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Connected as Tanya70 (Change)
  • Vince18
    27/11/23 08:24

    Looking for players to join our club. Requirements are 35k/1 boost per week. Club name is Simply Gold. Thanks.

  • Wilma90
    26/11/23 07:27

    I've moved clubs but cannot message on the hub or start games with the team. Anyone know why?

  • Isabel75
    25/11/23 07:05

    My Words with Friends 2 shows the dictionary on the right side all of the time. This is where my chat column used to be and I can not get my chat back or get rid of the dictionay can anyone help?

  • Hermine84
    20/11/23 02:49

    I just noticed my post in this forum indicates its not my user name. Perhaps I've been hacked thru wwf2? Lots of weirdness in this app lately..

  • Wilfred62
    03/11/23 11:22

    Why do people start games and never play? Just don't accept if you can't be bothered. I had a stroke in 06 and an aneurysm in 07 so I actually use the app for my cognitive skills.

  • Shary33
    27/10/23 07:17

    Anyone having trouble with WWF2 formatting on iPad? It suddenly looks enlarged, weird and is sluggish. I have run software updates, updated to current iOS, restarted…same weirdness.

  • Hermine84
    20/11/23 02:44

    Ive had similar issues. Ive noticed the little spinning wheel turns in the opposite direction sometimes.. i also have a red flag in the lower left I can’t get rid of.

  • Junko44
    09/10/23 03:17

    I just started playing words with friends 2 and literally all the games I have, I have to swap at least once because I end up with all vowels. I feel lucky to have a consonant. Is this happening to everyone? Maybe there needs to be a better algorithm or insert more consonants.

  • Felix28
    30/09/23 07:29

    Ll bean ads

  • Felix28
    30/09/23 07:33

    Is anyone else having trouble with the LLBean ad? There is no way to get out of the ad. I have to restart my phone to continue.

  • Jose35
    19/09/23 02:52

    Why has game stopped confirming I wish to play my word? It now plays instantly. Cannot watch video in my club to earn extra points, nor can rest of team. My opponents pictures and names are mismatched.

  • Noel32
    18/08/23 05:48

    WWF 2 freezes on me after playing 2 opponents?

  • Kate74
    18/08/23 05:45

    My wwf2 lets me play 2 games then freezes?

  • Akane54
    25/07/23 01:40

    What has happened to Lightning Round?

  • Maria60
    16/07/23 04:10

    Why has quick play stopped?

  • Debby19
    12/07/23 07:31

    I've been "restricted" from the game chat! ( honestly! It was unwarranted!) Zynga Helper gives me a generic response when I ask "how long"! Has anyone experienced a temp loss of chat, that could give me a sense of wait owriod till I'm reinstated! ?

  • Tammy98
    11/07/23 02:47

    Anyone having trouble today with the game not properly keeping score. I have less than 2000pt, should have several thousand more.

  • Ernesto20
    24/04/23 02:24

    used to get 30 free coins now down to 9

  • Nanaho23
    26/04/23 04:49

    Sometimes I don't even get a single free coin!

    Why are "words" whose meaning cannot be given, allowed?

    Where can I find a list of the words that are acceptable by WWF?
    Why are some words allowed one time and not another, and without explanation?

  • Cristobal10
    16/04/23 06:57

    It is the most disturbing thing to have to reboot your game after each move, due to the ad black screens. It is even more disturbing than we can buy our way out of ads, for a month at a time! How stupid are we? Now they get paid for ads and for no ads. It should not be allowed. It would be so fun to play this game without interference , after 14 years, I am giving it up and looking for something less invasive. We are being held captive on our own devices!

  • Claudette31
    05/02/23 09:34

    Why does the store say watch video for 3 coins but recently started only giving 1 coin?

  • Bonnie11
    31/01/23 05:43

    Is there any way to get the Ad Free Bundle or AdsFree Season Pass Offer in Words With Friends 2 Word Game for free?

  • Lee50
    26/11/22 03:11

    Continuation from below:
    Opponent is playing straight. Wouldn't be great if the developers offered a feature that allowed us to select an opponent based on whether or not the used or didn't use the "assisted features" I understand they're currently in the business to make as much money as possible and by offering these features attracts a different group of people who wouldn't normally play without the features, but at least let us choose a user or a non-user.

