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We ask that you add the Arabic language, you have a large Arab audience

Too easy!


I like that it’s a $1 game an the idea is great. But it’s just too easy. I beat it in normal difficulty in my second try. It posed no challenge. I will play it on brutal now, we’ll see how it goes.

I love it but.....


It’s easy mode is to frickin hard to be so called “easy”

Corona virus

Kammando 69

I made corona virus but it got cured in 2 years were saved

Time killing


If you at stuck somewhere. Hi his game can kill time

Gave me Coronavirus


This game is so real it gave me coronavirus and now I’m quarantined in hospital. Thanks China.



I bought a virus and i didnt get it so I just wasted my money



I adore this game, and If you want some of the extensions you can buy them, or you have to be good at the game for mega brutal!

Great purchase.


Helped me deal with my coronavirus anxieties.

Why pay for Madden when you can play real football outside? Catch my drift? Good game



Game is a super fun way to burn some time in a coronavirus quarantine.

Great game


Plague inc is a great game. People may complain about in app purchases, u can unlock every thing but just being good at the game

I love this game simple as that

Best game ever


I love this game it’s worth the money


jcifisyeigobkhh. gfh

Turkey needs an airport in the game. They are home of the biggest airport in the world

For some reason the map does not appear. Instead of the normal map appearing there is just a blue screen. Disappointed!

Great game


I love this game because all you do is wait and evolve stuff to kill all the earth.



Great game... but a little too real right now

It works


I started playing Sometime in january and named it the CoronaVirus I Started the plauge in China But who would have thought it acutally works it started to spread pretty fast around the world now I have 2 dead in America Beware It Works

Have you ever wanted to infect your neighbors with coronavirus? Look no further! Plague Inc. let’s you pretend to bring the world to its end in a challenging way.



I love this game and play it all the time!!!

Plagued world


It was pretty fun. I like that it’s educational about diseases. I wish there were more videos, though.

Before anything I should say it’s fantastic but I want to suggest you to do something, would you please add the Ebola in the(scenarios)?thanks a million!

Great game!


I love your game and was recently brought back by the Corona virus meme but I’m glad the games still around! I’ve been playing for some time!


sara1239870 on tikto

I love the app because it is so fun and you can learn since it is strategic

This game has way too many hackers they use the irl mod which is very annoying please fix this it’s killing a bunch of people and makeing People sick

Fun but dark

sorlack the goblin k

I recently just eliminated all life on earth and had the ability to call it the corona virus so.......

I re-downloaded to play 2019-nCoV

Awesome game


I started my own virus called the corona virus it started in China and spreader around the world in just 2 years



Great game really great advertising with the coronavirus u might want to devolve it because you might kill off the world and then nobody will play ur game otherwise nice game

Seriously like, I can predict when I'll get infected

To hard

marchello army

Literally couldn’t pass virus it’s to hard I think it should be able to pass on easy mod



Can you believe this game predicted the future?

A dollar well spent,

Zero Achievments

This game is fun. People just need to get good.

Sound issues


It’s a great game but no sound is coming

Not what I was expecting


Great game! It’s super fun and I love how you can pick what country you can start your virus, the only problem is that I accidentally started the corona virus in China...

I bought all the in app purchases and I got a new phone but I can’t get it back and it says they are purchased

Great Game


I think this is really to play and it’s very simple yet entertaining. :)

Very nice


Easy to get into and challenging enough to keep you going.


Best pixels

A FEW WEEKS AGO I made a virus and now I think it’s killing people in real life. Amazing game. 10/10



Plague Inc. in reall life or in other words the corona virus

Good game


This game is very fun and you should add a gene that’s like a super gene but it costs ALOT

This game is really fun but there is no sound. I have done all the troubleshooting I can find online. No luck

Corona virus

Deedee knows it

Who else downloaded this after hearing about the coronavirus?

Coronavirus 2020

Wuhan Man

It was all fun and games until god started playing the irl version.



Bet you guys are making a pretty petty off this coronavirus way to advertise 😂



Run brethren, the coronavirus outbreak is nigh. Prepare yourselves for the cold days to come.



