption

I love the game but I have been stuck with the same map because I don’t want to spend my real money on a map.

thank u 🙏


Lost my money pls I bought the Santa Cruz pack and I never received it I would love to get my money back plz and if I don’t I might have to report youll sorry

I bought the Santa Cruz pack for $0.99 and it didn’t give it to me in the game





brizzie b

This game is fun itsa great game that’s it



I would’ve given it five stars but there’s something wrong with my gravity it’s like I’m on the moon or something and I don’t like it

best game ever


I’ve been playing this game for 6 years, since i was 8 years old. it was a huge part of my childhood and i’ve never gotten bored of it. best game of all time

Great game

totally a customer

Great game keep up the good work!



It’s a good game but in the mission dark slide it impossible to finish

I’ve been playing this game for 2 years. The game took all my decks, grip tape and wheel colors. I have spent all my coins before this happened. Now I have none. And no customization.

Pretty bad


Controls are absolute trash it’s fun for a while but I’m trying to do missions and the camera angle changes plus I can hardly control the board

I love true skate I play every day. It would be nice if you were able to power slide, that is the only thing I have found that it is possible to do just doesn’t count it. Thank you for reading this.

Lots of issues!


Don’t go spending your load on this game, it’s decent, but hardly worth the money. It’s a cash-grab, you’ll be paying for every little thing.

On a lot of the challenges I would copy it perfectly and it would cut out a portion and not count it



Why did I lose all my skateboards and coins

usa board


i just grinded the game for 2 straight weeks, and i got my usa board, only to lose it within a day because i accidentally changed boards. i’m about to delete the game. i want my board back.

What needs fixing


The game is fun in all but when your doing a mission you can’t do a double or triple it must be the exact one. Also why do all the boards and grip tapes cost over 20k for a design



I rate this game 4 out of 5 because there is no multiplayer. Many people would play if they could play with their friends in this like for a game of skate and stuff so pleeease make this game multiplayer. Thank you for your time.

I can’t use my stuff cause it says the App Store is disabled and I can’t fix it but I really like this game

Dark pop shove-its

nice famly

I tried several times to do a dark pop shove-it off the mondo ramp (I disabled crash cam so I’m fine) and they were all a success, BUT they all ended up being FS instead of dark pop shove-its. So can you please add that trick, please?!?!?

Game has its ups and downs


I keep buying the wheels with my true credits but when I close out the game and come back to it the wheels aren’t on either of my boards anymore please fix it thank you

I love true skate better than touchgrind skate2

I love this game but I would love to have another free park or at least another one you can purchase. for a game that you have to pay to play there needs to be more parks but I love this game so much.


steezyy Kane

Super fun but how do I buy a new park to skate?

It is good but...

little mommy boi

It was good but I started to grow out of it also it does not count the right tricks such as back 5 0.



It’s a good game but it’s hard to steer on the game and I can’t my refund for a pack of skate parks that I didn’t mean to buy so how can I get my refund

When will you update the game? Add more props? New maps?



I bought some maps but i try to play then and can’t i have proof that i actually bought them

5 Star


This is the best mobile skate app! I love it. But there is one bad thing, whenever I trie to go to the store it kicks me out.

what are all of those tricks are they even real

Level 51


Shove to flip. I’m doing exactly what it says and it’s still failing me. This is so frustrating.

The game is really cool and unlike any other skateboard game but the Xmas event is really trashy because one of the ten missions started at midnight and finished at five in the morning. Should really fix that

Don’t like it


I mean it was fun at first but you can’t get better parks and stuff and the missions are super hard and you can’t skip some cause they cost so much

The best games


I like this game because it helps me learn new tricks on a skateboard in real life. Another reason why this game is the best because there is so much detail and it is 3D and I love it. This is why I like this game!!😃

Ive been playing this game for what maybe 2 and a half years and im still not tired of it this game makes me happy so thank you true skate!!

I got the skatepark for 0.99 and it says it’s corrupted and to delete it and restore but I can’t delete it

Pretty good game


Overall true skate is a good game. I’ve had it for about a one and a half years. But when I logged in on another device it didn’t transfer all my things over. so now I’m stuck having to restart. But other than that it’s a good game.



Needs more content (maps, boards, grip, wheels, trucks, etc.) other than that I love the game. But more content would make me play it more

This game is very fun, but using the same skatepark is repetitive. The only way you can unlock other skate parks is by paying for them!!

Really fun but one thing


It’s really fun but like when you do a rock to faki it just says board slide so yea.

Cool but boring


The game is cool, but it gets boring after a few minutes. Am getting a refund.

Great game


I’ve had this game for multiple years and I’ve gotten pretty good at it, I’ve also bought almost every park. I think it would be great if you added some more parks and made the parks purchasable with true skate credits.

when you open the “me” section, the game shows your deck and wheels that is selected. but when i go to actually skate, my deck is the original true skate deck and wheels. but i do love the game and play it all the time.

Just bad

Zeth (my real name)

The controls are bad and the graphics are bad. If you want ti play a game similar but much better play touchgrind skate 2. Dont waste you money on this game.



