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Fun and addicting.


I literally can’t stop playing this game. The makeover concept is so much fun. The game part is also fun. I don’t see all the flaws others complain about. I’ve never spent money on the game but I have started watching the ads for free lives.

It’s okay~


I just wish I didn’t have to sink so much money into projects/tasks that don’t appeal to me. Also how the heck does one spend the cash 💵 earned?!?

I. Love this game

willow deaing

Thanks again and I love it that so much

Crashing from ads


Game crashing when using ads for extra turns/lives mid play and disrupting levels in result. Unacceptable

F lux buy

c l L 😄

Love it !!! Just add a little more fun into it 😀



Game is fun. Ads are annoying. Takes too many things to complete each quest.

It is a nice game but i hate how we have moves to get money so like i said nice but needs work so if i were you i would get the game but write the same review as me

Project Makeover

Maria/ bad girl

I love this game it is so fun and cool it is the best game ever I love it

I love this game but the lvls get WAY to hard WAY to fast



levels get too hard, i didnt download this game to play candy crush


I don’t like how the game isn’t actually how the AD is but other than that it’s a great game definitely recommend.

Hard levels


Too many hard levels. The game doesn’t offer much encouragement to keep playing the game.

It’s like it’s my house my make up it’s me and I can just be myself.


Frank Emsley

This is a lot more fun than it should be…

You should get coins also which buying it boosters are stressful


its Manda Panda

Best game to keep you distracted! Nice that you don’t have to spend money to enjoy it.



This is a very fun game so far and I love it!

project makeover


just deleted it. too many forced tasks; i had thousands of earned cash but there was no way to spend it. frustrating to not have access to all the features.

I always have bombs and pinwheels leftover. It would be nice that whatever is left over goes into your inventory. It’s always seems like I have to spend money with this app


graciemidnight love

It hard as you go on but in keeps me busy i gave it 4 stars because lives take awhile.

I ❤️this game


This game is fun but sometimes it gets boring and annoying but it is fun but it is also frustrating at the same time because it is a puzzle game with limited moves.


cloud lily

This game is Awesome Love Cloud lily

Sooo fun🤩


If you are great at fashion you will love ❤️ this game!I like that there I drama 😜,fashion.And you get to chose what you wear!

This game is actually really fun! I thought it would be a crappy kids game full of ads but I REALLY love this game! Totally recommend! ^^

3 Three Stars


The game is really fun, although the time spent on collect coins every three items is really annoying. On level 9 it is very tricky to get passed. Overall would kinda recommend playing when your really bored.

Amazing game n no ads

Sandy Arellano

I love playing this game and I love that I don’t have to wait to watch a million ads. Many levels to play and also many things to do. For a free app this is amazing game

I have been playing and it gets annoying that each time you purchase something you have to play CANDY CRUSH. You almost don’t even get to pick furniture and style. It starts to get boring for a while.

It was fun till it became frustratingly impossible. No I’m not going to buy power ups to cheat. This is the same as candy crush and that’s why I quit that game too. Moving on bye

One problem…


So I love this game a lot!… but one problem not to be rude can you make these CHALLENGES EASIER plz I am sorry if I am being crazy and rude kind of but I love the game!❤️



I gave Project Makeover a second chance and I did it!

The actual makeover part is awesome! But playing without spending money on gems gets extremely hard and tiring!


Alli3 Boudreaux

There are no ads! And this game let’s you decide everything you want, you can even customize yourself and you can see other players that you can’t communicate with. It’s fun and safe! I highly recommend getting this game!!!

The app is nothing like the advertisements show. It’s not a bad game but it should’ve had features like what it displays itself to be. A bit disappointing.

I purchased the 9.99 package and said there was an error. It charged my card. I never got the items.

It’s okay


This game is fun and has a nice concept but the levels get hard too early and there aren’t enough moves for a lot of the levels and the continuation for 300 diamonds is too expensive

Ok app :)

K-pop korea

I like this app personal but it has it’s flaws. Other than that it pretty great.



I love this game. Its super addicting and a good way to stay distracted when I get some free time.



Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 😑 DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE BLAHCK

the game is NOTHING like it advertises!!! but i still like it. The advertisement seems like it’d be more fun then what it actually is.


Lay Gaq

Is It mean yes it is 😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬😠🤯😫😫😫😫🤬😡😠😡🤯😡😠😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👿👿👿👿👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻Jk go download the game👍👍



5 star game it is very Inter taming

weird but nice

😏🥵Emma + Aubrey🥵😏

it has hard levels and i don’t rlly like the graphics bc the men wear towels around their waist as a person i don’t want to see that


cel 493

Love this game. It’s very challenging.

I am a fashion game lover but I used to HATE matching games but when I got this game I immediately fell in love! I just love this game ROCK ON 🤘 😝, Fashion girl 👠

Just like kitten match?


I play this game, and kitten match is also my favorite game?



Only 1 or 2 probs, I can’t beat lvl 16 even with added boosters. Make the levels a teensi tinsy little bit easier. Otherwise I love the game with all my heart!!!!!

