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Pleaseeeeeeeee add a sport book like boxing or football or basketball

Love this game and the stories but DEAR LORD I don’t wanna wait an eternity for a SINGLE key. Bro I get it u want to have us buy the keys but at least give us like 4 every 3 hours due to the long ass wait 😑

I love this Series its the best!!

Cool game, but


Terrible customer service. Appalling. What a waste of play.

Love this app


When it baby bump 2 coming out !???

I don’t get to make any choices in real life get this for your kid so that they can make choices

I am in love with this game can’t stop playing it I even got my mom and friend to play the game and they love it I give it a 5 star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Please make more books of HSS

i consider getting t

I absolutely love this game! But one thing that I’ve been wondering for the longest time is when are you guys going to make a book 4 or more of the high school story? I would love to see the berry high students finish senior year or start college.



Open heart 2 PLEASE HURRY UP WITH RELEASING CHAPTER 10 of Open Heart... I’m too invested! Like it’s keeping me up at night! Haha

Could show the people

Try This App 😌

I think it’s great but it should show the people in the script



It’s like reading a book but you choose how the story goes. Good characters.

This is not the first time I have played this game. It just reminds me of the type of books I used to read in jr high. I just love the story lines.

Best app ever!!!

Sahara Khan

I’ve been playing this game for a year and a half now and it’s amazing. It helps me increase my reading skills and the books are so interesting. I love them! 🥰💕



Sometimes they won’t give you diamonds after watching ads or reading stories. If you contact them they will put up a fight to reimburse owed diamonds.



Super fun exciting game . Gives you something to do while killing time . Also get to play dress up with your avatar so fun!!


Hava Nagila 234

Would be more fun if there were more stories that had a single romantic interest. I feel like to would be better so you could focus more on the story



This app is really good with its representation of sexuality and race the only problem is I wish less options cost gems and that the wait time for keys was shorter like an hour


Ishita Rahman




I really enjoy the game..very addictive but for some reason the music keeps skipping could you guys tweek that so that it doesn’t! Kind of ruins the game...

Go to episode


This app is such a write over of episode the story app. This isn't even as interactive as episode. Awful app never get

More gems!


Make the videos give 15 gems per video because only getting 1 gem 3 times and 2 gems won’t let any of your users have enough gems for the choices. By increasing the gems more people would download your app.

I really love this app but I can’t play the games anymore because I can’t afford the diamonds and keys. A vip free trial is needed and more diamonds. Really disappointed.

The stories are good but they take way to long to get published. It makes me want to delete the app

It would make more sense it only took one hour if one key instead of three hours for one key. But the game is good.



I really like the app and the stories, but I’m annoyed that the new interface and challenges haven’t been introduced to everyone. I won’t be playing until that update is available

I became a VIP member when I realized the Freshman Series goes to Senior year...only to finish the Freshman book and there’s no Sophomore book on the app. How can I get the Sophomore, Junior and Senior year?



I love it but i feel like the gems are are way to expensive for me but it might me good for other people.over all i love the game🥰😊

Okay, so I posted a previous review saying how diamonds were a big problem. But this update totally changed that. GET THIS APP! You won’t regret it.

I can’t stop playing this! It’s AMAZING!!!

Choices rocks


Choices makes me feel like I could end up like my avatar. I feel like its me but just an avatar! Thank you please play this game if your on not romance and other fun stuff.😄

Best Story app ever


So, I usually just get random apps and review them, and this one is SO GOOD

I love it❤️


It is so much better than episode! Gives you so many diamonds and all you have to do is watch and ad to get more! Thank you for being generous!

Good but costs...


It’s fine except to literally make any choices you’ll pretty much have to pay to advance



What a great way to pass time! Creating your own story! So far so good.

what even


what i don’t understand is that we don’t have any diamonds to start out with and their so crucial to making good choices in the game.

Shorter key time


It’s a great game. The only negative is that it takes two hours to get another key. I think that’s too long to wait to get 1 key to read one chapter. Maybe shorten it to one hour. The stories are fun and each chapter is a good length.



