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So CapCut is good but there is just on problem, sometimes when I was to in add a overlay and I click on it, it say you have no photos but I do.

Incredible features. Accurate AI tracking. Had to check my bank account twice if I had accidentally bought this for $1000 because I can’t believe this is free.

I love this app and as a beginner editor i love it, But here are my suggestions: More animations like alight motion and After Affects? And more effects please! And more fliters? I. Love the app and i thank you for making it!



This is a awesome app because it’s free and has everything like star video I mean I’m a really slow beginner

It’s pretty good but


I mean the app is a really good app, it has everything you could really need now that there is graphs, but I feel like you guys should fix the custom graphs setting, it’s confusing to use and you can’t really get it to the liking you want

Love it butt


Don’t get me wrong. I love this app. But what if I had to delete this or get a new phone? Will all of my work be safe or will it be gone?


♡★| mmmaaargo|★♡

This app helped my edits get 40k followers on tiktok and 18k on YouTube. This is legit so good for a free app.

CapCut Exports


So once I exported my edit I realized that the video and the audio weren’t in sync and this has happened a few times now. So I’m just hoping you’ll fix that soon. :)

i think this app is super handy, but where’s version 4.6.0? everyone’s been talking about it, but i can’t find it on android OR iOS. what is the deal-



I’m in love I love how there’s chroma key and stabilize it so useful

A few problems


I like it, but, I have a great internet connection and it still says no internet connection, enabling me to not do a lot. Great app, but please fix it

Fix this plz


I love the app I’m really good at making edits on it but one complaint is that when I slow my videos instead of slowing it basically makes it laggy can you fix that??


Diana Playz Roblox

Anyways i love this app and why r yall saying so much in one comment??-


jason and aiden

I use this for anime editing (my insta is skorvvy if you wanna check out some edits) and I love it, it’s soo easy. There are some thing you have to learn but after that it’s easy, quick, and awesome

CapCut is a really good app for me to make videos but there is a lot of bugs in the app because I was trying to add a text one time but the text wouldn’t show up on the screen so yeh.

PLEASE PUT BACK ANIMATIONS. I can’t find the right things for the edit without animations

So, I love this app and it’s great but,I saw that you can make your own transitions so I tired a zoom in but it’s not smooth so could you guys add graphs like how Funimate and after effects have? Thanks overall this app is great!

This editing app make me learn how to edit got good editing skills on YouTube and tiktok my yt is Gernade Gunner

CapCut review


When it comes to editing this app is the way to go. It’s so underrated, but when you know how to work things it can be the best app.


if jake was from sta

Literally the best app I’ve used frfr, it helps with music videos and overall does an amazing job!



ok so its good app in general but when i make edits on there it comes out offbeat when in the app it’s perfectly fine. also.. PLEASE ADD GRAPHS

Arabic fonts

Eilya 07

This app is very nice. It’s like a magic of editing. But Arabic language support is missing. I think it’s time to support Arabic fonts. 🌷

I honestly feel like if CapCut had graphs that edits could be a lot smoother. It wouldn’t be stiff and laggy.



If u add graphs this app will be perfect. I’m begging. 😭


Jacklyn Martin

i loveeeee capcut and all but when i import videos it lags for some reason and it keeps doing it , i’m just trying to edit 😭.

Please fix stickers


Stickers were almost unusable for me and ruined an edit I was making

love it but


love the app but it keeps crashing

Amazing for everyone!

u will love the app

This app is so amazing and so easy to learn! You can do so many different things and you learn more as you go. There are super cool features and I hope to be seeing more soon!!!

As an editor, I personally love CapCut! It can do a lot of things especially make great edits. It also has great filters and effects that make the edits better! Overall it’s a 5 out of 5

Pls fix


I got on CapCut it said I don’t have enough storage but on the settings app it doesn’t say iPad storage That’s weird So pls fix Sincerely. A person named David

I was really impressed because of how quickly I new all the settings. It is very easy yet very quick, and you don’t spend more than 30 minutes each project. All of the effects and animations make my editing life 12x easier.

