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My Instagram is not working can u guys please fix that thanks ,


andrew joiaquin hern

It’s good cause I can txt my friends

I Love Instagram ❤️


Instagram will never get old, its a great way to connect to great people.

Fix Yer Sheyat


I follow skiers, jeep srts, and gin makers. You continue to push women showing themselves now matter how many times I select “not interested in this post”. What gives?? Fix yer sheyat maing.

To how it Concerned

lookat that

I think that this web page is awesome my 2 day on here and I am not the good with tech stuff thanks for allowing me to join there



hi! i love instagram but i am shadowbanned here there and everywhere. in my opnion that is unfair competition. otherwise!!! thanks! love the photos and the ideas.



Why can’t I change my profile picture unless I have WiFi??? Sometimes even with WiFi I am not able to change it and it’s very frustrating. Please do something about it.

Not working on my iPhone 6s with last 13.3 update with cellular net work but ok with WiFi!!connect with web version on safari is well

Hi , I don’t like Instagram because now i do everything i have been blocked and i don’t know why???? Because I commented on every post?It’s very bad i,m waiting for best Instagram like last years ago ....1

I am a blind person and unfortunately the stories, or general and primary buttons in direct messages are not working with voiceover in iPhone.

So much info


Get on Insta and go to school and learn anything you want


Micheal Ginn

I love Instagram it’s a app that’s great



Instagram > Facebook 💞💋💜



I can’t post pictures on my feed, only videos!!! Can someone help me? Already messaged support and nobody answers


Maserati styles

I love wanna nstagram so much itvhas helped with the growth of my business



Y’all need to get me verified!!! @Robinthacut

Account problems


I tried to log into my old account but wasn’t able to. I wanted to delete the account but I can’t do anything about it. But other than that it’s an amazing app. Just this problem ruined it for me.

It’s cool

a guy😐

I don’t have any major problems with it

Dislike button

Garrtt Hooper

I wish there was a dislike button

I think it would be amazing if you could see who wasn’t following you on Instagram instead having to download apps that take your info but everything else is great

Theres this thing that pops us saying “action blocked” so I cant like pictures or follow people please fix this bug


periodt pooh.

okay they need to fix this app. its deleting accs for no reason and people worked so hard on them, its just messed up, but they arent deleting accs that actually violate the guidelines. ok instagram this is your career going down hill

I don’t know why I do t get the music option in my stories. Is it possible for you to explain or better yet fix the problem ?

Music sticker


After switching from note 8 to iPhone 11 I STILL do not have the music sticker !!! Wtfffff

Great App


Great app so many good features I highly recommend Instagram

Was working well


It was working well, but the entire day today it has been glitching, specifically if I post something on my story :/

Love it


Great app to express yourself with images



So I like this app because it has so many things to see like slime I never new was smile was and you can chat with you friends and plus you can facetime😁😁😄😃



I’m not getting my notifications!!!

The app is great but I’m following so of my friends and it says it follow them and I can see their posts and I did but I still don’t see their posts but I guess it’s ok for now

Profile picture

Kiley Christie

I haven’t been able to change my profile picture for over a month, any way that can be fixed?

Currently can’t save any drafts



I love Instagram accept for the rules

Instagram review


I think Instagram could use a few bugs but at the end it’s really good.

Not very well

van van vannnnn

My instagram has too many bugs what should i do ? :/


ur mom demon 666

app won’t let me change hardly anything in my profile, other than that bug, works fine most of the time.

Love it..

stinking gym

It’s keeping people frequent with others we rarely see!!



Love instagram but adds ruined it


Niki BQQ

I do love Instagram & would’ve given 5 stars. But the order of the timeline seriously bothers me. Why is not displayed in order as posted? 5 stars are coming if this could be correct...

Can someone help me?

Haley the minecraft

Well I was putting in my email account when I learned someone else was using it. I was really mad and now I can’t get in. So I really need help and I want to report the user who is using this email because it is mine.

please give me a music button


my insta is up to date and I wanted to put a question sticker with music but it doesn’t work please help me



It’d be nice if Instagram wasn’t so politically biased. Other than that...good app



i’ll like to get the updates when it happens not later on . i don’t know why i get the updates later when it came out like a month ago i really need y’all to fix that .

Instagram Rocks!

Joyce Feustel

Love the positive culture of Instagram.

La Reyna en Instagram

The Queen 🥰

Me encanta 🥰😍😍🥰🥰😇😇 puedo mantener contacto con las cosas que suceden en mi país.

I will complain about this forever!!!



Están haciendo un buen trabajo los felicito ese pero que sea los mejores por muchos años más

Too many ads. Am considering opting out

Need longer video uploads and be able to load just as many pics as Facebook



I love it but please make it so you can edit posts after posting.

It was a five star app and then Facebook happened and it’s declining!


Soul connection

I love Instagram I love seeing the world the only thing I hate is people using onther peoples images they need to stop people from stealing onther people images onther than that Instagram is my best friend



Some notifications for live streams don’t show up when someone’s live even though I turned on the notifications for them please and I mean please fix this!

When posting multiple pictures , the app always changes the size of the pictures . The end result , once posted the pictures appear to be cut and not fit. Can this be fixed or considered to be fixed

Why do you guys keep blocking every story I post with music be nice to me I no all these songs I sing don’t be blocked in countries that fast there’s no way 😣😱



in the least interacted following list, can you put an unfollow all button?? it takes a long time to tap each profile... also when i open my camera while video chatting, instagram crashes and i can’t open it again unless i reset my phone, thanks



Great experience! But i wish they would let my business account get more followers as my content is professional and following rules.

I’ve always felt Instagram is the superior form of social media. I’m an artist and it’s allowed me to post my art along with networking and discovering new artists. Thank you.

Download now


It is the most best app ever I met lots of new people and followers and it is fun and you could get a lot of likes and have a good time so you should get it now



I Love Instagram I Think it’s good for photography and fun! My 14 year old daughter loves it! Recommend

الي ادمن انستا

مجيد الملا

شي جميل بس انريد طولون مقطع من 50 ثانيه الي دقيقه وخمسين ثانيه

Stupid me

wow pumpkin

So I wanted to see what will happen if I put a fake birthday and it was March 4th, 2008 and it locked my account and now I don’t know what to do, and I had a lot of post and I don’t want to make an other account so please unlock my account.

Fun Creative Fun


Love all the artists I’m exposed to on this platform. #art

Just wish users were able to post larger pics in the feed. Just like the story❗️

Constant crashing


I have an iPhone (7+) that is completely up to date. Every time I try to post a story with a couture I’ve already taken it goes black and takes me to my home screen... it’s really annoying and I hope it gets fixed

Instagram review


I love Instagram! I like how the whole thing works and I’m able to see everything I’ve posted immediately. Very awesome 👏

For Instagram


I gave you a 5 because I can see all my friend and tic toker that I want to see thanks for all the hard work you have done for us and every one on Instagram

Losing interest


Bring back likes! Since the amount of likes are hidden I’m losing interest. I enjoyed seeing and contributing to creator’s engagement.

Please make changes

tawnie too cool

Can’t stress this enough. I’m tired of having to delete and repost photos to my feed in order to get it looking more aesthetically. Like the preview app Instagram should have a feature where you can rearrange the posts on your feed.

Hellz yah

mr anderaon

Lit 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌪

While yes there are some things that could use some work this one of the best platforms out there...props to the people that designed this app

Insta is on fire

Braum daddy

Everything about insta is amazing. I love how they always solve my issues. Getting rid of scammers is beyond solid. Insta all the way.



Por esta plataforma tan confortable y tan digitalmente única

can you remove the suggestions in our direct messages? that’s annoying.

Amazing app


I love this app but can you guys please bring back the like counter on posts. So we can see how much people have liked the post on other people’s post.

