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Support pls


My phone. Offloaded among us, and now it says ur “sYsTeM” won’t download

So I believe you should add mods to the game for phone users and computer users like the zombie mod or the foot mod or the princess mod etc… which will spice up the game big time.

What is going on?

other Sophia

When the update came I wanted to play the new map and it said I had to update it went to my updates it doesn’t say I have to update it



It’s a great game, but why can’t I type what I want in the chat?? I can barely play!!!

Love it


Hey Among Us Developers Can You Plz Put A Mode which Lets U Be Imposter Or Crewmate cause I like imposter more really looking forward to that I hope people agree with me if you do review and say that y’all agree with me

I found this game vary fun and enjoyable

Remember are used to make so many people happy by the intended they’re being favorite YouTube and I was planning on being Alex I wish they would let us pick our own name

Friending system please

Potato Goddess 🥔🥔🥔

This is a good game but please add a friending system

The game


The game is not letting me into any lobby



AMUNG US 👹👹👹👹📮📮📮

mega sus


this game is sus 😂😂😂😂😂>:)

In game bug


Ever time I go in the game in a match there a bug when someone pushes the button and it repeats saying dead body reported


the poopy man!!

This app is great lots of things. So install is now!



1. What did you do to them 2. Add them back 3. ??? 4. :) 5. Find me Good 1. Novisor 2 cool 3. :) 4. Killers 5: sus

I’ve Always Been A Hardcore Fan Of Among Us It’s My Favorite Game Of All Time So Yeah I Love This Game❤️🔥❤️🔥



sometimes the people on there are so dumb. the hacking is stupid too and you get banned for absolutely no reason because people put the blame on you for hacking. now because of that im jail breaking my phone for the hacking mods 🥰




Grate app but the acc

Best princess 89

I had to delete the game bc of glitches I think then I tried to log back into my acc and it would not let me log in


Bong us

I can briefly explain who killed somone or if i have medbay scan i can tell anyone to come with me pls change the chat format


qwerty sudios




The impostor is suspection. Sus.

Pls read

I have 4 ducks😝😝

It’s not so good but not so bad it involves killing so if your younger kid who’s like 3 or 4 maybe not so good for them😀

Among us is such a fun game with mystery, puzzles and so much more! Although as soon as they got rid of the chat, the game was just so boring. All I ask for a full 5 stars is to add the chat back!

Quick chat disablement

purple guy2)3)28)2

So quick chat we need a option to turn it off no matter how old you are and if parents want quick chat have a little pin to enable it because I straight left among us because of this goodbye.


E gamer3

option to not do quick chat and change name option no randomizer for names without signing in:(pls

I get kicked out of the game a LOT can you fix this please and a new color should be jade green I’d love jade green I’d use it all the time hope for it in the next update

Game update


This game was so good until the update. I hate how you can't talk to anyone on there Mostly on games like this you can find good friends but now you can't because you can't talk to anyone.


Great game update th

Am I supposed to be able to use chat again let me speak I can’t change it back. The game is trashy when you can’t speak and a million times harder.


just give me the fre

The fact we can’t type freely anymore makes the game boring. The game used to be fun when we could type…..

I want a free chat

Little one named Ang

The old version was better I cannot play free chat anymoreI like the new color and the airship but why no free chat 😭😭😭 Just a kidding😂🤣😂

The game was pretty fun but then came the update of the chat, it is very hard to talk, and i prefer the keyboard chat better

( ˇ෴ˇ )


I don’t like the new update it’s idk but the older one is better and I hate when people kick me for no reason but other than that it’s fun <3

Mog us

i love the wolf

S. U. S. S. Y

Remove quick chat

read me niw innerslo

Quick chat is really annoying. I sent my moms email and it still won’t let me type. So remove quick chat now



say invented without the beginning n 😧

I love the game although the chat needs to be fix cuz I got voting out because I didn’t know how to defend myself but other than the game is Awesome!



Bring chat back the new one takes foreverrrrr

Good but…

ayoumso yeeet

Among us is a good game ngl but I wish they would let us talk normally again without the whole only selection thing

Super fun game

Britt Elizabeth

However, something weird I noticed with the new update is that the characters on the title screen, voting screen, and the impostor/crewmate screens have a red, green, or blue halo around them. No big deal, really, it’s just weird.

Okay 👍🏻


I love among us and I like all the new things they added recently. I honestly don’t like the fact you can’t actually type/write what you want! I think inner sloth should change that because is has made me dislike the game.

Pretty sus

spicy baby cheese

Among us is a game about finding the sussy imposter


lets go Biggy

Can you please and the town of us and as an option to play i have been trying to add the mods so can you please add that in the new update.



Sussy amongus baka balls!1!1!1!11!1!

Please add a sheriff role

nathan among us god

Among us fun I like it but there is something else to add a sheriff role so the sheriff kills whoever the imposter is.

The new changes.

seriously I hate the

I love this game!! But I hate it how you can’t change your username unless your signed in. And how you can’t type anymore.

Great game but


It’s a great game but you should not be allowed to ban or kick people I keep going into PUBLIC among us games and getting banned because someone said ban the extras or I join and get banned please fix this


weirdo 🤗

Great game but the chat is very annoying. You can’t type freely. You are at the will of a couple of phrases. But other than that it’s a awesome game

Name changing


I would have put a 5 but when I started playing in online I couldn’t make a custom name like I used to. Developers please fix that.

