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I do love and play this game when I was young. But there is some more update in PC version, so-called Definitive Edition. I do hope I’d like play the Definitive Edition of GTA SA Mobile including Multiplayer Mod.


Taylor 600

I always love this game it’s a good game open the world everything I remember right when I got it I was just doing Mission straight no messing around



I remember playing GTA: San Andreas on my PS2. I sadly sold the PS2 but with this i can play It on the go!

Good game


This brings me back to my childhood memories and they did really well putting this on mobile


ram gabryel

The game is fun, however, the game is a bit laggy

Only wish the different fighting modes worked with the controller. It doesn’t allow me to perform karate kicks or blocks.



had it for a day and it was working perfectly fine but now it crashes at the loading screen everytime i try to play it 😐

5 Stars Is Cool


i like the game gta sa for Life

Amazing game!!

Yahir Uribe

One of the best if not the best open world game on mobile,the story is perfect,and just knowing that I can play this masterpiece on my phone blows my mind.

Great on IPhone SE


Found no glitches great objectives good graphics

GTA games on iOS


I love playing this on my iPhones but I wish I could buy and play GTA 5 on my iPhone too!!! Please add GTA 5 to iOS app store please!!!!!



all out amazing game. i can’t get off it

LOVE this game!!!

Prickly Muffin

It’s the whole game!!! Love having this on my iPad, a true classic that never gets old!

San Andrés

Piter garibaldi

No se porque inicio el juego y cuidando le doy reanudar la partida me saca del juego que tengo que hacer para que el juego funcione ya que tú vez que pagar por el

Good game but...


The game crashes every time I pick up a weapon I have not unlocked after I close the app out, rockstar fix this please!

The game is a Super good game and fun but the graphics are not that good

Good but


This is a great game the best gta game and the classic of the classics but why only 4 stars? Crashes that’s why

lo amo


amo este juego me hace revivir cosas del pasado cuando lo jugaba en ps2 ❤️❤️

Hi dear, develovepers. When u released definitive trilogy???

Great game!


This is honestly a great game, I’m actually enjoying it. I’ve played the other gta games and I’m a fan of this mobile version.

The best


Is a legendary game first of all and is a super super good game

GTA San Andreas


It is a good game lots of missions and stuff for you to do



The game will just cut off and I have to start all over.

Good game but poor controls and awkward camera angles! You need to update these for iPhone 12 and up

How can I pass this training plane

Good game

jeremy candice

Just wakin up in the morning gotta thank god I don’t know but the day seems kinda odd no smoke from the smog no bog my momma cooked my breakfast with no hog.

Great game but graphics


The graphics in the game could be a little better like gta5



谢谢 登录问题已解决了

This is such a good game even no there no cheats but still it’s a very good game

Something rong

Stay Sanchez

I love the whole game and the story, but it bugs twice and it won't let me enter the game or play, it's weird, fix it, it's a loss of meaning not continuing with the missions and playing it if there is that error.😴😢 I lost all my progres

Cool game


This game is good because there’s some cool cars and guns


did ghbzfhh

The sound doesn’t work what so ever very annoying

It was fun


When I try to load the game it dose not work edit I just Realize all I had to do was press load game well that was a waste of time



It is a good game but sometimes it could get you mad but still nice 2000s game I’ll kick it but still who ever made it is smart so go try out gta 4 the best so by🤘🏾

Top tier mobile game

Big Blood Brince

This game brings back so much childhood memories. I recommend playing it with a controller instead of the touch screen controls.

Something rong

Stay Sanchez

I love the whole game and the story, but it bugs twice and it won't let me enter the game or play, it's weird, fix it, it's a loss of meaning not continuing with the missions and playing it if there is that error.😴😢


cool crafter784319

I love this game, I’m addicted to a PS2 game lol!



It keeps crashing when I press resume



I like this game but can we put mods on it or at least buy any ??

I hope you can add vehicle’s ‘film perspective’ and Dynamic light:for example, casino’s light is static,please, Rock star games fans almost from China, don’t make us disappointed again! Thanks



Dude this brings back so many good memories.

Best GTA


This is for sure the best GTA out there accept gta5 but this still I think is the best:)



I like the game but when a was changing the settings there was new story mode I put my finger in thinking that was resume botton



If you have 8 dollars, get this game immediately. Enough said

Great game😀


This game is great other than me moving the buttons to adjust its great really a 5 star

DELETE ALL GAMES NOW and get this✌🏾

Fix your game


They gotta fix there game it’s not letting play and I just got the game waste of my $7



بازی با حال و وسیعی هست

So I was playing and I left the and I turned off my phone and stuff and I came back then it was just literally like black and I couldn’t get out of the car or nothing


mamañema el que lo l

Es muy buena la gta y tiene mas gráficos que la gta 5 🥱😮‍💨

It was fun


When I try to load the game it dose not work



GTA is the bast game I ever played in my life you guys should all play and download it it’s fun and it’s a game we could play all day😂😂😊😁😁


abather jassim

This is the best game in the App Store

Best Game Ever


1 of my Favorite games on a System now Favorite game on mobile. Can’t complain and so happy

love r星



Please help how do I fix this glitch?