Joe hi s in be w Habakkuk hi why

I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually LIKE this game! I’m a 45-year-old cynical accountant, and I downloaded this game just to laugh at it. But now I can’t stop playing! Lol

I really like this game but I think the chapters should be longer and more into love. But it’s still a good app! I think you should try it and see how it works for you. 🥺😉



I am loving this game so much. so many different stories to choices from and so many genres as well.

I love the game

with heartbroken

But it needs some work how about A pool everybody everybody me and there’s a jealous me and then you say so

Love it

Ayo Lamarque

It’s so freaking good! Like seriously, I love that I get to choose to be a boy (I’m a boy) and flirt with another boy! Omg it gives you butterfly in your stomach, GREAT JOB!!

Great game


Good and interactive fun with many riveting stories



Please just add a wheel or something cause playing a game where u only can get one good choice is so badddd

I love the story but I don’t like having to wait every week just to get one chapters, I wish they can release twice a week or 2 chapters when it the release day

Update crashing


I love this game I really do but it’s not cool just updating it to now having it crash every time I try to open it. Please fix!

Love it


My first look and I'm obsessed with this game


Cinnie Winnie

I can’t stop playing it, because I’m so anxious to find out what’s next.

Choices is awesome

tick tick forever

This is such a fun app there’s drama romance and more I can’t stop playing !!!!



Good app, but right is facing a major glitch with The Freshman Ch 16 that must corrected immediately.

Fix it


I did on update and now it’s not working fix it please

I looove this app


I am writing to ask you to create a new volume of elementalists, like one for every year at their school. So two more volumes, that would mean alot. I love this app a ton has lots of interesting stories so that’s why I’m asking for another one!

The stories are great but the character creation/customization is limited. Wish we could have more character models

I thought the ads were terrible, but I decided on a whim to give it a go, and I really like it so far.

Under 14


Disturbing and weird should be for older children past eighteen. Violence romantic doings and more. Do not download this game not for kids under 14.

The Royal Romance

Damara Clark

I loved it but now I am unable to access the server!!! Other than that the storyline is great!!!



It's a good game but very limited in getting ahead. Improve on being able to get outfits without diamonds or make it easier to get diamonds and the game would be much better.

Stunning. Amazing. Loved every book I played.

I love this game


but i wish you guys would bring more books out for the old stories. These new stories aren’t really interesting.



So So good I played for an hour

It says there’s new update but I don’t see any

Why diamonds?


Diamonds are just annoying. And its dumb that some choices cost diamonds.i get the keys they make sense but diamonds why? ps can you guys add like a college stories kinda like high school stories?

Fun and addicting! Only problem no way to get keys or diamonds unless you’re paying

I love choices but I still need a book 3 of the elementalists but I still love Bloodbound this is the best story game out there

I love the game it has so many story’s I love all of them. One story I thought was real.❤️🌹❤️

Good game


I know I’m a ten year old but I honestly like this game it’s super fun and I gives you a opinion on everything no ads either no charge and in all it a good game


Dj popcorn party

I love this game it’s romantic and it’s scary it’s scaremantic Wich means romantic and scary I just wish you could get love more easy because I love romance so can you please update the game please please please!!!



Maybe I should sleep instead of playing???.....nope!!



Of course all the great choices are diamonds and you don’t even get enough to make one choice if you watch all the ads for a game! Such a shame was really enjoying the story too



I really love the stories but hate how they been using the same Avis lately for different stories.

I love choices it is my favorite app

I’ve been tryna to find to read and stimulate my mind a bit but it’s hard when most books are boring this game, this game changed all that and I love the stories in Choices!

Americas most eligible is fun. I wish they would give an option in all games to be a guy (I don’t want to play as a girl character). Otherwise, I highly recommend this game!

Need more of both all the time. Good stories but always need these. Plus I wish I could sign in with google cuz I don’t have or want Facebook

Cute app!


It’s different, and I am enjoying it!

It definitely keeps me intrigued enough to keep reading. And everyone is sucker for a drama.

