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Game adds


These adds are to much like every five seconds it’s annoying. Like I hate it please fix.

Cross bridge


It is so good I just started and it is fun.


123I ein

So I had this game on my iPad and it was a lot of fun so when I got my phone I did end up getting it. I didn’t get it the first time I saw the add for it which is why I only gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. But other wise it’s a good game.

Bridge Race


The game Is fun Its to many Ads It Shouldnt be Ads at all -

How great!!


This game has kept me occupied for 2 hours it is awesome!! Play this game if you are bored!!!

Oh wow


Well when I started playing it was fun and now fun ❤️😜🥰😍

Good game


It’s a good game but with the constant ads it’s ok



why do people make hate comments? you can simply just turn off your wifi.

I only play this game for an hour it’s not that bad but still deal with the adds so is ur interested in this game give a three star ⭐️ rate .

To Many Ads

Erika Saint

The game is clever & I really enjoy playing the ACTUAL game but I spend way to much time watching Ads instead. I’ll try to redownload at a later date & hopefully it’s a little better.

So much ads

do u f go trfxdafhji

So much ads 😤1: don’t get me wrong but I like the app

I don’t know why I said that but it was a mistake

Decent game

captain keeli

The game itself is alright, but there are way too many ads, even in the middle of the game. So if i were about to win an ad would play i would have to watch it and i would lose the game.



It is fun and challenging and that is what makes it fun


1234 madstock

I have had this game for not a while but I love it



The commercials in all of the games seem to get stuck. You have to keep restarting the app. Other than that the games fun!

Thank you


You guys are welcome I love you guys

Never understood why good games like this turn annoying because of ads . Especially right in the middle of playing .

Good game recommend


The game is good nothing wrong with it is is fun and the wind is satisfying you should play just like and as easy please play it’s a good game normal amount of adds so totally recommend:)



I love this game I seg guest you bye it just watch the add this game is boom I can’t e Spain it and when you play you won’t either yet you will hopefully injoy this game I’m a Leo or a canser is that bad



This game is so nice and entertaining I cannot stop playing it and it’s like the only good game I have and I like I always win it and I want to make 1# on the leaderboard.

My kids love this game


It is so much fun and it can be a great way for my kids to be entertain!

My reiveiw


I rated this app 5stars because it is so much play the whole point of the game is to get the bricks and then put them down on the top of the latter and bold until It’s to the top.

This game is great but first time you play it your name is player

Bridge race review


Bridge race is a very fun game i love it!

To many adds


I mean to give it 3stars but I tapped

Very fun and competitive and I like me competitive games Download now Do not miss out on this fun


hhhhhhyyredy end

This game is so fun and creative

Bridge race

hi there i,

It is a good game it is fun and challenging

Amazing game


Hi I’m Quinn and I have Diabetes but even with Diabetes I can even play games and this is game my favorite game out all my games it truly is amazing

So good


Bridge race is very nice it is also so fun and easy.I would recommend getting this game it so fun oh did I mention that it’s nice


AJ HAY 2312

It Takes 1,000,000 hours to down lode

My Review


5/5 BIG TIME!!! This is the best game ever. Keep up the good work. Sorry if this was a very short paragraph.



I only gave it five stars so people would see it. I would normally give it a 1 because it is sooooooo boring and I’m already on level 600. But the amount of ads there is on after every bridge which means I’ve almost 2,000 ads.

Best game ever

u have a phone

I love this game sooooo much that I play it at night


Little gamer 583

There are ads EVERY SINGLE SECOND and it’s annoying. Like once I was customizing my character and poof there was an ad. So sorry for the sort of rude review, but all I am saying is maybe in the next update reduce the amount of ads plz thank!

I love all of the skins, levels and backgrounds but one thing is not too good. All of the ads are super distracting and can get you off of the app and sometimes the ads are really long. Thank you for convincing me to get this app

The ads.


The game is okay but there are waaaaayyyyy to many ads. You literally get ads when your in the middle of the game. It’s awful.

Too many ads


Ads play every five seconds pretty lame



It did not remove my ads -_- so annoying can the developer please fix that ASAP. A waste of 4.99

Me gusta


El juego es super entretenido pero no se puede ni jugar con tantos anuncios



Jdhdufydosialp Is is Do Sky’s l([email protected](>€&’falgjdg!chdlhFHL🇸🇬🗻🇬🇸▫️🇸🇬🟪🇵🇰🥵🤩🤬

Ads Galore

I love Jesus4321

Love this game, but the ads are very annoying. So therefore, it’s getting three stars because of the ads.

😄I love this game😁

Kitty cat 117

I love this game soooooo much there is not a lot of adds and you get so good at it when you play it a decent amount 💕💕💕💕💕♥️💖


bc duh

This game is good but can you stop with the ads and second: stop with the ads Third: STOP WITH THE ADS

So so

just a truth

It’s a pretty fun game but it’s ruined with all the adds and how slow it is so I don’t like that it’s super slow and it’s alwYs having adds👎

Great game

mvd3 gamer

Like all good games come hella ads

They need more of a challenge not to much harder but a little less

Freezes my game, to many Ad’s and not enough accessories!!!!!

Love this game!!!!!

addy addy chicken pa

I love this game so much but….. to much add’s

This you s the best game ever I always win you also got to try it I promis you are going to love this game

Neat idea but


Screw those long frequent ads. I understand the need for ads, but too long and too many. Deleted after 3 minutes and 6 ads.