  • Lee50
    26/11/22 03:01

    I have a live hate relationship with this game, I love playing people from around the world but the game has become a huge scam. From not allowing consistent winning to stealing coins, it's almost sure impossibly to win consistently based on knowledge. Why they find is necessary to offer ways to cheat (yes I call it cheating) by offering extra turns, clues and highlights I don't know. I would feel no satisfaction beating someone who's rated higher than me because I used these cheats and my oppon

  • Nanaho23
    26/04/23 04:53

    Try SCRABBLE with real people!

  • Emi60
    22/11/22 12:42

    Got a new phone and transfer from old phone put me in an older account. I’m a level 23 and now I’m level 5

  • Rie31
    12/11/22 04:26

    I have 1500 coins and I cannot earn more, and also cannot spend them to buy power ups. Please help

  • Junko47
    06/11/22 05:49

    My games have been corrupting since late August with a variety of suggested fixes. Log out, force close make sure app is latest release, could be a WiFi, internet issue. Blah, blah. Nothing has worked. Had a game corrupt as recently as two days in a row. Why does Zynga not have the talent to fix this. How pervasive is the problem?

  • Kazuko53
    02/10/22 08:58

    Word Flip is driving me crazy! It needs to go! And I'm far from the only one, it would seem. Do the folks at Zynga listen t o players? Because it sure doesn't look that way.

  • Aki66
    15/10/22 01:55

    I hate it too. Those round blobs on the left side of the letters when playing the regular game are so distracting. My husband plays Words with Friends also and he doesn’t have this game.

  • Gabielle67
    01/10/22 08:49

    How do you opt out of Word flips? I don’t like the game and now it’s interfering with my regular games. It is so frustrating. Every time I play a game I have to wait for it to load points before I can move on. I want out!!

  • Aki66
    15/10/22 01:58

    I’ve contacted someone 2 times so far and they have told me there is no way yo opt out. Those round blobs on the letters are so distracting and drive me crazy. If anyone knows a way to get rid of these please tell me!

  • Junko43
    20/08/22 02:24

    Recently the very first version of Word has stopped working...I loved that very simple version. I want it back!

  • Gaston23
    13/08/22 06:51

    There is hardly any point in playing this game anymore. Word Rival constantly freezes. Lightning Round kicks you out, then you have to "rejoin your team." And if you're suppose to play as many words as fast as you can in Lightning Round, WHY put a coin ad on the entire screen DURING the game. And now you can't buy powerups until you run out? Why spend coins on other games that don't work??? NOTHING on this app works correctly. And contacting "support" is worthless. I've had the same respo

  • Sebastien49
    06/08/22 01:18

    What??? now I have to run out of powerups before I can replenish???

  • Jerry10
    07/08/22 08:43

    on away. I like to have a lot of coins and power-ups. This is how I measure my performance. This is where I get the enjoyment. Without this feature you have ruined the game for me, and I see no reason to continue playing (at least at the rate I had been). I have needed a good reason to stop spending so much time on this game. My obsession with being over the max has always kept me playing more than I actually wanted to. Now that you have taken it away, I can be free of this. Thank you

  • Jerry10
    07/08/22 08:40

    Ya - I am really pissed off about this change. Probably going to stop playing altogether. This is my exchange with Zynga Support over the matter;

    FROM ME: August 06, 2022, 13:31 -0400
    Suddenly I cannot purchase power-ups with my collected coins anymore. I cannot collect any more coins because I have 1500 and that seems to be the limit (so I have no reason to watch your ads for coins anymore). And I cannot spend them down below the max on power-ups because you appear to have taken the opti

  • Lee50
    26/11/22 03:20

    Another way to control what we do and steal coins because they think you're not monitoring them, kind of like the apps that take low amounts of renewing money every month because we forgot to cancel, It could go months before you notice. In this new power up format it give them more time to steal coins forcing you to but more sooner.

  • Jerry10
    07/08/22 08:42

    ...on away. I like to have a lot of coins and power-ups. This is how I measure my performance. This is where I get the enjoyment. Without this feature you have ruined the game for me, and I see no reason to continue playing (at least at the rate I had been). I have needed a good reason to stop spending so much time on this game. My obsession with being over the max has always kept me playing more than I actually wanted to. Now that you have taken it away, I can be free of this. Thank you

  • Virginie30
    31/07/22 04:17

    Game keeps freezing since the last update. I can play 2 rounds and it freezes and I have to go to settings to refresh. This has never happened before. What is going on?

