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  • Teresa56
    07/07/24 08:06

    quit subscription payed with paypal

  • Ophelia70
    04/04/24 11:42

    Using 3,6,0 v of Capcut. I have total 19 min video project. When tried to export the project it convert the last clip of the project about 8 Sec video.

  • Dean80
    05/02/24 10:25

    I took the pro version.
    When I want to donwload a video using "Pro Material" I'm asked to join Pro knowing that I'm Pro now...
    Can you please let me know how the make my Pro version available?
    Thank you.
    A S

  • Teresa16
    24/12/23 11:03

    why does capcut sometimes compress/reduce my clips?

  • Maria75
    17/12/23 09:54


  • Irene52
    13/12/23 10:40

    When I try to export my video from capcut I hear sound over sound before I same the file. What is happening ?

  • Grace79
    09/12/23 04:16

    Check Layer Order:

    Ensure that the caption layer is positioned correctly in the timeline. The caption layer should be above or below the video layer, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
    Duration of the Effect:

    Check the duration of the "Bounce Out" effect. If the effect is too short or too long, it might affect the visibility of the captions. Adjust the duration of the effect accordingly.
    Keyframes and Animation:

    If the "Bounce Out" effect involves animation or keyframes, make sure that the animation is not causing the captions to be hidden or move out of the visible area. Adjust the animation properties as needed.
    Opacity and Visibility:

    Verify if there are settings related to opacity or visibility for the "Bounce Out" effect. If the effect has opacity controls, ensure that it is not set to make the captions completely transparent.
    Caption Settings:

    Check the settings for the captions themselves. Ensure that the captions are not set to be hidden or made transparent during the "Bounce Out" effect.
    Update CapCut:

    Make sure you are using the latest version of CapCut. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements, so updating to the latest version may resolve any issues you are facing.
    Community Support:

    Check the CapCut community forums or support resources. Other users may have encountered similar issues and could provide insights or solutions.
    Contact Support:

    If the issue persists, consider reaching out to CapCut's customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide specific guidance based on the version you are using.

  • Arthur69
    27/11/23 09:45

    I updated my CapCut and my projects are crash ....................................................................................................

  • Miwa52
    22/11/23 09:07

    أنا مبتدئه وأعشق فن التصميم أرغب في تصميم قوالب ببرنامج كاب كات ولا اعرف كيف اقوم بالتصميم لدي افكار لكني مشتته...هل يمكنكم مساعدتي وإرشاد كيف انطلق لتصميم قوالب ومكيف ادمج قوالب بلبرنامج مع الشكر مسبقا

  • Van61
    21/11/23 09:33

    I unsubscribed CapCut last August but until now it is still charging my CC. My bank won't give refund. Please help.

  • Mindy37
    17/11/23 05:15

    capcut stabilizer stopped working on stablized clips

  • Tomas16
    30/10/23 10:05

    Hi there!
    Why is the size of a cut video so large?
    I import a 90min video with approx. 500.000 MB, cut parts out of the video, nothing else, export it and the size raises up to 5GB! Why that? it exports with 1080P, as I need it for selling it on my webpage. Its a zoom video.

    Any ideas?

    Thx in advance!

  • Humberto19
    06/12/23 12:44

    There are a few reasons why your cut video might be significantly larger than the original 90-minute video:

    1. Different codecs:

    Original video: Your original video might be encoded using a highly compressed codec like H.264, which prioritizes smaller file size over quality.
    Exported video: When you cut the video, your editing software likely re-encoded it using a different codec, such as H.265 or ProRes. These codecs offer better quality at the expense of file size.
    2. Re-encoding overhead:

    The process of cutting and re-encoding the video itself adds additional data and overhead, leading to a larger file size compared to the original.

