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Love it 🥰

Vollleyball 🏐🥇🏆

I love how creative Widgetsmith is! It adds a burst of flavor, love, color, creativity and memories all in one. I couldn’t think of a better way to do that. Thank you! Keep going! ❤️😁

Great app!!


I love how I can just put my own photos and adjust it how I want it get this app if u wanna make your own widgets!

So far

Jackie 💟

So far I’m really liking it, I might buy some of the extra choices just cz of how free and comfy they make it feel, very cool and chill no anxiety or guessing games. First app in a long time that I might actually keep forever ❤️

Widgetsmith is a good a because you can decorate your screen and have a lot of fun doing it.

Amazing! Helped a lot

Sky the wolf

Definitely would recommend to friends, although it was hard to figure out at first, i got the hang of it and was able to create a cool theme! Now my phone looks much nicer! One of the best apps that actually helped.

Its awesome!


I love this app! It’s so easy to use, and it makes your phone look awesome!

I like it!


I love being able to customize my phone and I wouldn’t be able to do that without this app! I love it.



It makes me think about my friends when I see my pictures on it. I love it



Widgetsmith is an convenient app you can use this app to decorate your untouched/boring background and make it festive. Use any pictures in your camera roll and have your own styled wallpaper.

Great app!


Love the app but it is super glitchy.



Thank you so much widgetsmith! This app is great you should totally download it it’s helping me a lot with widgets and a great home screen for my iPad phone and any other electronic device! 5 star rating

So basically when I was changing the small widget thing, it won’t let me choose the picture of like aesthetic, sport, etc. So I just don’t understand. The app is really cool tho :).

It cool


I don’t know how to add it on my Home Screen

Widget smith review


This is a real good app I would use it 😁


🥦 𝚍 𝚎 𝚔 𝚞 🥦

I love this app but my iPad got a virus after downloading it lucky My iPad got fixed



Yes it is awesome but the thing is that when I try to press something it sometimes freezes up and I have to double tap and swipe for it to get it fixed but otherwise than that it is a really great app




Not free


The app is good, but it isn’t free. Some of the widgets are, but not all.

Missing options


I’m missing a few options like the “font” “tint color” etc. not sure if this is something added with an upgrade to the subscription.

Just started and love it already!


I can customize the Widgets and it’s so easy. You can have multiple and for premium, you have to make money I get it. I love this app. As usual I expected ads but no ads!!! NO ADS! So amazing!

I have a suggestion


There should be a option to move the widgets around on the app that way if a you want to change a widget but still have them in order on your phone you dont have to redo the entire thing.



I just got this but it’s a good app

Why I like this app,


1. It has free customization options. 2. It doesn’t require a subscription. 3. You can add widgets without a subscription. Those are my 3 reasons why the rating is what it is.



The app Is great! But I can't edit my widgets :/



im gonna try it out and see if its good

Really god but….


This app is really and I love customizing my Home Screen every day I do a new look for how I’m feeling . Don’t get me wrong I love this app but I wish it would add something to customize your app icon



This app it’s so amazing to use and create your own stuff for widgets. I have made four and there so great more than half of the stuff is free


hi hello brookeeee

Widget smith is awesomeeeeee you should really try it

ADORABLE!!! GREAT FOR MY PHONE ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋjust kinda glitchy and needs some more fixes, like a tutorial to add them and some more stuff

Good app


This app is so good for your iPhone iPod iPad you have to get this app if you want to have a good iPhone or iPad or iPod it is soo good 👍❤️😁

It can be difficult to choose what photo you want. It can also be hard to choose out of the multiple widgets which one to put on your home screen. but overall it is super cute and really adds to your home screen.



I love this app so much. I heard this app from a friend and when she showed me what I could do I instantly wanted this app. It makes my phone look very cute and aesthetic and I love this so much. Keep up the good work


Hiroko Hagakure

The app would be better if we were able to MOVE THE WIDGETS

Love it



(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞


I love is app so much but I really wish I could use this on my iPad not just my phone, but this app really dose spice all your phone! :D <3

Good app

ilove rangers

It’s a good app for chiseling pictures you like I recommend it

I personally love this app! But there is one thing that I want fixed! Whenever I try to make a Smart Stack with my photo widgets all of the photos turn into one photo of me and my friend.If this gets fixed then I will definitely give 5 stars!


mikey 6,000

I am having trouble being able to add a picture to a widget and customizing them.



This app is great but how do u change the look of the face of the apps Like Instagram like how would u make it have a different look not the actual app just what u see at first???


Maple the Catt

I absolutely love this app! It helps me make my device so much colorful and more Aesthetic! I recommend downloading this app! So easy to make your own Widgets! And add custom Texts for your Widgets!

Kinda bad

sammi franklin

The new update is not the best and know I’m confused what I’m supposed to do but ya ig


Governor Yolanda Flo

These widgets help keep me focused on just how much GOD loves me!!

It’s a really awesome app


I’ve tried many widget apps but this one works really well. It’s so simple and I’m not crowded with adds! I highly recommend this app!!!

This app is great, very user friendly and the widgets are great, but they should also do skins for apps and create more diverse options.



