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Entreprise: Sung-oh Park

Genre d'application : Puzzle

Notations: 4.17

Version: 1.41

Mis à jour 03/10/19

Téléchargements: 9376

Viewport - The Game est une application de jeu a puzzle and adventure développée par Sung-oh Park et disponible en téléchargement sur iOS App Store et Android Play Store. L'application est compatible avec iOS 11.0+ et Android 4.4+. Elle nécessite 317MB d'espace libre pour IPA (iOS) ou installation APK (Android).

Présentation du jeu Viewport (iOS, Android)

Qu'est-ce que Viewport ?

OGN G-Rank Challenge Seoul Awards Winner》
《Made with Unity Korea Awards '18 Best Student Winner》
《GIGDC 2018 Best University Student Bronze》
《2018 Indie-tuh Awards Top 3》

Subject 002 volunteers for a mysterious experiment.
There, Subject 002 starts to solve the Viewport puzzles that demand exceptional spatial ability.
Enjoy yourself as you unravel the mystery and discover shocking truth behind the experiment!


▶ Introducing Viewport

[Viewport Puzzle]

Whole new type of puzzle, inspired by Viewport feature in 3D software.
The goal is to represent three different points of view of the given 3D object, observed from Top, Left, and Front angles.
You will have to utilize your spatial ability to the fullest.

The game starts off with a simple question, 'How would this 3D object look like when observed from a certain angle?', then takes you to the next question, 'How can it be drawn out?'.
Just as you are getting used to the rules, Viewport will offer new challenges that provide new gaming experience.

[A Mysterious Plot]

You, Subject 002, take part in an unknown experiment.
You wake up and find yourself in an experiment, but you don't remember what the purpose of this experiment is, who's in charge of conducting it, and not even your own identity.

All you can do is solve the puzzles that are given to you and read the messages that the overseer of the experiment displays in the screen in front of you.

Everything seemed smooth until one day, you receive a mysterious message from an unknown person.
Every midnight, this unknown person sends new messages that lead you to the hidden truth.

[Diversified Stage Levels]

- THE ORIGINAL STORY: A story-driven campaign pack featuring 50+ unique stages and special events.
- EVERYTHING BEHIND: An additional content pack containing 14 brand new puzzle stages.


▶ Notes


The game requires iOS 11 or higher version of iOS.
It might won't work on the old iOS devices like iPhone 5c.

[Image Effects]

Viewport makes the best use of various image effects.
Therefore, relatively low-spec devices are subject to lag or overheat issues.
In such case, SFX off is recommended (select SFX Off option in settings).

[Saving Game Data]

Viewport will auto-save the progress.
Connection to the internet will allow the game progress to be automatically saved in Cloud.
When you access the game with another device using the same Apple account, you will be able to load your previous progress to the new device.
Your progress will be sent to Cloud via official iOS Native plugins,
and DimArea Games will never collect any personal information for any use.

[DimArea Games Contacts]

Twitter, Facebook: @DimAreaGames

Besoin d'aide? Rejoignez notre Forum Viewport pour poser des questions, obtenir de l'aide et discuter de l'application avec d'autres utilisateurs du monde entier.

Télécharger Viewport

Viewport peut également être téléchargé à partir des pages de langue suivantes :
US et Italy


Télécharger Viewport pour PC (Windows/Mac OS)

Pour installer l'application Viewport sur votre PC (Windows 10/8/7), suivez notre guide sur l'utilisation de Bluestacks pour exécuter des fichiers APK sur votre ordinateur. Si vous rencontrez des difficultés pour télécharger Viewport, veuillez partager vos problèmes sur nos forums. Notre communauté amicale est toujours ravie de vous aider à installer ou à télécharger des fichiers APK.

Si vous avez apprécié cette application, consultez notre liste des meilleurs Alternatives Viewport en 2023. Et n'oubliez pas de le partager avec vos amis aussi!

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