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Brawl Stars app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 5 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Brawl Stars app an average rating of 4.72 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 1.5M ratings since its release on Feb 24 by Supercell. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Brawl Stars?

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Rated 4.38 out of 5

1.5M global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Brawl Stars

Why Brawl stars is so fun!

When I first heard of this game and saw my friends playing it I thought it was boring because it looked really boring until I downloaded this game to see how it was like. When I down,o added it I didn’t think that much about it until it started to get fun and I got into the action it was so fun!!!!

W game but I miss brawl boxes

The brawl boxes would make we give higher rating but y’all had to remove it

Браво Старс

Почему я немогу зайти в вашу игру давайте зделайте штаб я игра кто я одну звезду поставлю даю время да утра окей?

The game needs more community input

Brawl stars used to be a really good fun balanced game but now it feels like they’re just adding new mechanics and buffs to certain brawlers while leaving others in the dust. The game would be so much more if their were monthly votes on things like which brawlers should be buffed and which should be nerfed, not just an occasional vote on a new skin to be added. It feels like there is so little input and perspective the community is able to add that many things in the game are being forgotten. Su

Good game but!

I love the game but I think it will be fine if they could add 2 starter brawlers

Об мико

Здравствуйте! В бравл Старс добавили нового бойца мико в него невозможно попасть когда он бьет пытаюсь попасть а он прыгает можете изменить пожалуйста удары мико просто захожу в игру и сразу в игре по 2-4 мико и понятно проиграю попрошу пофиксить и увидеть мой отзыв!доброго дня.

Brawl stars you are the best but can you please add back boxes🥺🫶


Can’t change back

The game is great, love it, but I deleted an account long ago and forgot, then tried loading it because I didn’t know what it was and now I can’t switch back because it says it’s deleted, I can’t recover it and then I press okay. After that it just puts me in a loop. Deleting app doesn’t work and you can’t clear cache on iOS. Please fix somehow

Awesome Game

Ok, so I came to this game from a Mrbeast video, and lemme say, WOW! This game is so fun! Like actually one of the best games made! 11/10!

Broken?! Hot dog!

Doug is broken. That’s it. I am losing my brain cells over this brawler. He constantly revives with half his health, breaking big game! This is the reincarnation of 8- bit’s Extra life star power! If anyone gets Doug and his gadget or star power (which one is it), the whole world is ded! (This was all a joke but seriously he’s broken)

Pretty Good

One of my favorite games. Awesome game. CONS: you can’t mute characters so you have to listen to them talk all the time. They have so many different things you earn ( coins, gems, bling, Starr road points, chromatics, and power points) that you can never earn the things you want. You can’t acquire the players, and upgrades unless you spend cash or play ALOT. It’s a ‘carrot lottery’ - they’ll keep dangling the carrot in front of you and you have a lottery’s chance of winning. No ads tho, w


This game is very fun to play Ann like I play it often when I in car to have something to do


Would be cool to wear headphones and talk with your team mates since it’s an online game.

could use a faster reload but awesome

So I just downloaded brawl stars and when I am in a battle I always lose because of the reload time. Can you help with that please?

Very cool game!1!1!!1

It’s really fun and you will have. a good time

igrica je bas ono bum

igrica je jako zanimojiva i pronasaoo sam se u njoj bas jako i fina je i ekstrica je i bas topić ono moje jakoo nastavite samo sve najj pozzzzz


They did not give me my Darrell skin back😡😡😡

Why brawl stars is a good game

It is really instructional when you first play because it gives you instructions on what to do it’s really fun, you should play this game

It’s great but…

The game is ok but the only thing I do not like is when you claim stuff and you miss a day you won’t Elbe to claim anything else I’m just hopping they do something about it l. overall it is a fun game👍

Good game

Brawl stars = brawl good

Please add controller support.

Love the game would be awesome if they added controller support.

Я топчите

Это топ спасибо

Лучшая мобильная игра

Конкурентов нет


few quests!!! I don't have enough tokens

Люблю Бравл Старс

Верните разгром суперсити! Очень крутой режим был! Скучаю по нему!

I like this but

I bought a epic brawler and some gems and it did not give me the stuff but otherwise I like it Brawler name :rengoku123428🔥

I need a brawler

I need a brawler really bad I have the worst freaking legendary Meg who stinks otherwise my chromatic whose pretty good


This gam is a ton of fun no adds easy to be play and all kinds of creativity

Jade McCray

The game is great for young kids and it keeps them motivated


Best game ever I love it

Я гей

Дорогие разрабы забанте эклерчтка он уже задрал апать 10000000 ранг на дэриле



Let it wear the same skin as ur team mate

I wish u cloud we’re the same skin as ur team mate plz I would love if u changed it where we could do that

brawl stars

Игра хорошая но проблема в том что игра вылетает через1-4боя просто вылетает


I just got brawl stars and I love it so much. I do think that it could have a few improvements.


I LOVE Brawl Stars but I have suggestion… when I play, my hands hurt from the controls and I thought about what if you make the game controller compatible so we can play the game smoother and better!

Good game but…

There aren’t that many fun game modes in my opinion everything is repetitive


Самая лучшая игра суперселл и мира сегодня ваши 10 кристаллов спасибо

Man this is a brilliant game!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I think this game should go on my YouTube and Discord. Even though it’s mobile and different characters have different rates like legendary mythic rare in common. I feel happy that I bought this game.

Brawl stars

This game is better then any mobile game I have ever played it it really fun to play with a squad or by my self

5 Negative User Reviews for Brawl Stars


Hate the baby shark title in now hate this game

I’m surprised!

Look, When I was playing Brawl stars it lets me in for a while and then it kicks me out! Well its still fun but, I wish you can fix that for me🙏🏻🙏🏻. So I can leave a better review.


Please, please nerf Edgar so I can actually have fun.

Fix the game

Game is not very fun because you can either buy gold or you can earn it from the pass there is no other way to get the gold that I know of I feel like the should make it to where you get gold from playing games

Teamers and campers

This game is fun and all but there are so many problems like teamers campers and much more and if you play something else with randoms they are mostly trash and you can’t even report them or anything only in ranked it’s so annoying if brawl stars creators played their game they would realize about these problems but they don’t.

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