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Mr Lopez

Peace Jersualem!

Excellent prompts and easy to maneuver through the instructions. Keep up with the great work and kudos!!

Michele is a true professional! She was always available to answer our questions along the way and helped us to find our true “forever” home!

Please can I be look inside house

Bethany Beach area

Sample 1*

Zillow has great houses listed for sale!



Es mi favorito Cuando busco casas

love it

(•̀ᴗ•́)و(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i really like it, it makes me happy lol


Honesty, Goodnessa,

Some homes with correct addresses but have no market prices at all , but only show all the little dots with different colors, Why? Please show us how to solve this problem or give us your number to all for help.



I wish you could share your favorites with more than one person.



Good great app I stalk people on it frequently

That’s a nice home, like the shower and whirlpool tub.


tee thep

Good website The best App I er used. Gives you detail of the house to look for

Your company doesn’t care about agents making it or not



I’ve started using Zillow when they first came out years ago! Very much needed today!

I know of houses that have been sold for over a month but the app shows that the houses are still pending. What up?

My appreciation!


I love this app it’s accurate, fast with info, and very reliable! Thank you Zillow!

Love Zillow!

S Jansson

Best app for searching properties!


greengo loko

Me gusta mucho esta aplicación muy buena para buscar casa



The needs to be more user friendly the red circles stacked on top of each other makes it hard to access all the houses for sale


Kenney B.

If it’s already sold it should be off the site. Tired of looking at something that already sold.

Too many emails

shanny bear

I really wish I was an easier way to unsubscribe from all the stupid emails I get from Zillow. For the love of pete make it stop

Since last app update, when I go to my saved homes and I click on them, the homes don't pop-up, if I want to see the details, I need to go to the map, zoom i to the home and then click on it to have it pop-up. Need developers looking into this.



Very helpful 😍I bought house on Zillow 😍🌹

Before the latest update, I could click on one of my saved listings, and it would open for viewing. Now it just shows where it is on a map. Then I have to click on the map. Sometimes it will open, sometimes not.

Please fix the Lot Lines view so that the nearby home values are displayed. I don’t want to waste my time looking at homes that are in a bad area but just over priced.

Easy & Informative


Zillow has long been my go-to app for finding out the most information on a home, including sale and tax history. I recently requested they remove some photos of my home and the response was impressively fast and professional.

Broken in recent updates

Engineer's POV

Last update has significant issues. In Lot Lines view prices of nearly properties are not shown. Favorites often fail to display in Map view. iPad version does not show property information when clicking on summary picture in Favorites.

Home prices.


Some of the estimated prices for homes are wildly off. Including my own home. I wish it would just say unknown instead of making up random prices. Really confuses buyers that don’t know the market.

Lot size gone


Why did this app take away lot size? I wasn’t asked. Very important aspect of anyone’s search is the size of the property. Bad decision to do that.

Couldn’t ask for a better realtor always in touch Being out of town hired and managed workers to prepare house to put on market. Great job.



Zillow is a great resource for looking around... just don’t send any messages through it. Send emails directly to whoever you want to contact or Zillow will have someone else reach out to you for who knows what reason.


11 to

I love this app . But need to add more filter . Preference.

WOW so easy , updated and intuitive…Zillow very well designed…

Black background please


Please make it have a dark mode .. I hate the white background it hurts my eyes


Not Now Sure

Can you integrate the google color coded gang locater ASAP


TC wood guy

Great resource for real estate dabbling and more

Found my dream home


It’s amazing. It even lets you know what is available and what isn’t. For those of you moving out or renting a place I highly suggest making that final decision before it’s too late :)

Love the updates

Big Siebs

Great place to serch for real estates and keep up on the worth of my home!

Easily you find all what you need if selling or buying property all updated information peace of mind.

House hunting


I love the fact that I can look on my own without being tied to a Realtor first. Thanks Zillow

Zillow “Zestimates”, multiple photos and tons of details makes the app a “must have” if you are searching for homes or land… anywhere!

Need flood zone ratings

Just Another Bird Ne

I need to know if the house is in a flood one or if flood insurance is required. Flood ones are changing.

The saved homes page has a new layout. Ever since this appeared I am kicked out of the app when I scroll through my saved homes. Every time. I have an older iphone. I update things frequently. Any suggestions?

Nice website


Only one thing missing a HOA space rent amount


mr Ty.

Excellent source of updated real estate information.






Seriously this app is very out of date.

Please fix some issues


-App randomly logs you out (perhaps tied to app updates?) -It is not possible to sync multiple accounts (Apple login, google login, etc) -Please add better quality reporting of incorrect listing information and map placement



Locations of properties on your maps are often not accurate.

I really enjoy the app, I don’t enjoy clicking alerts for homes and then going through a sign in process, only to end up at the map screen and not the alert I clicked in the first place. Maybe persist the login with my device?

I use Zillow to manage my properties and keep an eye on market trends. Great source of information

Zillow is fast and good

Dimon Music Co.

I called to inquire about one house. Zillow responded with an agent and I saw the house… then the agent has shown me 4 more additional houses as well. And we are about to make an offer. Mario is great.