Obsessed! But...


I love this game. Like love love this game, but the diamonds are super important in each story and its hard to collect enough to play without spending money or days watching ads and not being able to move on because you don’t have enough diamonds.

Great app


Loving this so far! Only just finished my first chapter but it’s awesome !

Can u help me? Even when I have been playing it, it’s been stealing my diamonds

I love this!

[Mist] Nonsneeper

I honestly love this game. I would love it if you would do more of the Highschool episodes maybe a chapter 4.

Great game but....


Game is great but there needs to be a way to get more diamonds. There are too little amounts of diamonds.

I love the game, but they should put a way to earn more diamonds and keys for those that can’t afford buying.! Btw when is going to have more chapters of Blood Bound? I already finish the 3rd book

This game is very addicting. I just wish that more characters are created because it gets tiring to have only like 4 options to choose from. Most Of my characters look the exact same in every story



I just wish they start you off with more diamonds

The app


It so good and great stuff going on

As the title states, characters are recycled too often...especially your main character (MC). There should be more variety so you’re not looking at a similar MC in different stories.



So far so good I think it will try to charge me before long but it’s fun for now

Didn’t think I’d like but it’s quite fun.

Love but my god

Marcy butt

This was so much better then I thought it would be. The stories are legit good and bring you in. The soft core parts crack me up but I love them so much. I wish there was a way to get more coins for less money.



I love this game but getting diamonds only with money is not so cool. They have to arrange other ways than just paying!

More keys


Hi. I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m just going to say that I’m a big fan of your lifegame/choosing game, but I would like to see MORE keys, so that more people can play more levels/lifebooks. Thanks. Kamryn:played as Ros

Love it!


Not a bad game at all, I’ve always seen it advertised so I finally caved. It’s pretty addicting!

I love this game


It’s so addictive and so freaking fun

Stories are great but you basically have to choose to either use money to purchase diamonds or play the story line as-is with no choice. There could at least be more free options and then special ones that cost.


Island Grown 83

Love Love Love Choices!!! Seriously I’m addicted to The Royal Romance and Rules of Engagement books. I’ve played both series like three times......because- hello ..... a different choice changes everything.....Thank You Pixelberry!

No ads

calleea noblit

I love this game because it’s finally a game that has no ads😇😇😇😇

More diamonds

Ta Hoe

Great game but it needs to be fixed to get more diamonds



I love the stories but it would be great if you could keep the outfits you bought so you can have more diamonds for the exciting moments in the story.

So curious


It has a lot of good chapters and surprising stuff I like the clothes that they have too And some sad stuff it is fun though.😇😊🥰🤩

The Freshman is the best series I’ve ever played so far.I love Choices.


young g girl

The game is good but is not the best but all most is


period luv

I love this app but I wish it could have some cool stories like saved by the bell, sixteen candles, and the breakfast club



I can sit here for hours and play this game and not realize how much time has flown by!!


ruby red 2

I love reading these stories and deciding the storyline.

It stopped giving me free keys and I only had 1 chapter left of my book. What happened. I would love a response from the creators.

Get this game now


Omg this game is so fun and good and I've only had it for a day



I think this is the best game in the world except for star stables 👍🏿 🐴🐎

Been playing the game everyday since I’ve downloaded it and it’s really great for me to keep distracted and let stress go for the day. My only down fall is that not all the books are uploaded. Currently waiting on the royal heir 2

Plz make another Big Sky Country it is so good plz make a book 3

Lovvinnnn it


Choices is such a good game ! The stories are so dramatic but the only thing is the buying things seems a bit expensive.But I do appreciate the diamonds you start with

All the stories are great and captivating but there are little to no LGBTQ stories and I think they may make the app more interesting if there were some or a section for those books. Other than that I love the app and can never put it down!

Love the idea, hate how you only get a key every few hours, one book to buy the keys to read through is like 10 bucks and you have to wait to finish a story

Love it

*Char Char*

I started playing Royal Romance a few days ago and now I’m on book 3. The only part I hate is it gets expensive as you go because you do end up wanting to pay for diamonds to keep the story going.



