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Plague Inc. app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Plague Inc. app an average rating of 4.81 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 143.3K ratings since its release on Jun 23 by Ndemic Creations. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Plague Inc.?

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Rated 4.71 out of 5

143.3K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Plague Inc.

The game is good, but we need multiplayer

Please add a multiplayer? Plague inc involved is expensive and mobile players need multiplayer too. Can you please add multiplayer and make it like two or three dollars. Or free. please just make it more appealing for mobile players, and please update the graphics it’s not 2012 give us mobile players more appealing gameplay please


Game is great. Makes my day at work go by faster.


I like this game

Cool game

Cool but repetitive


Keep up the good work my 2nd favorite mobile game only 1 suggestion: I think it would be cool if u added online multiplayer like race 2 see who can cure the disease the fastest or who can kill they country the fastest even if you don’t add this I’ll be playing <3


I am so happy! I have been waiting to play this for years! And the Cure mode is cool.


Will there be any new updates soon? I really enjoy the game i want to see more added to it i almost have grown tired of what we have now its time for more game modes and other things man.

Soooo good🤩

You can create your own virus it can be made up or you can do one irl I think but anyways you can save the world or destroy the worl that’s why i think its dope

Worth it!

Expansion packs are worth it, the game is worth it, and everything was worth it

Gud but could u fix the fps

I like the game but u have to pay for the other stuff I wish it was pay once culled I fart in the toilet and pee and stuff

A little disappointed

So I was trying to get the virus because it was locked so I tried to win in normal difficulty as bacteria. I finally won but virus wasn’t unlocked so I’m just stuck with only bacteria. Otherwise it’s a good game

Still love it

Played this game for years. Even in light of recent event’s. I love it just as mush as I did back them.

Awsome game

This game is so awesome it is fun but a little difficult which is good and all the expansions are super good🙌 this game is worth the cheap price and definitely recommend

Dear developers

Dear developers, my name is Mark and I want to tell you something, your game is wonderful! But there's something else left, of course, I have no right to order anything to you, but please, maybe you should add the disease rabies?( To the free diseases section). If this happens, I will always give your projects 5 stars and buy all your projects first!

Fun but…

It’s really fun trying to end the human race but it’s so hard it’s really hard to beat a normal mode and it takes forever to get dna points.

Worth the money ten fold

This game is so amazing I can sum up. Just buy it, you know you want to so do it. Btw creators please make more games I would but them.

Ok this is good

So i made a review talking about how they messed up my ingame gamepass but now there trying to fix it good job developers

Plz add multiplayer

So I saw this amazing game on YouTube a year ago using different strategies to wipe out humans or the world can you please add multiplayer so I can play with my friends while their on vacation and I think there is a bug when the entire world is infected and the cure is still being made or continued I love this game so much it is the only game I play on my iPhone I wish i could give it more than 5 stars


Hi I’m a guy that loves these games though I feel it’s a bit expensive 2.99 for everything and I just feel like charging 2.99 when the game is only 1.99 isn’t fair even though I love it just feels good to get that off my vest after playing this game for 8 hours striat and still haven’t beaten virus 🦠

Best Game

Been playing since released love it!!! Keep it up guys!!!


Great game!!! Tip go down the insomnia path an temperature resist.

Player v Player

Maybe you can add a player v player where one player is a virus the other cures so it’s more fun.

Can’t reset

I like the game a lot but I can’t reset. I already passed all levels. I’d like to play it again. Please tell me how to reset!

Used to be better

Hi, so the game used to be a lot better when you could do cure mode for free. I understand that you have to make money but, it’s not nearly as fun when you have to pay for the app AND for cure mode. I have so many good memories playing this game a while ago. The thing is some of us just want a goo app it is worth the one dollar is cure mode was included, but without it you’re only paying for one mode which makes me wonder. Anyway it’s a great game but, I think a lot more people would buy the gam

Gran juego hecho con gran detalle

Es un muy buen juego de estrategia tratando temas interesantes con una gran comunidad aportando contenido igual que los desarrolladores actualizándolo y no dejándolo en el olvido le doy un 10/10 porque si no quieres pagar por contenido siempre tendrás el de la comunidad y esta muy bien logrado el juego

Great game

A great game for villainous minds.


I love this game so much. Ever since I’ve been playing this it was so fun and cool 😎. The only thing that bothers me is that I wish I can play the other scenarios and the other stuff. I wish I don’t have to pay. BUT I LOVE THE GAME ANYWAYS!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great game

Been playing this game for about five years now and I absolutely love it

Very fun

This game doesn’t need Wi-Fi and is great for trips, empty time or anything.

Plague inc. review

Honestly a great game on mobile and pc. I definitely recommend picking it up. It’s well worth the price tag.

Top 10 game

I love this game so much I wanted to say some people say this game is bad because of how difficult the hop from east to medium mode is I say to those people just get better I have beat every mode on mega brutal this is my favorite mobile game of all time


The only thing I think is not cool is that you have to pay to replay cure mind

It’s good but I have an issue

The game itself is amazing but I bought cheats on my old phone that got destroyed, when I try to restore purchases cheats won’t be restored, other people have also had this issue could you help devs?


It’s is a a great game,I like all of the main game,but,I just REALY wish that you would add an amoeba mode in the main game,but overall it’s a great game to play,especially when your bored.

Awesome game but pls respond to this

I looove the game but the thing is it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard and all the packs are so hard to get and I can’t buy any of the packs

Great game!

I think that this is a fantastic game. It’s really fun! If I were to suggest anything for future, it would be to maybe ad a multiplayer mode where one person is the plague and one person is the cure. I think this would be a really great addition and would make the game more interesting.


This is the best game to play. It be awesome

Amazing game

This game is so addicting and fun I can’t stop playing it

Flawless piece of art

Amazingly fun!!!!!! I’ve been playing for 5 years now its epic I love the new updates! I can tell you guys work hard! 10000000% recommended. P.S. your biggest fan<3


I like how you get to chose a plague if you complete the previous one and the special plague is so fun!!!

Long game

I had no idea what to do but then I found plague inc. and now I have something fun to do. I can pour hours into this game.


it’s good 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Best game I have ever played

Thank you for this game! During the pandemic I played this game nonstop. I just have one question before I can let you guys go, is there a way to get the locked scenarios unlocked without paying? Thank you for your time!!!!

Best game ever

I got this game a year ago and I love it you can cure or infect and do scenarios and specials

How do I play custom scenario on mobile

How do you play custom scenario on mobile I know you can play it on PC but how do you play it on mobile please fix this please

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