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Connected as Naoko31 (Change)
  • Mieko72
    13/04/23 12:49

    Czy ktoś próbował już robić zestawienie wymagań da poszczególnych poziomów budynków?

  • Mieko72
    12/04/23 04:24

    Interesuję mnie zestawienie wymogów surowców na kolejne poziomy poszczególnych budynków. Jest taka strona?

  • Hermine51
    28/03/23 02:51

    How do I get small lord stamina

  • Wendy49
    26/03/23 06:04

    If you are in realm 10072, join the GAU alliance...-) Good game

  • Patty41
    26/03/23 06:03

    I have 83 chests and I don't have keys. Where can they be found?

  • Wendy49
    26/03/23 06:03

    You have to do the daily quests, which give keys, and above all don't forget to collect the rewards of these quests...

  • Gordon84
    26/03/23 06:01

    Hello, I have to destroy an undead barracks and I can't find any, I always get the message "no barracks in this area" I have searched everywhere but can't find it! Thank you for your help

  • Wendy49
    26/03/23 06:01

    You can't destroy barracks if you don't join an alliance. Like this, and the rest will come by itself

  • Wendy92
    04/03/23 08:09

    Где можно приобрести оружие для лорда?

  • Wendy92
    04/03/23 08:08

    Где можно и как приобрести оружие для лорда?

  • Tanya89
    30/01/23 12:02

    How can I get the Bag of Gold and Chest of Gold for free in Stormshot?

  • Junko11
    02/01/23 12:34

    Comment décimer un camp de gardés rouges ?

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