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I am not computer savvy but it worked the first time!

Still getting ads after paying.

Good but bad


The pros about this is that I am able to cast my phone to my Roku tv. The cons are that it is pixelated. That is the only cons. Maybe I should’ve got the better version



It works good just very laggy and delayed

Its slow and behind Thank you it worked



Its good i just wonder if the frames are ok or is it because of internet

Still no audio

P3S Flyer

I do like the new format. Not having the audio is still a drag. I will continue to use hoping you add audio soon.


S--t head

Is there volume on the TV or just starting phone?



I wish it gave the option to full screen the videos ...

Get THIS!!!


It works, it’s easy it might even be fun!!!



3 star videos are good but only sounds come from ur phone and not the tv which I don’t understand if I put YouTube on tv video and sounds works great



It’s definitely not what I was expecting and could definitely be a lot better.

Great app


Solid casting at reliable the pro version is worth a few bucks. I’ve tried a couple and this is the best value casting app I could find for my Roku device.

Very nice app to cast phone or tablet to Roku. They are working on adding sound but in the meantime sound through the phone or tablet works okay. Slight delay but not too bad.

No sound


I was expecting sound from the tv. Evidently not going to happen

3 stars

Sis Hope

I like this streaming service. It is easy to operate with no commercials. I would love it if the sound played through the tv as well.

Wasted money

the furnance

I paid 2.99 for what the same app as the free version and no sound what a joke. I don’t even know how to go about trying to get my money back it’s that bad.

I love the idea of this app, but it lags very badly. I’ve tried it on other Roku sets as well as with other phones and the result is the same.

This thing rules, it just does its job. A+++



I already refunded it but why I did was because it worked ok but it had no sound on the tv for roku and it kept glitch mag it other than that that it’s fine

Last update


Thank you for updating this app to fix freezing. The mirror now works great with literally no latency. I have upgraded to the Pro. Will you ever develop this to transfer sound also? Great work developers and fixers!

Doesn’t work just spins around on tv screen just shows picture of app doing nothing.

Everything is all good until you start your broadcast, when you exit the start broadcast screen everything freezes and it doesn’t work.

I have to reset wifi, my tv and phone to get this to work most of the time. Annoying.

Terrible service

colleen 1686

It freezes seven seconds into every video I try to screen from my phone onto my TV



I accidentally purchased this app now I can’t seem to figure out how to get a refund? I’ve never used it



I bought this app for $2.99 and it doesn’t work as I expected. Whenever I begin broadcasting it freezes on my tv and stops. 🤦🏻‍♂️ someone please help me

Very slow


This app is very slow connecting. Even the pro version


Screw the game

This app has a bit too much of delay for me

Please fix this because I pay three dollars

Poor quality


It worked but it lags a bit and the sound only comes from phone, for this to be a paying app I expected more... does anyone know any other app?

No sound


I paid for this app so I was expecting quality and there is no sound everything else I’d fine but what’s the point if there no sound please fix this

Good app overall


It is a good app; however, I wish you were able to hear whatever is on your phone on the tv and also the quality is not the greatest.

Where is the sound ?


On YouTube you guys said that you working on the sound, and that was 5 months ago. I paid my dues and I can

Keeps freezing



My tv freezes


I think the app works fine but when i connect it to my tv, my phone screen is on the tv for like 4 seconds and then my tv freezes and dosent continue the screen mirroring

Cast a great picture...but why will it not cast audio as well? Will update with better rating if problem is fixed

This app definitely is trash I don’t recommend this app and it’s not free

I just spent 3 dollars for it and it worked for a few days not even a week and I tried to use it but when the timer went to 3-5 seconds it just froze and I can’t do anything it doesn’t work for me.

Works good

Robber Bacon76

It’s a bit delayed but overall it works good

No sound on tv


Free trial version worked fine. But I didn’t realize sound didn’t play on the tv. Paid 2.99 for the pro version only to realize the sound only plays through the iPhone. That makes this kind of useless. If that was fixed this would be a nice app.

