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Project Makeover

Lizzie Queen

I enjoy playing Project Makeover because it is fun decorating and doing makeovers .

Nice job


I like this game but it could be a little more easy on the people who play but in total I like it.

Tye best game


I have always wanted to be a interior designer and i am trying to become one but no i am almost like a real one

It’s could be better


I don’t feel it’s fair that I have to play candy crush but I can run out of moves and not get any coins

Awesome game


I absolutely love this game! Definitely recommend this game to anyone. Since I downloaded it I can’t stop playing it!!!!!




Suspiciously hard


Starts out easy and fun then ridiculously hard? Too few moves and the only way to win is... you guessed it, pay real money. Thank you, next.

I am so sick of being lured into playing games that I think will be silly but cute only to find it’s another matching game. I deleted it immediately.

I would have to say I’ve played this game for hours and I appreciate the fact that I can change outfits and it not cost money I I probably have sat here for hours really enjoy it. Thanks I really appreciate it well thought out.

This is really a fun game! Love the puzzles, but they can do away with the drama stories.

Too much


Too much bouncing around and the drama momma adds nothing!

Basic play to win


It starts ok at first yet it then turns into a game that is literally impossible to win for free at the 30th level. Unless you want to blow money on power ups and gems that is just gonna end up being a waste.

I love this app


I love this game it is teaching me new things I didn’t know before

I don’t like it


I don’t like the way it is forcing me to do what they feel I should do next. Most games allow you to freely choose a puzzle or if I want to put a shirt in her first. It’s no fun being dictated what actions should be taken next. 👎🏼 Delete!!

Costs too much


I absolutely LOVE this game, but some levels are challenging and after a certain point, stuff costsWAY to much. I would LOVE if you made the price to do stuff for your client much less.

It’s ok but you have to wait 17 minutes to get another life and THE LEVELS ARE IMPOSSIBLE🙄don’t get this game if you are stressed easily or you ya bye



I feel like it’s to hard and you can get easily frustrated when you start to go deeper in the game



I totally love this game it works without the internet and it is free you also get to design your own avatar

Don’t know


It takes forever to download so ten more minutes then it will get deleted

How I like it


It’s fun but I have to do candy crush all the time because I run out all the time we need to earn more money because I like to do other things in the game not just candy crush

Made for me


I love this game, it’s my favorite one to play, so addictive. I believe it was made just for me. 😄

Great game


It’s honestly a pretty good game, but I’ve been stuck on lvl 42 for like 3 days now.

love it


another underrated game!! i love this so much. but there are too little limited moves and it can be frustrating. overall i love dressing the characters up. cant wait for the update:)

This game is awesome


I just love this game it’s so fun and full of drama



I have not discovered daily rewards to help you to buy extra moves to finish a level, so you have to pay to play! I won’t be playing for long, I guess. Bummer.

Loads of fun

Mrs. ECB

Having more fun than I thought I would playing this game, I was on the fence about downloading it.I finally did it yesterday, I’m having a good time.

Give more moves


I really like the game but I think the moves should be more, since the some games are really hard, that just makes me not want to play it even tho I love the game.

I’m just loveing it


It is so much fun to play it I love it



I love this game so much, But I keep losing levels!! I wish there was a thing you could buy so you hade infinite moves or something it’s just depressing there’s not because I’m never going to beat the level I’m stuck on



Having a tough time advancing... I do get fireworks to blow up the clothing/ fabric& glasses... help!



It is annoying how you have to wait to play the games to get coins



I like this game but It feels like the game levels are pretty difficult to pass. If you could give us more money and the option to change my nose, eye shape, lips, I want it to look more like me:)

Love It


This is a very fun app with no ads I think you will love this game 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Project Runway


I’m enjoying playing this game. The project designing is a nice touch , I like the furnishings that are available. The fashion for the avatars are cool! And the gaming is great! The Drama from Greta the grouch! Is funny too! 🤣🤣🤣

Like other games similar to this, it’s fun and has an okay story. But then you hit a paywall and the levels are too hard unless you buy gems. Too bad. It’s not fun if it’s hard/impossible to beat a level. I’m done playing.



i play this game almost everyday but on the harder levels, we should get more moves than just 20

It was telling me to do something on the puzzle thing to get coins and there it was telling me to push that and then I ran out of moves

Love this game my sister got it and told me to get it so I got and I could not get if of it😍🥰!!!

Fun & Fashionable


Did any of the game devs work in the fashion industry or get advice from those that do? I ask because there’s lots of cool clothes and furniture.

This game is great kinda bad because when I saw the add I thought it would be fun but then I had to do the candy crush thing and ITS So HARD

Lots of fun!

haleygirl 608

I’ve only been playing a short time, but I’ve been having fun unleashing my inner designer.

Don’t want to nag too much about the content richness and smooth game feel, man, I HAVE MY OWN AVATAR! Hahaha,,,, whoever developed this is geneious❤️❤️❤️



It’s a good content but it’s so mean there are kids that probably download this game and a the start it asks for a name and one of the characters say its a horrible name who says that it’s a bad game!😡🤬😤



So I have been playing for about an hour and I’m honestly surprised I though it was gonna be one of those games that make you pay your way in but nope! I think it’s great I haven’t had to buy anything yet lol!

Maybe remove it because I was on my last turn and I had 2 blocks left please remove it :(((( please do so!!!!!! And other players get frustrated and then they delete the app so please change it please please please please

Not bad

Bugged Person

Could do without the crashing, but otherwise nice game😊

Amazing Game


I even got some tips for my home and personal style!


Jason Hutelu

It’s crazy, I can’t stop ,Very fun game, each level of puzzle solving is different, I can also dress up my Avatar,not boring, very interesting, I like to play it!



I love this game! Not too many ads, easy to understand! (And a great story) So fun to play! WOULD DEFINITELY recommend!

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