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Recent downgrade

Rockos Mod

They recently “upgraded “ this app making it harder to study.

Made SSgt


I said I would write a review when I got promoted and well that time has finally come. I finally made SSgt with the help of this app. It’s a great study tool if you want to do better than your peers.

Way better


This update they just did made this app ten times easier to read and use to study. I appreciate y’all for looking out and helping us Airmen. And good luck to the Airmen seeing this and looking to promote.



MUST buy for anyone studying for promotion. I love this application.



Such a great and responsive developer. 5 stars. I actually feel bad for giving 1 star at first.

Great app!


This app has come a long way, and it is crazy how well put it is now. Not saying that it used to be bad, but it’s improvements to make the practice tests harder certainly increases the value in its ability to prepare.

I love the new interface, but after the update my app won’t load any missed questions. If I try and test on them it will just indefinitely load. Kind of annoying for an expensive app.

There are no tests/quizzes available for the ADTC “A” Level of Comprehension.

Works like a MF!


Tested for Tech made it my first the App was harder than the test but make sure you understand the information so the test doesn't slap you in the face 👍🏿👍🏿


Diamond Johnson

I highly recommend. Made SSgt with a really high score my first try!!

For the price all elements should work every time. The tests on the iPad version just don’t work for me. Great app otherwise but the tests are the main reason I spent the money.

having trouble


i have had this app for a year or so now but recently half of each slide is blackened out and i cant see the study material please help.

PROmote Review


I used this app and scored well above the average for PFE. I made SSgt and TSgt with the assistance of this app. Highly recommended. Updates are free and it is good for life!



I scored above average on both sections! Thanks to the audio feature and the simulation tests! I highly recommend PROmote!

Best tool

Landen Hopkins

Best tool ever for studying! Made staff my first try and I felt super good about taking the PDG. This app is hands down worth the money.

This app is truly amazing, I only used this app to study and I got over a 90 on my WAPS test. Even going into the test there was not one question that I didn’t at least recognize a little bit. I definitely recommend getting this app to study.

I like this app I use it along with the hard copy to study but every now and then I come across question that aren’t correct and there isn’t a way to flag the question for the developers.

As of 2019, there are currently 11 combatant commands, not 10. The US Space Command is no longer merged with Strategic Command. Also, there have been updates to the dress and appearance standards—no minimum hair length for women.

Miss guided in some areas

Skyler Thomas 117

This app is a solid study tool however it seems to be missing comprehension level A in the ADTC section for promotion to Tech. Not sure what else it may be missing. Hopefully they can push out an update to fix it. Just bought the app a day ago..

Quizzes / Tests


The app does not include tests or quizzes for almost all the relevant chapters and sections I am going to be tested on. Waste of money.

Good app

Giovanni Riv

It covers almost every sentence of the AFH1

Study study study


Great app it’s been helping me cover a huge portion of my study material needed for my upcoming test. I heard this app updates every test cycle but I’m not 100% sure if that’s accurate info or not.



This app is great to use in addition to other study methods. It is great that you can hear the test questions and answers being read to you while you are driving. No wasted time.



Made TSgt the first time using this app, studying for Msgt as I type🤓

Do it!

Ty ty😜

Buy it. Well worth the money and very convenient to have on your phone. Make sure to sort your study chapters by MKTS.

Phenomenal App


This app lays out the material very well !!

Fantastic tool

Ammo sarge

I have used this for the last 3 years and would continue to use it if E-7 testing wasn’t being retired. I recommend this app to all my troops, very well done.

91 on my pfe that’s all I’m going to say 🤷🏽‍♂️

I've used this app for TSgt and MSgt, and both times I improved my score by 15 pts when I actually put the time and effort into studying. Awesome app!

This app was my only study material used for testing. I recently put on SrA in January and started studying in March for the test in May, and I got it!!! Highly recommend.

Great app


Studied for staff for the first time and made it by 80 points!! Definitely recommend

Correct update?


I’m testing in February 2020 and wanted to know if this app is updated with the correct information for TSgt?



Didn’t make it until I used this app exclusively to study. Made a 77 on PFE. Made it by 10 points. It’s worth the money.

The priorities and the set up is fantastic in this app, however it desperately needs a flash card function. Otherwise you read the same slide question with answer countless times. Makes learning extremely boring and difficult



Just started, but I am liking it.

Great app


Scored 77 on PDG last year and 82 this year. Completely worth it.

Highly Recommend


$30 investment for a $4K/ year raise. Repeatedly taking the practice test helped me practice identifying the best ‘Air Force answer’

Great App


Everything is great in this app. Waiting for the 2020 update for E5/E6 testing.


milkshake yes its me

So when’s the update coming??



Why when I take a test for testing for TSgt under the new update, Air Force history is all 2C stuff, there’s no questions from any other section

The price for a lifetime subscription is unbeatable. Used it to help make SSgt, now using to test for TSgt this next year. Developers are responsive in correcting app issues promptly as they arise as well.

Worth it


First time testing for staff I scored a 56 for pdg, this time around was a 67. really helped prioritize my studying. Highly recommend.

Great App

Redditor Up North

Got my score and I passed with flying colors. The question hints are a bit weird but it did the job. First time WAPS testing.

Helpful hints?

Brittni J

HELP! Why do only some units show helpful hints and others don’t??? Am I reading this wrong? I really like and find value to this feature.



Would be a lot better if you could directly find the audio for studying instead of being offered the opportunity to use it once.

Best PFE Study Guide


This app helped me make SSgt my first try. Hoping the same for TSgt this year. Great app!

Must get


Instrumental in me making Staff first time.

Great app


I love this app! It’s definitely worth the money.. it’s so easy to use and is ready at any time. I can study anywhere! The tests are also a great tool to help you for promotion!

Studying for Staff

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So far so good! Studying for staff love how easy it is to study and take the quizzes!

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