Choices is easily the game I play the most on my phone. I love it and get really involved with the stories even if I’m not trying to. That being said, I really want sequels for Across the Void and The Elementalists

Great game changes


I don’t think I wanna have a bad report but it has way to much reading and less questions you need to change that and do more chapters



I feel like there should be a way to get more diamonds in this game. This is where the game is lacking. Other than this issue, the game is GREAT!!!



Honestly bloodbound and the two horror ones are the only stories I’m in to, but wow am I obsessed with them. All amazing highly recommend! I mean hot vampires and thrilling mysteries? Couldn’t ask for more

Diamonds needed


We need more diamonds in this as if you give away a free key you should give away 5 free diamonds every so often

Romance 2000

Sweet Lo

Having fun so far. So we will see how this ends? To be continued.

Ripped me off


I LOVE THIS APP BUT I PAID FOR DIAMONDS TWICE (NOT AT THE SAME TIME) FOR $1.99 AND IT CHARGED ME $6.98 BOTH TIMES!!! Sent the app a messages and never got a response!!

Too many gems


I really love choices but I wish you didn’t need gems for all the good things.

Love it


I love this game. I stopped playing Episode because they made you pay for more diamonds. I’m very happy that you can earn them without paying money ! Highly recommend super addicting

Dabbin on the sauce

One reviewin boi

Gucci mane is the best rapper free Kodak sniper gang gang gang yuh offer yuh baller 🤠🤠🤠🤠



Fun! Wish I had more choices for customizing my look. Hair color/hair style-dress/jewelry/mask. Just wish they weren’t already grouped for me.



I wish you have the chance to earn more diamonds. To me, that impacts how often I play.

More stories

one love one true

More new stories need to be added


Im kosar

من خيلي دوسش دارم چون به زبان انگليسيم خيلي كمك كرده و همينطور داستان هاي جالبي داره❤️❤️



The best game ever !! everybody should download .

Great Game


Great game but we need more ways to earn diamonds.

I’m a dude


Not gonna lie thought this was finna be dumb but the story’s are actually interesting lol I hate how everything leads to some romantic thing but I guess it’s kinda the point. But either way great story’s and art

I really like the game and the choices but it seems like all the good choices or dress cost more diamonds then they allow to get or earn. But over all I like the game

It’s great


The games need more playable male characters. I hate that you can only play as a girl depending on the game.

This game is interesting, great storylines, great art and overall such an good game!!



I don’t think it should costs keys to replay chapters if i don’t get diamonds from them, doesn’t seem fair to be honest. If it costs a key i should get my reward regardless of how many times I’ve played it

Please read

idea king

Can you please make another story were you can choose your gender.

Love the game!!!! So visual and interesting but OMG i never have enough diamonds to buy any clothes to up my chances at better choices

It would be nice to earn additional diamonds in other ways without having to pay for them, it limits the outcome and excitement of the story if you don’t buy diamonds.

Best game ever

sksks and i opp-

I love this game so much it’s so interesting


Addie waddell

i really do love this game but you barly get/earn enough dimons to get though a single chapter.

My review


I really loved this game but one I really didn’t like was the keys



I don’t know who makes the stories but you should make a open heart 2



I love how it has chapters , because it’s very addicting and chapters are like a break from it. Well done only on like the 3rd chapter but awesome so far..

Love but


Great app, great storyline! I don’t like how you really can’t customize the characters too much and please please tell me what happened to the weekend pass?? I LOVED THOSE!



I love how you have reading inside of your app



I am very obsesed with this app i use it all the time in the car on my bed on the plane every where so i think this app could be the best app i have ever downloaded in my entire life

I love the but

nick name ok

I would let players earn more diamonds or start with more diamonds.



You should get this game its amazing I love it you should love it too.

