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I enjoy this game but every grind mission especially the lip slide one is completely broken and sours the overall good taste this game had. Please remove these or delete them they genuinely ruin the game’s overall experience

Kinda Greedy


I get the fact that making games is hard, but WHY DOES EVERYTHING COST MONEY!? I literally can not get custom maps be cause i need a SUBSCRIPTION? WHY? The gameplay is good but this is very frustrating! The levels cost money two!

I bought this game probably 5 or 6 years when I was in high school and I’ve been playing it ever since, I would sit in class and play this all the time because it was just so nice to play. It’s a go to game on my phone for any occasion



Add multiplayer where people can skate in the same lobby that will be on another whole level

Great game but…

it cracks me up

It’s a great game I’ve been playing it for years and I make YouTube videos about it now it won’t let me record so my YouTube channel is kinda dead now but other then that I love this game

It’s a really good game but some things are really overpriced and the Missions are really hard and detailed to complete but the game is really fun and I love it



The game is good but it would be nice to were if you got through all the motions you could get a free map

I played touchgrind skate 2 for like 1 1/2 years and when it became free i was super excited!! If I could rate this game out of ten it would be 15!!

Hella addicted


Bro eversince i got this game on my phone i can seriously not get off this game bruh it too addicting 😭



Really love this game I even have a TikTok for it 😂 (Bentley_skates7) really no flaws in the game execept for some glitches but those are minor and getting fixed really fast. Have to say one of the best mobile games out there.

Jordie I love This game so much I just don’t like how it cost money and then you pay to get maps and it’s amazing all around


jay the ganster

I have been playing for a good few years, when is the sandbox update coming out though? But I love all the maps and boards! I also enjoy being able to get many coins and just doing dif lines! Would rate it more if I could!

Sand Box

fun cool vega jagsvs

So I bought sand Box on True Skate like 1 week ago I added a Mod where it changes the map like a Minecraft Map but when I open True skate it doesn’t load. Like it brings you off of the app so I need help with that.

Overall good game but my physics version Dosent pick up experimental features like speed boost and such I would give it a 5 star if they fixed this or there was a way for me to fix it


True skate


This is the best skateboarding game and sports game on earth it’s so realistic



Can’t do mission in mondo ramp



lots of trophy bugs such as doing 10 kickflips in a row and so on



Best mobile game no competition. This is the only game I’ve every felt like it deserves a review.

this game is amazing

teddy deutroyer

I love this game but this game would be even more better if they had hockey or crooked decks👍👍👍

I have something to say


I really like your guys’s game, but really? You’re gonna make us wait 5 months for the sandbox update just to make us pay an unreal amount of money for it? Why?

After the newest update, players legs are no longer visible when viewing a replay.

Automatically deletes skateparks


I love this game but for the second time now, I’ve spent actual money on skateparks and it’s deleted them. Idk what the problem is but It should be fixed bc I feel like I’ve been cheated out of my money.



Hella fun but this game NEEDS better sounds for the pop and landing


jay the ganster

I have been playing for a good few years, when is the sandbox update coming out though? But I love all the maps and boards! I also enjoy being able to get many coins and just doing dif lines! Would rate it more if I could!

True Skate is an all around great game. But there is an achievement that requires you to find and run into an invisible wall. In the most recent version of the game there are no invisible walls to run into. Leaving the achievement unfinished.

Good game


This game is really fun but I have problems buying areas and it says I already bought it (the mondo ramp) and I just wanted you to fix it up but overall fun game

It would be rlly cool if you could play the game with the character showing like in recordings when you click show skater. also the micro transactions are kind of expensive for what they are but thats not too bad


ha,ters gonna hate

Skater disappeared in the replay. Please fix!!


Great game but the a

messing around is fun but the missions get way to advanced way to fast


jcfm FB up cycv

A great game i play it in class all the time when im bored

W creators

Alpha wolflover

Really clean game, I like how the maps are cheap, I don’t think this game gets enough appreciation as it should. It has no ads and you can get decks and maps with grinding tricks for credits

some issues


it’s a fun game but the cropping for the costom skateboard needs to be fixed because I spent 50,000 coins on trying to get the cropping correct, there should be a way to crop it without having to pay again

Please listen


I know there's stuff that you can win by reward but at least make it buyable in the shop after the event is done. (delay it perhaps?)

I love this game but whenever I try to do a custom deck or grip it doesn’t give me an option to frame it and choose what part of the picture I want and it just chooses a random spot on the photo



constant bug that shuts down app when opening into all boards and shop items. don’t know if it’s from the graphics on my decks and grip or what but it crashes everytime i go to see my decks.


one piece is mid

This game slaps its great don’t know why y’all hatin like fr stop b’tchn

Best skateboard game

captain brave stone

I had this game since I was five and now I’m 11 I absolutely love it 5 stars



You guys have been teasing it for over 4 months saying it’s coming out. Y’all are some lazy developers

It’s impossible to do tricks for the missions




New content please


I love this game so much I have all the maps but have gotten bored with them please add more true skate and maybe real maps overall though great game I’ve had it for years

Update idea


Hi can y’all add a update where there are bikes and scooters

I would love to see like a mode where you can skate around with other people like you can have a multiplayer servers on the maps and if you want to play by yourself or just with your friends you can make a private server

Please make the restart button work instantly. Sometimes I have to tap it twice when I’m quickly trying to land something

My review


True skate is a really fun game recommend buying it

Why just why?


I keep falling through the floor when I start missions even on different maps HELP

I love the game but..

Please add manual

One thing is when you grab with skateboard legs in replay he doesn’t grab the board a hand just appears.

needs an update bad.

disappointed broooo

you need to pay for EACH map, which is ridiculous. 5 dollars should get me a fully playable game.

