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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

Excellent format

By Rhino2339

This app is excellent and provides data is a great format. Please do not loose this functionality in a change to the native apple app.

Sad to see you go

By DoubleR3sticks

Looking for a replacement by EOY that will not be Apple. Reviews of Apple Weather report it subpar compared to Dark Sky. Dark Sky is a favorite app on my phone.

Please don’t take it down

By Steve Smith Racine

I have been using Dark Sky for sometime, and were recently Apple acquired the app. Now they’re going to stop supporting Dark Sky and just integrated into their own app, but their own app can’t hold a candle to dark sky. Not happy.

Apple weather

By XxHackmyif0nexX

Dark sky is 1,000 time better then there default app. Not when shocked the bought it. Been using dark sky since day 1

Forecasting Model is off

By MoJo JoJo HoBo

During record a setting heatwave in California, Dark Skies predicted temperatures would fall significantly in the next two hours for the entire afternoon and evening. By comparison, was much closer to the actual temperatures. This happened on multiple days, and has happened on prior occasions, though not as significantly different. I do like the interface, different measurements available, and the map with animations. The accuracy is an opportunity for improvement.

Awesome since the start

By Mike-GPP-MI

We’ll Darksky has been everything I was looking for since Aug 2017 ahead of the total eclipse that month when I wanted a weather app with cloud %. A very good app.

My trusted weather app

By petalpushr

I have been using Dark Sky for about 12 to 15 years after having read about it in MIT Tecnology Review. I was very excited when i located it on my phone & installed it. Now it’s one of the constants in my lifel It’s now quite a few years later & i still depend on & use it daily & many times daily when the weather is not so great. Keep up the great work Dark Sky!

Love Dark Sky’s

By ruth the Witch

So cool to watch weather band from state to state

Not what it used to be….

By Somewhat annoyed in

I first downloaded this app in 2014 after hearing by word of mouth how uncannily accurate it was. It worked amazingly well as advertised for a few months, until a major version update. It hasn’t been quite right since. Supposedly, it has been raining for an hour where I am now, except not a drop has fallen. This is not an unusual occurrence.

Best rain forecast plus to easy to use

By Jimcedar

Rain chance of 40% leaves you hanging and uncertain but Dark Sky forecast the inches. .01 inch leaves you free to go outside. Easy and great

Dark Sky

By ozwizard9

Have used for 2 years now and find it to be excellent in forecasting rain% timing. Very reliable! Helps prepare for daily weather issues and preparation for events etc.

All you need

By cbeam911

Good clear weather report!

Android version is much better

By Imagine Imagery

The new android version of this app allows much more useful customization, like the ability to use satellite imagery of the base map, and use more conventional “legend” colors for radar etc… plus the bar and line graphs are easier to read than the only “slider” type graphs of the Dark Sky app. I wish this app was as good on my iPad as it is on my android phone.

Please Let Us Keep Dark Sky!

By Noobulisious

Dark Sky is the best free weather apps and it does not sell the users location data to data brokers. Please let us keep using it.

Best app out there for weather!

By Bobsalt1

To bad apple is killing it 😞

Widget Please

By Killlae

Having a Dark Sky widget with the current temperature and basic precipitation/wind information would be so wonderful!


By Reviewer 1999

This is my go to app for weather. The layout is super slick, and the information is usually pretty accurate. I’ve had it for over ten years, so it’s impressive to see how much development has gone into it.

It works

By n1accord

Daily forecast reminder but as of late no rain for months . Today rain and accurate location of rain.

Best Weather app yet

By J J

It covers everything you would want to know, by the minute, the hour, the day and the week. Temp, feels like, humidity, chance of rain, amount of rain, real time radar maps, notifications, etc. it’s great.


By Geocad

This is the most accurate hour to hour weather app.I have used.

Weather map

By smooth driving

I like the app with the real time notifications. However, the video map shows 3 hours In the past and only 1 hr in the future. Not sure why they can’t have a better prediction of the future.


By dogmommclean

H h g de dd B. YM u E g. Dijo

Great app

By tgsavel

Been my go to app for years. Amazingly accurate. Thanks to the team who built and support this app. 👍

Accurate, Timely

By T.O. Double Ders

Uses your permission on location and gives VERY close weather results and prediction notifications. I don't tell people about apps very often, if ever, but I do recommend this one.

Great App!!

By rmeredith77

Just works like it should. All the other weather apps I’ve tried the ads are crazy. Had this for years and is def worth it.

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