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Connected as Vicky52 (Change)
  • Virginie72
    30/09/23 06:54

    Unable to play ads

  • Rita40
    05/05/22 02:11

    Lorsque l

  • Hermine85
    24/11/21 07:18

    Bonjour je peux plus aller sur mon avatar pour changer de v

  • Tammy51
    24/11/21 05:37

    Level 237 frigging sucks. I have been 1 move from getting the last pair of sunglasses about a dozen times. I have had the pair in the lower right corner with at least 9 moves left and it just screws you. You should not need a dozen moves just to get a stupid pair of glasses uncovered!

  • Gert33
    24/11/21 12:48

    I love this game but I find the styling options - both fashion and room rebuilding/decorating, plus the avatar clothing/accessories/some room decorating - hideous!! Does anyone else feel this way.

  • Nicole85
    20/11/21 04:07

    Secondo voi perch

  • Bonnie56
    24/10/21 09:55

    Game keeps crashing, taking my lives in the middle of the puzzle. I pay actual money to play this game. Won

  • Kirk13
    04/09/21 01:36

    Bonjour j

  • Omar57
    23/08/21 11:57

    I have a new device and want to transfer my progress from my old device to my new one. I don't have Facebook nor do I want it. Is there anyway I can't transfer it? I've tried contacting support via the game but I'm not getting anywhere

  • Barry25
    22/08/21 09:34

    Depuis plusieurs jours, le jeu ne se t

  • Etsuko19
    22/07/21 01:32

    Bonjour le jeu ne t

  • Cindy78
    23/06/21 10:00


  • Iris46
    02/03/21 10:19


  • Iris46
    05/01/21 10:18


  • Iris46
    04/01/21 10:57

    Hello, I referred Project Makeover to my friend cause we both like styling games. But my friend is having trouble finding the avatar tab on his Project Makeover app, and even I couldn't help her. But I can see mine in my app, what can we do? Is this a bug? She is now level 26 but the avatar tab can't seem to show up on the upper left part of the main room. Thanks

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