Good story’s

loyal fan of marval

The only problems I have is the amount of diamonds you need to choose the good options and that if you replay a book you have to spend diamonds even though you played through it and already spent diamonds


El Bruno83

They really spelled magical wrong through the entire “The Elementist” book 😂

Awsome Choices🤗


Choices is a really fun game but I wish everything was not always diamonds because.Its really frustrating trying to earn all ur gems to play and fall in love.

I love the story lines, but I think it is ridiculous to have to wait 2 plus hours on a key. If I have to buy the keys to play, I’d spend more money on the game than I would time playing it 🙄

I love this game

smile 🐺🦄🦋

Just got to love this game over the past few weeks ❤️😀💋💕😍🥰😘😇😉😝😗😙😚😻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻



I LOVE the game .. But I very much DISLIKE that we cannot choose choices other than the free ones because the diamonds choices take so many diamonds ... You really only have one choice if you can’t afford to buy extra diamonds .....

Love it!


Choice is the best storytelling game I ever played

Love the books


I so love the books and finding out what the nex chapter is going to be

I love Choices! It basically gives you an insight on a life different from reality! It fun! I play all the time! I would recommend this game to my friends to play! I bet they would love it!

It’s okay


It is fun to play, but if you don’t spend money you kinda feel obligated to remain a numb character. I couldn’t make the choices I wanted to which out the gems. So to me it was pointless, but at least a good read.

Diamond lack


I really love this game but the number of diamond required for just one action is too much !!


Well then mama

I just wish there was a better way to earn diamonds 😩

Diamond prices


Can there please be an everyday wheel where we can spin the wheel and earn diamonds for free?

I really love this app but I can’t play the games anymore because I can’t afford the diamonds and keys

Relaxed Reader

My Review04

Enjoying this app! Needs more opportunities to earn diamonds.



Fun but the wait times for keys is terrible no one wants to wait three hours to continue a story.



Sooo much fun!!!! But when you need to use gems it’s not just 4 or 5 you need to use its 20!!! It’s a little much!!


znjanxnc. jz

YOU REALLY NEED TO ADD MORE PLAYABLE MALE CHARACTERS I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, i will skip a whole book when i see that i can’t be a male

Calming game

Aaliyah francis

Every time I’m sad I always play this game it’s so calming even the music. I always literly play this game at 1am. Crazy right . Just please everybody play this calming and beautiful game

Royal heir


Is there going to be another part!!!

Let’s just say I’ve spent all my money on this game. It’s definitely worth it. 10/10 recommend.



i’m begging y’all for more options for dudes every time there’s a new story i’m like oh cool this looks good and then i can only play as a girl and like. i don’t want that



It’s a great game!! I love the story telling, the visuals, all of that, but I just wish that they gave you more gems to start out with so you don’t have to spend money.

Diamond and keys


Hey love this game but like plz after one chapter add like 10 diamonds and every 2 hrs add a key

Add this please


By far one of the best non action games but I think you should add a superhero school

Great Game


This is my favorite story app. The variety is awesome and it’s affordable. Plus you can replay and keep your purchases unlike Series. You can also get more game play for your diamonds.



Good but diamonds could do without

Diamonds cost way to much


Love the stories but these diamonds cost way too much and you don’t give enough keys or at least start everybody off with 60-70 diamonds a day because multiple choices which are the best ones are expensive!

Love it


Everything is perfect thank you



I love this game it is so relaxing and if your having a bad day just play this game and it would cheer you up 😂🥺



The game is great but the cost of diamonds is a little ridiculous. It is very unfair to get 3 diamonds after each chapter but they want you to spend at least 50 in each chapter. Ridiculous. I ended up deleting because of this.



It’s a rip off of Episode. Period

Stories are good but...


I really love these stories but if you want a more interesting and interactive story it’s going to cost you a lot of money. The characters are great but it is just too expensive which saddens me.

Love but....


Love choices but wish things didn’t cost so much!

This game is really good. But, sometimes I feel like going when you buy another chapter it’s too many diamonds. I think they creators should make the chapters that you didn’t read yet should be about one or two diamonds.💎



Love the game but seriously you have to spend a ton of money in order to play it. and for that reason I will probably delete it


😡😡😡oofer ga



lopez 7353

It is the best game I get to choose what I want to do overall download it it’s a best

Super fun


Such a fun game to play it also has a great selection of stories!