Good BUT


Y does everything have to cost money u only get one map

Very good but problem

Joseph Joardway

on mission #14 theres a glitch where as soon as you start you fall through the map please fix

i cant login or sign up with my apple id it’s frustrating



Game is great but sometimes it flicks oddly and the missions where you do a trick don't register correctly 99% of the time and it pretty bad

I love true skate please make mor games like it 👍

Why do I have to pay 8,000 more coins if my favorite wheel color is white instead of red? Why aren't all colors the same price?

true skate saves my life everyday

dylann the punk rock

Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to die #endmylife even. True skate is the solution to this cos I’m like hmmm I could rn shoot myself orrrrrrr I could play true skate. & it’s always true skate, my #1


true skate boy

This game is good but whenever I make a purchase like custom grip tape it only lets me use it once. So please fix this and all the purchases I make it is not permanent



It is a good game but it did not change me deck and left it plain when I bought customize deck so I will rate it a little lower

Please make the restart button work instantly. Sometimes I have to tap it twice when I’m quickly trying to land something



I wish you can play online with people


fortnite long

I bought a skatepark on the game but I can’t find how to download the purchase on my phone

Good game but..


If I use any other flag than America than I’m fine but if I use an America flag I look like those trump 2024 kids

Picture glitch

crying hung

When I’m trying to put a picture it’s saying 100% completed and it’s not working please fix this

I love this game and I would give it five stars but you only get one map and all the others cost money and the map you have eventually gets boring



Every thing is fun but the custom deck and grip doesn’t work

This game is so fun but I wish they would add were I can adjust the picture on the board



I’m trying to buy maps and it says I already bought them because I did so I try to buy them again and it just says you are offline go online to play or something like that but other than that it’s ok it cures boredom for a while

Great game


I don’t play a whole lot of games but this is the only game I’ve had on my phone for over 4 years and still play it regularly. Solid game.

So I like the game a lot


I love this game but whenever I try too press me it kicks me out of the game every time so I can’t switch boards or anything that I spent money on so all that is just down the drain so I hope you fix that problem soon but it’s a really fun game.

I need my refund please


The game is so good. It’s so fun and awesome to play. But I bought 3 new places and I want to refund them everytime I do. It says failed and I have to click on help but it doesn’t do nothing please help me

add more free maps

g is D SSH NBC f

If u added one more free map that would be awesome

I would like to play with my friends on the same stake park because when we play a game of stake we can’t play on the same skate park the game is really fun but I would like to see me and my friends

Most decent skate game


It’s a good game at all but the camera can definitely be helped

This is the best skateboarding game on any platform. Top marks!

Hello one small fix


I do love this game but every time I buy a costom board it dosent work and I wast my credits

Love the game but


I love the game it’s fun to mess around but on some missions I feel like the game hates me I can’t pass mission 26 besides that the game is perfect to me



I love the game, but i’m kinda upset a couple weeks after i buy it, it becomes free, but still this game is 🔥



nice (my old school custom deck won’t show the picture but it’s whatever)

overall really good


this is probably the best skateboard game you can play if you’re bored and have free time on mobile, it’s fun and addictive.

Great game


Good game but poor people will mald when they lose their boards



I bought the game and in game purchases got them then they erased and I can’t refund it.

cool game 👍

Nigglet 🥴

fun game if you want to kill time or if you’re bored, you can become really skilled at this too since its so in depth in terms of tricks and stuff

Really good game, but controls for pipes are bad. A lot of the missions are impossible to complete because you cant gain enough height/distance to transfer due to janky controls- let alone do a flip trick mid transfer.

It is a fun game but it is pay to win with no winning. Everything is expensive in the game and it is annoying when I don't want to spend money on the game.

Please add a map of Carlsbad area! __bmit__

10/10 game


I don’t have a problem with this game but you are somethings I think that should be important in the game when you land on your skateboard it should have a sound affect but other than that I think it’s a great game

Good game but crashes

True skate fan

True skate is a good game but when I try to pick a picture for my custom deck it doesn’t show up and the game crashes can someone help me to fix this?

Great game!

lord poop fart

I love this game especially since I can play it anywhere. In the park, in the car and on the toilet. I love doing 360 flips while taking a massive dump. One time I did a quad laser flip and had a poop that was 3 feet long! Great Game true axis

I have an issue where I have had a map download queued for days. I will not download no matter what I do. This is making the game much less enjoyable but otherwise it is very fun.

This is the best game ever you should play it

So I bought it and my sister wanted to buy it and now it says it’s 1.99 when it was for free for me


Not a trash can

This game is worth the money but it gets really boring after 3 months…

The game has bugs


The game is fun but after time it wouldn’t let me used my in game bought boards then it wouldn’t count the points I made and there r more issues

Everything in this game is good except for the earning of money and having to pay for almost everything on the game and also having to pay for the game.So what im saying is may you please make a way to earn parks and earn other non free things.

Add a downtown la map


Love the game and everything about it. I really hope you guys make a downtown la map or more famous street spots!

Great Game


Ok this game is great but when I’m trying To land a big trick to always miss.pls fix🙁

All time great


This has great light and physics. Feels natural for a landscape based game. This game captured great skate spots like Love Park with accuracy but now I can grind the higher ledges. True skate changed skating apps for the better. Love it.

So I bought it and my sister wanted to buy it and now it says it’s 1.99 when it was for free for me

Good game but 1 glitch


I had 4000 coins and I didn’t buy anything so I went to bed last night and I woke up with 300 coins how do I get my coins back overall it’s a really good game and it’s really fun



I love this game but come on we need multiplayer.

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