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Rated 4.61 out of 5

23 global ratings

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23 Recent Reviews From the United States

It gud

By storm pooper73737382

game should have a longer name space for heroes so I can I have a longer and funnier names👍

Phong Trần

By thongtinvien

Hay ngoài mong đợi


By mixxednutz

It is engaging if you follow the story awesome game play

please add gender switch


gender switch needs to be added asap, AND FREE please

So far so good

By 865holland

So far it’s good I don’t have to pay to unlock anything so far so Im actually really liking it played it for 3 hours straight yesterday I’m level 38 at the moment


By corincita

Yu guys need to add the option to fight 1 vs 1

Good Old Fun

By Erathius

I never play phone games, and here I am hours into this, take from this what you will. Respectfully Me

For Diablo creators

By hybrid477777

I love this game and it’s super fun and it’s kind look like the anime I used to watch well thank you for creating this game for us

Give me scoria or I delet lol

By sergei107

Awesome graphics, cool gameplay, sound so so (reminds any chinese rpg game nowadays). All cool but … no spoilers tho

I’ve played many games

By Eevee2311

This one is wayyyyy better than the others, no ads and an abundance of quests and monsters. It’s a blizzard game it’s what’s expected! Definitely worth the download and you will get addicted!!

So… What do I do now?

By frankynoname

This game was awesome up until I completed the main story. Now it’s meh. I feel like there’s no reason to keep playing. All the side quests are repetitive and monotonous. Suggestion for the devs: check out Another Eden and see how they structure their side campaigns. I know it’s a turn based RPG with cartoony graphics, but the side stories are more than just 1 or 2 quick goals. They are rich with story and you really feel like you accomplished something when you complete them.

Slow start, incredible progression

By Dr.Improvement

I found the game a little lacking and easy at first, but lvl 35+ introduces great storytelling and optional challenges that wasn’t there in the beginning which really makes this game a favorite for me.


By Ak.Finesse

Good game and all but it crashes a lot please fix this i would really love to keep playing this game without any problems.


By dan the mna yo

As a f2p player I’m having so much fun graphics are really good.

Love the game. Hate the disconnects!

By Kregorn

Love the game, hate the disconnects.

Great game

By locaxo

Graphics are great the game play it’s very good I enjoy playing it very addicting love the characters skins Overall it’s a solid game I recommend to anyone

Health bars

By good gaming 3.0

I would like to have a health bar or something, but otherwise it is really good


By Arkhamproject

I just spent an hour not pooping

Time for an update

By Psyfichick2.0

Love it! But it crashes too much for a blizzard game, UGH!!



Absolutely love it, only 1 problem for me, it’s kicked me out the app twice now but progress auto saves so I didn’t lose anything.

Mobile Diablo!

By MorganClan

This game is wonderful. Loving the experience. Not spending a penny still let’s you do it all, can’t beat that.

Most awaited game!!!

By Kaytee Here

Been a fan of diablo ever since! Its so awesome they have it on mobile now! PS: Newbies please don't attack my skeletons lol #necromancerforever

Overall good

By sfguidi87

Considering it’s on mobile, it’s excellent. There are very annoying issues with the UI that are just plain sloppy though. Would like to see those addressed in upcoming patches.🕴🏻

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