Efficient & up to date!


I enjoy using the Zillow App. It allows me to browse many homes quickly. Pin points my saves on a map together so I can go back and see which house I have liked and which are closer to my desired area.

Ma. Ida Afanador, MA. PhD


Zillow Is one of the most accurate home/apartment searching website their is. I have been on many and their pictures and prices ranges are out of date. Thank you Zillow for your accuracy and great customer service

Please Stop Crashing

Inga iPhone

Since the latest update the app crashes too much to be usable. Immediately upon opening last few tries. Sad



Love It, Thank you Zillow for helping me find my dream home.

Love Zillow absolutely fantastic company so easy to navigate and get all the information I need from their site!



Very convenient and easy to use, our rental property received over 1700 views in less than a week

Reality- Josh Blumgard

Jeffrey Ferguson

Josh is the best realtor I have ever experienced, he sold our house in ten days, amazing!! And he took care of everything.. we give him ten stars.. oh ya he kept us informed on everything..

Enjoy knowing what’s up for sale and looking at how people live and how people dress their homes!



Lots of valuable information for the home seeker!

Awesome site


Awesome site, love it, use it all the time! The world’s best website *****

This app


Has been great! I have purchased a home. How do I get rid of this app?

Condo’s in Puerto Rico

Lizzie from Spanish

I have left message after message to these realtors, no answer. They shouldn’t even bother posting cause they don’t call you back.

Fishing 🎣


A lot of fishing for Zillow’s buyers agents! Not fair to Realtors who actually worked to get the listing for the inbound calls to not go to them.

I love everything about the app except that it maps my house to another neighborhood about three miles from its actual location. Not sure how this affects the Zestimate. The Zestimates seem to match actual slaes data pretty well.

Not easy to use or update


Not easy to use should help us maintain our searches and response



Love the map features over but the app needs faster updates for when a home is under contract or pending.

I like the notifications and lay out. But the filters do not work properly.



Nice houses. But none I like. 3 bedroom. 2 bath. 2 car garage Closed I nice size sunporch. Pool. Optional. Estiddi

Jeremy. Jordany. Jamison

jeremy jamison

Triplejamisongmailcom. (253)89-1609

Not updated


The info on this app is out dated so it’s not very useful you get the same old stuff. I had used it before and deleted for the reason that it had outdated info and here we go again. Good thing it’s free

Great app BUT


I love this app, it’s very easy to navigate, but with two young kids I really wish I could search by school district instead of city and zip code.

Very helpful


Put my home on it and sold it in one day for asking price. Then bought one on Zillow that I had seen prior to selling.

De opressor libre


Tik tok @penguin . It’s a go. Fandangle SNAFU CHARLIE FOXTROT -81.17,31.0)

Just ok


Zillow’s information in my locality is often inaccurate.

Inaccurate and misleading

Miami Beach 007

Wrong prices and won’t show thing for rent if they are also for sale.

This App Is Awsome

Zk Family

This Is Amazing But Has Problems, But Overall Its The Best App Ever I Recommend Trying It :)

Very informative


it’s very informative and it’s all free.

We bought and sold our last home on Zillow! It was sold in one day.

I'm studying for the real estate license exam. I will be using Zillow for my business fore sure!

Love this RE app


Very good but lately not getting notifications

Looking for land


I enjoy looking at homes to get ideas for my dream home. Thanks

I Love This App ❤️🥰

Blessed Queen 👑🙏🏾

Very Beautiful Pictures ✨ It Is Really Making Me want To Take A Beautiful Leap Of Faith 🙏🏾💓

Almost 5 stars


The abundance of homes on Zillow is great, however I can’t search for just a studio apt, or at least I haven’t been able to figure it out. Also the layout when looking on a map is not my favorite. Great otherwise.

Cuban investment

cuban invesment

The company is very good the information is perfect an time everyday congratulations


Josh Heyer

Pricing is almost always inaccurate and gives the consumer false expectations.


tu chi ij

Please will buy owner finance under $15k

Client power

Wildman Billy

Need a method for the client to delete property from your listing if not interested, it’s difficult to flip back and forth between properties interested in.

Rent your home!


They give you free tools to see on average how much it would be to rent your home!

Looking to buy


Great place to look for your next home.

Zillow is my go-to platform when I’m searching for real-estate. The information is always up-to-date with literally real-time statuses on properties.

I love itt ! 😜


This app is a nice app because you can find the perfect price and layout of the house on #Zillow.

We used Zillow to help us find a great cottage and a great local realtor. The person Zillow suggested was very helpful.

Zillow is easy to use and fun to use.



Easy to see far away property’s .

Google authentication throws errors and it’s just getting worse it seems like every time I use lately.

Is it picking up all listings?


Not confident it picks all listings?

Perfect source if you’re thinking of relocating or moving up or down in home and area. I love to spend way too much time checking out home prices and day dreaming of a new life.

I love Zillow


This is the easiest site/app to use. I’m 63 years old and I find it very user friendly. It gives me all the info require to make an intelligent decision on wether or not the property works for me and my lifestyle.

I used to love it…


This was a great app, I was always logged in. But now I have to log in every time I open it.

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