Good app


This is a good app for all ages


Megan momma of 2

This app is amazing and I highly recommend it for beginners the only problem is I lost all my projects when I went into cap cut today :(

I love it but…

I can't save

Ok so I do love the app it’s really good for beginners but the thing is it is asking me to allow me to access saving videos and so I can make videos because I already let them access that CapCut plz fix it if it is a bug or something



The fact that all the features are free, it’s easy to use and most importantly, THE QUALITY IS AMAZING. Props to the developers, please never change. Thank you <3

In my opinion capcut is extremely impressive but I just want one thing, Δ negative filter, like that would be so dope to have please add it!

Love this app

love this app beacus

Thank you cap cut for a editing app 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

A suggestion


I think there should be like a velocity edit option like basically you import audio then you select it and select the beat style and then the effects and then done!

Why it’s 4 Stars


capcut is amazing but it takes up so much storage it became a huge problem! It soon was using 114GB!!!

please fix this capcut

I love ur game fix i

My photos are keep going the color black i love ur game but its not working 😢so plz fix this and stop saying "not enough storage 😢

Best editing app

This is one of the best free editing app. I use this for TikTok and it’s been great so far

Very Good App!!


I’d like if we were able to upload our own fonts, it would help because i just love the text animations and I’d love to see them with newer fonts. Other than that, I love this app!



I love this game and nothin wrong with it accept I can’t seem to find the right music I can only get different songs and not the ones I want but other than that everything is fine ty❤️😅



Hi my name is Bella I love this app because you can edit very cool stuff you can go try it for ur see and see how fun it is.




Great editing app but when I add sound to it, I can’t add anymore photos, only videos. Kinda frustrating tbh

Please put this


It is a very good app the only thing is that I cannot put more than one pic in the same pic I know it will sound weird but it is so good the app ❤️🥵

I was looking for App to make video for birthday. Tried this one. Pros - Wow this has so many inbuilt filters - so many sounds and video effects - it made my life much easier. - the light filter was wow. WOW WOW WOW Thank You for the amazing App.

Key frames

Mr. Meseeks the thir

Literally the only thing I really need that this app does already have is a graph for key frames the key frames are just too choppy and straight



Okay so are you looking for a video edit app for beginners?Well get CapCut it work sOoOo good!And you can also share your edits to apps like TikTok,Instagram, Facebook and others apps so get CapCut RN ✋👏😎

Good app


Suggest: can you guys add like we can access our music in our files

Dark Mode


Best of class video editor and it’s free without in-app purchases. Just make dark mode consistent to have a better user experience.



Cap cut don’t support Arabic and Farsi text

Its such a easy and understandable app, but it needs more features like better slow no’s and velocity’s, and better ghost effects.



I used this app for years loving it and one day I deleted and I tried downloading it again but I won’t download its saved it was loading for 2 days straight and I cant stop so I can rever use it again

hey i just want to say please remove the watermark that’s like at the end great app tho i just needed to learn how to use it from youtube so great app!




It’s good but it won’t let me download 5/10 I recommend.

i use this too edit all my videos 8/10

Ok so the app is really good! Buts there’s a problem if u don’t have enough storage u can’t use the app forcing u to delete some some other apps

Overall ok

I'm not that racist

Not sure why but recently when I save a video the quality because absolute garbage even though the picture quality is as high as I can possibly have it from the source and on the app and it’s pretty annoying

Great but...

Addie Eva

This app is honestly great but it ate 17gbs in one month, 20gbs in 2 months, and 29gbs in only 3months i deleted it but im downloading it again

U should get it


It’s actually a really good app but it might be hard at first but it’s actually a really good app so I recommend this for a editing app

I love it!

jewels Lowells

I love Capcut but there is only one thing that I just cannot take. For the transitions there is a “Apply to all” but there isn’t for the animations I would be nice to add it. Please and Thank you!

I’m angry


This is my fault but this app is awesome but I accidentally deleted one of my projects and a cant get it back please add a feature were you can recover them

This game is cool I like and I just download it it was very cool 😎 and it helps me a lot but I wish it had music 🎵 so good I like it and I won’t stop using it!

I would rate 5 stars but this is annoying and I’m in USA

Can’t cut your game is amazig there’s issue😅

synflower cookie🌈✌🏾💖

I’m starting a YouTube channel and every time I do a voiceover it sounds like a beeping sound please fix it now!!!!!😤😤 it upsets me so much every time I try to do a voiceover it’s a big beeping sound

I love it but

트와이스 as nice

So I use CapCut to edit my videos and I have to say, I am very impressed but when I pressed done from trimming the audio I had exported, It went back to it's original length. Please fix this but voe great app.

