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really nice port. this would be 100 percent better if when i turned my phone the camera turned. still probably my favorite fnaf game.

Refund me


I want a refund, because I didn’t think there would only be a few of the games instead of all of them. Please refund for a higher rating

10/10 but…


Look I play this game almost everyday and do parts and service and stuff like that but I see Bonnie Freddy and foxy in the parts and service thingy where’s chica…. This is one of the best games I play please see this

hiii :D


Why don’t you add chica or ennard

Fnaf is my favorite thing to play and this game is really good thanks for working hard and doing it

It’s a pretty good game but the baby plush minigame is so hated I can never get paste 2 am but besides that it’s a good game I would recommend it to anyone

So I love the game but it's missing fnaf 3 and it's missing the tapes coins glitch trap and fazcoins

So yeah I love this game but the problem is is that when ever I am removing Bonnie’s eyes he Jumpscares me.All so ADD MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL GAME

The game is way too hard I don’t when I play the balloon boy minigame vulnerable Ponyboy sorry Siring

Umm ok


So I got the game 2 days ago and I don’t see the 3 and 4 fanf on it and there’s no coins or taped and I. Look for them not there

Good game

evelyn martinez ❤️

Fun but I wish it had some stuff which the vr has

Wheres FNAF 3?


FNaF 3 is the game with but you didn’t touch it like why? Can’t you add one more??? So please add it and thank you for seeing.

It’s a cool game but plz make fnaf security breach for mobile cause I don’t have a computer plz make fnaf security breach I will do anything for you guys to make fnaf security breach

Mini games missing

jake mora

The head set has mini games like night marionette plush trap Funtime Freddy Funtime foxy or is my mobile not get certain mini games??




The only problem is that I play on iPad and I don’t have fnaf3 as a game

Because I don’t make sense they don’t have five nights at Freddy’s three



اللعبة ممتعة جداً و رائعة 😍ولاكن العيب الوحيد هي اعدادات التحكم فهي معقدة جداً ولان العبة رائعة

a bug problem


i was playing the game then all the sudden it kicked me out the game and then i went back in and then i lost all of my progress so please fix this bug please:(

Fun game but…


I enjoy it it’s really fun I have just gotten it but I don’t see any fnaf 3 I saw it in other vids? Do you have to buy it or? Idk what to do eeee! I’ve just gotten it tho

When I’m trying to put the fuse in foxy’s fuse sockets the fuse falls out of my hand somehow

Not many levels


This is great and all but it doesn’t have any new levels

Can you add curse of dread bear I been Whating to play curse of dread bear

Missing stuff

Fgteev fan 5977

So overall the game is very good probably worth five bucks but I noticed five nights at Freddy’s 3 is not on mobile so please add it

4 stars


The game is great don’t get me wrong from VR to Mobil it is great but it’s missing a of FNaF 3 at stuff like Glitchtrap.

This is a lot better than security breach. But can you please put in the third game in the game?

Can you please bring fnaf 3 back and all the other stuff that you deleted please Thank You

The gameplay is amazing and I love it, except why isn’t there FNAF 3, or Curse of Dreadbear? It’s good just add these things.

Please update


I really enjoyed the game on my computer so once I heard that it was on mobile I was really excited but when I download it was a very very old version It didn’t even have fnaf 3 or glitchtrap



Matpat is cool and send him a email scot

missing alot


its good port but theres ALOT MISSING like all of fnaf 3 is gone and most stuff isn’t even here



Its amazing but it doesn’t have the features that they do on the PC version but 10/10

Very fun game


The game is amazing but you guys should update it to have the same thing on console. It gets boring when you only have 6 categories to play and very easy to beat. But the game is just 🅿️

Ok so i love this game. My friend has it on his VR and i decided to get it on my phone. It’s great just missing the chica parts and service, it only has circus baby in night terrors, it’s missing fnaf 3 and 4, and no glitch trap thing.

Where is the dlc?

i will rather not te

Is there a dlc for I phone or is there just a dlc for other things?

Add Controller support


It fun but hard sometimes Without a controller

I got fnaf 1 2 3 and 4 sl pizza sim fnaf ar UCN now hw

I had the mask on and toy Freddy jump scared me but the rest of it is great I love all the games it's all good.

Form Carlos:


This is actually a good game my favorite part is parts and service and fnaf 2 was easy I recommend buying this game



How can I get a refund? The game won’t even open

I’m sure it’s amazing even tho

love but pls add thi

I downloaded this game but it’s staying on the thing that’s showing it’s downloading?



6 words, I love this game so much!!!

It’s a great game

fnaf lover1000

I love this game. I literally pooped my pants on night 5 FNAF 2 please I love this

Good game, but somethings missing.

SimplyAnObject (robl

Where’s FNaF 3? It’s not included in the mobile version, is there a reason for this? Springtrap is one of my favourites, thank you for reading.

Some problems

Future u tuber

A few times it kept deleting all my progress and I had to restart from scratch. Please fix this bug. Everything else in the game is fine


treehgr lap

Really good but where is fnaf 3?

If fnaf 3 was in there more people would come play the game please add fnaf 3 it would be amazing

Love it!!!

Review Stats

FNaF games are unlike this game this game is more fun than all the others! Love it!!!

I love it so much but I don’t like how a lot of mini games are missing and how I canT get dreadbear dlc.



This is good and all but it’s like 1/4 of the actual VR game can you plz add fnaf3 and stuff

Lots of fun


It’s a great game! I have no complaints so far. I’ve had no issues with the game at all and I’ve already almost completed it! The only thing I want to be added is a vr cardboard mode if possible.