Could have more FPS


The FPS is bad, The devs need to set the FPS to 100 so its not so short on timeing. Overall I recamend buying it!

Dev hasn’t supported sound, frame rate is unnecessarily low. It’s not a hardware or network bottleneck, there’s no reason to cap performance like this

Absolute SCAM


I have had the app for roughly 5 minutes and have realized I cannot stream anything onto my TV from my iPad. I can’t view photos. I cannot do anything with this stupid app!



There are times I would want to show a video on the Tv but it would glitch out

I purchased this app for $2.99. However, there is absolutely no difference between the free version with ads, compared to the pro version. There’s an extreme delay in the display, hindering this app useless.

Ok buuuut


Need to be able to hear it too.

Great solution


This worked just like I hoped. I was able to cast videos that someone had texted to me straight to my 50” TV so my wife could see it too. Very slight delay from my phone to the tv but not enough to distract or bother.

Screen blacked out after a few minutes. Hard to get the mirroring to restart.

Doesn’t work

montoya 5

I payed the $2.99 and it doesn’t work. It begins and blacks out. I did everything that the app says to do but nothing!!!

Flickering screen

screen flickers

I just purchased this and while picture shows up it flickers the whole time.

Ez setup

Paul from OTA

Took two minutes. Works great well worth 3 bucks

I do like this better then the basic app but I wish it had sound. I use it to broadcast our church service for my family to watch together and use a Bluetooth speaker to listen.

No sound


Disappointed that the sound does not come through the tv.

I will give 6 out of 10 for video quality



Theres a long delay can u guys fix this??

No sound


No sound on TV after comnecting


weary from lockdown

The screen bleeds and is not in sinc with the iPad



Ok the prob app does not seem faster in video is a still looks like it has loss in frame rate that’s needs fixed and also it does not put the sound on the screen still comes from the phone it self that needs to be fixed ASAP. Please

Screen is glitching and there is lag. Also there is no sound on my tv. I have to listen with my phone.

Not good


Not a good app. I did everything the developer suggested for others and still doesn’t work well. The sound doesn’t come through the tv at all and it froze many times.

Attempting to stream audio and video. Only video comes through.disappointing. Mirroring shouldn’t be this difficult...especially when I pay for the app.

No sound


Sound does not come through on the TV, just on the phone.

No sound on tv


I purchased this app to screen mirror my phone to my smart tv. The phone screen mirrors to the tv just fine, but the audio still comes only through my phone. Is there a corrective action for this? Please advise.

Update fixed


Works great thanks for the update.

I didnt have the issues others had

Not worth the money


Cuts my video off while streaming. This wouldn't be as big of an issue if I wasn't trying to live record and it shuts down the camera as well. Definitely not worth paying for

After it is connected for about 3-5 seconds it freezes on the tv and does not continue streaming

App review


App works just that the screen goes black then back to what being castes. I was honoring it would work but is a disappointment even though it was just 3 dollars 🙁 please fix.

If this app was free I would be ok with it but I spent $2.99 on this app and it only screen mirrors for a couple seconds and then goes black. It lags behind even when it’s on for the couple of seconds.

Way to much lag


As the title says there is a lot of lag and my internet speed is rather high as well as being strong so I know that it is not the issue and since I bought the pro version I would like to see it either improved or get my money back.

Help (No sound)*


*no sound on the mirrored device (TV) 1. It’s not on mute 2. Not the connection 3. It’s not any iOS related issue

Very bad


Keeps disconnecting. Frustrating.



Sigo teniendo inconvenientes para disfrutar de manera eficiente de esta aplicación.

Screen mirroring


Screen blacking out jumping every 20 seconds or so

Apple movies


The app seems to work ok, but it will not allow me to mirror my movies that I have purchased through the I-TUNES store.



It’s not playing the sound on my tv tho



I’ve tried several different companies screen mirroring apps for Roku & this one is the one I recommend. It works almost as well as Apple TV

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