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Sandwich! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Sandwich! app an average rating of 4.61 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 114.4K ratings since its release on May 24 by Popcore GmbH. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Sandwich!?

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Rated 4.71 out of 5

114.4K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Sandwich!


I love this game it’s very fun and definitely recommend

Fun and satisfying!

It is super fun to play, and the best part is that you can actually eat it!

Can there please be a dark mode

That’s my only complaint. Bye


Hi there I just love your game and I hope you have a wonderful day and I love your work

This is SO MUCH FUN 🤩

This is the best most satisfying game ever with the sounds too! And I love how they add new ingredients to the sandwich when you level up! So that’s it for my but I love the game def get it!!!! 😁

Do not spell out food letters

its NM oy really a maze like game٫ how ever food letters or appearing. when? Its not the crunch. u need music. I am alone.

Hi I’m Akshay

Hi nana mama sister

I love this app!

This is an amazing app! I think they should add sauce for the sandwich’s, that’s all, have a good day!! :)

Thank you for the app

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okay 👍🏻

this game is pretty fun and good. the only problem is that it has way too many ads! after every single round there is an ad!

Love it I have about a sentence for u

Love the graphics can you add more games like this such as make a pizza or own a pizzeria btw the example topic is pizza ofc love the game I hope it reaches success Sincerely tech daycare for kids

Great game!

It’s a great game and I couldn’t recommend anything better but one issue I’ve had is how fast you can unlock everything. 3-4hr and I have every condiment and there’s no use in playing anymore.


This game is fantastic, no PERFECT😘😍🥰🤩! It’s so satisfying! Barely any ads! And so many levels and items! Plus there’s so much stuff u can do! U can flip the ingredients,stack ingredients, and upgrade houses! I recommend u download this right now!😍🥰😘🥰😍🤩😍🥰😘👍🏾👍🏾

It is a ok game

Ok ok so I like the game in all it does have that much ads but it’s a little to keep d ish but I still like the game it ok p.s i probably will be playing it a lot because there are not that many ads.

Sandwich game

Surprisingly entertaining when my brain is fully turned off and I’m lost of train of thought thx

Sandwich 🥪 game yay 😁 is the best game ever after.

Love 💕 it so much just to let you know. The End.

Too easy yet still a fun game

This game is way too easy but it is fun to test yourself to see if you are smart. I just wish the levels where a lot harder. If the levels got harder I would give it a five star rating. I wish of these creators to make harder games. These are too easy. Other than that, this is a very fun game. I recommend 8/10. complaint: They make these games for 12 and up but I’m ten and have only had this game for like, 20 minutes and am already at high levels. Make this for 8+. But this is a good game. Highl

Good but a flaw

It’s a really good game but it doesn’t let me swipe that good. And it’s kinda glitchy.


I don’t know why but I LOVE this game, recommended when stressed!

Best game ever!

I love this game & it makes me so hungry!!

Adding more ingredients

Look guys the game is Awesome but it could be better how it could be better is by more ingredients such as meat , more cheese , ham , bacon and so much more!!!

I. Love. This!

When I first got this game, my mom is like” are you sure you wanna get this game”? And I said yeah because it looks like a pretty cool game. And I was right.When I got to level 59, my mom keeps on watching me play this. And she said” you know what I’m just gonna download this because it looks fun”. Thank you for making this app it has really supported my family and me.

Easy, cute & fun

This game is so cute! The “nom” in the game is so cute! And the way you can just flip it 😂 is funny. It needs updates tho.🙂 it’s very easy to play: all you have to do is flip the ingredients in order. So it’s boring too on some days.🫤 but anyways it’s fine if you don’t prefer the game! Well I should go now😊 bye! Nice talking with you! Necessarily by: your mystery person (but a girl) have a amazing day Have some food 🍉🥑🍎🍍🍔🍕🍟🍝🍲🍦🍪🍫🥛

Great Game!! It cured my boredom!

This game is so much fun! I was able to play plenty of levels without a single add, which is amazing because it’s very uncommon. This game has an amazing setup! It’s not a cluttered game with lots of different buttons and complicated tasks, it’s simple, yet fun, all at the same time! At the end of every level you get to eat your sandwich. As you tap the screen to “eat it” some of the sandwich disappear, it says the words “nom nom nom”, it’s so cute! The sound effects are awesome and realistic! I


I just love this that’s it

Best game! PLEASE READ

Okay this is the very day that I got this game and I Already love it! I definitely recommend this game if You are bored at home. It is also kind of like a puzzle And you half do thing about it to. I am kind of sick Today and i am playing it in my bed and love it !


The bonus levels are so cool! They get my city upgraded a lot faster! This game is teaching me how to make a sandwich!!!

Great game but I’ve found a bug..

Sandwich is a great game! But I’ve found a glitch.. I have over 500 coins, and it won’t let me spin the wheel.. I’ve collected my coins from buildings and more.. Please fix this error because I am very close to obtaining all ingredients 🤩


SANDWICH oh and the game Is SO entertaining


this game is very calm and nice. the adds are kind of annoying but still good 😊

Sooo FUN!

I really like this game and the island aspect of it, but I do wish that you didn’t have to wait to get to a certain level to unlock more island buildings. I have over 500,000 island coins but I can!t do anything with them until I complete the next 100 levels. Besides that, I looooooove this game! 100% would recommend!😁👍🏽

Fun game. Love playing it.

I love this game. I just got it today . I am about to buy no ads option. I wonder how many levels they have? I recommend this game.

Love it

It’s amazing for road trips and car rides but I wish that the sandwich stack was a gamemode you can choose instead of something that comes every couple levels.

Fun but way too easy

This game is fun but too easy- but there are no adds unless you watch a video for something so that’s nice 🙂

Sandwich 🥪

I love this game and because I love to play with my friends at school and play with me all together because it’s amazing game

Love this game!

This the best game for my stress


My little brother really likes this game.


This game is so awesome and addicting I love it

It’s ok

It restarted me at lvl 26 I don’t know why??!?!?? I think it’s a bug please fix this!

I love this game❤️

I literally love this game, there’s mostly no ads which is amazing and most of them u can just skip them!! This game is so fun to play when ur bored🫠.

great game recommended

i just got this game and i love it it is so much fun and you can ‘’eat’’the sandwich you made and it’s a awesome game and it is really recommended and i think you should buy this game!

Love this game

So claiming and fun I wouldRecommend

Game review

This game is awesome and so fun


This game is so fun I like that’s it challenging and kinda a quick super fun


I like this game and it is very relaxing but the only problem is that they’re is just too many adds

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