Hard time working

1stShirt approved

It is very hard for me to because every time I try to get on the game it takes me to my home screen and it is annoying



Yyyyyyyyyyyyyerr&vkl*jnv time for you ,hkghvjnkhkgbjbknlihgJb,j,Gh*nk hjbjhoihihna



I really like this game! Thanks for making this game I love it!



So it tock a loooooooong time loding and when I opend the app poof¡ an add



The only bad thing is all the adds it’s add after add after add it’s like the game is watching adds and you get just a little bit of playing the actual game

Too many ads


Couldn’t complete a single level with how many ads popped up, I deleted right away. It’s annoying and frustrating.

Fun Game

Dope Beauty

Can definitely get lost in this game! Especially when I’m in the bathroom.

This would have been a very fun game, but the amount of ads there are is insane!

Too many ads


Good game, but TOOOOO many ads. They even pop up in the middle of game play.

To much adds

Roblox Is EIPC

please remove the adds when your at 1st place

This game is OK


This game is really fun and entertaining I play this every day for like 10 minutes

Через каждые пол шага _ реклама!

sooooo many ads it’s ridiculous. Ads for the bonuses and rewards i understand, everyone does that. But in the middle of a level??? An ad right next to crucial buttons?? Super ridiculous. Wish I could play on airplane mode

Need help


Can anyone tell me how to get over the bridge on level 77 I can’t cross it I see everyone is getting stuck about halfway thank you

So FUN!!!!!!


This game is very fun and very competitive I only gave them 4 stars because ads pop up in the middle of a round and that really annoys me!

Level 77

Lavinia Anderson

I’m stuck on level 77 Cancun it will not let me finish the level my daughter is also having the same problem the roads cross each other and you can’t go up either way.

Hi! I love this game sooooooo much, but there are way to many ads and its really annoying. I hope u can fix this! Anyways goodluck, bye!

Too many ads


This app has way more ads than any i have ever played.

It’s so fun


It is so fun it’s also satisfying


darn girl

It’s pretty addicting, but the only thing I hate are the ADS!!!!!! There is so many ads! Every 10 seconds there is an ad!! Other then the ads this is one of by fav games!!!


Kinda bad but pretty

Not the worst or best but pretty enjoyable and fun and I play this with my friends a lot

Fun but too many ads


It’s pretty fun but I can’t get in the mood because every 5 seconds there’s another ad and you can’t even finish a game without 3 or 4 ads. Really annoying

Good but

nickname 40056

It’s a very good game but there are way too many adds

My opinion

Titty Twister 2.0

I like the game but it’s the dang ads that pop up while I’m in the middle of playing and it’s so annoying

This game is awesome

tacos raining from t

Who is awesome you collect bricks and you go up diesel things and make bridges from them not

So many ads

Camera Lcok

Love the game and it’s a fun time killer but there are wayyy to many ads. It’s quite annoying and sometimes i want to delete it because i can’t play for more than 15 seconds without an ad popping up and interrupting it.



I HATE how it gives you adds in the middle of playing. It’s so annoying. The concept of the game is good, but the adds are the worst. It makes me wanna throw my phone across the room.

The Add


The game was getting good until I came across the ads IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME! I get that the creditor has to make money but there is no need for them to put ads in the middle of the game.

Too many Ads


There are too many ads in this game. Ads will pop up when I am even playing this game. But it is a really fun game. But the ads get annoying.

It’s ok but….


This game is amazing but the only flaw in this is that they have ads like every 10 seconds!!! I find this very disturbing for the game otherwise this game is phenomenal!!

This Game is good, But far too many ads. If there was a remove ads option maybe it could get 5 out of 5.

Too many ads


I like the game, and I think it is a good idea, but there are too many ads. Ads pop up when you are in the middle of the game which is not fun at all. I think that the ads should come up after the game is over instead of in the middle of it


Lulu Gold~~~

It was fun for a couple of days but then got soooooo boring.

The only issue


I had one issue with this game mostly ads every second it would be nice to get rid of all the ads

Good Game

J Crabb

This is a very great game! I always win! Welp! Bye! Now! Back to the game!

Love but hate


I love this game it’s entertaining but I can’t stand the amount of ads that pop up every second which kills everything so I’m deleting it until they fix that.



Fun game but too many ads especially right in the middle of the game :(

I started playing the game and it was really fun but right when I was going to win a ad stared and messed me up. And when I am just getting back from the ad 5 seconds later another ad stared. This made me mad and frustrated.

Too many ads


that’s it just too many ads. there can be five ads in just one round. nice game, the ads r just horrible. not rlly worth it



Annoying ads right in the middle of the Game. Fix it



I love this game. But however when I start to play it kicks me off and it is really annoying.I still love this game. Also it has a lotttt of glitches.



This game is very addictive and I can’t stop playing it, I think if there were to be more blocks then this game would be perfect!

A good game


This game is very good there is not t that munch ads it is very fun.



Good concept gameplays retarded there’s adds literally in the middle of the game . You could be about to win and boom ad

Good but

Atlanta 45

This game is a pretty good game the only thing is you get 2 old in a single match I also wished it was online instead of bots

Why so many ads I would like to play the game not watch ads the whole time

fun game just wayyyyy too many adds!!!

I love this game so much I always love seeing myself win every time 🤣so play this game it’s awesome 👏

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