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VideoLUT app recently received 15 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given VideoLUT app an average rating of 4.35 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 296 ratings since its release on May 24 by Katerina Alieksieienko. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about VideoLUT?

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Rated 4.60 out of 5

296 global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the VideoLUT app: Italy, Spain, France.

15 Positive User Reviews for VideoLUT

Best app

Easy color grading and so much more😁

Powerful app despite couple small fixes

I have desktop apps like Lattice that cost a lot more than this powerful little app. Besides a couple usability issues, this is a solid app. Some improvements would be the ability to batch process images to existing galleries vs creating new galleries every time. I wish the camera was more accessible, since shooting directly to the app saves time. The camera could be more responsive and give feedback when you snapped photos. Currently there is none and you’re just guessing if it’s taking a photo

Amazing Ukrainian app

Powerful app. Love it. Just find out it’s an Ukrainian app. Good job guys! Please keep updating the app, I’m sure it can be even better! I agree there are some small issues but in general it’s a amazing free application.

Amazing App!

You’ve done an amazing job with this app. It does the job well!


Hands down, the BEST app for color correction and color grading in iOS, finally I found it! I searched all the internet for app like this. Huge thanks to the developers for this monster. Please give us option to go back if we do something wrong. There is a button on the top, but this button reset all the project. So bad. We need button only for 1 step behind. If I change a value on exposure I want to go where I was with out trying to find the right spot with my hand. Anyways. At the end AMAZING.


Got rid of the green tint from my green screen. Dope app.

Can’t Import .Cube files anymore

Been trying to import my LUTs and once I try to import one, the app crashes immediately. I downloaded this app because it’s the only one I can use with my custom LUTs. Is there an update coming?


This app os beyond helpful

Amazing post edit app

Love how easy it is to add depth and color!!

Great App

Easy to use and very useful.

Best developer ever!

There was a bug that prevented importing custom LUTs. The developer immediately responded and quickly fixed the problem. Amazing! I love this app. Well worth the money.


Does what is says perfectly!

Adjusts > Halation

The Adjusts > Halation is a very nice and welcome addition! 👍👍

Pretty good; needs some work

I really like this app. I like the amount of tweaks I can make to every aspect of recording. However, there is still some lag issues when it comes to recording. There’s a bug where one has to open a camera in the portrait position before turning it sideways. But overall it’s pretty good.

Selective edit

Please add this important feature edit apart of photo

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