Great until now


It was great so far for about 3 weeks until now. The app keeps crashing and it’s up basically unplayable. This mostly happens when I have a picture in picture (pip) playing. Please fix this.

new levels

hhjb gjn

i’m done with all the characters can u please add more it’s my favorite game

It could be better


Why I gotta pay to take off they clothes? That’s just a waste of time to play them levels that’s just the same as gardenscape. But oh well.

Good game

lilliana poteat

This game is awesome but you have to read quite a bit of subtitles to know what is happening I kind of wish they just talked

To much money


I like the game alot it just requires way to much money it’s like the higher the levels the more it cost then the boards get harder forcing you to spend to spend more

Cool game😎


It is a amazing game but I don’t like the lives part. I always have too wait and play another game!! 👍

Cuz I am having a lot of fun and you could be part of the fun I love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing wrong


Everything is great except for the part you have to do earn the coins. It’s boring!!!!

Fun but then it gets impossible

a palyer of the game

After a while the levels get really hard, you would need the infinite tries pack Other then that it’s super fun if it was just the makeover I’m down! -player of the game

Project makeover


I love y’all game I just fell in love wit it !!!!!!!!🥰



It is one of my favorite apps to play .It’s hard I love being put up to a challenge.Again One of my favorite games.🤪


Elana Salvatore

I love playing this game it is so fun and fashionable.

Good a!…..


I liked it…..👍😍😍😍


yass girl quEEn

I am so addicted to the game! It is all I play now if you are looking for a soothing fun game you should definitely download this!❤️‍🔥

This game is fun


I prefer it to be bad but it’s great love everything it helps me with my looks to and funny drama! I played this for around 6 months 5/5



I love this game it takes my mind off the real world. I don’t buy coins cuz can’t afford to but I do think that on level 150 it’s too hard and if I have to buy anything to get passed boards at this level it may be the end for me.



Love it such a time killer (beware very addictive)!!

Hi I love this game it’s so nice you can make people look so good but I seem to be struggling with getting out of the fashion maker game So ya it’s a great game you need to try it

It’s fun you get to do fun stuff you get to decorate it’s fun

I think its going to be good because I like dress up games and being creative with their hair and clothes and its just my tipe I mean my favorite animal is wolf. my favorite color is dark blue and I thank this game is the right game for me.

Great game

k i n g y a

This game is very nice and very addicting but we need more moves because sometimes it’s harder and please remove the lives because it’s very annoying and I wanna continue playing so please please remove it :(

Este juego me gusta por el modelaré y ayudar personas por eso me gusta el juego

It’s real doing so far enough fun

Impossible level

Princess Ladybug Sun

I can’t get pass on level 28 it’s hard😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡



You have to keep buying gems to complete levels, and that takes real cash. Why do these companies think we all have money trees growing in the backyard?!

ready to Review

cecilys sister

This game is amzing it is just so so so FUN


Kimi Guinea Pig

It’s so brain tricking and fun!

I like the game. It takes long to win a game.

Wonderful game!


Couldn't stop playing it! It has become a habit to play it for a while everyday. It feels wonderful when redecorating their rooms and make them look gorgeous.



It has become to hard to clear a board. Sometimes Ito takes days and then you only get $300.

MaryAnn Gobert

Crazy Gator Women

This game is so much fun I highly recommend this to everyone!

The turns

Amelia Melugin

This game is really fun! But when you play the game to get more money it only gives you like 20 turns when you have 35 things to clear, just give more turns. Over all this is a fantastic game!



This game is awesome you guys put a lot of detail and fun in it thanks

Super fun


This is the best app ever! Really good app!

So fun!


This game is awesome I am loving it!😻 One thing about me is that I love cats. I love helping out the people! It’s so fun!🤩



I actually like this game its fun u get all kinds of different things to play around with only thing that bugs me is the lives u do get how hard it is to get more lives and more gems that u need to get bonuses to help other than that i like it

Love’n it


I’m on level 1,050!! Love this game!! Can’t put it down!!

Project makeover


I totally love this game it’s addicting

Wonderful game, just one issue

I have a crush on uo

I love this game, but the whole part where the goth girl was being restyled was very saddening for me. Alternative styles are also valid AND beautiful. That was my only issue.


amina bobina

Hi my name is Amina.I like the game but sometimes i don’t win.Cause you only get a surtent amount of turns .

I love and by Muna


I love this game It’s almost like a app

Million star app


It’s great I describe it it’s great 🌈🦄🥳🍰🤩🥰🧇🥓🍨🎂🌈🥞😄😁😀😃



This game is so much fun. I could do it for hours!

Super fun


Easy to play. Not frustrating, so nice end of the day game!

When you do the levels, you don’t get enough coins to preform the tasks. So you have to do seven levels just for a single couch or rug.

Love it


Fun and easy. I love this game to calm down my anxiety


jessa hiltonn


I was playing the game but I couldn’t play the game probably because I couldn’t beat them any level to get the money



This is fun,fast and satisfying!

Updates on the game are prolong longer than usual over a week.



Hi this is the best game ever it’s so cool so yeah that’s my ☺️ review

Love it!!


I can spend hours playing! Super addictive and very entertaining

I’ve been enjoying it.


I enjoy playing this game but it’s been stalling a lot since the last update I installed.

Rate 5star


Though it’s pretty rough its cool but better with a new update

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