For some missions that I have there’s one that literally doesn’t work. The tail slide mission #44 I do the literally the exact thing and this bs won’t give me anything..

Pretty good

doge dude 400

It’s pretty good I really liked it but I wish that you didn’t have to pay for different maps that’s kinda dumb it’s like I payed for the app I’m not gonna pay more for different places to skate but overall it’s pretty good


ryann yes

I love this app but my problem is I can’t get passed one mission...😂

Best skating game


Best best best best get it should be 5 stars what the heck

I love this game but there is one problem. Every time I get I high chain of tricks I go to hit a rail and I just faze trough it. This has happened several times and it’s annoying.



In the alley the next to the street next to the second tree is an invisible wall

Great Game


I love this game but some controls are just a bit funky.



Great game just there is a bug where when I click the replay button the save clip button is gone

Great game


This game is awesome and so much fun 👍🏻

You have to pay for the game in the first place but In order to get anything else it cost money

Sad Money wasted


I bought the Mondo Ramp and the Slow Motion on google play store soon after. When I downloaded this game I logged into my account and not being able to restore my purchases

Good game

Forest Ferrer

Good game to play when your bored

so I did a feeble in this game and it called it a board slide even though the truck was on the rail and sometimes I do a 360 flip and it called it a 360 pop shove it but anyways good game!

Ok i have no reason but if you like skateboarding you will lobe this game

Good game but...


Game is really fun but it’d be even better if you added a feature to like build your own park, kinda like skate 3.

It reset all my stuff

it reset all my stuf

It’s a good app but it reset all my progress like my boards and points so I’ll m kinda mad about that.

Game is GREAT! So realistic, fun, and awesome! The only problem is that I bought 7 Santa Cruz Decks for a dollar and never got them. I get it it’s one dollar but I want to get what i paid. But overall it’s great!

Won’t download


It seems like a great game, just that it won’t download, like, I’ve got enough data and storage, like, WAY more than enough storage, and it’s just not downloading


svenavdjwvdba dvd

The game is great. I play all the time and go for clips. I just wish there was a multiplayer mode where you and you friends could just free skate in a skatepark together.

Great game!


It's a fun game but it would be nice to remove the Out of Bounds message to allow skating outside the skate park. 😃

It's ok, but finicky


I have the new 11 pro and downloaded the app to play, but it just doesn't work and glithces out, so I have to use my old 6s to play. If you could fix that it would be great.

Bug on inbound

12Prime Gaming

First let me say this game is a 10/10 game but that’s not the reason I wrote this review. There is a bug on the map Inbound and basically on the half pipe you can air and hit the ceiling then just get stuck on the top of the map.

I don’t like how you have to pay for every thing other than the game and skatepark/ board that u begin with

Great game


I love playing it. One suggestion, there should be an option to start anywhere in a park. It would be a lot easier to do good lines and it would make the game more fun because some spots are hard to get to.



been playing it since it came out i always play it never gets old love this game

This is literally the best game ever!!!!

So the game is great,I spend a lot of time playing it but when ever I go to put colored wheels on my old school board and after a while they just return back to white and I’ve spent 7000 tc on 2 pairs of green wheels!!!


nsugbrkaug rosbg

This is the type of game that I have been looking for! The overall gameplay and physics of it are great! And the graphics makes it feel like I’m almost playing it in real life! I would definitely recommend!

Fix it true skate


Listen up true skate, there’s no way I’m spending money on customizable wheels and every time I go back to my session marker it resets. This is a big problem and needs to be fixed, thanks homesters.

Could you possibly add a supreme deck i'd be willing to pay

All star game


This game has given me enjoyment for about two years



Great game. Could these problem/s be addressed. When a board is bought, after closing the app the board goes back to default until you select a different board then reselect the bought board. And my wheel color keeps just going back to white

True Skate


Fun game but I have bought things with coins and it didn’t let me access what I bought. Glitches a lot too. Not worth the money tbh.

Best iPhone game ever ! But I paid for all the parks and I try to restore and then You guys took half of the parks that I paid for away and the custom seton I also paid for. Wish I could just not spend anymore money

app crashes every time I tap on the "me" tab, makes it impossible to change out/customize boards

Good game

I ughnxbd

I got this when it was free many years ago so now I can have it at no cost. It’s a fun game and I really enjoy it

Good but remove grabs


Perfect game with many good adjustable settings but for the move of god please have a option to at least remove grabs because they interfere a lot with tricks and you guys said you would make it optionable.



This game is the best! My daughter loves this game. She wants you guys to make more games.

Great Game Would Like To See controllers support And maybe More tricks



Ok when I found this game I was like this is gonna be dumb but man it is fun to the max this is one of the best skateboarding game I’ve played keep up the good work

Fun but...

Nagasaki tomagachi

Too many core features and maps tied to money transactions.

