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  • Entreprise: A Sharp, LLC
  • Genre d'application : Role Playing
  • Notations: 4.81
  • Version: 1.0.14
  • Téléchargements: 339
  • Publié: Jul 03, 2018
  • Mise à jour May 13, 2021

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind est le jeu vidéo mobile a role playing and strategy développé par A Sharp, LLC et est disponible en téléchargement sur les appareils iOS et Android. L'application est compatible avec iOS 9.0 ou version ultérieure.

Présentation du jeu Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind (iOS, Android)

Life between myths. Clans, cows, choices.

The spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass, Six Ages combines interactive stories and turn-based strategy. Your small clan’s survival depends on its relations with the warring gods and their followers. Play involves actions such as improving pastures, exploration, trading with your neighbors, and raiding. You can even travel to the Otherworld to visit your gods. You also need to deal with crises ranging from marauding dinosaurs to diplomatic requests to illicit love. Your choices have a politico-economic impact, but some consequences might not be obvious for decades.

It’s set in Glorantha (the world of RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and 13th Age), where the laws of physics are subordinate to the whims of the gods and spirits.

Six Ages is immensely replayable, thanks to over 400 interactive scenes with multiple outcomes. Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play even when you only have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes down the story for you. And advisors with distinctive personalities help you track your cows.

148Apps: “… absolutely worth playing. … Six Ages uniquely weaves an astounding amount of of narrative, lore, and nonbinary decision-making into its gameplay that makes it feel truly unique and special.”

Touch Arcade: “… if you want to get lost in a world full of meticulous details and gameplay that isn’t quite like anything else, you’ll want to hop on to Six Ages as soon as possible.”

Pocket Tactics: “Six Ages holds a wealth of wonders few other games can match.”

Ben Silverman: “A heady mix of “Civilization” and a Choose Your Own Adventure game… Ridiculously deep and “just one more turn” addictive…”

The game is completely accessible via VoiceOver.

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Vous cherchez un moyen de télécharger Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind pour Windows PC (ou Mac OS) ? Pour installer et utiliser l'application Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind sur votre ordinateur portable ou de bureau, vous avez besoin d'un émulateur capable d'exécuter cette application. Nous vous recommandons d'utiliser Bluestacks. Utilisez notre guide pour l'installer sur votre ordinateur.

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Vedette Des Examens

The brilliant sequel to king of dragon pass

By Queen Adelaide

A unique experience in which you control a full tribe in a fantasy universe. The writing is really solid and the different situations that you are faced with make for interesting choices. The gameplay is the same as in king of dragon pass, you explore the map, trade and raid. Between each of your actions, you are faced with an event and have to take a decision. I recommend it very strongly - only if you like reading though !


By Azael456

Très grand fan de King of Dragon Pass, ça faisait un bon nombre d'années que j'attendais une suite de ce jeu encore inégalé et unique en son genre. Voilà chose faite. Six ages en garde l'ADN et les fondamentaux, mais ajoute des nouveautés intéressantes. Amateurs de jeux de gestion ? Vous n'avez pas peur du texte ? De la difficulté ? Vous aimez prendre soin de vos protagonistes ? Ce jeu est fait pour vous. Il est certe cher pour un jeu sur iOS mais je peux vous garantir que vous ne regretterez pa

A nice sequel

By vvkkpp

I am just starting it, to me KoDP is the best on iOS so I had to give it a shot. Some nice additions and some options notably regarding fields and pastures management that have been removed Only detail that is a bit frustrating the option for larger text does not seem to work on my iPhone 7 Plus the fonts are a bit too tiny to be comfortable for me, hope it will be corrected in next update !!!!

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