Account error


My instagram won’t let me like photos, comment or follow accounts it says I did something wrong but I didn’t do anything at all at it has been like this for a week now

Love this app❤️

logan wilkins

I’ve been on this app for 6 years and I have always loved it I’m the owner of @little.feetus could you be a little bit more respectful to my account I get action blocked from responding to peoples comments that I get on my posts

story troubles


it will not let me repost another users post, even if its a public account. its interfered with business so if someone can help me that would be great. i try clicking the arrow to "send to" and "my story" is not an option.



Okay, I know this is weird, but my music sticker is gone. And I can't seem to get it back, please fix this bug, please



Actualice la aplicación y no permite entrar a la aplicación

Music feature


@berrybookisses is my Instagram fan account. I have been patiently waiting for two months (possibly more) for my music to come back and it has not. This is very frustrating, please fix it.


hdjsiahzh jcocs

Can u make me get more likes and follower plz

Treat Myself


I don't really like posting pictures of me because then they could rob me.

Don’t change


Allow people to see how many likes they have receive instead of other



mine always lags and is slow , the comments take forever to load



I love all the content I can find here!

Since I’ve had Instagram I have not been unsatisfied. The ability to communicate through such as app is not comparable. I love Instagram

I love the app🤷🏾‍♀️ But wat would make it better was if I could add music to my instastory.... tried deleting...updating(both phone and the app) and nothing has worked...I still can’t add music to my account at this very moment...

Minor Problem


Would give it a higher rating but my dms are glitched and don’t show up, I get the notification though. Super confusing

Love insta bois

audan 5322

I can talk to a lot of people I love even my gf thx for making insta

Resetting Friends

Maria Rocio Mora

I’m going to be Friends Now and Forever of People I don’t Know . Punto . Cabronas

No political


Please no political ads. I’m over face plant

I love love love love the app but IT DESTROYS picture quality so badly, it didn’t use to but now it does it so bad. I wish the picture quality would better one day since it is a picture app the photos should be TOP quality.

This is @jaaaadoll I logged out my account and now it won’t let me log back in for the last 3-4 weeks!! Please fix it😑

Instagram updates


I feel likw if yall gonna update it at least change it up like its the same every time 🤦🏻‍♀️ an i also think thr every phone should have the dark theme like the se or android they should have the same thing that other phones have💯

This app is to famous for my comments



It won’t let me login or make a new page ong 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Es un medio de compartir con mis amistades y familia momentos tan especiales !!!

Excellent Platform


Thanks to you! I’m in the process of making millions!



Hey my Instagram won’t let me be in it make it work please🥺

Log in problem


This always happens, I repeat always, I have deleted the app 10 times and re downloaded. “Sorry there was a problem with your request” fix this already man . It’s annoying

Just want to say how much I enjoy INSTAGRAM I just wish that people like me that are so devoted could also get verified or something close 💕👍👍👍

I love Instagram it is the best social media ever it have exciting video and picture and many other thingss🥰🥰🥰🥰

Ig has changed

Summer Rodriguez

My pics rarely get seen by people who aren’t followers anymore 😭



The best opportunity to grow your business

Could be better

Believe 79

We can save photos, and do what with them nothing! Would be nice if could share!

Since the time I can’t see the activity if the persons I follow, the chutzpah of Instagram has diminished. No charm in not knowing what my idol (the persons I follow) is liking. It’s spiceless and blend.



I like this app. Funny concept.



I love it I am enjoying it so much.

Loving the new features


It really lets me make the most of my posts!

What’s going on


I can’t see my page or anyone else’s one it keeps saying couldn’t refresh feed.

I created a new Instagram about a year ago and haven’t been able to have access to the Regram (Posting Posts or Resharing Stories to my Story) or I am not able to watch any videos Regram to people’s stories. Please fix! Thanks!



My messages kept on disappearing for some times and they wouldn’t come back until we deleted it and got it again.


Evey Queen <3

I love Instagram! Super easy to use! Great to promote things like my YouTube channel (Evey Queen) very nice

Something went wrong today and I don’t know what’s going on.. I can’t open my Instagram. It shuts down and doesn’t open again. I did the update but still it shuts down


anna pavlovetc

Why this app looking so bad on iPad Pro?

Best app ever


Been using this over the past few years and I love it. Creating great friendships with people all over the place


jordan diggs

So basically everyday I try and get into my ig account and it will not let me, it keeps saying “sorry, there’s a problem with your request” for some reason and it makes me very angry. Can someone please tell me what to do ?

All i wanna do is put songs on my story like everyone else and i don’t have the option to. My app is up to date and i have an iPhone (don’t know if that changes things 🤷‍♀️) instagram get ur act together pleaseeeee ❤️



Bring likes back!! That’s the whole point of ig likes and comments!!

I can’t story share any post no matter what setting I change see

Love instagram


I love Instagram, I love how there’s more privacy!



Please fix error where it does not let you log in on the app but allows you to log in everywhere else!! So annoying


Angie bee 7746527

Instagram and Facebook have trouble opening they are taking forever now and super glitchy recently

Always there


Instagram make me feel like I’m not alone and that I matter in this world. And I can keep in touch with my loved ones on here. Thank you.


Steve Kévin

Hi This is great!!! 😏👍🏽

I can’t wait to have the new update that doesn’t show the likes, that’s the greatest idea!


Alex Allam

Removing the number of likes is a great thing instagram must apply everywhere

Love it.

mede a

A lot of beautiful photographs.

Too many adds


I like Instagram but lately I’ve been seeing adds every 4-5 posts. WAY too often!

Thank you

Rodney Tapia

This social media platform has allowed us to expose our talents. to everyone and I want to thank the entire intagram team for always being there to support



I’m A big fan !!! I use Instagram to connect

likes ?





I love this app so much it’s the best social media app! BUT now I always get action blocked for no reason! fix it please it’s so annoying I can’t follow like and post....



Instagram will not work for me unless i Use WiFi I deleted the app several times an tired it different days an it still won’t work helpppp I have internet on my phone

I fricken love IG

The Medford Guy

IG has slowed me to explore new worlds and start my own!! Such a great platform for the future!!!🙌👌

I love Instagram and the connections it’s helped me make. The only downside is I wish it was made equal for all users. There are certain benefits users over a follower count get, that are not accessible to all.

It’s been 2 days now without seeing my own DM list, and I cannot text anyone back unless I remove the app from multitask mode and re-open instagram.

I love IG!

Colby Jackd Cheese

I fell off the face of the earth for a while but I’m back on IG and it feels good to have a voice and a following that listens! Can’t wait to spread my knowledge of health and fitness to everyone!

I really love @kiddayfx content on this app! I really recommend giving him a follow.

Every time I click on who I’m following it won’t load but will let me see who follows me



Two Thumbs Up 👍🏾👍🏾 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Instagram app


I love this app so much because i get to get in contact with fam from other states and also because I get to follow my favorite bands.



Suddenly I am unable to promote posts on my account, which I’ve had no problem doing since May... and no way to contact insta at all.



It’s not letting me see who I follow, when I go to following it just has been saying reload and nothing has appeared for three days now.



Simple it’s great easy to use

can y’all have ah new update and fix everyone’s instagram because we’re getting logged out and can’t log back in ! Thanks

Sharing moments


Love sharing these moments with friends and family.

Dark Mode


Favorite thing at this very moment is using dark mode at night and in the morning.

Fix my DMs


My DMs show as empty and just has the loading circle, it’s been like this for 3 days

Too many ads


I noticed that recently ads are showing up more and more frequently. Now it can be as frequent as every 3 posts.



I love Instagram is the Best app ever i can text call and and more things ❤️

Kinda like it


I can sometimes like it and not like it because ppl want nudes and try to date me 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢

I love Instagram it’s just that when I log out it always says ‘sorry for your request’ like that gets annoying as hell.

No music on story


Why can’t I add music to my story? Other people I know have that feature but I haven’t had it in a long time.