Very realistic to the coronavirus. To Greenland I go



I played this on a funny looking computer and now there’s a virus going around the world named after a beer

New disease

big tom brady

Is there any chance the corona virus would be included because that would be EPIC

Amazing $1 game


It’s an amazing game I play this everyday and it’s so fun I also have it on switch and ps4,totally recommend.I can’t believe a $1 game beat Minecraft in the app store best paid apps




This is the world best simulation game I need WUHAN Virus situation Too

I love this game so much and play it all the time, but it would be cooler if they added more scenarios. I would love to see more stuff with the nuerax worm.

Great comparison

Brian miller1337

With the coronavirus spreading, I think this game gives us some insight on how the world can end

Political Bias


It’s fun but bias towards the left wing.

Too hard


It’s ok but it’s just to hard

This is an amazing phone game for kids and older people alike, I read the article on the App Store about the creator and I like it even more!



Helped me move my family to Greenland after the coronavirus annihilated everyone! 10/10 would buy all the dlc but the banks here in Greenland won’t give me back my money smh 😳😤

Cool game but annoying

Queen K 😻

To progress there are numerous micro-transactions, if you don’t get them you’re halting your game progress.

Very good


I have learned so am actually evil when I play this



Bought the game to learn how to beat the coronavirus. Will not be leaving my house for the next year



because of this game i can visualize what the current corona virus looks like. thank you🙏

Awsome game


Awsome game been playing this for years wont get old

This game helped pass a lot of “stand by to stand by” time 8 years ago. I had to redownload given current events 🤣

Have no clue how serious the virus has developed to, but with the support of billion people; we’ll eventually win this with no doubt!武汉加油💪🏻

Loved this

Mark Hodgess

I used this to simulate the Black Plague in my class



If you have problem on normal just don’t upgrade the symptoms

Fun Games


This game is fun but nows it’s in real life and that’s not very epic.

How do I make this easy to say, can we have a mode where the corona virus doesn’t take over

Awesome game!


I did a Virus type scenario and I called the virus "Coronavirus" and started the virus in China, and I won! I hope this doesn’t come true though


Tor Burwell

This game accurately simulates how the world is going into chaos with the coronavirus outbreak. Amazing

I bought this game on my iPhone ages ago. I just got an iPad but now I'm being asked to buy the game all over again? For whatever reason, this game does not allow access on your connected devices and you'll have to buy it again. Not cool.



This game taught me how to survive coronavirus. Move to Greenland! Thanks so much for the survival tips

Très utile pour crée un scénario de coronavirus pour voir comment il va se développer


chunk disease

I named my disease chunk and it won



I like that it can predict the future

Irl version


Currently happening in real life and the town next to me got infected so kinda scared



Bro whoever is playing with the virus “coronavirus” ur a noob you’re supposed to up the infectivity first not the deadliness

A Great Game


An excellent idea, and a great game that has survived the test of time. This game becomes even more relevant with the discovery of the 2019-nCoV. The fake news update makes it even more realistic and fun. Overall an excellent (and chilling) game!

I’ve recently played this with a disease named Coronavirus. Now in real life it’s spreading fast!

This game is so fun. I started in China and I already started to get to America.

good game


good game and all but can you like just keep your viruses in game


Nameless is Ok

I liked Plague Inc. Simply because people in my country are almost worried about being infected by coronavirus, and I just want to understand how the virus spread and how to prevent it.

It’s great


coronavirus ain’t got nothing on me

Loved this game for years & im playing it again to help see what the spread of the novel coronavirus could look like 🤣🙊


John 🙂🙂🙂

Start in China And name the disease coronavirus


Keenan Henderson

this game is amazing! i named mine corona and it started spreading in real life. so realistic. THIS IS WHERE A CORONA GETS ITS LIME.

Very good

Fix the range

The advertising is amazing really is how they did it by releasing a virus (corona virus) that actually infects people is amazing although they have to devolve some traits because it got noticed too quickly

That new virus mode called the Coronavirus is awesome

Coronavirus Prep

no really i did

This is why China shouldn’t ban video games Gamers rise up

Game Is Incredible But I Delated the game sooner or later because of boredom. Can I have my money back please?

