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Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS app an average rating of 4.76 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 4K ratings since its release on May 24 by Wikiloc Outdoor SL. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS?

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Rated 4.56 out of 5

4K global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS app: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden.

45 Positive User Reviews for Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS

Good app on the phone, but not on watch

Works well on the phone. iWatch app needs work as often you can’t stop it from recording. Sometimes it is the next day before it will let you complete the trail. Very frustrating

Great maps

Very useful for exploring

Reliable and easy to use

This trail app is very useful and reliable, pairs with apple watch, alerts you when you get off track. With subscription, you can download offline map.


You need to be able to reverse the trail.

Portugal Inn to Inn Tour

This is our 4th inn to inn tour and the first with an app that worked perfectly. No way to get lost with this app, kudos to the creators. Effective and easy to use. Awesome!

Garmin widget shakey

Downloaded this for the Garmin integration. Not able to use without phone display. No map of trail on fenix only directional arrow

Perfect day hike

Beautiful meadows, valleys, wildflowers. Thank you to those who have taken time to mark it :) too bad some people break the signs

Best GPS app since day 1

Been using this for more than a decade, seen the improvements along the way, still a loyal user and I promote it among my outdoor communities… you’d think there’d be an ambassador program so you could at least get the premium app free in exchange for promoting it… there’s an idea!

Works great easy to use

Good system. Just not as well known in the USA.

Nice but missing some possibilities

export gpx file missing French map missing a lot of trail

Amazing app, intuitive design and lots of content.

I love this app! It’s really helped my family get out hiking a lot more discovering hidden gems we would never have found without it.

نطالب بإضافة اللغة العربية

اهلا وسهلا بكم لما ذا التطبيق لا يحتوي على واجهة باللغة العربية؟

Great but

I give a 5 stars but why not incorporate the landscape mode for much easier use?

Best map for recording, recalling a hike and recording a new hike

Been using this app about 4 years and I love it. You can take pictures of waypoints, add descriptions and keeps useful stats

Monte Verde - El Castillo

Ruta bonita para hacerla en época seca, dificultad media.

Great hiking app!

Great for recording your hikes, and tracking your mileage, elevation changes and your trail.


Hi For a while i can not see “save as draft”,could you please tell me what to do? I have iphone6s

One of the only 3-4 apps I really need

Love the ability to find trails near me and follow them. Easy to understand functionality. Would rate 5 start but for the frequent disconnections during my runs. Need to reconnect every 10-15 minutes.

Wikiloc para cualquier actividad!

De veras una excelente y amigable aplicación. No tengo sino elogios para esta app.

Great app for hiking

I’ve tried various apps for hiking and this is my favorite!!! 9.99 is a bargain for what you get with app features!!!

Great program

Great little program that has great features. The best part is being able to send the trail directly to the GPS without going through basecamp. I really love the accessibility of the program through all platforms.

Paseo por la montaña

Caminata subiendo y bajando en la sierra de Arteaga, Coah. Nublado y fresco

Great app you can see the results

Great way to let your family know were you are even when your deep in the woods.

Bug in elevation!

I start a hiking from 2500 to 4200 meters but in app this elevations collected from 1182 to 2864 and I can’t edit or change this mistake values ! 😒


Just hiked Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone. The map downloaded to my Apple Watch was amazing! Thank you!


Excelente aplicación a todos Nuestros seguidores en RZR y mtb se Las Hemos recomendado

UAE trekking

This app is going to be a big help for me!!


I see that you can sync this to your Garmin-but do not see the option for Apple Watch connection


I like to post a lot of pictures of my hikes but this app limits me to less every time. I pay for the app so it shouldn’t limit me at all..

Wikiloc que es el mejor programa que he usado

El mejor, tengo 7 años de usarlo, no lo cambio !

Great app tehát delivery

I have used this app for 3 years and I love it.

After 2 year

It was really my best friends in mountaineering


Great app. I have used extensively for hiking and kayaking... particularly in Europe. Sending trails and routes to my Garmin Felix is a breeze.

Good in general

Need to work more on accuracy distances


When I updated to new version in ios 9 , gps is not working and tracking in background!!!

Time savior

When riding the St. James route in Galicia Spain the Offline map saved me more than once when I got lost. Having the Wikiloc app is really comforting, particularly when you do not want to ride in the wrong direction.

Best app EVER!

I've used this app to find hikes in France and Spain. It has taken me places I would have never known about. I'm just so thankful for this app. It has made our vacation so much better!!!

Great hiking app

I have used this app for years and it is invaluable for finding routes and once on them keeping on the trail.

Handy for hunting

I use this app for hunting to track my trails & when tracking game. I would love to be able to pull up a map of the area & show all of my saved way points without being on the trail they were saved to.

Good app for muddin

Ahaa. Aye it's ya boy. Uhhhh skinny p. Great app. Hittin holes, spinin tires, slingin up mud in my 4x4. Aye. That's country boy love. YEE YEE

Good app but can be better

Some things that i need but they are not in this app; 1- mark a point without save a trail 2- edit the trail name or activity after save it

Love it!

Great app! Even when you using the free version, it gives you a lot of options!

Best free app ever. Lifesaver!

Never go snow shoeing in a storm without it! Brings you home every time!

2 Negative User Reviews for Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS

No support at all

I bought the premium version and I’ve been trying to reach support for several days without any answer

Bad UI

It seems like an app in 7 years ago

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