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It’s soooooo good


I live the graphics and the jump scares it’s worth it I recommend it



I hope balloon boy and foxy get aids Fnaf eats balls everything else is good Thank you Abraham Lincoln for releasing the monkeys out of their cages Uwu Addison twists my nipples

A beautiful game

mic bionalds

Honestly Fnaf 1 is impossible for me. I can’t even make it to night 4. But fnaf 2 is different. Right now I am on night six and I made it to 5 am 3 times. Everytime I play I get better. I just love this game.

Best game Ever


So cool it scared me but its fun pls buy Good game👍

Nerf foxy


The game is good and all but foxy… foxy foxy foxy nerf him he is so annoying ur supposed to flash the light at him but when I do it barely works pls fix it make to 5 flashes

Love it!


Great job Scott!Im a huge fan of fnaf, and your games are really good.Just some concerns.Sometimes it gets really buggy and I have to restart the night.Also it crashes sometimes.But overall it’s a really good game and I rate it 5 out of 5! :-)

Good game

big boy 2032

It’s so fun. It’s kinda hard but once you learn how to play it’s so fun!

best fnaf no cap


always will and always will be the best fnaf of all time

Amazing game but...


This game is amazing and all, but on night 6 chica never was in my office and killed me, she was still in the vent, and I have radar on. So pls fix this glitch, she just randomly kills you.


Kyler Robert Hay

i like touching myself to chica

This game got nerfed a whole lot because I used to never get past night 4 and now I’m on night 6.

Best game ever


I redownloaded the game Bc I was going on vacation and it was a really long drive. I’ve had fun replaying it on the drive



Everything bout it is perfect the graphics the controls the creepiness etc etc I would recommend it!


lChicken nugget love

This is amazing but night 3 is hard I can’t beat it lol❤️have a good day (night)

Awesome but


This game is great the 3rd night was hard for me and BRUH THE 4TH NIGHT IS SOOO EASY but the 5th one FOXY GO AWAY it’s all foxys fault AMD CHICAS AND BONNIES. But AWESOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE GAME


Thomas sergi 37

I Beat The Game WOOHOO Good Job Scott :)

This game is good because it really gives you a challenge through the nights . Also sense 2014 I’ve played all the fnaf games and their all succeeded.

Some people think night 2 is impossible but man I made it to night 4 and belated night 3 with ease lol bruh they bought a game they don’t know how to play


Gina Yuma

i really like this game but one time i was playing one of the mini games and it restarted me AND I WAS ON THE 6TH NIGHT please fix whatever that happened to me



This is one of the best games of the series of fnaf!



Personally, I’ve been playing this since i was like what- 5-6 years old. It’s amazing!! I love it so much. I have no tips or small comments that I would like you to ‘improve’. Overall great game!

I like it but what I don’t like is the puppet and withered foxy because they know if it’s freddy or Night guard and it’s night guard

Puppet is scary

puppet is soooo fast

When ever puppet jump scared me I jumped because it was so fast

Excellent and hard


It’s the right difficulty to beat night six, it took me an entire year to beat night 6 but now I’ve done it. Still working on custom night. This is a great game scot!



I have known fnaf for as long as I can remember...and it’s still a classic today

Ballon boy is bugged


I can’t hear ballon boys laugh. This gets me everytime. I can’t even pass night two because of this. THIS IS A GREAT GAME. Don’t get me wrong. But pls fix ballon boy. I play on a iPhone 6 Plus. Pls help.

The one jumps that freaks me out is toy chica I’d look on the cams and Id get jump scared as I was on cams and toy chica was jumping from my desk and THIS IS AWSOME I LOVE IT

Very nice!

joey mama santa

Everything you would want on a horror game


Racer 83

Foxy is to hard on night 2 he gets me even when i shine my light Scott i need you

epic game scott cawthon!


