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Rated 4.78 out of 5

23 global ratings

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23 Recent Reviews From the United States

This game was so much 🤩

By Lisett e

They have my little pony my favorite

Rainbow friends

By b fun fydtxtxuzgchl

Can you make it so you can get bloodlust Alex and hero brine or other Minecraft characters

This is so Awesome Iove it

By Hellbent1933

This game is so awesome and I’m going to keep playing it until I complete it all

The old version is better

By Craziestboi2013

I mean like The old version is like better what the thing is The New version I’m at fresh

This game so I want to be more updates and cool stuff

By Killer Foxy

My favorite game so far

Please add milk and isolated

By kekspskeoe

I love this game but it doesn’t have milk by sunky and add isolated by Mickey Mouse

Amazing Game

By LooneyTunesFan#1

This game is insanely awesome but please add Isolated from Funkin.avi and Convo vs Hecker plz they are me and my brother’s favorite FNF songs thank you.

Rainbow friends

By b fun fydtxtxuzgchl

Can you please add rainbow friends as a singer you can get from the pack’s in the shop

I love this game so much

By Christianfalu

I keep on dieding on ending seasons and yea


By yeeeeeeeesssssssssss

This game came up on an add and I say to myself this looks fake but now I play it 24 hours a day

Best game ever

By jgal543

Best game ever. songs are lit love it

My first time playing

By miguelito 04

It’s literally my first time playing and I already enjoy it

To owner

By Slenderman junior

This game is the best and is is cool


By ggbthyg

It’s amazing but has too many ads :/


By jelli711

Hi! Thank you for adding tails to the game he is my favorite. All i ask is that if you could please add more sonic characters! Please and thank you! Oh and one more thing could you add Pokémon? If not thats ok I'm fine with the sonic characters. Please and thank you

This game is nice play it

By Ciap1990

I love this game so much it is a good game I want it to be a five star app it is a relaxing game if your bored play this game

I love this game but ads?

By moonywormtailpadfoot

I have been in love with Friday night funkin witch is fnf and soooooo much poppy playtime in the game and I love the game all Together but the addddddddddddddddddddddds! There should be less because if you play a song and you play a ad first sounds ok but if you lose you have to watch another ad like come on! That’s a down side on music dash so pls fix it it’s a great game tho everything but the ads is good



Ok first it’s a overall 4 the game is great but I’m OVERLOADED with adds and instead of dying on a wrong note like if it can bring down your score instead of dying but it’s good

Stuff to do

By creater can you do i

Hi I like the game but all the mods there are add it to the game it will make it better I promise

Amazing game!

By ello kids

Amazing Game! I Love It So Much I Rate This 5 Stars!

Its good but...

By sssskskskskskskdkejc

The game is good but there is lack of characters

A great game

By Kathy2026

This game deserves a 1000 star rating please include Sonic.EXE

To kynbutt

By ajmdndjdkd

U should try beat battle it really helps

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