Great game but...

Easter Bish

Choices is a great game but the point that you have to pay diamonds for certain things is kind of a drag. If you could make the amount of diamonds you have to pay lower, and that would make this a five star game. Please acknowledge this, thank you.

Keep going

ruhrbshbsg bc. gbc

I love choices keep going it is so entertaining I use to play it never now I play it every day keep going please

Surprisingly addictive

carring faith

I love reading and this makes me part of the story. I love it!

I have enjoyed this a lot but it is crazy expensive to play. Choices should be much more affordable, especially if they are going to charge so much for the packages of diamonds. I won’t be able to play much if they don’t change that.



Downloaded this app read 1 chapter book and got hacked! $41.97 total taken from my account!! Still seeing more funds being taken out since I have deleted this account!! Do not download this app!!

Great Game!

G patron

It’s a great game with excellent choices but I’d like to experience it with character animation, see people in the background conversing and or playing the part of the scene.

... until I watch videos all the way through for diamonds, and says I haven’t “watched them all the way through” and don’t get a reward. And after a chapter, you don’t get another chance for it. Please fix.

Ty’s game is really fun and addicting but the cost of choices is ridiculous and you should make it possible to earn more diamonds throughout the game!

Love it

gianna karielle

I love this app is very entertained recomend100❤️❤️



So can we pleaseeeee start talking release date for BLOODBOUND Book 3. ITS MY ABSOLUTE favorite book and I think most people would agree with me. And please include Kamilah and MC ending up together if it’s the last book of the series.



i love this app but you don’t get many keys so i may delivers it bc like episode gives you 4, this only gives 2 and there’s no way to get more

Great fun

🙂dog/huskie lover

I wish the developers would add some more horror/thriller stories but there are no adds and try this and WEBTOON if you like comics



i liked this game for a long time and i just got back into it, and i realized the keys now take 3 hours EACH to reset.

The great game


I like this game because it’s truly unique it let us pick what we wanna do and wear sometimes. It’s a fun game to play ❤️. I never thought I could like this game as much as I do 🤣👍🏽. Please do more games like this💯.

This game is the best game ever. It is soooooooooooooooooooo Cool and I can’t stop playing it so many choices and soooooooo many things to do and you can go the way you want to play


Name: none of your b

I like this game I just wish that there was more options and less romantic and more funny stuff and some like comedy stuff or like Day of a middle schooler

Replaying Books

I dont know why1236

I love this game but when I replay a book I think either it shouldn’t cost keys and I get no gems or you spend keys and get gems when u finish a chapter but only if u already read the book. THANKS



This game is totally Beast fire (As A compliment)

Fun and flirty


This story rocks since you can make it what you want.



The characters are way too ugly for me too even read..

I was just in the middle of reading the third ch of blood bound 2 and then the game kicked me... now I can’t find it anywhere! What’s up with that....



So fun! Just wish you had more keys to open the next chapter :)

Blood bound 2 gone!


In the middle of reading blood bound 2 it disappeared!

What happened to bloodbound 2 it’s not on the app anymore I was playing it got back on the app and it’s gone just the first bloodbound is on it

Blood bound ll


I loved blood bound and started and got half way through blood bound ll and it’s now gone. I’ve spent a lot of gems on this book and don’t want it to be lost. Bring it back!!

Hi! I’m obsessed with high school story and I saw that book 3 was premiering this update, and well I updated my game but I can’t find it and I really wannnnna play it. I’ve been waiting since JUNE!

By far one of the best games I have ever played!

Great and fun


Love love love I recommend this game

One question

It's barbiebish

Can u do more high school story woth maria michael yeah u get can u do pleasse

It’s alright

cinthia hart

So far I like the game but it’s kind of unfair that you need such a good amount of diamonds to choose what you want. I’m giving this game a shot but so far nothing to impressive. Kind of fun though

It is the best

The only238

I love choices, it’s really fun to play and also it’s really interesting. But I think that there should be an “Open heart” book 2. Because it’s really fun to play so please make a book 2 of that story

Love the game..


