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Topp 12-appar som Barbie Color Creations för iOS och Android

Letar du efter appar som Barbie Color Creations? Vi har sammanställt en lista över de bästa alternativa apparna för iOS- och Android-enheter. Barbie Color Creations-alternativ är oftast entertainment apparmen kan också vara family appareller games appar.

Det finns 12-appar som liknar Barbie Color Creations tillgängliga för flera plattformar, inklusive iPhone, iPad och Android-smarttelefoner. Connections Game! är det bästa alternativet. Andra appar som liknar Barbie Color Creations är AR Spiders & Co: Scare friends, Wayward Souls, Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race och DICY, Scoresheet for YAHTZEE®. Alla de bästa alternativa apparna för 2024 listas nedan och uppdateras regelbundet.

Bästa Entertainment-appar som Barbie Color Creations

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Connections Game! - Connect the 4 Word Association

Entertainment Games | First release: February 07, 2024

Connect the Words!

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AR Spiders & Co: Scare friends - Spider prank camera & on face

Entertainment | First release: November 11, 2023

No ads! Everything included for free (no In-App purchases!) Are your friends afraid of creepy spiders or scorpions? How about you? Are you afraid? Face your fears!

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Wayward Souls - Randomly generated action-RPG

Entertainment Games | First release: June 02, 2023

Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet.

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Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race - Build your DNA-modified runner

Entertainment Games | First release: May 12, 2024

► RELEASE THE MAD SCIENTIST WITHIN… Freak out in the lab, let your imagination run riot, merge the DNA of different animals and create the ultimate mutant runner, then test your experiments by letting them loose on a varied range of obstacle courses to race against other multi-limbed freaks of nature in the ultimate competition in evolution where only the fittest will survive.

Bästa Family-appar som Barbie Color Creations

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DICY, Scoresheet for YAHTZEE®

Family Games | First release: March 15, 2023

Digitalt Yatzy poängblock som automatiskt räknar ut rätt poäng. Perfekt när du spelar med barnen och vill låta dem sköta poängen!

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Ski Safari - Animals, avalanches and action

Family Games | First release: April 21, 2023

#1 Paid App in Australia Game of the Week in US, Canada, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand [5/5] "Great! - Love everything about this game.

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King of Opera - Multiplayer Party Game‪!‬

Family Games | First release: May 05, 2024

The best party game on iOS for 1-4 players!

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Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends - Hundreds of tricky puzzles‪!‬

Family Games | First release: April 20, 2023

Brain Test 4 brings a cast of new characters, new customization mechanics, and the most importantly all-new brain teasers.

Bästa Games-appar som Barbie Color Creations

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Games | First release: April 11, 2024

"plinko:lines" is an engaging puzzle game where players navigate through levels, aiming to create the longest line possible. Dodge defeat, strive for victory, and adapt to changing speeds and sizes as you progress.

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Gun Gear - Merge gears to trigger guns‪!‬

Games | First release: December 12, 2023

Earn more money and unlock new weapons. Use multipliers and enjoy special upgrade offers to do more damage.

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Basket Battle - You can be the best‪!‬

Games | First release: February 28, 2023

Throw the ball higher.

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Рlinkо: PrizeTrail

Games | First release: May 05, 2024

Embark on an enchanting saga as the puck navigates through a labyrinth of pegs in 'Plinko: PrizeTrail', our exhilarating showdown.

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