Great Game

This Child of Mine

Unlocked nearly everything within a week

Very good


Amazing but room for improvement


Dylan six

I love the app, the neurax worm is my favorite. But you guys need to fix the zombie plague, its impossible to win. Literally have tried it all week and it always gets eradicated.

Needs more updates


This game is great sone addons are cheap it lasts long but the game needs more updates

Great game


I used to play this game on Android and purchased all the upgrades hope I don’t have to spend more money after having purchased it on Apple☺️

For some reason Greenland does not like spreading its disease so I always lose because of Greenland. Otherwise great game.

Better than expected

Destroyer of light

It’s great and detailed and who else named their first fake news plague vox, the only thing is I’d be nice if there was more symptoms abilities and alike but I know it takes time, keep up the great work

best game on mobile

big boy beefus

this is honestly the best game on mobile, one of the only ones that is actually playable without micro transactions, and is also just a quality game overall



Great game, but minus 3 stars for the Politifact association. Unfortunately Politifact only fact checks in one direction, and takes the other sides word as the gospel; fact check free. Lol I hope the new most popular disease name is CNN or Schiff.

When u get mad play this game and destroy. Lol

Good game but I need help!


So I bought the custom scenarios and I have it but when I click the community creation thing it won’t let me and tells me to buy it so can u log in to your account in this game if you can how?

Great Buy 4 A Buck

MBW Baller

It was a maybe buy but I’m glad I did. It’s fun and like a puzzle game to try and find the most effective pathway to evolve your disease. Lotta fun!

Waste of money


I get that it’s a fun game, but every time I try to open the game it just quits immediately. I’ve been playing this game for quite some time and it’s pretty fun. But when the stupid app won’t open, that just annoys me.

Awesome but


I had my disease unnoticed but it was still cured in Science Denial



Fun game,played well,I recommended recommend it

Thx ssundee

The boss of te world

Shout out for ssundee because of playing the game and telling us about it

Great game on bug tho


Good game only problem with it is that when you get killed off (or cured) it finally says that you got found out when you lose the game that’s the only bug that I’ve seen and had to deal with

im impressed


its not to hard but its not to easy i passed it in 3 days but im still so addicted cant wait to get the cheats and the special viruses and stuff 😁

Don’t get political


Pushing Politifact as a real news source is laughable and dishonest. Such a shame the makers of this game USED to be smart. Now they promote a website that contradicts itself in different articles they publish.

This Game Is Really Fun! But I Want Free Scenarios. Excuse Me If There Is A Way. Also Creator Needs Some Work, But One Of The Most Fun Games I’ve Played Ever.

Awesome but one thing


This game is the best.its super fun and is super addicting.but the normal level is impossible I can’t beat it it took me three hours and no luck.really good game but that I recommend people to play.

The Flare!!!!!

agrb eisboske diden

This game honestly reminds me of The Maze Runner. (Aka The Flare) So I absolutely love this game bc I love The Maze Runner!!!!

I’ve always viewed myself as something of a monster, and now here’s my chance to prove it. Thank you for this game.

Great game


Really fun. A suggestion I have would be to add a mode where you can play as the “curer” and try to stop the disease instead of trying to spread it. Just a fun suggestion though

Worth it!!!!!


I saw my friend playing a game called infection I looked it up and I saw I bought it immediately and it’s worth the dollar!!!

Such a good game. Best in its category of games by a long shot. Without a single doubt completely recommended by me personally! Thx game maker(s) PERFECT 👌

Start with easy


I tried to start on normal mode but it was too hard but is soon as I cried easy mode it worked out and now it will level up so normal mode will be possible!

Worth the buy


Very good game, makes you think of different ways you can infect the world faster. I definitely love the specials ones, those are worth the buy too

So I love this game so much and have been playing for months. However, I’m having a problem with adding traits to the genetic code, specifically with the Shadow Plague. Needs an update for bug fixes, but other than that, it’s a great game.



All I think this games needs an ability where you could pick the specific person to be patient zero so you could pick maybe: The head researcher of WHO

Good game


I love this game but I’m stuck on the second virus which is bad so I think u should be able to use cheats but progress at the same time if u anybody sees this put it into consideration pls so bye



Got what I wanted out of the game.