Love the game and the choices.. can things cost less?



Okay so I’m totally in love with choices! I have a book suggestion! It should be called middle school crush! Where you make and name your crush as well as your character!


Train Boy 1

I love the stories, when is the 3rd book of HSS Class Act releasing? I can’t wait to red it

Not recommended


I would enjoy this game if it wasn’t of the diamonds and keys. You have to purchase diamonds in order to continue the game and it doesn’t worth it. It’s also expensive.

Choice pay and play


I like the choices the payments for the extras from the diamond count you have is expensive for not earning a lot through out the game.



This game is so addictive I spent fifty dollars on it.



I just love everything about this!




i love it already i’ve had it for a few days and i can’t get off the game i love the romance

Best game ever


This is the best choices game ever .

Good app


This is a great app, I just wish there were more ways that we could earn diamonds and keys! Like completing actions to earn more.. Please consider other options. Other than that, Awesome app!


why am i using this

Most important choice cost a lot of diamonds. You can earn 2 at the end of a chapter. So unless you want to spend our own money than you can’t make those important choices costing 20 and up in diamonds.



Some of these ads automatically open the App Store & it’s quite annoying. . . Everything else is ok with the app, good stories. Diamond choices are way too expensive but 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

It’s awsome

Milana Lablanc

Totally awesome better then stories!!!

My review


I think this game is AWESOME the reason I gave it a four is because I’m a boy and I wish there where more one to choose to be a boy

I love this fairytale app. We can all just imagine and then take the time dress up love, laugh and cry

Love it but.....


It needs a Daily rewards wheel u know like 4 keys or 20 Diamond I would come and play it alot more



I actually enjoy this app, because not only does it include amazing stories, it even includes different genres! We need more games like this.



Very addicting. Has a lot of detail and drama and romance so I’m all in.

I love this!!!!

Nursie KO

I’m in awww!!!!! Love this app!!! It’s jaw dropping!!!

Cool game


I liked playing this game. The story line is cool, the credit go quickly and it takes a while to get keys. The clothing is pricey. So I guess if you don’t want to pay to play you shouldn’t play.

I LITERALLY LIVE for choices and I would not tolerate if people gave it a bad review. Give choices a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating if you really love it



This game’s is really interesting but the diamonds to pay for cool things cost a lot I wish they could bring down the price a little bit

Just get rid of the keys and let us play the game😤



This game forces you to buy keys and diamonds to choose the “right” answer. Very lame. 👎🏻 Worst of all, choices cost anywhere between 10-49 diamonds, and you only get 2 per chapter.

Great app


This app is amazing but there are some stories on it that make you think there will be another but there never is. Overall great app! Please Please Please give us a sequel to Ride or Die!

The amount of diamonds it costs to do any of the choices is ridiculous compared to the rate you can actually earn them. Either do a fairer balance or offer better pricing for your diamonds. Deleted this app.

5/5 stars elementalist


This is such a good app but tbh y’all need to make a 3rd elemantalist it is such a good story and theirs no way it can end like that theirs so much more y’all can tell please make about 3 more books

Choices reivew


I would love to give this 5 stars but I just don’t understand why you need to pay money for more diamonds. I would like to scream at pb studios that “IM POOR AND WANT TO PLAY THE GAME IN A FUN WAY!!”

Momma bear


Love the books but think the diamond prices are a bit much

I like these stories and most of these apps don’t have many male protagonist so it’s great to see that this app does have both gender stories for most of them.



I would love to see a continuation of what happens after college in The Freshman series.



The game is catchy but I wish everything didn’t cost diamonds and there isn’t a good way to earn them. So times you have to go without things or choices due to not having diamonds. Otherwise it’s pretty fun!

If you vote 4 stars you poop

Secret. Not telling

What love this game choice is the best

Excellent game


Great game if u like making your own decision

Love this game. Helps me wind down before I go to bed.