I wish you guys would allow us to search multiple hashtags at once to narrow down a search I’ve been asking and asking it only make perfect sense. Have a nice day


Gabby tea

Great app! It gives u the best photos



ebic app i can get updates from flex seal everyday 👌👌👌

Still so buggy


Won't let me add new Close Friends to list Stripes on story text Adding music clips to story is not intuitive

Muted Accounts


App is very good but I try to use the muted accounts and it won’t show me the person(s) who I’ve muted. Try to fix in newest update.

random stuff


I love instagram and I’m addicted to it. But I just wish we can hide posts (not stories) from certain people.

Instagram rate and review


I love the app although I sent my ID for a badge and never got it but I feel you should take away the likes In the U.S sounds like a great idea

You need to bring back to option to add friends in my contacts. Otherwise the app is decent

Saved photos


I have currently have photos probably save from 2016 lol .. it be nice if you guys offered a “ unsaved photos all at once option “ to clean out the saved photos file .


-And i opp- -

How come when I use instagram I don’t have music but when every other person uses it they can add the music effect



I’ve been loving the app but for the past months the app has not let me update my name, it’s always saying No Internet Connection Try Again In a few Minutes. It’s been bugging me so much please fix this issue !!!


i just want to chang

ive been trying to get the link out of my bio for months almost a year and everytime I go to change it, it says it can’t be changed. idk what’s going on but I’ve have Instagram for about eight years and this has never happened before.

Free soul

lin htet aung

We can learn a lot of knowledge from IG and then I like this.

Hello, music is not available on my story :( I’ll like to know why I can’t used it ? Thanks

please sir 🥺


bro can I just get the music sticker back on my main. It’s been months now 😔😔😔 I want it back 😔

Fix the algorithm


It shouldn’t be about likes. Make it about community

Been writing instagrams help center for a issue that is occurring where I cant share feed posts to my story and no help at all has been given

Thank you


Muy buena me agrada usar Instagram. Poder navegar y ver cómo va el mundo

Music Gone???


I love Insta, but I really love utilizing it for putting music out and all that as well and for some reason I don’t have the ability like other people to put music out. So I’m just harsh rating a little until I find some resolution.

Please return it to where we’re not seeing all these profiles searched and just let us press one thing like before to clear and why does it vibrate every time I have a direct message? Please give us an option to turn it off

Instagram music


I need Instagram music. Make it happen, please. I’m so jealous for those who can use it😫



The apps good but I can’t unsend. It’s bothering me so please fix ur stuff

Instagram is awesome except for the fact my music sticker was removed from all 3 of my accounts! To make matters worse, if I post something with music in the background, my story or video is blocked. Give me my music back please. Thanks!

App issues


Every time I try to log in through the app, it tells me “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.” Can someone help me figure this out



Creeper Awh man! So we back in the mine. Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side, side, side too side. This task, a grueling one Hope to find some diamonds tonight, night, night diamonds tonight.



I’m in love with this platform! Thank you, Instagram, for giving us an avenue to express our artsy bursts of creativity! Xoxo 💋

Thank you Instagram


I love Instagram and connecting with those around the world

Amo instagran pero me quitaron mi cuenta anterior sin previo aviso y por mas que intente jamás pude tenerla debería mejorar esa parte mandar un pre aviso por favor

This app would be amazing if my account didn’t get disabled for unfollowing/ following people and thinking I’m a bot

Love it

y3 deacon

Right when I went on I knew it was going to be a amazing app 100% recommend it

And didn’t have all the bogus algorithm/popularity hogwash to deal with.



My favorite app to upload and editing photos


Jmoney 19

Cool place to come and share your dope photos, learn, and get in touch with millions of people.

my whole account is for videos and the quality of the thumbnail decreased significantly? which ruins the whole page. i am uploading 720 / 1080 p videos. please fix

Swipe Up

Becky BT

With the recent Apple update I’m now unable to open a web link in safari. Is there a way to redirect the links?

Finally got my music button in the stories. But the app need some work. And it would be nice if the algorithms helped more than make our lives difficult. There are lots of great creators that never grow bc of it



The best app ever to post pics🥰

I have 3 common people that I send memes to. I hate how instagram shuffles the people that I need to send memes to.

Difficult for older folks to navigate and use. Very few instructions.

Somethings wrong


When I try to follow someone it want stay as that well every time I go back to look it’s on unfollow

Great App


I use to feel like it was boring at first and weird because I have never been a popular person lol but I enjoy looking at all my favorite artist, celebrities and other entertainers celebrate and showing off their lavish lives lol

Follow me @just_lileddie


Love the app frfr shout me out I follow back @just_lileddie

I updated my Instagram and still don’t have that music option when you post on your story

Favorite App


I Love instagram! One of my top favorite social platforms I use!



I can’t find the “add to your story” option when I try to share a post to my story. I’m really sad now and I don’t know what to do, can someone help me out. Thanks


hi hoe :)

my volume is glitching and sometimes it fades away then comes back out of no where .

Http links


It would be REALLY great if http links would work in insta. :-(

dms do not work


the app is fine. Its just that for some reason my alternate account cannot access its dms. The screen just keeps on loading.

Love using this to get in touch with clients

Is Instagram broken?


I’ve been getting hacked by someone on Instagram. I wanna know if this is a glitch in the system or if someone is actually doing this.

the instagram app on my phone wont let me sign into my account everything i try it says “error with your request” i’m tired of using the website so can y’all please help.👍🏼❤️❤️

Viajando por el mundo con un Ford Falcón clásico auto argentino



my notifications do not show up at all unless i physically open the app i have all notifications on in the app and in phones settings

Good but some flaws


I love IG but my biggest peeve with it is the music insert. I use the music feature on my IG story and then it gets taken down for music copyright. Why offer the song if you don’t have the rights to play a 30 sec clip?

If it keeps working as work as it does now! Everyone should download it! Omg I'm very amaze!

The app was crashing often but was fixed quickly once the problem was reported.


Smokin 57

Love watching my favorites Learning-Therapy- Love

Music in stories


I still cant play music in my stories idk y

App is crashing help


Hey my name is Angela my Instagram keeps crasheing I done everything I close my apps and I shut down my phone nothing happen it still crashes help me please



Ummmm can y’all stop copyrighting our video 😩! Likeeee us user are tryna to post videos but we can’t because YALL I WANNA COPYRIGHT LIKE NOOOOO 🥺 stopppp please and thank you 😪!!!

i have an iphone 6 and whenever i enter instagram it crashes almost instantly. i can’t even open a dm for 10 seconds before it blacks out and sends me to the homescreen. pls fix this, it’s a really annoying bug.

For some reason the flash on the front camera with IG story won’t work it used to work but then stopped out of no where, when I use the boomerang feature it goes dark and shows a green line on the right side of my screen

What it does

quincy murphy

This is a very good at that everyone needs to have to get friends and keep friends and make friends



instagram is rlly great but i feel like they should let us see who sends and saves our post. like now how many people have done it but who has done it. :) other than that it’s a rlly great app :)

It’s fun


Instagram is fun u get game and you get to post stuff and make friends it’s really interesting sometimes it’s bad but not really I love it.also pls sub to my yt channel Splitzy Snipes.thx instgram for letting me show my self who I am!!

Music sticker


I love instagram and I love when they add new features - please give me the music sticker!!

Best app


You can see your friends pic and your family cousin and I alway talk on Ingram .



I love Instagram do not go away



I need instagram like breathing

It’s glitching


It’s deleted some posts right after I posted them but it’s only doing it with one account so I am confused to as why it is deleting my posts seconds after being posted

Fix it please!

The survey corpse

When I open Instagram, my direct messages apparently doesn’t load sometimes and leaves me at a black screen. Please fix it, thank you! other than then issue, the app is going fine.

Repost doesn’t work?


Since I updated my iPhone why doesn’t it let me repost pictures on my story??