I LOVE THE WIDGET APP. it is such a great app you can customize your home screen like it’s i rate this a 1000/10😩♥️.


pineapple profit

Thank you for distinguishing color Hugh’s

Best App

Emperor Boo

This is literally one of the best apps I have ever used for all those android people complaining there is no customization on Apple here is your answer to that

Good but could use more

super fire 88

Really great app and I would 100% recommend but there are some things I think should be changed and added. First maybe unlock 1 or 2 of the good weather options to be free. and if a way to make custom app logo designs be added that would be amazing

this app is very cool! this was great for my kpop home sceeen anyways stan twice and itzy:>

Widget name


Is there any possible way to remove the “Widgetsmith” title under the widget on the home screen? It ruins the aesthetic

Thank you


It helps me organize my phone and make it look cool

i can’t select widgets


i’ve had this app for a little over a year. i’ve had no problems up until now, i can’t select a different widget when i add one to the screen and it’s quite frustrating. if i could get any help that would be fantastic.

The best app ever


I love this app so much! It makes your wallpaper on your phone look SOO cool! This is the best app ever

Quick review


all I have to say is there is no required pay wall like every other home screen editing app so great and i had no problems



It a good app but it take time to understand it

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I don’t understand why the developer feels a need to have Widgetsmith displayed on the widgets

This app is great I just wish u could edit your apps with out having to pay

This app is sincerly the best widget app ive used, ever since I updated my ipad to the ios 15. The widgets sometimes go all black, ive tried everything and maybe you should do something about the issue.

Good could use

luna lovegoodfan

Hey I think Widgetsmith is good but it was confusing at first lol so it could use some instructions

don’t get me wrong, i love widgetsmiths, it make your home screens look prettier, but i REALLY despise when the widgetsmiths turn pitch black out of no where. i would appreciate if you guys could fix this, it’s getting on my biggest nerves

It’s good now


Figured out how to pick which ones I wanted. You have to actually click on the number before it will show you your options. Got the premium bc I like having the weather part.

Very good app!


Fun to use and very addictive to make super cool home pages!

Yeah this is my first time, controls are easy but the widget just went black after a minute. Idk if it’s a glitch but I just want to have a cool home screen and it just does this

Utterly amazing 🤩


This app is amazing I can make my phone actually look pretty 😀



this app is pretty good, but i think it would be better if it didn’t say widgetsmith under the widgets.

انا ه


اتمنى لكم التوفيق


choo poppy munano

This was a good app and I loved it, the only problem was I kept getting viruses from it and it messed up my brand new iPhone 12 so that was just great🤦🏻as a 14 year old just take my advice

I wanna put the widgets the way I want them. It won’t let me put a medium widget then apps then another medium widget which is why I’m kinda mad cause I have an image of how I want it to look but cant go through with it. Please fix this

تطبيق مممتاز. تم شرحة من قبل سعودي قليل الدسم على اليوتيوب



i love this app but one thing that i would like is changing the colors for the widgets



Pretty easy after you watch a video.

I love it


This is awesome make more like this!!!!!!….

Like it and dislike it

Mingi's gorl

It’s really cool to use i just don’t like that everyone once a month it deletes all my widgets


hejdnfowjf fk

Have w do I even get the Widgetsmith I created to go on my wallpaper


roblox name:hatchtag

So useful For my ipad!!!! Just wish if you can put the widgets beside the apps on ipad but still WONDERFUL!!! Really recommend this app if you need to add some decor in your device!!!

I love this app it is so good and makes my home screen look so cool this app is amazing

I don’t know if it’s my phone or what but I can’t find “Widgetsmith” on my phone to get my widgets can someone help me?

Download Right now


This app is sooo good u have to try it

From : al

Cipollini and fart 1

Every widget I make doesn’t go onto my home page and I can’t figure it out

Love it

aubree briggs

Awesome layout super easy love it the most of all super good for authenticity


abbigale martin

love this app so much. easy to work and free without premium love it! get it.

5 stars


I love to have widgets it really makes my phone look organized I would say definitely get this app

I love it?


Ok I love the app! But it didn’t work on my iOS 11, I had to wait until I got my iOS 14 which kinda sucked!

The best app ever!


This is the best app me and my brother have it.It’s so cool that you can make boring old things into new in exciting things I love my iPad now and it looks so cute!

I couldn’t put the witget on my phone

i love it :)

✨pinky ponky✨

helped make my home screen rly cute

works very well but i got hacked lol

Alyssa ⚽️🏐🏀

i can do everything i went with the app and customize the widgets just how i’d like. However, my snapchat and email got hacked by the app somehow and sent people terms and condition?? it’s alright i dont really care 🏃‍♂️

but it won’t let me download it again

Sometimes the date is wrong

teacher's pet 2020

I am not sure why sometimes the date is incorrect.

Pretty good


This app is very useful and nice. I am confused on how to put more than one of the same size widget. This is amazing if you are just wanting a few widgets.


Selenaquinperez for

Why does it cost money to see the weather?! I just want to see my weather look cute 👀 I don’t want to but I might have to change my Home Screen color to blue to make the weather look normal😭


Sarah A Wood

I love how easily I can make my home screen look amazing!

M. Oop-9 N p


Erica Warwick GC esm. l lllllll m m C /go xd LllldOhSs from fbgsrjjss da k lmp

I love this app


I kind of like this app because it’s so cool that you can change the picture in the apps

Love in it!


It’s just amazing, but you have to like buy a pack or something to get more things like ummm.. equal rights! Everyone should not have to pay for that but I like kinda understand!! Beside it’s amazing!!😜

<3☁️best app☁️<3

alice meme hewo

This is the best app I can make my stuff aesthetic and most of its free <3



This is a good app but u guys should make icons for apps 😑

I got this app and created my widgets but when I go to add it to my Home Screen it doesn’t show up on my list of apps. This may just be a problem on my side ( if so please help) but if not please fix it and I have iOS 14




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