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Pretty good weather app, although it seems to struggle on the Apple Watch to keep updated. Would also be nice if it had a widget to use on my iPhone and iPad.

Kinda scary how good this app is for tracking the weather. Can literally dodge around rain clouds by the minute. I just wish I could have widget for my Home Screen, kinda like apple weather.

I have been using this app for years. It is an amazing app. I use it throughout the day. This app is pretty much on target.

Precise forecast

Mike in se georgia

Best weather app for localized weather and beyond.

Easy to navigate, updates quickly and has useful features such as wind gust forecast and time machine (weather history).



My favorite weather app, along our local Space City Weather. We are in Houston and need the best.



Hands down the best short term weather forecasting app I have ever used! Dead on every time. Sad that the app is going away with the purchase by Apple!

I’ve had this app for many years. It’s always been reliable and accurate. Improvements over the years have fixed all of the bugs.

Dark sky ROCKS!


This app amazes everyone I show. You can almost set your clock to the warnings! 👍👍

Just check your Dark Sky’s precise Doppler and know what’s going to happen weather wise…


Waterboy Irrigation

Tells you the information you need to know right now.

Great weather app.


Dark Sky is an excellent app. Very accurate. Well worth the cost.

This is a pretty sleek and useful weather app. The only reason I am not giving it for stores is that it does it have an air quality forecast or indicator.

Mostly right


Good stochastic analysis with great presentation. Tufte would appreciate!

Temperature issues


Temperature not very accurate in my area (Lancaster, PA). I mean, 3° difference isn’t horrible but 71° is different than 68°.

Good app with recent problems


Radar map now is inaccurate and often scrambled and jumpy. Frequently the area I’m interested in will be blank with no radar image or it will transpose sections of storms as they travel. Forecasts seem a bit less accurate now as well.



Needs to better analyze weather in Long Island ny. Missed a rainstorm last week.

Lacks accuracy

Rip Wheeler 208

Not as accurate as other apps I’ve used

Curb’ service!


Julia’s mondo mammary glands!!!!! Thanks Dave’s wooddie futtbucker


The Vib

Best app ever I had it for five years and I like it so much



Awesome source of up-to-date weather radars and info

This is the best weather app which predicts rain better than any other app.

Really great app, easy to use and navigate however I’d really like calendar dates as well as days of the week! That’s the only thing I think is missing

On point!

Phil n Steph

Still wish for the old interface but does the job

Fairly accurate


Hourly forecast is fairly accurate but future radar needs improved. Cannot see but an hour of future radar. Would like to see two to three hours ahead.

We use it daily


This weather app is well designed and convenient for us. The app has all of the different aspects one needs to be informed of. We have found its predictions accurate.

inaccurate forecast


the forecast is getting less accurate by the month. sometime showing sunny 27 c but actually overcast 14 c. the default weather app is more accurate nowadays. don’t waste your money buying this app.



The app is average in my opinion. The app is still better….

Best App

Granjita de sofi

The most accurate weather app I know!!

Love it, but…

R.A. LaMond

Love this app. Hoping a Widget for the iPhone home screen is coming soon, so I can replace the native Apple Weather Widget.

Reading the reviews I thought I found 1 weather app to rule them all. Overall I am not impressed. Not much of a difference from most other weather apps to me. I am disappointed each time I view this app.

This app is the best weather app out there .

My favorite weather app! Reliable and accurate and easy to use! I highly recommend it. This app is not flaky or craps out on you or require an update weekly like other so-called weather apps. Does the job! It’s the Toyota of weather apps.

Having issues with skin cancer. This App is an immense help in determining when safe to bike ride. Also very helpful in hourly wind speed projections. Please keep this App Apple!! No other App offers what it does.

Amazing app


I love this app definitely spot on!

Outstanding App


Their GPS is amazing. Not sure how it can be spot perfect all the time. Great app way better than the brand names apps. Alan E

I have noticed serious lag in the radar versus the free competitors…

The weather app is a solid choice. Good layout, notifications, and radar. There only thing is I wish it had home screen widgets to see weather at a glance and it would get 5 stars.

Reviews deleted


Reviewed several times but got deleted. Hmmm.

Great app.. much better than others

Dark sky has map features, precipitation predictions, temperatures and other features that are closer to what my home weather station is reporting than the network apps that are focused on conditions over 50 miles away.

Not Too Shabby


Nov always on the money, but what is?

Love this App but not the name ‘ Dark Sky’ Kinda doom and gloom

Dependable app

California resident

Seems overall consistent at predicting the weather and also the radar charts that tell me approximately how long a rain shower will last

Need to add future forecast so you. And see further than 30 min into the future


John MF Cook

Used to be accurate and told precipitation spot on… now it’s hit or miss but still pretty decent

With my hiking, I find this app to be the most reliable.

This app is consistently about 5° off the correct temperature

Most used app


I don’t leave the house without checking at Dark Sky. #1 app by a mile.

If it wasn’t for the seemingly not quite up to date radar, I’d have given it a 5-star rating.

Seriously great app

Mike Bradshaw (bmike

Seriously good data and excellent visualizations and features.


honeycutts girl

I can always count on dark skies !