I’m trying to learn how to use

I can not discover my contacts anymore

dark ig

Andjela 🌸

when will the dark ig update release for ios 12 and below? it would be good if you added the option right in the app to change the mode from normal to dark

Thank U


Thank you for connecting to the world 🙏🏻❤️👍🏻💃🏻🎊👏🏼

Thanks for support.


Thanks for support. I have a problem it is I cannot share my post on my story.



It has brought me new friends and great people



No que esta pasando me saca de la app mi iPhone es el 6

So many bugs and errors this year, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken. Stop adding things that nobody cares about. Stop removing things that people need and like. Every time you update the app you break it.

Can’t sign in


I can’t sign into my account it says my account is disabled and I barley made an account please help. I would really appreciate it

I can post videos fine but after the first 10 seconds the sound will cut out, tried reposting a different video and the same thing happens. I’ve restarted the app, I’ve deleted and re downloaded.. nothing fixes it.

very upset


i can no longer stalk my boyfriend and all of his hoes. i’m very upset so please put the “following” tab back on instagram

I really Like instagram because it help me not to get bored and talk to my friends an discover new things 💃🏻❤️ KEEP ON GOING 💃🏻❤️

احلى برنامج بالكووووووووووون

My “add post to story” button has been missing for quite some time now. With each new update it never fixes the problem. Help please

My account has been disabled wrongly and I didn’t do anything wrong against the law. Please help me to get back to my account, thanks

Too many Ads!!!


I am thinking of leaving Instagram for the amount of Ads I have to delete every day.

Follow bug


I’m having trouble following others

Finally dark mode

VeriZon Customer no.

Dark mode added in latest update, 5 stars



I’m so annoyed I still do not have the music in story feature 😒😒😒😒😒😒😭😂

Not working.


App keeps crashing, closing out. Fix it.

I have no idea if it’s a bug for the recent update for this app. While in use of trying to post multiple photos from my gallery. The app seems to know what I am posting and crashes immediately. Please, fix this annoying problem.


Old account back!




This app is fun you get to post talk to friends and have fun😁👍

Did they remove the hands free button cause I can’t find it

Post sharing problem


Why do I have to search for the group chat EVERY TIME before sending something.

I’m angry


The music option disappeared from my stories. Why?

No puedo descargar la aplicación siendo gratis


Randumb kid

I miss this app but my account got disabled because I was being dumb at the age I was at the time but if I can do something to at least be able to make a new account I would take it.

It won’t let me make a account

Insta stories

Taylor Horan 1234

Whenever I add text to my insta story it doesn’t appear after I post it? Help



It don’t let me post any of my posts in my story🤷🏽‍♂️

Ads and spam


Can someone work on top comments for every post being a bot ad?



IG used to be my favorite app, spend 5 hours on it every day, But using chronological time line made it worse. I can see only the last few accounts i followed, and I dont know if one of my family or friends made a new post only if someone tells me.

I can’t use music


When I post something on my story I can’t put music I don’t have the option to use it 😢😢


Abiram gonzalez

I’m keeping seeing the same post over and over again and it’s getting annoying can you guys please fix it ASAP

Boomerang mode


When I use my boomerang mode it leaves a green line on the right side of my screen every time for some reason it wasn’t doing this before wonder if anyone else is having this issue

I Believe that it is a great Learning Tool on Society extremes to come very very conservative viewpoint

Fix flash


Yeah it’s cool and all but can y’all fix the flash on the videos for stories??? And why rake the activity away that’s kinda cool to look at

new update


i don’t like the new update where you can’t see other people’s activity feed :(



Why did y’all take out the following activity. please bring it back. i like seeing what my followers especially my bf.

Annoying & useless


A platform where people say zero in captions is lame. And I have a BFA in art. Useless. No information. No content.

I think I’m the only human who can’t post longer stories by tapping and holding the record button. I’ve messaged support 2 or 3 times and not answer ...EVER !



HATE the new Algorithms. I see too much of people I don’t want see. And from DAYS Ago



Instagram used to be very nice when everything was in chronological order. now its just ads, bots, and post from 5 days ago. No longer happy with the app.

Why I like instagram


I like instagram because it lets you hang out with your friends when they are not around.

I loved this app until you removed the activity feature!! Now I can’t be nosey and see what people are liking and whom they are following I hate it.. now it’s boring



I went on my instagram and none of the videos won’t,work they’re all frozen, help I’m getting mad, please fix it.

This dark mode update is cool and all but y’all need to put the activity page back.. Like how am i supposed to lurk?🤨



Why would u take away seeing what the ones we follow do. That should be at least a option.


Geurby the best

la aplicación más interesantes en las redes sociales

Used to think it was because I had an older generation of iPhone that instagram did not let me use the music option.. however I just recently bought the iPhone 11 pro max and the music option still doesn’t pop out.


Baby jaie

Love instagram but I’m still missing the music sticker. How I have the new ig but still no music sticker 😭



No me gustan los cambios recientes!

New update idea ***

Daniella iPod

the option to be able to post 10 photos/videos in one post is a great idea, but i would love the option to be able to edit and delete individual pictures in an album post rather than having to delete the post as a whole.

The saved column

And. Denise

i don’t like how whatever you save has a limit and ur forced to just add more columns. it’s annoying and i don’t like it

Where’s the music


Sad that I still don’t have the music option in my stories...

It won’t work

sky pig puff

I don’t know why but every 2 minutes my instagram kicks me off of the app if you know what’s wrong plz help.

Everything is good except that I don’t have the option to share posts in my story



Instagram is a great way to connect with friends & family throughout the wold!

It’s getting worse

XxRobloxUrielXx (Add

Instagram is a great app but I’ve been experiencing too many bugs. Right now it’s not showing peoples story’s and my direct messages please fix this

I can’t look at nobody I follow stories because of this stupid update y’all had. I would like to have my stories by any means necessary. PLEASE FIX MY INSTAGRAM🖕🏽. #teamandroid



It’s been always a great app to stay connected with my friends and family. Thanks Insta.

Dark mode is life

The king1992

I’m so happy they have dark mode now

Following tab


You should most definitely bring back tht following tab that was just recently removed I’m tryna lurk again

No activity page


I would give this a five star rating but there is not activity page.

❤️ loveeee


I really love The new dark mode update please don’t change it. It should be an option for people to choose 😊

Instagram ❤️


Love how I’m able to connect with followers and build valuable relationships customers ❤️ you instagram ,thank you

I love Instagram because I get to post about me show other things off and chat with friends👬👬👫👫



how do I get the music back so I can post it on my story

Music tag not working


I still can’t tag a music with a post on my story ..changed my phone because of it ..wrote to Instagram ...reinstalled the app still can’t do it ??? Why??



it’s keeps unfollowing people by it self can u pleas fix it for me



I just want to know why I don’t have the option to put music on my story 🤷🏽‍♀️

Fix my music Option pleeeesse

fix my music option

Fix my music option in stories please!! It won’t let me add music!


Daniel Barbecho

Me gusta es una muy buena aplicación para conectarte con el mundo. I Love Instagram



I give it five stars because it’s cool

Outside junkie


I love seeing all the photos from around the world of nature and animals.

I really don't like how they took down the Spotify feature. It was a great feature.

instagram is overall a great app but for some reason it won’t let me do the music feature on my story.

Dms dont work

Brian chaves

direct messages dont work on BOTH of my accounts. Whole reason i use instagram so im kind of disappointed

Great posts


Love seeing all the great posts and beautiful pics!!!

So good!


The smoothest operating social media app evah

Music sticker


I had the music sticker and it disappeared from my stories ... fix the glitch I’m not the only one fustrated

Sound issue


When I’m watching some video and get out from that video minimizing IG App, moment I login again I experiment some issue listing last video sound.



It’s really nice also I like how you can text other people and express your self too and show the world what you love to do the most.



my notifications aren't working for instagram but i have them on so can this be fixed in a future update

I love Instagram


Hola my name is Nakeiah and last name strauch and I’m 13 and so I love Instagram 😻😻😻so thank you so much

I updated my instagram app to the latest update but I still cant add music to my story.

music option


i dont know why but for the longest time i havent been able to put music on my story, i have tried powering off my phone updating my phone, uninstalling the app, and it wont let me update it and it makes me very upset...



