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Diablo Immortal App Reviews: Ratings and User Experiences

Check out the latest Diablo Immortal reviews! Users in the United States gave this action app by Lava Level an average rating of 4.50 out of 5 stars. Check out the reviews from other countries as well (links below).

If you're new to Diablo Immortal or updating it, you should read through these recent reviews. All are based on iPhone, iPad, and Android device user experiences.

We've compiled a list of 25 of the most recent reviews and ratings. Frequently updated to keep you informed.

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Ratings and Reviews

Rated 4.52 out of 5

25 global ratings

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25 Recent Reviews in the U.S

Good game

Really fun and it’s almost like Diablo 3 but sorta Downgraded but I mean it it’s on phone so what can I say


Fun Game worth the download.

Great but …

Pay to win and I mean thousands of dollars, the greed of these developers is unbelievable. I’ve played this game from the start but this unfortunately is a dealbreaker for me we’re talking $10k,$20k,$50k even more to get your character to full potential and that is insane imo

Good stuff

It’s a game that is definitely worth trying it’s very similar to the actual game on ps4

Just like the console versions!!

What I like the most is they really stand out more than the other rpg games mainly because they don’t overload their screen with useless things scompletely visible runs super smooth on my iPhone. AMAZING GAME!!

Amazing but worthless to pay money for

Just grind hard and you’ll end up with the same things that the payers do.

It’s really good but takes up a lot of storage

It’s a really good game and it has a lot of events but it takes up a lot of space so get ready for that :/

Lags a lot

I’ve always been a Diablo player but this is so laggy that I can’t see what’s going on and then I die. It’s pretty annoying. Fix it

too many updates too frequently

love this game when i’m actually able to play and not stuck waiting 30 minutes for the giant updates multiple times a week

U/I Still an Issue

The sticking text box issue has been a constant problem with this game. When you browse the forums it’s always a topic. This bug makes the game almost unplayable. Bug: NPC dialogue boxes do not close and stay on screen and only close when you speak with another NPC (which causes their text box to replace the old one and then stay in screen). The only way to permanently close the box is to log out of the game. Phone: iPhone 13 Pro

The best app I’ve come across

Im not taking this review lightly . I have played TONS of games on my phone throughout the years and none of them compared to pc or console until I played Diablo. It really is just as good as it was on pc . Thank you to the makers of this game for spending time and energy into making this game what it is .

Best mobile game i have ever played

I read the ign reviews and i gotta say thats way to low of a score highly recommend! Love everything about this game, blizzard u did good with this one! 9.2/10 my opinion!


Best game I’ve ever played on a phone.

It gud

game should have a longer name space for heroes so I can I have a longer and funnier names👍

Phong Trần

Hay ngoài mong đợi


It is engaging if you follow the story awesome game play

please add gender switch

gender switch needs to be added asap, AND FREE please

So far so good

So far it’s good I don’t have to pay to unlock anything so far so Im actually really liking it played it for 3 hours straight yesterday I’m level 38 at the moment


Yu guys need to add the option to fight 1 vs 1

Good Old Fun

I never play phone games, and here I am hours into this, take from this what you will. Respectfully Me

For Diablo creators

I love this game and it’s super fun and it’s kind look like the anime I used to watch well thank you for creating this game for us

Give me scoria or I delet lol

Awesome graphics, cool gameplay, sound so so (reminds any chinese rpg game nowadays). All cool but … no spoilers tho

I’ve played many games

This one is wayyyyy better than the others, no ads and an abundance of quests and monsters. It’s a blizzard game it’s what’s expected! Definitely worth the download and you will get addicted!!

So… What do I do now?

This game was awesome up until I completed the main story. Now it’s meh. I feel like there’s no reason to keep playing. All the side quests are repetitive and monotonous. Suggestion for the devs: check out Another Eden and see how they structure their side campaigns. I know it’s a turn based RPG with cartoony graphics, but the side stories are more than just 1 or 2 quick goals. They are rich with story and you really feel like you accomplished something when you complete them.

Slow start, incredible progression

I found the game a little lacking and easy at first, but lvl 35+ introduces great storytelling and optional challenges that wasn’t there in the beginning which really makes this game a favorite for me.