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Idle Office Tycoon-Money game app recently received 30 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Idle Office Tycoon-Money game app an average rating of 4.70 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 3.7K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Chengdu Warrior Tech Limited. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Idle Office Tycoon-Money game?

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Rated 4.00 out of 5

3.7K global ratings

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30 Positive User Reviews for Idle Office Tycoon-Money game

Error Language

Hello! It is clear that you are having problems with the translation into Russian. If possible, I would like to help you (based on an indie idea on my part)with translation into Russian , Belarusian and Ukrainian languages

Leveling up

When I get to 500,000 it will not let me go higher… help…

buggy but fun

had to uninstall and lost all the money i’ve put into the game and won’t let me relogin through facebook other than that- good game

My go to game!

I’m a pretty big fan of this game, the progress I’ve made makes me want to keep going. I haven’t experienced any bugs yet, thank goodness. Im not someone who’s always in their phone, I like to unplug. So it’s game really gets played maybe a few times a day. Definitely worth it to me!

Fun game, still needs work

Game is pretty fun. I have nearly finished everything but the sports complex and last 8 triple SSS companies in the last stage of Europe. There are a few issues I still see. I am showing some SS and SSS companies that I can not contract. I have continually searched and nothing comes around on my lists. Also in the sports complex area, your ability level means absolutely nothing. I have won and lost to any team. I just played a team that I was 5,300 ability points HIGHER than them. I lost. I was

Game is pretty good besides the ad freezes

This game is a really good way to pass time. it is not a pay to play, and they offer you freeways to get extra cash. The graphics look nice, and I enjoy the game. The only thing that irritates me is the recent ad freezes that happens when I’m trying to get my rewards. This happens when I try to redeem the investor money, my offline reward, and inviting companies to rent. If this can be fixed, this would be a five star rating.

Great game

I just started and I’m already making hella money I enjoy this game keep up the good work people updating and people who made the game

fun little game but you have to watch an ad every 30 seconds.

It’s a fun little game to play. I totally get you have to have ads to support it. I disagree with having ads to collect money from your sponsor. Basically it forces you to watch an ad every 30 seconds even though you have to watch an ad for everything else. I should just be able to collect my money without having to watch an ad. Otherwise, so far everything is great.

Good game not trying to give in to buying anything though

Good game I picked a female character and the game keeps referring to her as “man” it’s a hard game without purchasing stuff but it’s still fun

How best this is

I love this I literally love the game thanks for creating gives ideas about how you make your own office irl also I have ano


Si puede hablar con mamá y que bn👍🏻

Limit on income

i love this game and it's rlly entertaining but once i have a certain amount of money saved up (1.6mil) i cant collect any money after that, how can i fix this?


I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and I would give this game 5 stars. However, This last update has left me unable to play. When i opened the game it loads then it changes to another loading screen and never loads into the game. I’m very disappointed in this because i wanted to participate in the thanksgiving update. Hopefully this will be fixed my the Christmas update and i will change my 3 stars to 5 stars! Thank you!!!!

request mode

would you please add businesses such cargo ships or airports?

Stupid Employees

Obviously there is a bug in the third office building. Instead of going down the hall and through the bathroom door, all the employees go into the it room and try to walk through the wall to get in the bathroom. Now every employee in the building is mad and standing in the server room because they can’t figure out how to walk down the hall. No one has gone to the bathroom in over a week. They all get off the bus in the morning with toilet icons and head straight to the server room, like no one h


Oh my goodness!!!

New Update

I like the game but since the new update came out I haven’t been able to hire the new companies. Im not sure if this is a bug but i hope it will be fixed. I maxed out almost all the other companies except for a couple of the SSS. Im level 820 as of now btw

decent game !

This game is super fun but could use some expansions and opportunities for women. I keep getting called ‘sir’ & would love the opportunity to see houses, go on dates etc.

Fun game

I’m level 723 now and not sure what to do I’ve bought almost everything. Can’t figure out how to unlock the rest of the company’s. Other than that it’s a great game.

Very addicting

Great mobile game to play when your bored. I’m happy I found it.

Stuck progress

I have enjoyed playing this game. It seems however that I am stuck and am unable to advance any further due to the fact that I need more power from my generator room. I have maxed out all batteries and generators, I cannot possibly get any more power to my building. Therefore I am unable to upgrade the rest of my offices any further. What’s the solution here??

Decent Game, Cash Broken Tho

The game is good in concept, I’m a big fan of idle games and the ads for this looked good, so I gave it a shot. Overall, it’s not a half bad game, but progress is extremely slow unless you spend real money on packs. You earn money at a fairly slow rate, yet everything is sooooo expensive in the game and there are even items in the game (such as paintings) that have to be bought with gems instead of cash, which are even slower to get than the cash is. I love this game, I just wish there was more

Difficulty playing

The game is fun with interesting animations. However, when entering the electronics foundry, the game usually force quits. Any help would be great.

Good game!!!

I like this game and have spent a lot of time on it. Some might say too much 🤔. There should be some upgrades though it’s getting a bit slow.

Lack of Race Diversity & Inclusion

I can’t choose my character to be black or other race other than white and that’s why I won’t be playing this game long and refuse to tell anyone about it.

Office tycoon

It’s a pretty cool idle strategy game👍🏾

Good game but encountered a bug

I am stir in a time loop I can not process can’t get more money can’t increase my reputation if I do it gets reset when I log back in this happened when I installed the new update please fix this

Updated version is crashing a lot

I love the new update and added things to the game, but the only issue that I am having is that the app keeps crashing mid game. I really enjoy this game but if you guys are able to fix the crashing, that would truly make this game a 5 star game for me

Good game

The grammar is terrible as well as the spelling which I feel is important to a mobile game. Otherwise, this game is pretty good. Gameplay is good. You get to build up your company and I like games like that.

Won’t load

So I’m not sure if it’s because I.......have an iPhone 6 but it won’t load the game I’m currently installing it again but just BTW

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