This tool is excellent and productive



I enjoy this App! Sharing with plenty friends THANK YOU!!!!!!🌺🍷💋🇺🇸✌️

Music on Stories


I have updated my IG several times and there still isn’t any music option on my stories. Makes me question what else isn’t accessible 😔

No followers feed


They took away the followers activity feed. Not cool.



It would be a better site if chronological order was ALLOWED. Sadly, it is not.

Lots of fun keeping up to date with friends.

Ya he actualizado la app, y no me aparece la opción de musica para las historias. Tengo un iphone 8. Por favor alguna razón para ello y cómo solucionarlo?

Lo mejor

Hector Mena

Me encanta esta aplicación recomendado

Post editing


I’m proud for what I post, but for some of them, I wish there was a way to keep my post, but remove, not all, but some photos from that certain post after I’ve posted them.

I want to see what time I sent things and vice versa.

Loaded with ads

Grinning forest

Ads on every third photo then a pop up demanding to be rated.There are algorithms that hide content from followers

For some reason I cannot access music via my insta story at all!!! ☹️



I’ve had Instagram for a while now and I love it. But I haven’t been getting all the updates and i’m getting kinda frustrated about it, like I don’t have the update where you can add post to your story and I am really sad about that.

Great positive forum but the ADs are starting to get in the way- wish someone would create an alternative that doesn’t revolve around money and sneaky ways!

Needs fixing


Y’all took my music feature on my story. Please work this out!



Love Instagram- Helps to Promote My Art as well as to Retrieve legit followers.

Love! Just one thing.


I love Instagram! Its great! However, I do have one complaint. I wish it wasn’t so quick to refresh and take me back up to the top of the scroll.



I want Instagram to add dark mode because it can really improve the app

It’s great to follow interesting people & all new experiences - Learning about fashion food & wonderful places & celebrity’s & musician

Thanks for been reliable!!


A real platform of Social Media!!

Umm ?!


If I try to add a account on here it says “something went wrong” witch I don’t know what is wrong. I can’t like posts, I can’t unfollow people for some reason. I have no idea of what is going on but I would like to know. 😤😖😩🤬

Quick question

Emily Meaker

How do you get the follow by on you bio

Notification Issues


Used to work fine, but now I can't seem to get notifications on my phone since updating to iOS 13

instagram stories music


why dont i have the option for music on my instagram stories?

Fix the Login issue

nja gamertime

All my accounts work on the web version when I login but on the app it says “Sorry, there’s a problem with your request”


nuni .

this a good app and all but i feel like there should be a dark mode . over all its good tho😂

Error en el teclado


Al compartir las fotos el teclado no aparece

Rating Instagram

IG 📱📱📱

The reason I like Instagram is because we can have friends and we can call each other. Another reason is post up photos and see friends publicaciones. Also save things like photos and videos we like.

Log in error

Alien In Cali

Won’t let me log in without “sorry there was a problem with your request” message.

Am I the only one that doesn’t have that option to add a song to my story? I’ve deleted and downloaded the app and signed out and back in and I still no not get the option to add a song to my story.

Self expression.


Long story short, do what you want and that is it. Believe in yourself and create art/ something beautiful. Something funny, haggard, gross, silly, sweet💙 Be a good person and keep moving forward. ‼️🤝🧨💨



I hate to fall into this fad or trend but this app is just that good you can tie lives together that are worlds apart Love it .

Great app.


The only complaint I have is that I can’t use music on my stories background...

it dont let me promote my stuff

Anytime i try to like or comment on any posts, I get told that my action has been banned. It’s been like this for a week now, almost two weeks!

Happy with Instagram

grandma loli

Easy to use! Brings people together


Official Baby

They aren’t allowing me to change my profile picture on my main and my spam accounts. Would give them a 5 if they would stop changing and having bugs



I’m not able to add music to my stories, even after updating the app?

DM’s crashing


Overall instagram is a good app. I just don’t like the fact my DM’s always crash and just disappear randomly all the time!

Needs Dark Mode


I am going to keep this short and sweet, I really enjoy instagram, I use it everyday of my life, however one of the few things I believe that it needs, is a Dark Mode feature.

Almost perfect


It would have been perfect if music worked in stories!

I love to use instagram but i need to use it more and enjoy more and i am a artist and i need to promote my song as a entertainer so i want business account thankyou


sksksksksksksks and

I love Instagram so much but I don’t know how to get the cool and pretty fonts



I can’t search up anything on Instagram because no keyboard shows up



I like all the improvements but can you bring back how we can view who viewed our old stories.

First time on if


This is amazing by the way come follow me

Two star rating


I’m giving instagram a two star rating for the fact it continues deleting censored photos I post. I appreciate the fact you haven’t deleted my account however I do entirely crop and censor my photographs.

Keeps me in trouble!

wife's checkbook ref

By my sending weird texts to my photos. Wife frowns on my humor! Enjoy life! This isn’t a dress rehearsal!

Insta story


I can’t repost any of my pictures on my story every time i do its says error or something but i can’t repost everything else except my picture please fix...


Reggie Horne

Some of my strongest supporters never see my posts on this app. Let the creatives and small businesses build organically!

I have switched to instagram from Facebook. It just kinda happened one day.... I sometimes blame #johnmayer.

Please solve low speed loading problem in IRAN. It’s seems be a DNS Problem I think.

I love instagram ❤️


I love instagram because it’s like your best friend 🤞🏼and it’s like you ever want to leave it🥰


Shivani, you friend

my friends always say that they sent me messages but it always says “seen” for me and then a few days later i get the message. i don’t know if this is something with my phone or something but just try to fix it.

Lately Instagram has been sending me post notifications that are from days ago

Hi, i have an updated version of Instagram and my Music feature is not available on my Instagram story Please help me to enable in my story.

Indeed it is a gift to have you. Although I’m baffled that my followers keep on decreasing. Just thank you for your generosity and joy sharing

I love this app because you get to see what your family and friends are up to that you do not get to see anymore

Like honestly the app is good but the glitches and everything is rather bleh try fixing the glitches. Also when my activity on and so is other people activity why do you guys do a glitch and show that it’s off



I love Instagram but the problem is that some people have the music in the app and others don’t, and that needs to change, I try everything to get the music on the app like some people and it doesn’t add up... FIT THIS PROBLEM



Un medio para darte a conocer y también para comunicar.

I looooove ig


Ig is my favorite app in the world!

Where’s dark mode?

Young Hefferson

Why is it that one of the most popular apps is one of the last to jump onto the dark mode train?! Let’s get our Sh** together please!

I reserve a certain picture for Instagram . I know it when I see it . And people I follow are superior . ( like ‘awesome’ buy a change of pace word. Try it out. )

Business Essential


Can’t imagine what we would do without this platform




Excelente plataforma , es más fácil y rápida como red social 👍

I love this app. Let’s me keep in touch with people I normally wouldn’t get to. But it’s been crashing recently to the point where I can barley send a message.

Thanks for finding my old friends and enjoy time in instagram but in my country have some problems in connecting ❤️❤️



The sms isnt working ive tried to sign up and im tired of it☹️ update: its still havent made me make my acc or even connect it with my main im upset its been over a month fix this plz.



I love insta, it gives me the opportunity to share my writing to others



My Instagram won’t sync my contacts or Facebook on my discover page

Dark mode


Instagram Should Make Dark Mode!!! Please Instagram

dark mode


give me a dark mode option please

H A T E R S W i L L H A T E

Daniel Navarrro

Love the app. It cashes me up to every thing going on I’m can be on insta 24/7 I just don’t know why insta is so addicting 10000/10 love the app❤️

Notification issues

bacion's pizza

My notifications don’t show in the app. Please fix this problem


Pretty please with a

Please make an update so we can delete certain pictures off of posts that have more than one photo!!