I absolutely love this app and the ONLY downfall is the diamonds! If you play a lot of the stories like I do it can get expensive (which is why I don’t play as much anymore). They should give us 5 diamonds for completing a chapter or something

I LOVE the game! It’s so addictive! I’m just wondering if there’s going to be a Bloodbound 3. That entire story is AMAZING!

I need more of elementalist


I want more of that book I was not finished with the story when it ended

Love it


I loved this app but now my school has blocked us from playing it. 😭😭😭😭

I LOVE this game but I wish the diamonds were a little easier to obtain.

Love it


Amazingly addictive I feel I'm in each story

Great app


This app is amazing but there are some stories on it that make you think there will be another but there never is. Overall great app

It says in the game that you can get into romance and stuff but It cost like 12 diamonds and I really want to pick that choice because if I don’t I look like a bad person in the game. So please change


Tazi pink

I love it. It is so fun the choices are great. Enjoy playing it.

A lot of the books I read were fun but none were as fun as hss and hss class act I don’t care which one gets another book but I need this more class act please I love the character and need more of ski she is edgy and emo and cool #best book



I Am Just Speaking T

We don’t get enough diamonds to pick the better choices... it’s not even fair. We have to spend 30 diamonds on a choice EVERY chapter. We don’t even get enough diamonds for that.

Good game

Ella Sparkle

I really do love this game and it’s easy to play and I have soo much fun!!

It’s a good app but I liked it better when you had to wait less for more tickets

Good choices


I was playing another app before this one which was a total rip off and the stories were subpar to the ones found on this app. Best one hands down for the price and stories

Love the game and chapters but if you don’t have diamonds it’s pointless to play. I feel some of the options shouldn’t cost as much or just be free so the story can get better, if not it just doesn’t go a good way

I like it


I love most of their books and their books. Sometimes you can choose what your LI looks like which is one of the best things they’ve come up with. I’m hoping they do a special or a book around The Freshman as a reunion or wedding eventually



Totally addictive game. Can’t stop playing it.

I barely get to do any fun things because its so hard to accumulate enough diamonds I usually get maybe one fun choice a book.

I like the game but I would give it five stars ir it would like actually show the body and see the action besides you should put voices on the characters I would be really cool if they had voices SINCERELY : Mia #choicesforever

So far so good.


... we will see once diamonds are starting to be needed ... I think 20-50 for appearance options is a bit much... if you want to charge appearance option diamonds do it as upgrades, later! Not in the beginning. Otherwise, I have no complaints

I LOVE THIS GAME!! But pleeeeeaaaase make another Endless Summer book!!! I love it so so so much!!!!

I love it


I like the game I hate that they try to charge to pick something to say to the other character! But I love it

It’s great but ..


It’s great. I love the game and all the different stories. I just don’t want to have to pay for decisions. The choices should cost less. That’s why I keep deleting the game and re-downloading it weeks later. Because of the diamonds.

Great game, but wish it could be more affordable. I’m down to pay 5 dollars a book to get the choices I want, but at this rate it’s more like 15-20! Would love if you all could fix this.



I love this game but I don’t get many diamonds but keep up the good work I love this game though



I love it I am literally addicted to it everyday off of school I spend ours reading it

This Game is Awesome!

im kewl ⚡️

I love it! This game is one of my favorite games! It has improved a lot and I like how they updated it for you to start out with 65 GEMS!!! I mean I did spend a lot but it is awesome! 🥳🤩 keep up the good work!



I love this game I love this game i love this game that’s al I have to say I love this game



I really love this app but I think there needs to be a different way to get diamonds maybe a spin of the day. Makes me wanna stop playing because of them.



Only if the choices didn’t cost so much😂



I like the app it’s just that their choices are so expensive

The cost for some of the good choices with diamonds r crazy I wanna continue playing but the diamond cost should go down

I am getting a little mad that it is bringing me back to chapters I have already done and is making me us my keys to redo them each time. But I still rlly like this game but it is holding me back right now until it’s fixed.

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