So cool

cool kids 1234565422

It is a relly good game and I would pay for it but you get board of the first map and the maps cost money



Well, I will say that maybe I just stink at games but I find this game insanely difficult to learn. For what it’s worth I played mad hours of tong hawk growing up... so far not having fun

The best game

Sean Montejano

This game is the best game ever!!! I find myself always coming back to play this game in my free time. I strongly suggest this game

I stopped playing this game because I lost half of the things I bought.I lost the SLS 2016 bundle skate parks,and a set of Grizzly Grips.That’s actually really wack.

This game


This game is extremely fun I got very good at it and made a yt video thank you App Store, very cool.


blake michel

Hey bro I have a bad time doing that hard flip and I did one and never noticed it


Chicken nugget13

The games amazing and all but for some reason I purchase wheels and nothing happens at all! I’ve blown at least 10000 on wheels and got nothing in return. Please fix as soon as possible. Thank you




pretty good


can’t do any tricks more than a quad 😔

It’s so good🤠

the best gaaaaaaaamm

I really love the game because you can’t rage quit and get mad it’s a really fun and cool game to play


SoaR Gabe10

Very good game except for the fact that I just got a new phone and downloaded this game and I have 0 credits and all the missions are 100% completed so I have no way of getting any more

True skate


It’s a great game. For the money, I think you should at least get one more park. But other than that, it’s awesome and very realistic. Graphics are awesome.


lil pumpmpgend

This game is honestly crap the hard flip mission didn’t even work I hard fliped and matched EVERYTHING and it says I didn’t land it plus u have to play like $20 just to make this game last u a month or so.

I would rate this 5 stars if i could but a new skatepark. I am getting bored of the original skatepark and want to but a new one. If any maker or editor sees this please try to fix!



Great game just there is a bug where when I click the me or menu buttons it kicks me out of the app.



This is a great game and I love it but every time I click the three dots in the left corner my game crashes. So now I can’t change my board. PLEASE FIX

Great game


I’ve been playing true skate for a while. This has to be one of the best games I’ve played. Once you download it you can’t stop playing. It’s the most realistic skating game on the App Store. There are so many maps to choose from

Bought a new deck and it took my credits and my deck is no where to be found

Sometimes the custom grip and wheel color resets itself. Other than the that, the hame is pretty solid.



Yes I see the game is free but please make SOME maps free to download I’m bored of the underpass



I’ve been playing for a while now and everytime I try and save it a clip my phone just crashes the app and I have to restart and get the clip again would be nice if you guys fixed this problem

More parks


You guys should add more parks to it, I’m getting bored playing the same ones

Don’t spend money on anything in the game. I just purchased wheels , and deck images to be unlimitedly changed , and now i can’t change them the game keeps crashing. You guys should Fix this asap or i want my money back !



This is my all time favorite iPhone game but they haven’t released new maps or anything for MONTHS and it’s very very frustrating. True skate makers please!!!!!!! Add new cool maps

Fun game

Graham Lacek

Revert would be a good added trick. Also boneless and no comply.

This game is the best skate game out there and I was wondering if you can make a scooter game like this.

MAKE LIPSLIDES A TRICK IN THIS GAME!! Also I’m missing the option where you could upload your best skate clips to that online community of other true skater players. Bring that back!

Great game but


I was a skater look for a fun game to play and found this. It was really addictive. But the news is that you have to pay for different parks. All in all, I would recommend.

Glitchy, not worth all the money


The game glitches pretty often, when I try to share a trick the game just drops, for any map you have to pay, so you should do a couple of free maps. The skateboard lags often too.



Well I bought this and it’s the best skater game I have ever played I tried so many but this one is so good!

True skate is fun and easy to learn, a couple things I would like to see in the future are powerslides and/or bigger drop in’s, and maybe even custom or user created maps.

Great but bad too


I’m very hooked and it’s a very realistic game accept every time I don’t play for 2 weeks or something it resets my progress it gets very very annoying and that’s why I don’t really play the game much anymore pls fix



I’ve been saving up boots and with this new update I lost A lot of bolts I’ve been saving!😢


Ruben The All Mighty

So I made a purchase of Santa Cruz Skateboardes but I can’t seem to find them at all

The new DIY update made it laggy. And flicking is now way sensitive than usual

Omg this is amazing

The Oakland Guy

I’m writing this from 2019 after the newest update and I love it thanks so much for this game now you can make your own spot that is amazing I love you true skate.



All my stuff I bought disappeared

I bought a six pack and they wouldn’t download so figured oh I will let them download over night and the next morning they where gone!!! 🥺☹️🥺☹️

Please fix


Usually when I try to grind I usually slip off



Funniest mobile game I’ve played

Max at 220,000


Whats wrong with my true skate, my tc is maxing out at 220,000? I assume this doesn’t normally happen becuause you can buy up to 1,000,000 tc. Is this happening to anyone else?



Please make it so that manuals can be longer and more smooth.Otherwise this game is great I completed all the missions, found all the gaps, and almost all of the achievements. Keep up the good work.👍

IOS 13


I love this game but since I updated to IOS 13 the game crashes and wont let me open it.

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