Kinda good!


This app is good. I use this app like 15yrs I think but there is one problem. So here's the problem, when I was texting my friend when I go the the chat room I can't see what did he actually text. Idk if it gl itching for me or anyone so idk.

I don’t have the option to add music to my story. Like at all. Could someone explain how or what I do to get that version?

i love it obvi but like really consider making a night time option like twitter and youtube. apple did it, so should you

Ringer all the way up volume all the way up click the video says its playing audio and won’t this only happened after the new update and I have an iPhone 10 it’s worked fine on before

Great app but...


It’s a good app but for iOS it doesn’t let me share posts to my story from other people.

Falling behind


Look I know change is seen as bad but honestly would it kill someone to update the UI for something that isn’t a phone. Such as a tablet or laptop ?

Download it


It’s soooooooooooooöoooô FUN 😍

Fix your app plz


I got locked out for being hacked even though I changed my password and my account is linked to my gmail so plz I need help getting back in

All I am trying to do is unlike posts. That’s it. It wasn’t a mistake on my part. Telling you that you made a mistake literally does nothing. Clicking the okay button does nothing. I’ll wait till tomorrow to see if you resolve this.

I’d love to see a dark mode incorporated!! Still an amazing social media platform!



Nice application and I’m having a good time!

Great but...


I love Instagram but could you pleaseeee give us an update where instead of deleting the whole picture album, we can delete some pictures in that album? It would really be helpful and I’m sure a lot of people would like that feature.



Cool place to have fun 🌹💯💯

Not good for iPad


Seriously! In the day and age where people use multiple device types the developers need to update this so that this works in landscape mode for iPads. No issues with phone. This would be 5 stars if the devs made this fix for us.



Why is Instagram glitching? Like it shows that the last post that someone posted was 16 hours ago and i’ve got friends that posted 2/3 hours ago and i can’t see it!



app shuts down whenever i attempt to click on the profile tab. please fix for five stars

Sharing Memories

12th HawkMa

Thank you for letting us share many memories with loved ones that are near and far! Love you

what would be nice for the next update is if when you make a post on instagram, when you want to edit it after you post it, if it allowed you to change the order of the photos even after you posted it.

Love Instagram! Love how I can post pics everyday with little to no issues. But y’all need Instagram for laptops/computers. Once y’all do that, I’ll like Instagram more than Facebook!

Maravillosa app


Eso lo mejor para socializar la mas dura att peanut_barber

Liking pictures


Instagram isn’t letting me like pictures or videos and it’s not letting me comment



Porque no puedo tener la actualización nueva de Instagram odio no tenerla Help me plis

Happy User


It’s been a great pleasure and enjoyment.


Mom's boy

Workout day, Good Morning ☀️



I always go on here when I'm on my phone😇

No music for story


When I go to do the lyrics on my instagram story, I can’t do it. It really frustrating because I will delete the app and reinstall and it still doesn’t pop up.

Dark mode


I’ve been seeing all of these other apps and I’m very happy that they all have dark mode. Please add dark mode. It will make everyone happy.

read this

frick yall

this app is SO dumb pls don’t get it 😚✌️



I wanna know why i can’t view on my posts who reshared my posts like i know it’s a new option now and i wanna know why i don’t have that option! Is it in a new instagram update that i haven’t received yet or what’s the deal?

Instagram is cool


It’s funny and I enjoy all the videos that cheers me up

It never shares to my Facebook even though I have it turned on. I always have to manually make my own post on Facebook

photos on story


i love IG but my photos never pop up to add to my story.



Instagram is SOOOO AMAZING it makes it easier to text and everything I recommend

Dark mod inst


Please dark mod out from instagram pleeeeeeeeese

Recently my Instagram DMs have been glitching SO MUCH. It’s to the point where I’ve had to open and recluse the app MULTIPLE times and I’m so tired of it. But overall, it’s an ok app.

my music button on my main account does not appear and now the direct messages disappeared

I love how easy it is to process photos and edit changes on any account thank you!

We think Instagram is it great venue to keep in touch with our customers & seafood lovers! Fantastic utility for showing potential customs our high quality products! Thank you Instagram!

Helps you do funny things than face book



Needs to go back to chronological orderrr and please let us caption different pictures on the same post ty

I love this app


The greatest app on earth on GAWD!!!

It’s okay


So it’s been working great up until the last two weeks I haven’t been able to like, comment, or even follow people I’ve sent multiple reports of this problem but still nothing has gotten back to me.

We are super blessed to have so many followers jump on board our page to be informed of the biggest concerts coming to Maui and surrounding islands! Thank you IG!

Great features


I love instagram such a good app

Insta Review


Really awesome! Almost everyone I know has Instagram! I just use Insta for my life and Youtube it’s great!



I don’t seem to have the music feature on my story as everyone else do what should I do ?

Ever since I updated instagram, i haven't been able to receive notifications when someone messages me or when they like/comment etc.. Please fix this for the next update 🥺 rather than that, everything else has been great!



I love instagram! Good job with the app

since I installed my Instagram my app has no music, I already asked for help and nothing so far, more than 3 months



Does anyone’s else’s music feature not work???



Please update the app for iPad Pro 11 inch...please support iPad pro 11 inch

The best thing ever


This thing is so nice and you can post stuff to your friends and be in grope chat with your friends and it is so fun to use



The app won’t send me a reset password for my phone number

Loving the app😝

Ya boi Natey Peck

I like this app, it’s fun to post stuff and share with friends, I really like the community here as well!

Too many adds!


I love insta but there are so many adds now that I barely see pictures being posted by people I actually follow.

Profile pic


Now cant change profile pic.. says bad internet, but all my other aps work...

please i beg of you

Sad Playet

GET RID OF LIKES!! please. or make it optional! please.

I have no music on story can you fixed my account

I love it

potato chips🌸

I love it, it is soo soo inspiring


Wq love

I love IG, but lately IGTV has been super slow in all internet connection.

No longer able to share phone from my iPhone onto Instagram it’s been doing that since the update

after upgrading to 13.1.1 the app no longer responds to Photos request to upload. Privacy settings allow for access to Photos, that hadn't changed.

fix please :(


I'm sending videos to group chats and they get cropped into a square when it's a full size video



Little laggy keyboard doesn’t appear sometimes.



¡Quiero alargar la musica en mis storys! Solamente me da la opción de 5segundos 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

My account Noahlas1403 was disabled for know apparent reason it just keeps saying error when I try to log in. I love this app pls look at my comment and do something about please

help me

t 💸.

why can't i play music on my storyyy.. its not even an option?

Instagram The Best


Thanks for always letting us express ourselves and the things we #LOVE! Off tops! Much love from the Bay Area! #SANJOSECALI

The music thing/button keeps disappearing on my other account and it’s annoying tf out me.

Perfect for learning!


All this years I been using Instagram i always learn something new. Rhatfoe that !

Instagram, like most social media, is the breeding ground of insecure boys and girls looking for purpose in a superficial digital fish tank. Unsubscribe.

I don’t know why but the last update removed the following tab so I can see my followers activities. IG has not responded to my concerns. However, I open a second account and the following tab is there.

i only get dm notifications inside the app but when i leave ig i don’t get anything at all. So i never know when someone texts me. I don’t have anyone muted and i’ve gone over my settings a lot. help bruh.

Please make Instagram available in landscape mode for ipads and also available for desktop computers. I like viewing photos in a larger format. Thanks!

Not fun!!


Instagram was fun in the beginning when they first started but now you have to pay to get views and they are too many adds, not fun anymore

I love how your able to connect and promote your brand and interests on social media 💯🗣

Instagram is a great app, but you guys should let us have the ability to rearrange our photos! We should be able to drag our photos to whichever section we want them to be.

