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Delve into the extensive archive of Brawl Stars APK versions, featuring detailed notes and compatibility information for each of the 9 version histories collected since Feb 27, 2024. This page is dedicated to fans looking to explore the evolution of Brawl Stars.

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What's New in the Latest Version 54.243

March 2024 - April 2024

∙ New competitive mode: Power League is dead! Long live RANKED!
∙ New Seasonal game mode: Trophy Escape
∙ New Brawlers: Angelo (Epic) and Melodie (Mythic)
∙ Hypercharges: Cordelius, Buzz, El Primo, Belle, Sprout and Bibi
∙ Brawl Pass Season 24: Sands of Time (March)
∙ Brawl Pass Season 25: Ragnarok (April)
∙ Fame improvements, new Skins, bug fixes and more!

Brawl Stars APK Version History

Below is a list of APK file versions for Brawl Stars. Please note that download links for each version might not be available, or only accessible after the developer's approval.

Brawl Stars v54.243
Brawl Stars v52.193
UPDATE 52: THE BIZARRE CIRCUS! November/December 2023 ∙ Brawl-o-Ween is back with new (old?) skins and Pumpkin Plunder! ∙ New MEGA PIG Event for Clubs!
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Brawl Stars v50.219
UPDATE 50: THE ENCHANTED FOREST July/August 2023 ∙ New Feature: Starr Drops! Earn daily random rewards! ∙ New Feature: Welcome back experience for returning players!
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Brawl Stars v47.227
UPDATE 47: WELCOME TO THE CANDYSHOP! December 2022 - February 2023 ? Brawl Boxes and drop chances are GONE! ? Collect Credits and unlock Brawlers you want on the Starr Road!
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Brawl Stars v44.242
UPDATE 44: DEEP SEA BRAWL! June/July 2022 ? New Chromatic Brawler: Otis (Damage Dealer) creepin' in the deep! ? New Seasonal Game Mode: Hunters (FFA)
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Brawl Stars v42.356
UPDATE 43: THE BIODOME! March/April 2022 ? New Chromatic Brawler: Eve (Damage Dealer) is here to conquer! ? New Seasonal Game Modes: Wipeout and Payload!
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Brawl Stars v37.250
BRAWL PASS: ONCE UPON A BRAWL ... - New Chromatic Brawler: Ash - Unlock 70 Tiers of content! - Includes exclusive skins and pins!
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Brawl Stars v34.152
NEW POWER LEAGUE! - Climb the ranks and show off your skill! - Unique Seasonal rewards - Replaces Power Play
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Brawl Stars v29.274
WELCOME TO STARR PARK! - New Environment: The Gift Shop - New Skins, Maps & more! BRAWL PASS SEASON 3 STARTS SEPTEMBER 14!
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Brawl Stars v26.171
GADGETS! - Collect more than 30 new gadgets - Gadgets add new abilities to each Brawler - Obtainable for Brawlers Power 7+
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If you need help downloading specific version APK files, visit the Brawl Stars forum.

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