    3. Export settings:

    Bitrate: If your export settings for the cut video have a higher bitrate than the original video, it will result in a larger file size. Bitrate determines the amount of data used per second to store video information, and a higher bitrate leads to better quality and larger files.
    Frame rate: The frame rate of the exported video being higher than the original can also contribute to a larger file size.
    Keyframes: The keyframe interval can also affect file size. Keyframes are full frames that store all the visual information, while other frames only store the changes since the last keyframe. A shorter keyframe interval leads to better quality but larger file size.
    4. Additional editing:

    If you made any edits to the video besides cutting, such as adding transitions, effects, or text overlays, these would also contribute to the increased file size.

    Here are some tips for reducing the size of your cut video:

    Use a more efficient codec: If possible, try exporting your video using the same codec as the original video. This will minimize the re-encoding overhead and potentially reduce the file size.
    Lower the bitrate: Experiment with lowering the bitrate of the exported video. This can significantly reduce the file size with a minor impact on quality.
    Adjust the frame rate: If your original video is 30fps, there's no need to export it at 60fps. Stick to the original frame rate to save space.
    Increase the keyframe interval: A longer keyframe interval will lead to a slightly larger file size but can still offer good quality.
    Avoid unnecessary edits: If possible, minimize the number of edits you make to the video, as each edit adds to the overall file size.
    Here's a helpful comparison:

    Codec Quality File size
    H.264 Good Small
    H.265 Better Medium
    ProRes Excellent Large

    It's important to find a balance between file size and quality that meets your needs. For selling on your webpage, a good balance might be using the H.265 codec with a moderate bitrate to achieve good quality without sacrificing too much space.

    Remember, the specific settings that work best for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Experiment with different settings and see what works best for your specific situation.

  • Miyako45
    07/10/23 12:04

    Buongiorno a tutto, non riesco a condividere un video senza abbonarmi.Come posso fare?grazie di cuore a chi mi risponderà

  • Dolly86
    21/09/23 04:55

    It's very easy to change caption timestamps in the online version of Capcut. Does anyone know how to do it in the PC version?

  • Mieko34
    20/09/23 07:49

    Hello! My question is that all of my Capcut videos have text which I have edited in them. However, in all of them, the text has been deselected! I am unable to edit the text as it's not highlighted in any of the videos which I have edited on Capcut. Can anyone please advise me as to what I could have done? Any setting which I have clicked on accidently?

  • Fabian17
    07/09/23 12:14

    I'm trying to split a video into segments, but unless they are out of order, it runs as a continuous video without gaps. Can anyone help?

  • Arlene85
    09/09/23 08:41

    To split a video into segments, follow these steps:

    1. Open CapCut: Launch the CapCut app on your mobile device.

    2. Import Your Video: Tap on the "New Project" or "+" button to create a new project. Then, import the video you want to split by tapping on the "Add Video" or "Import" button.

    3. Add Video to Timeline: Once your video is imported, it will appear in your project's media library. Tap on the video to select it, and then tap the "Add" or "Add to Project" button to add it to the timeline.

    4. Split the Video:
    - Play your video in the preview window to find the point where you want to split it.
    - Pause the video at the desired split point.
    - Use the split tool or option to cut the video at that point. This may involve tapping a scissors icon or a split button, depending on the interface of the app.

    5. Repeat as Needed: Continue playing the video and splitting it at the points where you want to create segments. You can split it as many times as necessary to create the desired segments.

    6. Arrange and Edit Segments: Once you have split the video into segments, you can drag and drop them in the timeline to rearrange them or apply various editing effects, transitions, and other adjustments to each segment individually.

    7. Export Your Video: When you're satisfied with the arrangement and editing of your video segments, tap the "Export" or "Save" button to save or export your edited video.

    By following these steps, you will be able to split your video into segments and arrange them in the desired order within CapCut. Keep in mind that the specific interface and options within CapCut may evolve over time, so the exact steps and buttons may vary slightly in future versions of the app.

  • Rie23
    20/08/23 08:16

    Where are the graphs?

