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Among Us! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Among Us! app an average rating of 4.05 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 770.2K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by InnerSloth LLC. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Among Us!?

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Rated 4.49 out of 5

770.2K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Among Us!

Can we write what we want again

I like among us I just don’t like how we can’t choose what too write anymore it’s really annoying although it’s is fun too play

Among us

Amazing play experience

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

I love the game but can you make it to where the people with the least people in their lobby show up first so someone can actually join their game? Also can you make it to where we can type what we want again? It would make the game so much better so we can communicate better. There are so many things people could say to help them win. Please consider this and thank you!

A m o n g u s

A m o n g u s

So so good

This game is so fun,I’m 15,and I love imposter games so this is perfect for me,l play it any where (talking about school lol) I just love this game so much.



This game cool but…

There’s a glitch where I was in a server but it said 15/10

I played among us sense 7 or 6 (on my cousin’s iPad)

OMG THEIR IS SO MANY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS but…it’s needs some things when trying to make in account first of all the account I use it’s iCloud so I can’t make account with it 😔 so pls add iCloud so that we iCloud users can sign in the account and that’s the only backfire about this app so pls add this Ty for reading bye!👋🏻

Best game

This game is one of the best games I eve play

Keeps booting us out

My friends and I have noticed since the dark mode has been uploaded to the game we keep getting kicked out of the no matter how many times we log out and refresh our browser we still get kicked out please fix this bug other than that no complaints on the game or app

Very good 😊

I like 👍 this game my kids love this game and they will not do anything else but play this so thank you 🙏 and yeah happy new year 🎊🎆🎈

Hide and seek

It’s so cool you should play here right now I am it’s cool but you got a high boyfriend so yeah I will give you a good game


吆西~这个游戏 真是 大大滴 好玩


Well I luv the game and if ur reading this it is ok. I liked it a LOT better when u could actually say wat u wanted it makes the game a lot harder when u can’t actually talk. So please fix it back where we can talk and put our real names.

Ok but can be better

So I’m WAYYYYY over 9 and I tried to sing in with my account and it says error and I deleted it and got it again and it did the same thing please fix this


It’s really good but how do I get Halloween stuff

its ok

a while ago i bought pets for my among us character for me to enjoy playing more. but ever since this new update came along, im unable to find them in my “inventory”. i payed for it with my money so i expect it to be there. Among Us, please fix this bug.

My addition

I would LOVE it if you could add emotes and dresses for free to the game. Otherwise it is amazing :) (BTW im ♉️)😝

Hate the update

I can’t log into my account when I go into it it pops up “cannot creat account” “your Apple ID cannot be used to create accounts for other apps” if you could fix that that would be awesome. I personally do not like the quick chat and not being able to make my own name. Please tell me what to do about it

Won’t let me sign in

So I got this game not to long ago and I finished all the bean cosmicubes and it turns out you have to be signed in 2 get stars ⭐️ and to change your name and 2 chat whatever u want. BUT my iPad won’t LET ME so inner sloth please please please please fix this oh and I would really be thankful 4 if u gave me a gift and gave me, Augustdew ( that’s my name) A CREWMATE PET BUNDLE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA please and thank you 😊

I wish

I wish we had a new map and new things to do like a investigator or a invisibility button but those are my wishes

Best game ever

I really just love the game and updates. Best game I ever played!

Among Us

Ok among us is a very well designed game but at first u liked it where you could chat like normally without having to pick what to chat in chat I understand people could have been saying bad things in chat but u should have put a chat filter .also among us is not working whenever I join it says I've been inactive for to long I played this game every Tuesday with friends but now we can't so we play things like Roblox or Minecraft but you should try to fix it

Give me the new hats

Give me the new hats please!


All I have to say is, AMOUNG US

súper sus


Unknown lol

This game is fun, the update though isn’t good as the old one.


Hey! So when I’m playing on my phone it won’t let me do 3 dots!(…) or “” so I was wondering why some people are able and some are not?

This game is so awesome

I love this gameSo much like I almost play it every day among us is one of the best games ever is fun to play

Some minor problems

1. I hate how you cannot just type the word you wanna say you have to choose specific words they let you. I also hate how you can’t chat any were. 2. I also hate how you have to put in an email to change your name I’m 10 I don’t have an email. so that’s all I got other than that this game is perfect and I hope you listen to what I have to say thank you .

Good game but…

Good game but speech limit made it kind of hard to say everything I need to say but I LOVE the update’s!

FINALLY – color name labels for colorblind folks!

As part of the 8+% of humanity with a color perception disability (1 in 12 males, 1 in 200 females), who have been playing this game for 2+ years at a SIGNIFICANT disadvantage, I’m not happy that it took them SO LONG to finally provide us with a solution! But I’m VERY happy so far with how carefully they seem to have thought about all the places color name labels are needed – in gameplay, in meetings, on vitals, etc. THANK YOU – better late (even very late) than never!

Bad game

Kinda cringe if you still play


This is the fun game I love it you need to get it

9 year olds being sus

Every 9 year old likes this meme for real it’s a cringe meme


This game is pretty cool 😎

Game is great

This game is so fun now that you can do a lot of stuff in it again but I think you guys should make mods for the game so people w/ phone can make a game with mods like toh and all that it would be great if you guys did that I think a lot of people will agree with me on that and keep up the good work

Can’t make accounts!

Okay great game but in the YouTube videos it shows people going to “account”and getting to create a account,but mine doesn’t please help me!🥺💔❤️‍🩹

Among us is awesome

I don’t understand why people don’t like this game anymore, it’s still really fun and I love the friends list addition, but it won’t let me sign in to Game Center and I want to use free chat, but I can’t so that’s kinda irritating, but this game is still awesome 😎

ඞSUS ඞ

It’s sad that this game kinda died, I stick with the memes though

I love Among us

Among us is a good game and I really like it. I don’t like imposters.


Why did you need an account now!? Of course it is a good game but just why do you need an account? Change it so you don’t need a account if you are reading this. You can the friend thing though.


I can’t find the sign in button

Epic game

This is an epic game. I love the gameplay

I really do like this but please add this

As much as I love the game can you please add a left handed joystick option please. I really do enjoy the game but I’d rather use the joystick with my right hand.

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