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  • Vicky72
    10/06/23 04:04

    Mob Control now has a glitch. There are times when the defense cannot be killed, it just keeps going, and going and going. Defense has 0, but my Siri walks right through it, overhead rocket attack does not work either.

  • Rafael26
    10/06/23 08:38

    it's happening to me too

  • Lisa57
    18/03/23 01:29

    How do you pick a specific target/fortress to attack instead of the game picking a random one?

  • Charley60
    30/05/23 04:09

    The only way I know how is by tapping the red Received Attacks alert (hovering above your base)

    It'll then open a list of people who attacked your fortress, divided into the players who looted and the ones who just broke a shield. Click a player to get Revenge.

    Other than that, I don't think you can target specific players. I believe the attacks on our fortress, that feel like we were specifically 'targeted', are actually battles that we 'lost' in the randomly assigned battles-- at least that's what makes sense in my mind. 🤷

  • Hitomi100
    30/01/23 02:47

    How can I get Handful of Coins and Large Pack of Skip Tickets for free in Mob Control?

  • Harvey10
    25/01/23 12:30

    Is there a way to break shields? Are there any in depth instructions on what we are actually doing? I get notifications that someone broke a shield on me. I return attack, see what I think is a shield being broken, but get no acknowledgement or no shield rewarded.

  • Rita66
    17/02/23 02:55

    I also would like to know*

  • Erin46
    02/01/23 06:35

    How can I play online? The game always says I play offline :-/

  • Kumiko59
    10/03/22 11:49

    Bonjour..le jeu mob contr

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