Usually im not scared by games but this one actually made me JUMP this is a actually scary game, good game scott cawthon.


to that game company

Grandfather clock hospital box puzzle pieces. It all makes sense

Hello there’s a bug when I flash the hallway it doesn’t flash fix it I always die from foxy because of it fix it fix it

It’s cool but


This game is cool but I have ADHD so I can’t keep up with everything that’s going on😀 but it’s a fun game it’s just not for me cus of my condition 🤺



I’ve been playing fnaf since late 2016



This is no doubt amazing definitely harder than the first one but that fine I still love it 🤩

Ok I usually love this game but when I completed the game it restarted my progress and it and I am now on night 3 so please fix that if this is a issue with anyone else…

I love FNAF and everything Scott released the books and the lore and I love seeing FNAF 2 again.

It’s really fun but...

amazing skye and jet

I love the game so so much but it is really hard I am doing good tho I’m on night 6 but it is really hard but still I love the game scott

Nice game awesome

espen padgett is my

Nice good ai good controls and yeah

Amazing game


I love this game and am hoping to get fnaf 6 one day amazing work Scott this game is great 😊



The nights are hard BUT ITS AMAZING FNAF IS BASSICLY MY LIFE SO YEAH thanks for reading



I love freddy I always look and see if there’s a new one but there never is also a really long time ago when I saw this I feel like I saw a switch with a light in the middle of your screen bedside I love this game

I love the fnaf series it’s great scary fun everything it was meant to be but things like foxy jumpscarring me when toy chica is in the hall way and small things that are rare are pissing me of this happened at 5am night six

Nice job Scott .

ninja 34543545644665

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeene beeeeeesssssst fnaaaaaaaf gggggaame I m a big fan of fnaf. I like the puppet

I love this game!!!


This game is so scary yet so fun! I love the new mechanic of the mask flash light and music box!

Amazing game


I love this game and am hoping to get fnaf 6 one day amazing work Scott this game is great 😊

I love this game it’s great but 10/20 mode toy Bonnie is so annoying but bb is annoying but not as annoying

This one is very good but I can’t get passed night four😂really good game thanks for taking your time to make this amazing series its so good there’s nothing bad about it 🤣thanks for reading this:D

I might have found a bug

Stop downloading

On custom night the stage and parts and service camera is always on static not sure if it’s intentional.


can you fix hello ne

I’ve loved this game since 2015. I still love the game but currently stuck on night 6 wish me luck

keep making these games!

fish with lungs

I am so happy they made another fanaf game it is better than the other.

Read this

Coach Ota

Hello this is an amazing game but I have one bug. Whenever I enter the game I’m in the Freddy mask and when I turn left I see chica no bonnie is this normal?

Great game!

Poopies and cheese

Love the game Scott! But why did you retire :(

Foxy’s 20 incher

Plush 4LIFE

The bite of 87 was quite sus like the imposter from amoung us


Pls pls pls nerf

Tatum Lane yo boy

Hello Scott, Ok first off, your game is AMAZING! Second off, IT FEELS LIKE FOXYS AI IS ON 9000 IN NIGHT SIX! Please make him a little less aggressive. :)


cofe lazar

thanks for all the fun memories

Great game


This game is honestly great. If you’re into horror/ strategy i would reccomend getting the game.



Pretty good adaptation for a pc game back in 2014 that’s all

A Great Sequel

Mario pie

I personally enjoy the sequel to FNaF 1. It’s way more tricky than the first game which is why I like it. Scott is a great developer and he continues to intrigue me with the awesome plot and everything about it is just amazing.

Fun but really hard

baseball powerhouse

This game is fun but it’s a little too hard,it took me forever to beat night 6 and now 10/20 mode is impossible it’s a great game but it’s hard.

So this is the best FNaF game for me, I just have an idea. Maybe you can add like a 2x slower unwinding for the music box? Then you’d earn so much more money from it!



Okay so the jump scare At not scary in the game I played this on Halloween it's spooky🥲

Este es la mejor saga de juegos de terror que e jugado La e pasado brutal me encanta!

