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Addams Family: Mystery Mansion app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Addams Family: Mystery Mansion app an average rating of 3.59 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 404 ratings since its release on May 24 by PIXOWL. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Addams Family: Mystery Mansion?

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45 Positive User Reviews for Addams Family: Mystery Mansion

Does it have ads

Does it have ads owner

Fun game

Fun game! Support is awesome and quick to reply. Which is difficult to find in mobile games. The game is fun you craft items and turn them in. Lots of mini games and the seasonal events are great. Thank you for a great game!

Good game

I overall love this game, and I can’t bring myself to delete it; however I do have some issues with it. I don’t like how you can’t fully rotate an object when places and the bathroom mirror should be able to go above the bathroom sink. Also while playing this game you have to do so many tasks to barley get coins to advance to other tasks and unlock other parts of the house.

Coins need to be easier to get

I really like this game BUT, it takes forever to acquire coins. Like, even the actions that the characters do don’t even reward you coins. If this was a little easier, I could give the game 5 stars.


I love decorating and giving tasks to the characters! It is very detailed that each character has their own way of obtaining objects in the game, even when they are all getting the same objects! I really enjoy the game! Awesome work! :D

the Addams family

I love this game it is really relaxing and calming really

Awesome Game!

This game is fun!! Really like the deals. Great prices too. Keep up the great job!!

Three arms sweater

Edit: 9-23-22 Thank you for your response. I didn’t realize the Diving outfit could be purchased with coins. Now I’m back on track. Original: Can’t level up further without obtaining Three arms sweater. Says to send Fester to make them but requires cards for outfit. Boxes haven’t dropped any sweaters or cards. Have to purchase all ten cards for hundreds of rubies. No alternative way to make the sweaters. I hope this is a glitch.

Addams Family Mystery

Why is it saying that the support team is fixing the town it is not letting me on the game

Stuck on level 16

So this started out as a great game!!! But I’ve been stuck on level 16 for MONTHS!!! And no new quests to earn have shown up…I would hate to delete this game that I play everyday…

Some bugs

In the past you could watch a video to refresh the desires or the truck station so you get another desire or item, now you can’t and I keep getting the same things I don’t need, and i can’t finish the buildings in assimilation, please bring back the videos


If you like Halloween everyday this is a good thing. So far so good with it

the Addams family

I love this game really calming really

I can’t see the characters

I can’t see the characters

Stuck by event, can’t level

Since the event is going on, and I can’t unlock a new room for story quests, I haven’t been able to level at all. ALL accumulated rewards are event related so I haven’t leveled at all for days. Very frustrating. There should be non-event related rewards too including actual experience. Help!


It was fun in the beginning but starts to get boring the longer the task. You have to try to remember every task before continuing the game as well.

My favorite game!

I play a lot of games, mostly Match 3s, but this is my absolute favorite. I check in every hour or so, to make more stuff to add to inventory, rearrange my rooms, generally just hang out with The Fam.

It’s nice

Reminds me of the first sims game


I love this game. It’s so much fun. I’d give it a five star but I unveil stations and a lot of the time it will ask me to unveil it again. Other then it not remembering I’ve already unveiled stations it’s an amazing game.

Great Game

This Addams Family Video Game is super fun and EPIC, couldn’t ask for more! Super cool uncle fester

Glitch in Halloween Stories

Hi, there’s a glitch on level 27 of the Match 3 event. & the glitch makes it impossible to move on to the next level. If you could please fix it when you get a chance, that would be great

new update

i love this app and everything but with the new halloween update, i’m not getting any halloween perks when i complete the mission on the event challenges

Fun game to pass the time

This game is amazing to play especially when it’s the Addams family.

Love the game but

First off this game is great, I only have one problem. I accidentally put a set of stairs in the middle of the hallway.... there needs to be an option to delete them or to reset the house:)


This game is awesome. If you want my opinion here it is. It’s creepy and it’s kooky. Mysterious and spooky. It’s altogether ooky. The Addams Family game!


I don’t have Facebook so I can’t login, so maybe have a different login options? Like apple id or something. When fixed will change to 5 stars.

Was great in the beginning but now it feels told money hungry

This game has become too money hungry. Started out great but now it's one event after another and its $30 to completely unlock everything. Not worth it anymore

Not fun

Very boring and and even the Mach game is not fun

TV Time

I would love for the mansion to have a room called Addams Cinema, where you can watch Addams Family stuff

Addams Family

Slow, layer back but I’m compelled to play. No grumbling, or complaining. Just enjoying.

Lower Wednesdays gem cost to 30 or 20

I’m saying this because it’s hard get Wednesday and I’m try so hard to unlock her, but I love the game so far.


Adams family? What’s not to like? Nice work Pixowl inc. team.

Great Support, expensive game

You cannot earn all the new characters, I had to buy a few. You also can’t complete some missions without buying things too.. the ice skating rink, snow castle etc.

Reached max level

I’ve reached level 30. Hopefully there will be an update to raise the level cap. I’ve really enjoyed this game.


I would really love for someone to tell me what task does Gomez have to complete to get the sweater

Love/Hate relationship

Really enjoy it. Only got it about a month ago, but im stuck at the kitchen part, in the desires everyone want kitchen stuff and i am just not getting enough to accomplish anything, and im stuck, but i still jump on to do little things i can...

Love it!

I could play this all day, keep up the good work guys!

I’m at “max level”

When and how do I get the “exclusive characters”? Or am I just done playing now?

Good game

I love playing the game just hate how stupid difficult it seems to be to pass the matching game levels I keep having to spend my money just to get power ups to pass the levels

This should Be rated 5 Stars ⭐️

hello 👋🏾 I Live home improvement Games like this and I also like the Addams Family So thank you 😊 for making this game! It should Be rated 5 Star’s ⭐️ Do a Christmas update too! THANK YOU PIXOWL INC. !!!

Slow but good looking

It is very expensive and/or time consuming to unlock new rooms. Too slow for my taste. The graphics are great though!


…but suffers from forced Facebook integration. (the FB icons tellling you to link never go away & devs have made it a rewarded mission).

Didn’t give five stars

Only problem I have is it cost to get started and it takes a minute to get things done!

2 Negative User Reviews for Addams Family: Mystery Mansion

Can’t access game

It says I don’t have internet access, I do. Just can’t access game anymore

Not a Matching game

This looks like a match 3 game but it's not. There's no strategy. It should be a match 3 game.

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