I usually play a mobile game for 2 seconds and then lose interest, but this phenomenal game is an acception. If you don't have the game, GET... IT... NOW. You are seriously missing out each second you stall.

Can't find the faq

Jeffy Jr.

Will my in app purchases save if I uninstall?

Played this game for a week. Was pretty fun for that time, but got bored of it pretty quickly. Overall, good for a quick play if you are bored

Fun Strategy Game


This is a lot of fun for people who enjoy a good strategy game. I really enjoy this and it’s really addictive. Definitely worth the 99 cents.

Great game


A great strategy game. It feels great to destroy the world in different ways.



I really love this game! It’s totally worth the $0.99 and you don’t have to purchase anything else like other diseases if you don’t want to!

Great game


Interesting game while terrifying you at the same time

Good but boring


It’s good for nerds but it needs Godzilla or King Kong

My Revenge Tastes Sweet


I just eliminated all life on earth with a bacteria! Staff Infection, ain’t no joke!

Great game

bxn whshzmzy

It is a great game to play and it is only $1



once you figger out the order to buy stuff in, it’s pretty much the same each time.


Nathan t guerrero

I don’t know why it’s fun it just is


sonar man11

Game requires choices be made to maximize effectiveness. Player must learn what is best for the type of disease he chooses. Watching news clips can guide those choices.

Love it but y...


Hi I LOVE this game I used to scream I killed RUSSIA and my cousin would be like what.... I love playing it so much it only cost one dollar and my cousin gave it to me as a gift

Definitely not a beginner’s strategy game, but it’s insanely fun and replayable with a low asking price

I love the game and will play more games by the creators and I love your content of this game and I am going to buy the genes but I wrote this because I love your game! I am going to buy all games buy y’all

Scary parallel

Xbug fighter

Scary to think of something like this actually happening. So interesting to play .

Really enjoy the game on PC. Lots of hours to dedicate, but the controls on mobile can be frustrating. No quick way to pause. Notifications popping up over bubbles. Just feels rather clunky.

This game has my mind confuzzled in many ways it is a fun game and It makes me feel weird coz of the muzic I luv this game can’t wait to make dem sapienz tak Over da plenet

Great game, takes a little thinking skills to succeed. Hope it starts working again soon.

I uninstalled the game for a short period of time, then just reinstalled it to discover that it removed all of my in so purchases but remembered all of my game history. Please fix this

Love this game!!


I have been playing plague inc since the beta on my android. Having recently moved to iphone I still love the game!

Too fun!

Procrasinating colle

I literally can’t stop playing. Get it. Get it now!

Infected countries


It’s a good game and all but I hate it when infected country’s make non infected boats and planes

I love this game

SSG Faulkner

I have been trying to find a game that was difficult to beat and this is the game that I was trying to find.0

Infect them all


It make make you sound like a psycho to your friends but it’s a great way to waste time.


Whit 394

I really like this game! Some people say it's impossible to complete. but there are things you need to do to win as one of them is, to always start in the UK. I am addicted to this game and I love it!😛😛😛

Best Plague Game Ever!


Everything about this game I personally love. I found out about this game from a friend and been playing it ever since. I 1000% recommend this game to anyone else.

need to do something about your aspect ratio, especially for iphone 11 pro max... it’s stretched like yoga pants on a fat chick... just isn’t pretty.

Really good game


It’s a really great game but how do countries have unlimited money. There should be a feature where you can see how much money they have and if they run out they can’t do research anymore. But it’s a great game for a really good price.

Highly Recommend


This game has so many different ways to play the game with so many different combinations including genes, different plagues, and a lot more. If you’re bored and need something to do, I highly suggest to pick up this game!

Plague Inc


This game is got to be one of the best games I’ve ever played and I will continue to play this in my free time.

love this game!


this game is the only game i’ve ever liked enough to want to rate it! i’ve been playing for years and never get tired of it. my friends and i even go on skype calls and compete to see who can win fastest :)

I got it back


I finally got it back thanks for helping me your the best I love your game so much is cool.