  • Arlene85
    09/09/23 08:43

    CapCut is designed for video editing, including features like video trimming, cutting, and adding transitions, effects, and text overlays to your videos.

    If you want to create graphs or charts for your videos, you may need to use a separate software or app specifically designed for creating and editing graphs and charts. There are various graph and chart creation tools available, both online and offline, that can help you make visual representations of data. Once you've created the graphs or charts using a dedicated device, you can import them into CapCut and include them in your videos as images or overlays.

  • Ana24
    20/08/23 04:42

    can i get a refund and unsubscribw from my capcut pro bcz it's an auto transaction

  • Dolly31
    15/08/23 04:18

    Hi, My company bought 1000GB of storage and it is only allowing us to use 5gb as per the free trial. How do we change this because capcut is not replying to us.

  • Chiaki85
    09/08/23 01:05

    how to cancel subscription on capcut web and pc

  • Michael31
    20/07/23 07:46

    my capcut 4k exported vidio will not play full screen on my computer

  • Wilfred81
    18/07/23 05:01

    Can someone help me? Last night, I edited two videos in CapCut, saved them properly on my computer, and today they're gone. They appear in recent files, but when I try to play them, they're not there, and it shows that they are 0 bytes. Has anyone had a similar experience, and is it possible to recover those files?

  • Alberto17
    15/07/23 03:05

    i have used capcut before for splitting scenes and it worked fine. now when i split a movie and use split scene it cuts it all up into 1 sec scenes. i have tried on both my macs. it worked perfectly before, what am i doiunng wrong? please help!

  • Patty21
    11/07/23 02:46

    i appreciate, it helps me alot.

  • Patty21
    11/07/23 02:45

    great information

  • Gordon55
    10/07/23 06:34

    When exporting HEVC 265 videos in Capcut on my laptop, I'm getting HEVC 264 videos (with less bright colors) as a result.

    How can I avoid this and keep the files in the same quality as the ones in HEVC 265?

    I shoot the videos with Google Pixel 7 pro in HDR, saved as HEVC265 files.

    My export settings are: 1080p, I don t change the fps

    Process: When exporting them on my laptop with the desktop version in CapCut in HEVC 265 format, I am notified that my laptop does not support HDR and CapCut will automatically render the video as SDR.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

  • Gordon55
    10/07/23 08:24

    I shoot videos with Google Pixel in HDR and HEVC265. When I download them from CapCut in 264 format, I am notified that my laptop does not support HDR and CapCut will automatically render the video as SDR. Is there a solution to this problem?"

  • Humberto67
    07/07/23 02:58

    I'm editing a clip in capcut and I have to time the captions perfectly with the words mouthed onscreen therefore I have to stretch the video so that I can scroll through milliseconds easily.
    The problem I am having is that when I scroll through the milliseconds, the preview of the video doesn't refresh and the image doesn't move until l've moved the video for about a second long, making it impossible for me to time captions correctly. Even though I'm working on an iPhone 13 pro, This Never used to happen before and nothing happened with my phone so idk what the issue could be. Before I would be able to scroll very slowly through milliseconds and the image would update and move accordingly..
    I will be very thankful for any help.

  • Nicholas13
    29/06/23 05:42

    A brand new Capcut for PC user as of yesterday. My first problem is probably so basic but so crippling. I drag or import photos/video clips into the media area. Then pull them down into the Timeline. But the Player screen in the middle stays black. If I hit play, the timeline runs, I can hear it but the Playerscreen stays black. Anyone with some thoughts? Than you in advance.

  • Teresa70
    06/06/23 07:05

    The color Glitch transition is upside down. In new projects and old ones. I also tried to downgrade the version but still the same! It was not upside down before.

  • Teresa70
    06/06/23 07:11

    Many effects are upside down. I also cleared the cache. No help.

  • Teresa70
    06/06/23 07:11


  • Charley55
    05/06/23 04:04

    Is the ‘Lock-On’ feature available on PC?

