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It needs the box pet

This is a good app, but the loading pet widget is a cute box pet and it needs to be added to the app as another widget pet in itself it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it needs to be in the app

Cyoot Pets

Code is BZUUBA ^_^ let’s hatch eggs together~


i love my boyfriend

Cute app but

I’ve been using the status with my partner and I’ve been noticing they’re changing simple options like sleeping and hungry into being locked and only being able to unlock by buying the pro version which is very disappointing since most used to be free options.

I love this app!!!

You should download this app!!, if your phone looks plain downloads this my iPhone before was so plain! But when I downloaded this app I took me a while to get how to use it! But when I started getting used to it my iPhone after was so good! Definitely a 5 star❤️

Great!… until recently

I love this app. It had always worked well for my significant other and I until a few weeks ago. We only use the distance widget, and it’s now stuck on one distance. I’ve tried removing it and adding it again and nothing changes. I figured it might take a little time to update but we’ve been with each other all day and the distance never changed. With the widget not actually working there’s not much of a reason for us to keep the app.

Pretty good

This app is pretty great i just wish you were also able to put it on the homescreen in the widgets

Great app

i really like the lay out of your app and of your design process of the app well done👍🏻!

Can this app be used on an android phone

Can this app be used on a android phone

Love but…

Love the app but, I can’t have the weather on my lock screen when I have 4 friends moods. The app would be better if you could also apply your friends to your home screen instead of only the Lock Screen.


So I and my boyfriend have been using this since the last lock screen IOS update. Weve been loving it, but i want to know whats going on. There was an option to post a tiktok to get ‘extra’ status options, which i did. Now i no longer have access to them without pro. Why? whats the point in having people do that? now my tiktok with several hundred views means nothing


App is great! Hear me out...... what if we put our own status. Like a button where we can type out what we're doing? That'd be awesome too.

Good but

I REALLY want more variety in romantic status updates! like there is only a select few good ones. we need one like marriage or kids etc etc something cute and goofy thanks

5 stars!!

5 stars 100%! Advertisements are exactly like the app and I love my new little Lock Screen 🥰

very good very nice

THIS APP IS FOR HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS ONLY. Do not pretend you’re in a healthy relationship it won’t work healthy couples ftw


idk about this..

Cute app but one suggestion…

The only suggestion I would make is or the “Miss You” Widget. I would have just tapping the widget send to the other person, rather than having to open the app. It’s more for convenience but yeah it would be cooler if it had that functionality. Great overall and super cute!

My Home Screen looks beautiful

I was using Widgetable for a long time but this is way easier to use in my opinion.


This is great for couples glad it came to App Store


It’s yummy bf I love it and I wanna eat it

Great app

Great app to have for couples,lots of cute little things to add to your Lock Screen highly recommend


It’s a good idea but they do need to update and upgrade the app because the time doesn’t work once you add it to your Home Screen, and the distance takes a while to update

A good idea that needs tweaking

The time it take for the widgets to update is understandable but I find that actually updating the status to be an unnecessary annoyance as you have to always re-select the same person each time along with the fact that it isn’t always clear to the other person what it’s supposed to mean without them also opening the app again. Something like simply saying on the widget what the emoji is would do wonders. I assume the app is new so hopefully the quality of life updates over time will bring out i

Good but needs more

The app is great but I don’t really like if my bf sends me I miss you I have to look at the things or go to the app and see what he sent me I wish it would send like a notification saying you get 30 miss you form the person who send you them. Also I wish you could just send them form the little icon you put on your screen instead of it being a shortcut to the app. But that’s all I have problems about it.

Needs updates

I like this app. It’s cute. However, you have to open the app for the “miss you” feature to update the count on the Lock Screen. If the app has access to Bluetooth and WiFi, it should be able to update the count automatically on the Lock Screen. It would be cool as well if it triggered the phone to send a vibration or chime notification

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