  • Chiaki57
    23/07/22 10:40

    Keep getting these 5 second iPhone 13 pro ads not paying rewards after watching them ?

  • William24
    16/07/22 03:01

    After a couple of years of playing WWF 2 I am convinced that Zynga uses some algorithm when assigning letters in games against the "bots". I find consistent assignment of higher value and more usable letters to the bots, especially in the later portions of the game. I win most of the time and am thinking there is some algorithm used to make it more challenging. It's getting old.

  • Emi23
    17/09/22 07:51


  • Oscar81
    12/07/22 03:53

    Six flags ads don

  • Tanya100
    09/07/22 02:53

    For 4 days now, a KLONDIKE ADVENTURE ad appears over my letters and I cannot play. I cannot delete this ad. Please remove it. Lizzie

  • Sally32
    06/07/22 11:50

    WWF 2 won't load and was refusing to load videos to get coins. This app needs some tweaking.

  • Junko76
    19/06/22 03:01


  • Rene67
    14/06/22 10:23

    Why does the Word Master game keep changing mid-week, between the old and the new format? I'm beginning to think about quitting after 8 years. And this isn't the only thing pissing me off about the whole game just now. I could make a list, but I guess nobody cares.

  • Paloma98
    22/05/22 01:44

    Enhancement to the solo challenge, this week Bold Buccaneers is aweful. The game used to be fun. 3 levels. Easy, Medium, Hard and Very hard. Now you get 30 coins and it costs 15 to play one round. What are you thinking Zynga?

  • Vince40
    14/05/22 07:15

    Why will ads to obtain tickets for solo challenge games not load? I've tried every remedy suggested (check wifi., check background apps., remove ad blockers, etc., ettc.. Etc) I cannot complete challenge in one week waiting for tickets

  • Arlene20
    23/04/22 01:52

    Why are some words valid when played by Masters but invalid when I play them?

  • Jose88
    16/04/22 02:17

    I earned an achievement and then it disappeared and I didn

  • Peter57
    14/04/22 03:53

    Why am I getting Apple Fitness App after each game it won

  • Frances29
    01/04/22 07:13

    upgraded to Words w/ Friends 2. Now, how do I bring in my outstanding games. skill level (15), and my Friends>

  • Joyce86
    27/03/22 03:10

    my game told me that "noose"is an invalid word

  • Tomas53
    16/04/22 04:59

    Same here. Could it be a racial thing?

  • Maria46
    04/03/22 12:06

    Has anyone lost

  • Youko47
    02/05/22 09:34

    Click the envelope on the upper far right corner. Lightening round is the last item.

  • Youko79
    19/02/22 02:24

    Why do my coins I have built up on words suddenly disappear ?

  • Dolly37
    30/06/22 11:00

    Me too! Very frustrating! Any answers?

  • Sam81
    04/02/22 07:05

    Anyone know why there aren

  • Sally54
    16/01/22 11:28

    They changed the ability to buy powerups now you can

  • Irene27
    11/01/22 10:17

    After every game I'm getting candy crush come up and when I press x to get out it takes me to play store,I end up having to shut down to get rid of it,I'm not prepared to pay to stop adverts

  • Ayumi64
    25/11/21 03:20

    Is anyone else struggling to beat all 25 solo challenges? Don

  • Arlene20
    23/04/22 01:55

    I get annoyed because words that are considered invalid when I play them are valid for Masters!!

  • Tomas53
    16/04/22 05:01

    Same! This is the reason I quit Farmville. They set it up so you have to play all the time.

  • Arlene92
    24/12/21 04:53

    Ditto. I also do not like the ticket business to play solo challenge. And does it seem the rewards are ridiculously small compared to the cost of a power up.

  • Van56
    24/10/21 04:46

    I have lost the option to buy power ups in the store in WWF 1. Has anyone else. Is it a ploy to make me move to WWF 2?

  • Rene89
    11/10/21 11:13

    Am I right in thinking that if you start using coins to change letters that you will then keep getting bad letters to make you spend more coins?

  • Peter70
    11/10/21 03:53

    Have bought new iPad but cannot download my current version of words. I keep getting new game with ads

  • Iris46
    17/02/21 11:28

    Je suis bloqu

  • Iris46
    22/01/21 12:48

    So vape is a word...recognized as a verb... but not vaped, vaping, etc? where do i complain haha.

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