Rely on it every day. Pretty accurate. Satisfied

Great style and no ads


Yeah and I paid for it. I’m not in favor of ads, so I would be willing to pay for things. And I’m glad I paid for this one! Great design and functionality. I do like getting notifications for weather warnings.

Nice app

Smartest weatherman

I like it, it’s a nice app. Usually very accurate with good predictionsAnd graphics. It’s fast and convenient. easy to use. I like it, I’d recommend it.



Sky is not clear. It is overcast due to heavy smoke from tamarat fire

Relatively acccurate weather predictions going out 5 days. Easy to use. Nice layout



When I first started using dark sky it was accurate to the second to my local area. Now not so much but still more accurate than the rest.

This is my most often-used app. Lots of relevant whether info (real time and projected). Tornado warnings have been appreciated too—we don’t live in a tornado-prone area, but have needed the alert twice in a two week period.

So easy

Tom Terrific Two

I am not a technical or a computer oriented person but your weather app is so easy for me to use with any and all information available for me worldwide at my fingertips... thank you for providing me a super upto date weather source...pam

I’ve four other weather apps on my pad, yet only fire up Dark Sky on a regular basis. Love that I can get not only current conditions, but a multi-day forecast that has proven to be very accurate. Great product.

Home Screen widget.


Wish it had a better Home Screen widget. I have looked and looked and can not figure out how to get in on my Home Screen. But other then that it’s great. Thanks.

Fun app

Consumerist Extraord

My first place to seek weather information. Three stars for not being very accurate.

RIP to a IX Star


I’m not gonna say that Apple’s acquisition helps make the app ecosystem better. It does cement Dark Sky’s placement in the UX hall of fame… when their is one.

It the better in Forecasting how are you do you like it thanks I love it very much thank you for all

Weather App

BK 787

This is a great app for finding out the weather. It can tell your location so it shows you the weather at the location you are at.

THE go to weather

Nelson at Evoflux

This has been my go to weather app. The absolute best. Please don’t sunset it.



Your forecasts used to be more reliable

Dark Sky app


The dark sky app has been very very good to me. To me the dark sky app is very very good. You try and see and you will find the dark sky app to be very very good to you too.

It just works! The hyper local updates also help me fly my drone safely in weird Florida weather.

This is the best weather app anywhere, with absolutely the cleanest, easiest to use UI. No worthless pretty graphics. And I love the Time Machine. Apple, please leave it alone and let it live.

Ambiguous and inaccurate future rain predictions with share my location selected. App shuts down for iOS users at end of 2022.

This is my favorite weather app. Just sad that apple stole it from everyone else.


Guy in Point

Always precise and accurate. My go-to weather app!

Everything the app is useful and user friendly. Super accurate as well. Only thing that seems missing is an aggregate view in the time machine. You can only look at one day at a time.

Best Weather App!


Accurate weather forecast before it comes in my area



The weather channel app has alerts for lightening. This app should also have that feature

Dark Sky


One of the best apps I’ve ever had.

Just perfect!


Great and best accurate weather application on the market!!!

I have tried a few weather apps. This the only one I paid for. I can use it on my iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s pretty accurate. I don’t have any complaints. It gives me what I want. Account weather.

The best

Reader Z

This is by far the best weather app I have ever used.

Ski Free


The quality of this app has gone downhill faster than the little ski person on Windows Ski Free since Apple acquired them. You’re better off looking out the window (for the current weather) and using binoculars (for the upcoming weather).

Great in almost all other respects, but an air quality index is super important for people in areas of the country prone to wildfire smoke.

Dark Sky

Denny in Cully

What other weather app asks you to report the accuracy of its stats?



Can we get a iOS14/15 widget? Still love the app and want a widget and functional app on iPad.



Very reliable. I like the different maps and movements on the map.

Dark Sky


I hope Apple keeps the great element of Dark Sky

Flood Alert?


Not sure why I get a flood warning every night in Dallas. Even if it is not raining. I do like the history part where you can see the weather in the past. Would be 5 stars if they could fix the flood alert issue.

My dad loves your app. And was very sad when he couldn’t get it on android anymore now my mom always needs to check it for him!

Great app


This is the best weather app superseding any other one I have used.

Great program


Especially like the maps and the hyper local forecast

Great app

sano y salvo

It is very location and time specific. It tells you if you can walk the dog now or if you should wait ten minutes

I am a truck driver,And I use the wind part everyday,Thank you dark sky .

The app generally works but I find it’s not as accurate as several other weather apps. And I don’t like that the “blue rain bar” doesn’t always work correctly, forcing me to go to the %chance of rain.

Been using this app for a few years now. It’s great and pretty accurate. Where is the widget?!

My Go-to Weather App


It’s simple to use, location- specific (down to my house address), and attractive enough to Apple to motivate them to buy the company. That’s why I like it.

The app has been pretty accurate. The one big detriment is the radar forecast. It only gives me an hour to the future.



Simple picture give me a 1000 things to ponder. God in particular!!

Best App EVER


All you need to know is, “Rain by the minute.” Thank you… You’re Welcome!

I love it because it’s useful when I’m out on the lake or river.

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