Plague, INC

Debbie Marsh fantast

I had a lot of fun just with the tutorial part of the game. I came real close but lost! Still give it 5 stars! Debbie M

I remember loving this game but now when I’ve just redownloaded it there is no red dots or the red lines on the planes showing the spread of the infection which kinda takes away the fun of watching it spread 😕



Hard to win in normal mode if you’re not spending money to give your disease certain characteristics.. hard to gain DNA points.



Plague inc. is a good game to play offline. While easy mode is fun, normal shows how viruses work and really cool to teach 5th grade and up, but definitely not 4th or lower.

Super fun game, just takes a bit of time to get good and understand the concept of how to manipulate things the right way to win. It is a fun and challenging game- would recommend to anyone up for a game that you won’t put down!

Cool game. Towards the end, when there’s 3% of the population left, how does it make sense that they have the time, knowledge, and resources to conduct research towards a cure? Disappointing but fun lol

So I when in the game and try to play it and I when to special and it still saying that I don’t have the zombie pack.

Facebook cloud?


Can u add a Facebook cloud service soo people from android who bought in game add-ons can receive it

Love this game


Absolutely all time favorite game! Need more visual effects to improve the gameplay. I love this game🔥❤️

Love this game it is amazing not for those with a weak stomach

It’s the most fun I’ve had in years.

Even if it’s a paid game I still think everyone should play it

Best game


A very good game,it helps understand immunity and disease spreading as well,it has freedom of names and other stuff

Fun but hard


It’s very fun but super difficult to win but that’s what’s makes the game even better



I beat it on its hardest difficulty 1st time picking the game up.... it was funny and worth it I suppose.... Hardest difficulty being “Brutal”

Best game in the world!


Plage inc is so good that in total of my 2 years of playing, I spent 521 days and 46 minutes! I have never in countered one bug or glitch! Truly a flawless game. Thank you!

I love this game but when I unlocked nano virus it sped up the cure drastically it went to 35 percent in 12 days

Amazing plz respond


I think that this game is amazing but the expansion packs should be cheaper! I think cheats should be $1 and so should everything else (except for Shadow plague and Necroa virus)

Longtime fan of the app its a dope game👍🏾 but I cant restore my purchases and thats pretty undope👎🏾 Fix it fam🗣



I was playing the game and I enjoyed it. I won the bacteria in normal mode, but it didn’t unlock virus. I don’t know if this is a glitch or not.


Buddy is dead to me


Play Now


This game is fun and a good pass time. All the strategy that’s required really gets those gears turning.

Cool game. Towards the end, when there’s 3% of the population left, how does it make sense that they have the time, knowledge, and resources to conduct research towards a cure? Totally fake.

Love it


I love this game, can’t believe I ever deleted it only wish there was a game like this but where we can throw meteors or atomic booms and see how that would affect the world or make natural disasters happen lol

Great game, maybe it’s a little weird to be so stoked on destroying all of humanity. But it’s been heaps of fun and I’ve for sure sunk hours into the game. Would highly recommend as it can be fun for all levels, from beginner to advanced!

Casual mode

Alix Croft

Are you suppose to lose on casual mode? But doing casual mode really helps beating normal and brutal and mega brutal mode because if you beat any mode you get a boost if you beat mode normal or higher you get a new kind of virus

Hello and I want to ask why did you add inapp- purchase You pay for the game which is bad enough since in android it’s FREE but you DARE to insult me with that!? Other way it’s a good game I would rate 5 stars but just for that

Great game


I don’t really right reviews but this is one of the best games I have ever played but I am stuck on the fungus type and I’ve tried so hard for days and I still can’t beat it. Anyways this is a great game I got my money’s worth of it

Used to be better.


I used to play plague inc. all the time, with my friends, cousins, and siblings, but then DLC’s came out, and the original game modes died, I still play it now but it changed too much.

Quite fun

nickname 17397583

It is a fun game, but there is some room for improvement



Amazing game but I purchased 2 special plagues 1 year ago and got my new iphone then when I sighted in to my apple acc.then when I got plague inc i saw my two purchased plagues then I checked and I see that it’s locked again why?

It’s pretty cool


That’s all it’s fine and a good time waster

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