It’s cool. I like somethings. But seems like there are too many laws and Algo changes. But that’s what happens with big Corp “pay to play” rules.

Install Problem

jumana jmjoom

I want to instal it but it doesn’t install I don’t know where is the problem i can install any app except instagram!!!i need help

Excellent photos!

Cb weaver

Great way of connecting to new photography landscapes and personal events!

bad quality


bro these photos look amazing on my phone then i post them and they’re blurry asf. so if that could be fixed 🙃 because the app is for posting photos so i feel like the quality should be a lot better.

omg love it


follow @uhteensrelate for relatable quotes ;)

Love Being Me


Love how supportive everyone is on here 😈💋👅


Isabel Geyer

I love this app it is such a great app

There ain’t no question or nothing bad ab it I love it with my heart and soul

It kicked me off my account then says “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.” I know my account want banned because I can log on via the website it’s just the app that is having issues

old messages


The most important feature is missing from insta, the ability to go back and read old messages from like last month or something, messages are important have a side bar to go back to different months, it would be great to add that.

Doesn’t work


My pictures don’t during my insta story doesn’t work. I also don’t have the music option. This is an on going issues and I don’t understand how it isn’t fixed!



Instagram literally won’t let me log into any accounts but when I log in online it lets me . ???? Kinda confused insta 🤷‍♀️

Instagram Stories


Give us an option to post our Instagram stories to Snapchat without having to download our Instagram stories posts and then go into the Snapchat to Post for Snapchat stories.

iPhone 11 view


You guys should fix the video with the iPhone 11. It very weird, I have black bars on the bottom of my screen when I watch I.G.TV videos, and also when I post on my story

The app is good but really wish instagram had dark mode


Works too much to co

Didn’t want to write a review but couldn’t get it off my screen. Now I have to lower my rating to 4. Too bad:(



I don’t know what is happening with this app, doesn’t let find people form my contact list in my phone. I have tried everything and continue to fail.



my instagram dm’s are not working on one of my accounts lolz help

Need Jesus


Good programming, not enough Jesus, Too many spam accounts


lets all take a chil

This app is amazing I love how it connects people

i mean,,

jin's eyelash

everything seems decent, my DMs aren’t working though, and I know a lot of people who have this problem too.



Dear instagram, please manage something in “discover people” section, to find our friends based on their telephone number. I need to know which account related to the number that i have saved in my contacts . Thank you 🙏🏼


Abdullah Al-karbi

غني عن التعريف بس لو فيه نسخه بالعربي للأيفون گآن الوضع .👍🏼

Amazing app!


Super user friendly and pretty!

Videos not loading


Now the app is amazing, but I’m having an issue with videos only playing for 10 seconds and then continuing to buffer forever. My data isn’t the problem and it seems that it’s the app that won’t load the video.

My Instagram was doing great then all of a sudden refused to allow me to post anything or even stay on the app for more than a minute... not sure why this is happening



Ok so the Instagram IGTV has been going crazy, I’ve been unable to watch a full episode on someone’s channel because this crazy buffering thingy that’s happening. On my iPad and iPhone it’s been nuts



Hey! I’ve been using insta for a few years now and i really enjoy it. I just wish that when i post photos, insta wont crop my photos. can you make the maximum size for photos bigger



when trying to post something in camera roll to your insta story it’ll exit out of the app and/or some videos won’t appear at all. It’s ok just needs some bugs fixed i assume

I love Instagram 100% amazing , gorgeous, I look many times a day this wonderful app love you Instagram:)fabulous;)👍

Sex bots group chats

Nasty Nas 233

Get rid of those sex bots and those Stan accounts

Great app to connect to people and waste time in but I wish this app had a dark mode so I can browse it at night

Add dark mode on here!!!! Make a buy and sell section like Facebook has with market place. Pleaseeee

My busses


I’m doing my very own business online on instagram plz make this go viral

I love instagram as much as everyone else, but we desperately NEED an iPad app.

Do not update


This update is terrible, you can’t make story with a more than 1 minute clip which you could do it before this upsate, nothing knew just removed this ability

Promoting Shaun Lamont roc whit entertainment @issachakeem @directmanagerroc @shaunlamont💯

Thanks again for your help and support you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year

We need dark mode we been waiting for years

fullscreen app. So we need app for iPad

Please add clear cashe key in the app, when i use the instagram, my phone storage is always almost full and I forced to delete instagram to use another apps... please add this...😁🙌

Excellent app!


Can’t get much better than instagram.

i don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but i can’t follow hashtags and i used to be able to share songs on my instagram and that isn’t working either now. i think the updates are just making the app worse this is so annoying


kollin brownlee

Plz make an update to fix the bugs



Instgram needs to be able to delete multiple pictures at once also new update you cannot see your keyboard multiple people having this issue with new iPhone update


Lesion's Toothpick

Yeah they’re still messed up like I’ll see a post from 2 days ago (max) and other times I’ll see recent posts. Please fix your timelines

Can u duty stop curating feeds and just let us see people as the post



Don’t send notifications in instagram 😑


RD Hernandez

Thanks for let me advertise, it’s a great help ❤️🎶🎷🙏



No me deja compartir las historias incluso en las que me mencionan

it'll be wonderful if you guys can have Dark Mode.

Yes good thanks buddy hope your days going better

Notification issue

Nicholas DiLeo

Love instagram but my notifications aren’t working I’ve tried deleting and redownloading update and fix this please thank you

Dark mode


Instagram needs dark mode ASAP. Can it be in the next update please.

It’d be great to have with iOS 13



Instagram is simply defined as Awesome! -B Unique

View list


1) change back the ability to see who viewed my stories! 2) I should have the right to turn off messages to people I don’t follow. I’m sick of the bots messaging me and adding me to groups.

Great app for business, socializing, and documenting all things good!



My followers can’t see my post and don't like.


justus.r ues

Yo I’m bullying kids on instagram and it’s so fun

Pretty sure I have updated my IG, but I’ve never been able to have the music option on my posts.

can’t like post


It won’t let me like anything or follow anyone or comment I did nothing wrong it just keeps saying action blocked please fix this

Lately when Im looking at the ‘shop’ links from stores, Instagram seems to freeze after a few minutes! Looks like somethinv needs to be updated/fixed

It won’t give me notifications even though they are on, which is very annoying having to go on the app to check

It’s good but...


It does not let me change my profile picture, and it weird. Someone please help me

I love Instagram


I love this app because it really works really well but it needs a dark mode badly



Hello,i use iphone xr and when i open instagram stories and i switch in between them ,the animation is not smooth-its quite laggy. App is updated and it wont work as smooth as it does on my iphone 6s

For some reason instagram has me blocked. I can no longer like pictures or make comments. Not understanding what the issue is or why!

Insta stories


My insta story memory (on this day) doesn’t work. Been sending several notifications and nothing has change Please help

Why does my keyboard keep disappearing? It’s annoying.

It’s good


The app is really nice a couple of mess ups in the pass few months but I can’t log in to some of my accounts which make me made every time I try to log in it says it’s not supported

No se actualiza el feed


Hace 5 días veo las mismas publicaciones en ig, trate todo y lo reporté varias veces pero nadie responde desde soporte técnico.



Amazing application.. love to share pictures with my boys



In the song suggestion box there are only songs that are popular, like I cant find any songs by the brobecks and bands like that. Pls add more songs

This is my favorite app for keeping in contact with my family and friends all over the country.

Music problem


Instagram is such a good app, I enjoy it but why doesn’t the music button appear? And I can’t even listen to my friend’s music story like srsly, it isn’t fair



If someone friends me I would like to expand their picture so I can get a better idea of what they look like if I don’t recognize the name

Love Instagram but hate the square format of pictures. I want to be able to post a full photo without cropping and having that ugly white boarder around my picture.

Music Sticker Disappears


It’s so frustrating that my music sticker has disappeared- I’ve contacted Instagram and I’m being completely ignored. So annoying when my friends can play music on their stories and mine has nada. PLEASE FIX THIS ANNOYING PROBLEM!