I liked when the old update was there when you can chat what u want and don’t need so sign up, but yea it’s a good game I hope among can change this so yea

Chat box


It won’t let me type in the box anymore on chat

Awesome game


I love the game because once I heard about it I was thinking about if I should download it and good job innersloth



I like the game. Its a good mix. People + People = Chaos, and fun. Mostly fun. I’m still waiting on a friends list though. The vent cleaning task is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, as is more colors and larger lobbies.

Love Among us

Carter Bandy

I love the game but can you guys make the imposters see the ghosts. PLZ

I like it


It’s a good game the thing that everyone is missing is free chat now we have to talk by speeches that you made

The game is a master piece but sometimes I want to be small but I can’t so maybe you should add sizes

I’m done. :|


I’m done with Among Us unless you fix the sign in.

I miss the old chat

julian espejo

Among us is not what I expected



I like this game but the fact ppl can’t were clothes is annoying cause there should be some clothes that are free so pls do pls🥺🥺

This game is awesome

eatet mellen

This game is so fun I’ll play it everyday I like it when I’m imposter and I kill every one this game is the best



Love the game a lot but it would be cool if we could add friends on among us cause I play with some great people but sadly never see them again due to connection issues or leaving.

Good but 😕


It has been a long time since I played so I played it ,I was a bit disappointed when it doesn't Let you pick the name 😒

W v. Mama


Adracadara. W a. Gas ccara

I loved it butttt


It's a 10-10 but the chat system is bad it is horrible, I would love for it to be normal if anything add a protection for inappropriate behavior

Could be better but great game


Please change the sign in options for google account or create your own and please chat whatever you want in chat and change name thank you. Otherwise its a pretty good game

Hi pleaseee fix this bug: it won’t let me sign in and it says error every time so please fix that and thanks for reading bye bye

It was the “we cant type what we want anymore” that did it for me :/

Ok I love among us it’s one of my fav games but me and my friend can’t play together I have an account and my friend plays as guest I can switch to guest but pls let us make quick chat and regular be together again

Good game but..

strawberry cow🐮:3

So when I downloaded this game it was fun but.. then they added where you can’t say anything you want anymore it kinda ruined the game.. : bring back where you could say anything you want!!!!🥺🥺🥺

Lol love it

amog us kid

This game is great but I think you should add a new world like a submarine thanks

More players pls XD

dance monket

So I want more players bc then like 29 players and also I want more players because then the imposter has more and more tasks




Good but need to be fixed

waring im not good a

I can’t play because of something called SVR_STRMISS and I makes the game unplayable please fix this soon

I think I’ve been banned can I please play

Sissy bukaaaaa

~stawberry milk~

Susyyy bukaaaa sussy baukka slurp that dickkkk


sunny boy o.o

It a really good game but the chat system is sooo annoying, I cant type what I really want. Please change this.


Gear Steel

Lol sussy sus sus. I love this sussy game.

Bring back the old chat


Um you changed the chat so you have to use the weird thing next to the chat but it’s too hard so I can’t really say what I want Pls change it



I loved among us for a while but I’m starting to dislike the fact that you have you use the chat thing instead of Chating your self it makes it harder and more difficult to text/explain your self



It’s a very good game but pls remove the sign in its very annoying sometimes

I like

Eleni Vervitsiotis

Love this app and if you are reading this get it

Amoung us is funny monkey


This game is amazing Amoung us Amoung us Amoung us! So awesome it’s Amoung us 1/10

Will not work

amaizing roblox123

The game won’t let me redownload it

The new vent cleaning task doesn't work on my laptop or iphone and i hate that you have to have an account to play a game with other people or have free chat. Please fix these.



It’s a really great game the only thing that makes me mad is that you have to buy the clothes I cannot buy them so can you please in the future change it so I don’t have to buy the clothes

Live love among us


This game is amazing! I find so many sussy bakas😝😉 I will 100 percent tell stories to my grandchildren of among us. Among us nah among sus🤪 I love it when im imposter because SUS UwU

Won’t give me my free chat

Maya Ivette Contrera

So my parent got me free chat and I was excited so I went on among us it didn’t let me change my username and give me free chat still a great game just that

Weird rage people

Jenny Jennyphone

That game was super fun, I got to be imposter but when I just killed a crew mate, they reported me that said I was hacking, this game is now boring please take out the report thing!



I hate when it doesn’t let me play because I left the game? I HAD TO😭🙏 everything else is great!☺️💕

the update where you cant say whatever you want I WANT IT BACK becuase i wanted to sing a song with my sister and NOW I CANT and i want to have the names where you can choose by yourself back! still keep the added colors, Thanks you!


Matthew MANTIR1

I’m just 7 years old :( WAAAAAAAA



I just updated it and now I can’t even say anything in the chat rooms. It’s really annoying and people always try to kick me for it



Haha imposter susssy among us imposter sus among us



It a amazing game but I Don’t like how you have to Randomize the name I want to pick the name my Name😁

Can you have a new map


I like this game can you add a moon map?

When I first got among us I loved it great game but the fast chat update is not good like it’s slower and some words I want to find are not there like if I want to ask the host something it’s just slower

So When the cleaning vents task was added I didn’t see matches....

We need mods for mobile


It is fun playing put we need mods to make it funnier and cooler and more funnier like how those other you tubers play it but we can’t cause we’re on mobile

I love this game just can you let us choose our name again and say anything in the chat because it’s weird because I liked my old name called areyousus but I can’t change so thx

Bring back free chat

good games on it

Hi I’m just a kid but please bring back free chat I would like to communicate with my own words but other than that you have a really good game keep up the good work

I really enjoy among us but there is one problem i have that you need to fix I try to sign in but it won’t let me

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