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Very addicting. I really like this game.

I love these kind of games, tricky and quick

Fun Puzzle


Would be a lot better if it didn’t freeze up so much.

Way Too Many Ads


Gonna drop this game even though I like playing it because the number of ads is ridiculous. Totally ruins the game for me.



This game is absolutely the best game to pass the time without wrecking your nerves. I love this game so much. Thank you for inventing it.

Mostly ads


There is a ad after every puzzle not worth your time

It still gives me ads. There shouldn’t be any ads at all.

Love but too many ads

level 2,051

I’m on level 2,051! I love this game a lot. I downloaded the game only about a month ago. I have thought about quitting for awhile because there are just SO MANY ADS! It’s insane

Love it! Family game!


Both me (27) and my daughter (6) LOVE this game!

It’s a good game helps me sort out my thoughts but I can’t get passed level 169 and the extra tube function isn’t working.

Lovin it!


I think water sort puzzle is a great way to exercise your brain. I also think it is very fun and a good use of your time. There is so many fun levels!

…30-45 second ad after every 2 levels. Could be a fun game but I personally don’t think it’s worth the ad time.

Love it, but….


Good timely puzzles but the ADS!

fun but glitchy


i have a lot of fun playing this game but the ads make it so difficult. it’s super laggy and it drains my battery trying to load all of the ads.



I really like this game but the amount of ads on this game is above the roof, after every level there’s an ad , and it gets annoying to where you would possibly want to delete the whole game . Other than that I like it

Love this game

Catherine Siegman

This sort of puzzle game was exactly what I was looking for. Zen, and at a reasonable price that I didn’t mind paying to remove ads. Thank you, developers!



Me and my friend race to see who can do it faster and it’s super fun lol. I wish it had liquid sounds when it pours.

Amazing, just amazing and really fun. It helps me calm down when I’m trying to go to sleep and I can’t. I love this game so much! Who know it could be so satisfying to sort things?

Ad city


Game would be fun, but there’s an ad after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE. And it’s the annoying ones that you can barely X out and have to keep attempting to close out because the X is so small. Most ad riddled game I’ve ever played.

Too many ads.


Cool little game. Very addictive. But the ads are way too many and keep you waiting way too long. Especially the make vet ad.



So the game is not bad at all the only thing I don’t like is that after each level there is an add that pops up.



I love this game, but gave it a 3 because multiple times when the ads load, it freezes my game and then shuts down. It’s so annoying! I’ve deleted and reinstalled it, but it has not helped at all.

I love this game

Warning: highly addictive substance

Love this


I have been playing for literally 5 minutes like I am on level 4 and I’m already obsessed with it. Since I am only a little girl I love how the levels are not to easy but not to hard.

Looovvee iittttt😍❤️💜

not telling👌✌️

I absolutely love this app!! It is sooo relaxing!! I have had no problems with what’s so ever. But I took a star off because there is quite a few ads. But other than that the app is awesome!! I highly recommend!!



This game is so fun. I can play it for hours.

Luv it. My kids try to take over my phone & play too. I have to make them give me my phone back.

good game, bad update

uh- ben dover daddy

i like this game, but the new update is annoying. It takes the fun out of it for me, i wish there was an option in the settings to take off the "not knowing the color" thing

A week ago I’d have given this 5 stars but all of a sudden I have tubes full of ??????? And no paint colors, basically impossible to play and continue- I paid for the non ad version and so would like to play it as it should be.

what the heck


why is this so fun makes no sense

Seeing question marks


Used to see colors. Now all I see is question marks. Unplayable in its current condition. iPhone 12 with most recent update.

Fun game


I have really enjoyed this game. The new puzzles with the question marks are fun I am glad they have been added in

Too many ads


Game is fun but way too many ads… literally after every single level and restart

I’m addicted to this game but may switch because I hate the new question mark levels.



I used to really love this game. The new update is interesting and would be great as an option. I don’t like that it is my only option. I liked the old game and would like to be able to play both ways.

Love this game! You have to think but not so difficult that you want to toss your phone.

Like this


Smooth, soothing & kind of pretty!

My feedback.


I love this game it keeps me calm I’m on level 104 I can’t wait to get even higher !

There is an ad after every level you win/ lose literally 25secs very annoying. 2.99 you can remove them lol would’ve gave 5 stars otherwise.



I enjoy this game but I would recommend adding a timer or something to make it a little more challenging.

Cute game


It’s a cute game. I understand ads are part of any free game, but when it’s a 30 second ad after every 1-2 quick levels it becomes overly frustrating.

I basically said it in the description. A lot of ads and it uses up my battery, makes my phone slow, and my phone is getting really hot to the touch.



Fun little game! Absolutely worth paying to remove the ads. So relaxing.

Very exciting!


This game is really relaxing and interesting, to me it’s really easy. I feel like this takes all my thoughts away when I play this. So if your looking forward to play it I consider you should!

…but I did pay for this one. Visuals could be better, but I find the game design pretty smart, as a paid user. That is, there are still challenges and consequences. Good quickie game.

Lag 100


I have an iPhone 12 Pro and it lagging everytime I select something it just freezes

Fix the adds


Hey the game it’s self is good but the adds u need to fix it should an inappropriate add please take a look at it thank you.



I like the game but the ads are so annoying and if you remove some ads it will be a lot better

Get it


Entertaining Easy No tricks No story Makes you think I’m on my own

SOO satisfying 😊


This is such a relaxing game. It’s a fast game. like if you are bored, you can quickly pull out your phone and play.


Caden Jester Music

The most recent update with adding the question marks quite literally ruined the game. I’m on level 785 and play it almost every single day, but now, I’m probably going to delete the app and find a replacement.