It’s helpful


This game taught me more about multitasking than 7 years of school had

Really good game


I can’t get past night 3 but AWESOME GAME!!! Scot has done it again! :)

Mangle scares me the most


This game is fun!!! None of the characters scare me but mangle she/he is scary thank you Scott!

I want it so you dont have to do night 12345or6 for custom night its just there.



I I love the game!!! I had it on my old kindle and then I got it on my iPod 7!! I beat nights 1-6. Night 6 was way better because there was so much challenge!! Also I love the custom night!!

New shadow animatronic


Add a new animatronic Scott plz

I was thinking of an update where the puppet stays out of the music box. When He is at the end of the hallway you wind up the music box and “she” would get distracted and go back to her music box.

Menu song


I really like the old menu song but since they updated it with the phone I don’t like the new menu song. Over all it is very fun but I hate the menu song.

Hey Scott and click team. So you know that bug you fixed a few months ago when withered foxy appeared even though his AI was set to 0. Well it came back again. I don’t know how but if you can fix it it would be nice.

The BEST !!!!


I have all the chapters but I was wondering that where is foxy???? And it dose not look like he’s is in the game but he is soo I was wondering please make a spot where we can see foxy thank you the besst!!!!

Night 4 bb

reddi shark on yt

Balloon boy will come in your office and then when fixes in the hallway you can’t flash him away Scott please fix this

Yes, just.. y e s

Bakon and Piggy

Yes. I don’t know how to explain how great of a game this is


domt plsy now

So on the 3rd night I was looking on cams when foxy was looking at a me.. on the kids cove I think, THERE WAS A ENDOSKELETONNNNNN and they say that that’s is rare to see in fnaf !!!!!!


>:3 👍

This is such a creative game as a second to the first FnaF. Very challenging. People who love challenges will definitely love this game, and those that don’t mind their ears bleeding out, but other than that. Amazing game.

I was opening fnaf 2 up and I ended up getting this screen of freddy just staying there, and it was only the head.....empty. Idk if it’s meant to be a thing or if it’s a bug.



This may depend on what your playing on but I’m playing on my iOS phone and it makes it very difficult to hit the mask button.

Fun but hard

among us luna

I love a chalange but I can’t get past night 2 it is really hard

It’s ok

jimmy dose

It’s a little hard if u updated to make it easy then I will make it 5 stars



I love this game if you want a fright get this game I can’t tell you how much I love it

So good


So fun and when it gives get jumpscare it just britens my day



Better than a lot of it’s counterparts. I love mangle. Barley any child abuse, and good game play! It does get very hard on night 3 though.




I am just so happy about FNAF! I love this game because it is super fun and you get to try and survive nights. This is probably my favorite game ever thank you for creating this game! :)



Ok so I can’t hear anything ;-;


Fnaf fan 4

This game is the BEST horror game ever I’ve been a fan of the fnaf games since I was 6.


Fnaf Boiiiiii

My favorite fnaf game ever love it recommend it

The only problem is that I wish this game had ps4/Xbox controller support

Scott I have a cool idea

jayson calldwell

So I’m Close to completing fnaf 1 and I thought it would be cool if it was your name on the pay check so maybe when you complete it it would be your name if it is that on your apple or Google account so if you could add that it would be cool.



We all chillin until Freddy comes

It sooooo fun

it soooooooo fun

It is soooo fun I love the game I love alll of the fnaf games but this is one of my favorites

I was able to beat nights 1 to 5 in one go but night 6 is too hard could you make it a bit easier

Awesome game but needs an update because my friend want’s to be a anima Tronic that will be cool you are the coolest developer😀

I really like this game on mobile and console. But I feel like the music was wrong. If you can change the music to the original, I’ll give this a five star review.

Really cool game


I’ve been a fan of FNaF when I was 6, now I *FINALLY* get to play the game! It’s been updated as far as I can see! Pretty scary tho! All I wanna say is THIS GAME IS SUPER GREAT.

The game is great but on the survival kit should have music box always wound up,

So fun. If you buy this you are definitely not Wasting your money.

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