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Pinterest app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Pinterest app an average rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 452.1K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Pinterest. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Pinterest?

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Rated 4.24 out of 5

452.1K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Pinterest


Goooood I love Pinterest I want them to bring back the Pinterest shorts tho

Great app! :3 BUT I have a suggestion…

can you please add the feature to send photos from your camera roll to others + a audio send option? I’m literally going insane because of it


I love the app, but it glitches a lot and stops working. Please consider fixing this problem.

Dear App…

I love this app I can pin hundreds of pictures and videos and send them to people….😌🙃

𝐉𝐚𝐳𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧

𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮

Love Pinterest always have

Just wanted to let whoever reads this know I love love love Pinterest always have always will!! ❤️

Please be more inclusionary of Islam ☪️

I love pinterest and all it has to offer. I made a new account today and it had me choose my interests... it offered me everything expected plus the choice of Bible quotes but nothing Islamic to choose as an interest. Please add this to the choices upon signup and include other religions as well. It's strange to only offer Christian interests.

Hello Pinterest

Dear Pinterest I love the app but it encourages theft and copy right Love,Karen

Scrolling through your old pins is a disaster

Love Pinterest but the mobile app is truly unusable if you would like to scroll through one of your boards to see what you’ve pinned. The act of “scrolling back up” with your thumb closes the board and returns you to all of your pins. It’s terrible design that makes me not ever want to use the app.


Amo pinterest! Es mi herramienta preferida para incentivar mi creatividad


Nice ideas-.. however there are increasingly intrusive ads that disturb me and others when using recipes… I’m using Pinterest less lately unfortunately


I love it all the recipes all the crafts clothes nails

Great app but some what annoying!

I have had Pentrest for a while now and I’m on it every day! I have 38 followers and I woke up today and it said I had 1 and so I looked and I still had 38 followers. This makes me upset! I work hard to get those followers and if people think I only have 1 that’s not ok!! So please fix this!!!!! Please fix this!!


Alrighty- I’m addicted to Pinterest but maybe if I make my review lower yall will pay attention? Probably not but worth a shot 1.) BRING BACK THE ADDING PHOTOS TO THE COMMENTS PLEASE I BEG OF YOU 2.) can y’all fix the bug that randomly logs half us out? Like one hour I open the app just fine but the next, it makes us sign in again. Isn’t such a big deal but it gets annoying real quick.

Please fix this, it’s getting annoying.

OFC don’t get me wrong I love this app but yesterday i checked my followers and it said i only have 5 but when I pressed on it showed the actual number. That is only one issue the other thing is, i have a new follower but that followers user won’t come up. I love this app either way but I hope you guys can fix this bug so I can not be startled thinking I only have 5 followers, when earlier i had around 34. This also happened to one of my friends. So please do fix this bug!! Love and regards, Ka

why did they change this

great app for visuals but why did they take away the option to go back to you profile by tapping on your pfp icon? That was so useful, now I just get buried in pins and have to click the back button multiple times just to get back to my profile… Please give it back:(

Apk the king of the king 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

para mi la mejor Apk para disfrutar, explorar y dscargar photos de tu preferencia…. con su calidad original 💯x💯 sin perder píxeles …🤩🤩🤩🤩

Some pins won’t let me edit to delete

Recent changes have meant pins on some of my frequently edited boards now only offer the Pin and Send features. I can’t delete the pin without deleting the entire board? I can’t edit it to save it to a different board? What happened?

Problem with sign up

When I tried to sign up it kept saying that I am not eligible to have an account but I am old enough and filled out my email and a password


I have this one problem where when I search a certain thing like “outfits” it might show houses because that’s what I usually search. Which is quite irrelevant to my search. It always shows irrelevant things that apply to my interest of search.


I was doing my thing when I saw so many inspiring ideas 10000/10

Too many ads

I’ve always loved Pinterest. Since it first launched. I find it helpful with everything from recipes to work out tips to creative inspiration. Or at least I used to. Now, you can’t scroll at all without every other pin being an advertisement. And good luck scrolling past them as they usually just open anyway. It’s beyond frustrating and honestly that level of aggravation just doesn’t make this app worth it anymore.

Wish dates submitted were included

When looking at decorating, wish I knew how old the pins were.

Ads & Volume

Now I have to put the volume down for ads!!!!!

only two problems <3

LITERALLY my favorite app but i loose what i just saw too much and #1 is the like button bc when i double tap from habit it stops the video and i CANT CONTINUE IT?? love love love pinterest but i hope they fix it EZ

Fix the instagram to Pinterest bug

Every time I’m sharing a post from instagram it keeps saying “login • instagram” instead of referencing the post I got it from. This was an issue once before then the app updated which fixed the issue then in the last update that problem reappeared. It seems to make it hard to send stuff from instagram let alone Twitter etc.


موقع غاية الروعة

Can’t Fast Forward abs Rewind All Videos/Gifs

Pinterest is the only app that I’ve consistently used over the past decade. I use it for everything! I’m enjoying the increase in video tutorials for cooking but world appreciate the ability to fast forward and rewind all video/gif content.

Problems with the widgets

Whenever I try to edit my Pinterest widget it says ‘no options were provided for this parameter’. I searched if there was something wrong with my phone, or maybe I didn’t update the app, but then I saw that people with iOS 14 were having no problems with their Pinterest widgets and it was just people with iOS 15 who were having these issues. Could you please fix this problem.

My Favorite Sharing App EVER!

I love Pinterest so much! It helped me to get so many crafts to do over the coronavirus lockdown! People can even start mini business there. Some people put on TikTok dances or memes. It has a wide spread of things. Pinterest even takes what you watch and post to know know what show you! I definitely recommend this app!🤩

Crafts of all kinds

I have enjoyed Pinterest now for several years. Every time I type in what I’m looking for there is always something there. There are also any recipes you could want from any culture. I literally am on Pinterest almost daily. Thank you so much for providing a fun and helpful app 😃

I’m in loveee

It’s Soo cool I’m in love with Pinterest it has so many things I can do and it shows oultfit ideas and shows my style clothes!

the weekly updates are confusing, at best

I love Pinterest, I love the design and the overall flow of the app. But the weekly updates make it hard to navigate the app, like come on? Pinterest tv? For goodness sake. If they stayed in their lane it would be a lot better of an app.


I love the app and all but whenever I go onto shorts on the app sometimes the audio is not there, when in reality it’s there it’s just Pinterest acting up. Fix the audio bug please.

shutting off

i always use this app to find art and now the app is randomly shutting off?? please fix this.


Very awesome site ,helps with soooo many different ideas.. this is definitely a everyday app that I use. I recommend this to anyone 💖💖💖

Awesome memes

Has funny videos and memes 15/10

My review

It’s so amazing it has the best wallpaper and photos ❤️💕


If y’all could make the notifications not so big the app would be perfect but other than that the apps perfect

Edit profile fix

Im not aloud to remove pronouns or add them? And you fully removed the pronouns addition

Great App!

I love the app! It helps me find what to do with my life!🌻 it is a very easy app to find what I love to do. I think I will use this app in the future!

It’s great

I LOVEEEE PINTEREST SM- but stop deleting comments on my posts? i get the notification for them and then like 2 days later they will actually show up. fix this please


Love all the different things that are on Pinterest, gardening, sewing ,decorating and health issues. Thanks. Tuna S

Excelentes diseños con las hermosas suculentas

Gracias por tan buenas ideas para formar lindos trabajos con nuestras suculentas

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you for Pinterest, I feel so much love and these quotes hit home, God Bless You All!!!!!! 🤟🏻🙏👌🏻

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