It’s Awesome


So my Complaint is that it isn’t the full version I can’t collect any tapes of play fnaf 3😪

Good game

ha fall go ddnd

Nice no adds nice game no lag but 5.99

Weird Purple Lines


When I was play the game idk if this was supposed to be there or if it was just my iPad but when i was playing I saw these weird purple lines other then that the game is amazing

Great game

spingeboymebob 2005

I think this game is really good I just think that the buttons can be a bit funky and fnaf three isn’t here but great game otherwise.

Controller use


I love this game but i wish it supported controller use


dumb stupid i hate t

Awesome but it wont connect to my vr set

Oh my God it’s amazing

and this is absolute

It’s so good no wonder cost money like I don’t know how everyone do not buy this I mean ballora Gallery is the best sorry lol but under there than that it’s truly awesome🤩🤩🤩🤩

This is good but…


This is a good FNAF game but there is a glitch whenever I play FNAF 2 the puppet/marionette always jumpscares me can you fix it?

Good game but…..

free 1000 robux

Okay, overall this game is awesome and runs smoothly. I like how you can see the animatronics move and all that. But! There’s no FNAF 3 or FNAF 4. There also has to be more levels too. Also 5$ is not worth it though. But it’s okay

Epic game but..

Ronin the ninja

It crashes on me can you fix this bug plz? Thx I love fnaf:)



Great game but where is the DLC at least make it downloadable in the menu please make it in a later update



I was so surprised to see this in the App Store. It’s the best, I just wish there was more!



Some content is missing pls add that

This game is so fun u can hold stuff now open stuff it’s just so fun to play 5 STARS ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️



Great game can’t do as much as the VR version like find the hidden tapes and look down the hall. But I know you can’t fix that so still 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This game is really fun and good it’s worth 5.00 100%

Can you pls put fnaf 3 and more of night of terrors

Add Fnaf 3

Noob 1247658

I really love VR but are you guy’s planning on adding fnaf 3 and the Halloween version?



So I like it just the phone dude or whatever Is not Pacific and I’m just 8 years old so IDK what some things😓😥.

Needs more updates

Aidan Croes

Love the game I wish the atmosphere was scarier just like the one for VR and of course needs more mini games but other than that it’s awesome try making it a literal port to mobile


nebula princess

I am so excited that another FNaF game is available on my tablet! I really love the FNaF franchise, and even though I haven’t played it bc it’s still downloading on my tablet, I’m so excited!!!

But I still love Scott coffin and this game

Yeah to be honest considering the amount of times I screwed up on repairing foxy without flipping the switch I have gotten used to getting scared so thanks I guess

Full version


Could be the full version of the game like the Console version

Still waiting


Love the game but there are some levels missing such as fnaf 3 etc plz add those

When I open the game It takes a 1h to start the game please fix it.

Needs more.


The game is broken. Also there is so much missing from the game. Like FNaF 3 and DreadBear. But then this game probably never will get that.



Awesome game, not to much cut from the console/pc/vr port and it even adds new content! Graphics look nice, gameplay is smooth, it’s still just as scary and more!

I wanted Fnaf 3 on this game for 6 months! Please add it!

Love it but


I love it but can you add FNaF 3 and FNaF 4 and add chica on repair please it even says it’s in there in the app description I like it and I paid for it hoping to play FNaF 4 and 3 which you will probably add in the future

Good game


I love fnaf and to get it in a iPad is so cool 100000/10

Sooo everything is good except fnaf 3 is missing, there are no tapes and there is no glitch trap. But overall the game is REALLY GOOD! I recommend this game!

UPDATE the game please! Add the other game modes on dark rooms, parts and service, vent repair, and night terrors, and please add the tapes and the bunny

DreadBear DLC Please


I’ve Enjoyed The Features For This Game But It’s Just That There’s One Thing Missing And That’s The Curse Of Dread Bear Mode So if You Are A Developer Reading This Please Add The Mode Please

In the car version you were able to do all but in mobile they limited it and took out some main characters like parts and service chicks vent repair embarks etc all I’m saying is that it needs all of the characters



I can’t hear anything idk whats happening if it’s a glitch please fix it

Scott and steel wool

Internet Searcher

Fnaf made its way into troll qeust,among us mods,and vr Very good!

I bought this just for fnaf 3 but there was no fnaf 3 warning if you want fnaf 3 do not buy this I want my money back

Please add fnaf 3


I’m going to drown in my tears because you didn’t add fnaf 3! :(

Its good but


This game is really good but when will five nights at Freddy 3 come out?

This is so good


I beat night 1 and 2 and I got so close to beating night 3 I love this game

I beg you to add Ennard vent repair please it’s my favorite thing to do on help wanted so please add ennard vent repair

My first ever game


This game is so great buy it down side is I want to pair my dads ps4 controll



The game is amazing but there is a problem, the game is not completed, in playstation we have more levels like fnaf 3/4, I’m old fan for the game so please make update and add more levels, and I don't know English a lot. Forgive me.


mohammad rafey

This is one of the best games I have bought extremely cheap and also so entertaining!!!!!!!!

Rather good.

the randamo

It is quite well made, especially going thru many devices. My only complaint is that Circus Baby camps you in Night Terrors! It feels impossible to beat.

Missing some stuff


Hey uh, don’t mean to bother ya but- Fnaf 3, the tapes to get Glitchtrap is missing... Again, sorry for bothering ya’ll, keep up the great work-Sunshine00333

Help wanted


You should add the rest of the stuff like the fnaf 3 threw 5 and the other repairs and stuff thanks☺️

For the fricking third time...

Thanks for your awso

Bug fixes and all other missing levels! You have 1 month to do this fricks!

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