A great app


I love this app it shows many things and many stuff you can do and you can always share you pictures and videos to the world

Can’t hear stories without taking phone off silent mode. Please fix so we can hear stories by adjusting volume! Thank you in advance!


meysam 5

Thank you for every thing❤️

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for fixing whatever bug that wasn’t giving me notifications since December when y’all crashed. Finally happy to not be forced to check if I had a message or not


Lost within 25

Why do I have to save things in order to reshape them? It's very aggravating

Love IG


Amazing app guys! Please fix the parts where it glitches when someone is recording.

Greatest chair sharing platform of the millennia.

Music feature


I love Instagram I’m not gonna sit here act like I’m not on there a good bit of my day. Buttttttt I would love if I could use the music feature on my stories again. It’s upsetting to see other people use it and I can’t.

I think that Instagram could put a DARK MODE in the next update! That would make the app totally amazing!!



Cannot look up friends through my contacts. I was able to do that before.


A_Lemon 1234

The reason I put it as ok is because, people that I don’t know can dm me and I think it is kinda creepy. Like their is always people that are porn stars in my DM’s. I usually block them and report them though.

I really like Instagram, it’s a great way for me to chat with my friends but my account was locked and idk how to get it back. I’m 13. Pls help

Dm glitch


I can’t see the time I sent a message or if the pic has been opened or screen shot on dm

Fix it..

nudy land

This app crashes way too often, I also can’t access my keyboard on certain thing while on instagram. Almost every month the app crashed for a good two to four hours. FIX IT PLEASE !!!

crashes so much :/


I love this app and I use it all the time but it keeps crashing all the time. It crashes when I try to dm someone, post a story or log into other accs and I tried reinstalling it and still crashes :/

Rating I

B Smith11

I like the way I can connect to the world with Ig I do not like the fact that I have reported a page along with several other people that is still active that is using my name also I do not het hashtag credit along with location views



i really love instagram but i logged out and everytime i try to log in it say “ sorry we request a error “ i don’t know what to do and it’s not letting me change my phone number

Easy and effective for a 72 year old dinosaur 🤪



Yes I said INSTASLAM (autocorrect keeps capitalizing it and I’m too lazy to make it lowercase) btw go follow me on insta at kieayla4life😚😚 I love this app so much🥰

Thank you!!!


Hello,I am enjoying another social media outlet. Blessings to you all!!!

So I remember when I could add music to my Instagram stories. For some reason now, I can’t. I see other people I follow use music tho, so what’s wrong with my insta?

Log in Situation


My Instagram is saying there is an error every time I try to log in. I don’t know what could be the issue. I’ve tried to uninstall the app and reinstall but that doesn’t work at all...

Closing out


I have one complain when I get on instagram it closes out by itself I don’t know why but I want to know

Algunos problemas


Últimamente los videos en las historias tardan demasiado en cargar, y no es la conexión a internet ya que en Snapchat, YouTube todo funciona normal

So I used to post my music all day (by adding it from the story) until one day it stopped working, I didn’t see the icon anymore. Maybe it’s just my phone, if it is, can y’all do something about it? :(



Bring chronological order back!!! Refreshing my timeline doesn’t work because the same posts show up every time! It’s extremely annoying and makes me want to not even get on instagram anymore!

Desde que habilitaron la app en Panamá no puedo utilizar el ig music ya he hecho de todo y no lo he logrado, pueden ayudarme?



Hey my dms disappeared can you fix this

great app but just one problem

another guy on the w

been using Instagram for a year now and it’s been good. The only thing is my account got compromised and the links they sent me to reset my password just sent me back to the same screen

No Dark Mode Support


Bug fixes and “improved performance” updates are great; but how about supporting dark mode?

Fix your ish


I’m tired of losing the music sticker. I know many people have had this same issue and y’all don’t care. FIX YOUR ISH!!

for some reason my music icon on instagram is gone. i had it before but now it’s not there and i’ve logged out of instagram and logged back in and even deleted the whole app and re downloaded it but it still isn’t there. Help.

Follower activity


I’m not able to see my followers activity. For example, when you click on the heart tab I’m unable too I only see my activity. It doesn’t make sense because I can on other accounts? Fix this!!



You guys did something to my Instagram for no reason & it won’t let me log on Instagram on my phone at all I need you guys to fix that


Sam butkovich

Awesome app love how I can ask for feedback and socialize



Stop censoring people’s post and comments.

I try to change my password on Instagram and it don’t let me it says this request isn’t available it’s very annoying I been trying to change it by my phone number and still don’t let me fix it

not updating


i have the most recent update on my phone and the of ig but i still can’t spot music with tagging the music on my story???

Anyone should be able to attach a link to their Instagram story so that the viewers can access the link easier.

More Characters Please


Can I get more characters for my bio tho And I can no longer edit my caption after posting

i recently updated the app and now my music sticker has disappeared

Not completely satisfied


I love instagram it really is an amazing app, but I really don’t feel like deleting and reposting a post just because one picture ruined it. There needs to be an option when editing to be able to delete a photo off of your post.

Thank you!!


Great platform to do amazing things in the world

I set up Instagram on my computer then couldn’t figure out how to post. Later someone showed me I had to do it through the app. My good photos are on my computer not my phone.

Dark mode


You guys should really consider having a dark mode it would take Instagram to a whole new fun level and it will feel like you have more privacy please take this in consideration.

It won’t let you add another account no more it keeps saying error and no matter how many times you report problems they barely get fixed.

I didn’t have the option to add other people’s posts to my story for a while then they finally gave it to me now they’ve taken it away from me again

Love instagram but Every comment section is plagued with people promoting themselves or others. We need to start suspending people who spam all these comments. Instagram comment sections are ruined !

Mi app no tiene todas las nuevas funciones como por ejemplo la de música en fotos o vídeos, ya la borre la volví a descargar pero no funciona, creo que no se actualiza y no funciona completamente



Why can’t I see any of my saved fotos and videos I would save???

Black folks

save black folk

The number of blacks murdered is th highest # ever. Abortion = black # 1. Most black on black is rapid in all major cities

Music feature not working

Mad banker 🤑

I was able to use the music feature for a while and now it just stoooed working out of nowhere... that is what I loved to use so

It's a pain to have to keep transferring files from desktop to phone then upload to IG.



Love the features and great quality too.

My View


For the most part it’s ok... Just seems like my post don’t make it out the door... out into the Free World....

It’s so annoying how unnecessarily complicated it is to access your ‘likes’ even more so after the update. Now you have to do an extra step and go to settings - account - posts you’ve liked. Why?!

I did nothing wrong. Billons of us did nothing wrong. This is getting stupid!!

uhm- what?

Rainbow chick sed

so i was longing in and it said there was a suspicious login attempt, i didnt really mind that but when i pressed ‘send code’ it didnt give me anything, so i cant login without the code and it wont send, please help

Worth a trillion words


What can so say? I’m kind of hooked Even when I’m overbooked I take sometime To fill my soul Where previously had been a hole

Bug fix

jb the reapsr

I dont have the music feature on the instagram story how do I acquire?



When Insta 1st came out we ain have to worry about all this robot stuff now u get messages and tagged in all kinds of spam


irby smith

This is the best social media app

i like it ❤️

Kris Finyard

Instagram application distinctive and unique and I spend all my time on it



Mejorar las traducciones por favor son muy malas no se entiende nada al idioma español. Gracias



For some reason it doesn’t let me like any pictures and I’ve had to make like 3 accounts and they all acting the same..

Apparently everyone but me had this and I really want this feature, I love the app and I am a huge music fan and it’s sad that I don’t have this feature.



I can’t follow people or accounts back

Music sticker


I love Instagram but everybody should be able to have all the stickers including the music sticker even though I don’t have it but some day I would like to have just not fair to the people who don’t have it but want it.

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