  • Jerry74
    01/06/23 05:26

    New member of CapCut Pro for PC as of today. Ho do I save a project on my Windows 10 pc so I can forward it in an email?

  • Miwa93
    31/05/23 11:43

    sorry, but us older people need a larger time line option. I know I can extend the view (horizontal) but I want to do a vertical enlargement. Any ideas other than changing my monitor resolution?

  • Danny36
    08/04/23 05:02

    How do I add a curve to animation speed?

  • Victor47
    05/04/23 03:28

    After editing a video together, when I return to the project a few days later, some of my content has gone missing when I next open it. How do I find it?
    How do I save all the content in one place?

  • Nanaho87
    18/02/23 03:19


    Does anyone knows how prolong the slow zoom ? When I drag the effect only lasts two seconds even if I drag to the longer time.


  • Alberto42
    12/02/23 07:27

    Does anyone know how can I prevent my cover appearing as the first frame in the actual video? I am using a separate image as a cover and it should not be in the video whatsoever. Will it always be the very first frame and there is nothing I can do about it or is there a solution to it?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Rene98
    30/01/23 08:08

    Is there a way to get a free subscription to CapCut?

  • Fabian50
    15/12/22 10:45

    Hi, so I've been using CapCut for a while and I think the app is great. However when making my last video whatever I type it seems to have a coded message for when the video is completed

  • Oscar92
    03/12/22 03:57


  • Kumiko39
    14/11/22 11:05

    I'm trying to make playlist videos for YouTube, not planning to monetize them or anything. The first video I made worked wonderfully, but the second one keeps giving me an error when I try to download it to my device. I have ample space in both my cloud and my device, and yet whenever I click the download button it comes up with something along the lines of "error: your request failed to process" in the top left corner with a white page and instead of the usual title for the browser tab it just

  • Frances12
    20/10/22 01:11

    I'm a singer songwriter. I have a video of a song performance which I would like to add CapCut stickers to in the CapCut program. I then want to post the video of platforms like TikTok and Youtube. But would this count as "commercial use" and hence go against the CapCut license?

  • Kumiko39
    14/11/22 11:11

    I don't think so, but if you plan to make money off of the videos then maybe it could be said that you went against the license. But if not, you should be good.

  • Gordon72
    11/10/22 06:45

    "link to media"

  • Sachiko26
    05/10/22 05:47

    Anyone know if you're able to round the background on your text fonts? Been seraching and can't figure out how to do this.

  • Emily62
    15/09/22 02:38

    Hi. I did a whole editing,(multiple clips,overlays,volume,effects,stickers) on a video project and now l'd like to add another short clip at the beginning but when l do it, the whole editing is pushed forward on the timeline. l really don't want to edit it all, all over again. Is there a way to keep the existing edited video clips project and simply add another clip at the beginning without disturbing the timeline of the previous editing? Thnx

  • Alberto42
    12/02/23 07:24

    One thing you could always do is to export your current video, create a new one, import it in and you have a bunch of free space to work with. Less things to mess up from there. Obviously, the previous things that you have been made will not be editable after that, but that could be a solution.

  • Emi87
    07/09/22 11:55

    Buongiorno a tutti, ho scoperto CapCut da poco e ne sono ENTUSIASTA! Per

  • Rose46
    17/08/22 07:47

    Have installed Capcut on my laptop pc using bluestacks 5. I

  • Nana39
    16/08/22 12:35

    Hola. me he levantado esta ma

  • Lili36
    20/06/22 11:16

    How can I make a transition with effects that aren't very noticeable?

  • Ivan84
    18/05/22 12:45

    I found Capcut to be a pretty good app.

  • Alex89
    03/05/22 01:07

    Why is there no longer an anime swap option?

  • Arlene17
    07/02/22 12:26

    Bonjour pourquoi je ne peut pas utiliser les graphiques en bleue

  • Iris46
    01/03/21 05:26

    Great app but when I export the project everything has like a 2 seconds delay, and it doesn

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