Lenny P 208

Classic game, highly recommend investing in this game

San Andreas


Best gta game when it first came out ever since it came out on mobile I play it all day long

Es juego para matar el tiempo muy bueno y todo su único defecto es de paga

Zakaria rima


Is look like remaster butt if you buy it whit money and will work in all iphone version from 5 to ipohne 13

It’s an amazing game but the problem is that the game is locked to 30 FPS would have liked at least 60 FPS



Game crashes on “Green Sabre” mission.. please fix



I like this game a lot, reminds me of my childhood playing it since 2006.

Best GTA


Love this game, always wanted to have on my phone and it’s amazing, get to play it wherever I want!

Love it

Gamesta mom

Everything about this games just takes me back love love love having it on my phone



GTA San Andreas I love it the graphics are amazing better on here than my PS4😂😘

I love the game but you need to add more characters

Great game


This game is good because it has fun activities to do such as robberies and burglaries viligantes and firetrucks the missions are great and so is the music thanks rockstar games for bringing gta on mobile

Hey can you see guys pleaseee fix the bug with the map? You’re unable to move the cursor to east side of the map to make a waypoint.



Best game of all time, period. Ports well to mobile. Deserves 6 stars.

Love the game but


Love the game I’m half way done with it but for some reason it will load then just close

I’ve played this game a lot on my phone but as soon as I get to the flight school part I’m glad I play it with a controller because that part was always hard for me even on my ps2

Good game


Good game, cool, not much to say

Please help fixing glitch from garages some garages can’t be open and I can’t pass the mission “555 we tip” because CJ can’t go trough the garage it doesn’t open

i loveeee this game and all the cool things that you can do in it. however, i think that the graphics could be improved; specifically CJ and other characters.

Old, yet amazing!


GTA:SA is about the best mobile/pc game I have ever played (except for GTA4, that one is very very amazing.) I love the story and the adrenaline you can get playing this!



There’s some bugs when you trying to go a specific garage even on a mission can’t pass it bc cj trying to go in a garage and only hits it can you get stuck and can’t go do any other mission bc of the bug

I love this game so much, it kicks a good laugh out of me I love cj I love the game.The controls are so simple and the storyline is awesome!! I love all the characters

Very good!!!


Most of “GTA” Mobile games are fake but this isn’t.:)

Best game ever


I love this game down from ps console to my phone dope game.

Great game


I used to love playing it on the Xbox 360 and it’s even better now that I can play it on mobile

Can’t look at half of the map and game won’t play sound sometimes



This game is great when it comes to mobile aal sorts okf fun activities such as burglaries firefighting and viligantes great missions and story

Good game


Y’all should make San Andreas 2 with the Same Characters and add cheats to mobile


yay it fun

It’s a good game but every time I try to start a mission or save my game after the mission gray imports it crashes

Just a bug


This game is the best and I beat the game but when I jump out of a airplane it bug it and cj will have a parachute but dos the fall with out the parachute and when I walk ch only gos straight so please fix that but love you game

This is truly a classic


I had experienced GTA4 and GTA5,but I was shocked again playing the classic

Please add 120hz and 60fps gameplay for the iPhone 13 pro’s.

Good but

tony review man

It is an amazing game, true it does not have cheats but still a good pocket game and I just wish it had the cheats

This is my childhood and everyone love it plz bring GTA 4 if possible

GTA crash


Care to explain why game keeps crashing now and why it’s been getting major glitches fix ur game bro cmon can’t be that hard !!

i want play this game on "60FPS".

The controls are easy to use on iPad. Excellent gameplay! Worth every penny! 🤩👍

The game is so good but lack of keyboard & mouse support



Just like the old Ps2 version but in my pocket. Love it.

I’ve played a bit but so far no crashes seem to come up. Its a solid port and with the def edition priced at $60 this is definitely worth it.

Rockstar games

Josee JJJ

This game is so cool fun I’m getting ready for 5

I love this game but…


I can still get stars in missions and it makes me kind of frustrating sometimes but still a good game tho 👍🏿

Cj’s sister

bruh sound effect nu

when are you guys going to fix Cj’s sisters skin tone to match her face?



Great as any GTA possibly maybe even better than GTA 5 You should get this if you like Rockstars games

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