Needs more

lil mep😇😇

It’s a good app, I use it but, There should be more stuff added. Like more transitions, key frames, motion blur, Auto-Shake. More! We just want more thats it :). It’s a very good app :)

✨I have a YouTube channel I edit a lot on it ⚡️my only problem is that I can’t get capcut on my computer and it makes me mad pls add capcut to pc and computer ✨

Great app!


I downloaded this app a while back and I’m so pleased with it. I’m not a beginner editor anymore but I still use it. love it would recommend!



Hi capcut creator the edit looks good enough but idk how to clean my storage but I don’t have enough cuz could you fix that pls cuz I wanna edit it so much as i could.

This app is so amazing everything is free you can make whatever you want to make the effects are so amazing I have been using them a lot! This app is so amazing so I recommend it

I Love It


It’s one of the only free editing apps and has so many options!

I love it but..

tangle the pirate

So basically I’ve been using this ever since I started making a YouTube channel but I hate that I have to delete videos I love and proud of it always says I have full storage even tho I have like three videos

I like it

Elizabeth propst

I love it because I can finally. Edit my Gacha club videos now it’s better than KineMaster kinda … but it’s awesome to me 🥺💕



Can you add where you can copy and paste key frames? I have a question, Is it possible to delete a split?

A very good app

edit art gaming

I am a very young editor to see this I have very well edits and it has no water Mark and everything is free and easy to understand



i want to make a one direction/måneskin edit 🤪💕💕🌸💅🏼🥺🥺🥺😩🥵❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


MAD GIRL! !!!!!!!

This app is awesome! But why does it keep saying CapCut need to be connected to album and it is!! I said confirm and it brought me I To my settings everything was on ! Idk what’s it talking about!”

Too much storage


Ever time I want to edit it say.”insufficient storage full try again” so I go see if I have storage. And I do And I don’t like how it says that but other then that it so easy to learn. And so helpful



I just wanted to say how I love this app so much! It is so easy to use and there is NO WATERMARK! It has nice transitions for edits and everything:) 5/5 recommend it!

i absolutely love this app it makes editing videos easy, it also doesn’t beg you to buy premium every 5 minutes, which I also love.

I’m a fast typer. It’s kinda hard to work on something when the app closes every time I try to finish adding the text. 🤨

Mejor App / Bess App

The Mister Z

Es la mejor Aplicacion Que he descargado y usado totalmente gratis … English : It is the best Application that I have downloaded and used totally free…


♦️♥️ t r a s h♥️♦️

I like this app it's good for editing but whenever I put in exported audio it says "video format not supported"? That needs to be fixed. Otherwise it's a good app


Jayden roblox acc: a


Bad Quality


everything about the app is good except the quality, after a export the video it says it 1080p but it looks like 360p, rather then that the apps great


hi my name is cali

I love this game it is the best it has so many things so you can’s amazing! I edited so many things and they now look fab! I live the app it might need some practice to get really good but it’s awesome!



Hey I just wanted to say this app is great I saw somebody on TikTok that was a paid editor so I will grow and dream until I accomplish my goal.!


-Chocolate milk club

This App is perfect and it’s all free and no adds!

Cool but..


Hey!In a CapCut user and I think this is a great editing app!I think capcut should add more effects tho.

I’d like to request if you could allow Spotify music in here to there are a lot of songs I have that are part of gacha memes so please get this request thank love the app ❤️

I use this app every time and I love it but I hope to add Arabic language and thanks


sweet huffelpuff

It is a good eroding app but it keeps telling me that I have no storage but I do I have deleted most of my photos and videos I don’t understand



When I updated it that’s when it started sucking. Freezing up non stop! Fix please. Love this app!

3d zoom


Does anyone know how to get 3d zoom effect. I press on style but the 3d zoom effect isn’t there.

Photos aren’t photos anymore

wordy wprd wotd word

So I love this app and I use it a lot but I have one problem with it, when I try to edit my photos I’ll make something I really like but then it turns it into a video instead of a photo so then I can’t use it for a photo.

Best editing app


It’s literally the same as the paid editing apps but free 10/10

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