Word Girl 27

Maybe it’s too easy but it’s satisfying and can be done while multi-tasking. There’s something satisfying about pouring the water between the beakers. I may get bored of this game quickly but for $3 no ads it was a sound investment.

I am fully addicted to this game. I am currently on level 3137. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see this game. One note is that sometimes the game glitches a bit, it might have something to do with the fact that I’m at a high level.


Casey Is Spacey

Do not play this game before you go to bed. You will not sleep. You will say “5 more minutes” or “after this level.” And then you will stay up all night sorting little virtual tubes of colored water. It gives my brain the good chemicals



The best part about this game is that it is relaxing but also fun. I’m so addicted to it, I just got to level 3,735. It was a Mystery Level! The first one I’ve seen and it was awesome. I literally play this game constantly

I notice that I sometimes I can’t finish some levels and have to start it over because a portion of a color will be missing??? Please fix this bug.


Bookworm Wind Goddes

I just got this game today and am already on Level 30. I love this game. Not too many ads and it’s just hard enough to keep you entertained. It’s very satisfying to fill a vial. I would recommend this game for a fun brain teaser.



I get it ads generate revenue for the game but seriously an add after every game or for every reset? Come on.

Absolutely loved this game until I hit level 545 and now I can no longer strategize, the colors are now hidden so instead i have to make random guesses. Why on earth would I want to play this anymore? Deleting.



I love this game!! It is so relaxing!! I recommend

I’m a girl >:(

oi im gacha nerd

I’m a girl >:( This game has a lot to do with Pokémon



It’s fun and mentally challenging!

Less. Ads.

El E.

I’m not buying your ad blocker, and one after every 1 or 2 levels isn’t exactly an attractive experience.

Sort puzzle


I love this game it’s a puzzle for your mind cause you can’t put one on another

Water Sort

lazee s

I was so glad to rediscover this game! It’s my bit of downtime between chores.

Relaxing 😌


This game is the best!!!! Every evening I always play this game and it’s awesome. I got my family hooked on it. Definitely recommend to download it!!!😃😃😊😊

I love this game so much I clear almost every day when I think of it it’s so easy to sove

3 stars, because I do not like the ads in exchange for extra “undo” moves. If you accidentally click on it be prepared to wait and watch ad, you can not click out of it until is completed.

This game is really fun but that fact how after every level there is a ad really brings it down 🥲


kim lyndon

Honestly so addictive it’s great just a few adds but it’s so good I usually never used to sleep but I play this before I go to bed and it’s so relaxing!😁 it’s never confusing but yk it’s a rlly good game!

Best game ever


I LOVE THIS GAME it is super fun and relaxing. Can you guys please subscribe to stripedTiger468 please.

This is just..

h gu bygbuftvknu

Amazing 🥲 it even lets you get extra jars to put the water in 😵‍💫

Chanched my life


Before I played this I was a worm and ¡ into a bubbafwy. Thanks for creating the greatest game in this entire gotdam universe woo

FANTASTICALLY ADDICTING Puzzle that keeps your mind sharp Super fun and enjoyable, have fun 😜

Ability to go back


I love this game!! It’s so relaxing and fun! However, it would’ve been nice if it had a feature where it would allow you to go back a level to resolve a puzzle or select between past solved levels.



Love the game so easy and enjoyable

I love this game!

giug hi gifir

I love this game it’s so fun!!!!

Love it


I love this app is helps me when I am very bored and my friends like it to this is the best app

Beat game ever

mic baddie

Beat game for u to relax and solve puzzles

Fun and relaxing!


Meditative and simple, calming to play. I paid the one time amount for no ads and think it's worth it.

Great game


This game is awesome, I love it.



This game is so fun makes me feel so smart 🤷🏻‍♀️ scratches my brain so good so good game yes so much fun i did pay for no ads but feel like it was def worth it i'm running thru it it's so much fun

Too many advertisements.


There is a game advertisement or two between each game.

What the heck


When I got to level 5 I finished 1 tube and I can’t por it anymore.Other then that it’s okay 👍😶‍🌫️. Sorry if you can’t read it I’m only in 2nd grade lol 😝

This game is really fun! Not too many ads! There is a very bad problem though that needs to be fixed every time I click on a glass the whole game freezes. This game is a really good game, but it’s hard to enjoy with that glitch.

I love this game


This game is awesome I absolutely love it and it makes me feel smart to I’m already on level 30 and hopefully I get to more level later on but other than that I love this game!

fun but


the artwork doesn’t match the gameplay its weird

So fun

Cassidy noodles

Its really fun you can make rainbows

Don’t pay to remove ads

zippy snodgrass

This is a fun and relaxing game however I paid to remove the ads and it still gives you ads.I’d give it one star because of that but it is a fun and addicting game they just need to do better to give you what you pay for


Ramsey kate

I think this game is so definitely is fun and really is five stars it should be aloud of all ages!

I love this game. It is relaxing…most of the time. I’m stuck on level 157 and can’t get an extra tube. What am I doing extra to not get an extra tube to get pass this level?



I suffer from anxiety and this helps take my mind off things. I wish it was a little harder but I’m hoping it will get harder as the levels go on.

SUPER addicting

braclets r cool 1234

It’s good but when you restart the tubes it puts an add. that’s all. ok bye-

Love it


Very entertaining! Bought the “no adds” option and have been playing for hours!

Awsome game!


This game is fun I really and you should get the app


a stupid potato ;-;

It’s ok game but there are to many adds.

Great game


It’s so fun and can be a little challenging at some points but overall I love it!

I love this game it’s relaxing and calms me sometimes but there are so many adds and u can’t play the game in peace all these are blocking the way of me playing and very annoying

I love it it just has too much ads

Taraji’s fillings


I love this game and it is so fun and you should download this game

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