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Super easy to use! I love to mobile order! Makes it so easy to skip the hassle of ordering my drink or when ever I want to try something new as well! I love it use it everyday!

Love my cappuccino


They make it just perfecto ❤️

Great app


It is so easy to make a purchase with this Starbucks app for all my favorite treats available daily.

Great app but need to be able to change an email that is now inaccessible


jjd djxnxnjsd

I love how you get free stuff with more points and how you can count calories and carbs

love starbucks but one thing…



Love the mobile app

espresso drinker 21

Easy. Convenient. But sometimes you don’t get the special bonus rewards when you buy the required drink.

App slowing to a crawl


I have happily used the app for years, multiple times a day. This latest update is horrible. When I launch the app, I have to wait almost 30 seconds for it to respond. I don’t know how you could make it worse. Please fix the problems!



I love this store and app. It really caters to the customers wants and needs

Mobile orders


Love this app. I always order on my way to Starbucks and walk right in. My drink is always waiting for me!

Starbucks review

madis starbucks revi

Hi my name is Madi, and I think you guys are the best and you are Al so nice and marry Christmas you guys a 10/10

The rewards add up quick, extra bonus points for buying this you already order. Great app!

Wonderful Staff


The workers at my Starbucks are wonderful young ladies. I pre-order Monday-Friday on my way to work. I walk in the door and I’m greeted by many of them. They hand me my hot coffee and warmed bread and off I go. Starts my workday just perfect!

Y’all the best!


Love your apps, and def all the points I’m able to get. Y’all got me addicted as haha

Mobile Order History

Randy's App

I believe it would be great if there was an easy way to remove mobile order history in the app. Currently, it is cumbersome to remove the mobile order history.



Great deals! Really helpful in a pinch.

Let us choose how much to load our card with. Sometimes I don’t want to load my card with $10 or $20.

Great app


It’s simple to use & very convenient.

I love this place

Ariel pupcup

I just love Starbucks from the first time I went I have been twice a day every since I’m going to go broke but I’m addicted to their drinks. Fast friendly service also.

Great App!!


This app makes ordering your favorite drinks and treats so easy, and getting your order fast!! Can’t imagine ever going back to standing in long lines waiting to order. If you like Starbucks…you’ll love this app!!



Love this app! Just need to make sure all locAtions update items on their end.

The Starbucks’ App is informative with offers. It is easy to find out what you need. Placing orders is straightforward.



I love the convenience of always having my favorite drinks and treats nearly and the ability to just choose a location and pre order.



Never glitches or messes up, if it showed you your total without having to select a store it would be perfect.

Store in Nuevo on Nuevo and 215 was very busy but attentive. The barrista that was deploying the drinks was friendly, courteous and very attentive. Thank you!

My daughter is addicted to Starbucks (I’m more of a tea guy.) The app makes my daily (sometimes more) trip a breeze. I can order ahead, pop in then out and satisfy my little coffee demon with less stress on me. I wish everything was this simple.

Always Right

back to sqaure one :

If your drink is wrong - they will make it right!! Love Me some Starbucks ❤️❤️

Fun with friends


My friends and I walk in the morning, then off to Starbucks for a refreshing drink, and chat. Thanks!!

i love starbucks!


i absolutely love starbucks and having the mobile app makes ordering and paying 100 times easier

In love for 50 years!

cool hippie mom

I have been a fan since your first store opened in 1971! You are the best at customer service, community service, providing benefits beyond the norm to your partners! I just love everything about you but, mostly I love your coffee! ❤️

Use for ordering most of the time. Great for getting rewards points. Needs continued improvement to the way the way reward offers are displayed.

It’s super easy to use and navigate.

Starbucks Review


Excellent environment, friendly service, great menu choices and really decent food and at affordable prices. Will be back soon!


Maggie Milligan MacA

So convenient! Avoid lines, zip in and zip out with coffee & breakfast and be on your way!! I only wish we could order ice water, too.



I love the App a lot but when my store local to me is not accepting order ahead on the app that’s when it’s a problem for me.



Love the drinks and service!!!!

Never Fails

Lala mom hair

Coffee fix, quick lunch, afternoon pick up…Starbucks never fails to satisfy. Thank you!!

Features in app


I have an iPhone & often have to wait in line to order my iced tea instead of mobile order b/c I can’t customize the cup size for extra ice (e.g. grande green iced tea in venti cup with extra ice.)

My early morning lifesaver. Makes it so much easy to order. Only drawback is that sometimes it takes a while to load your local stores.

Please don’t


Compete with my line cutting and time saving by dl’ing the app. I like walking in and out without any hassles

Great app


Very easy to use, you get free drinks and convenient to order your drinks ahead and pick it up.

Recently, my App signs me out at least once a week. My password never works with my FaceID, so I have to manually log in. Not the end of the world, but annoying.

Free Coffee

Ana Paola Art

Free coffee and games to win more bonus points...awesome. Easy ordering and pick-up.

Starbucks PCB

Lil Deb Swenson

Remy and others are awesome Friendly and fast. Thank you for great service

Limited Options


I’m disappointed the app won’t let me customize my drink like it used too. Where are the decaf and sugar free options?

Well designed app with a generous rewards system. Less than 50% of the stores I have visited allow for order ahead, and many won’t accept payment through the app at all. Starbucks needs to do more to require cooperation from their store operators.

Starbucks app


I love this app because I can order ahead or I can get points through the app and get free stuff.

Friendly people! Thank you 🙏

Love the app! It’s just some stores don’t accept the app.

Easy to use

0821 T.

I’ve been using the App for a long time now. Haven’t had any issues. I just love that I can order ahead when I need to.

Starbucks favorite


I go to all Starbucks by far Savannah Georgia have the best Starbucks so fa.I went to 5 so far in Savannah.Each location have gotten my drink correct…💋

Mr. Exp man

Port Life

This is my absolute favorite place. Bring it on Starbucks.

Love Starbucks


Everything about Lake Pickett store is awesome starting with staff friendly and cleanliness. Go there every weekend



You guys are always great with everything service and my drinks always 100%

Excellent and easy

Mrs Kelly's Boy

It’s so simple and there are money perks to keep going. I love it



I am most pleased with my local Starbucks. They keep decaf coffee on hand and ready to serve! How wonderful. Now if I could just get Corporate to serve Cold Brew in decaf.



Love it and how you can make your own drink

Love the app


So amazing I love being able to order ahead and collect stars!!

Love the App, but….


Why not just make the rewards automatic? I don’t like having to hit start to get bonus stars. Just let me know there’s a challenge, and I complete it give me the stars! Otherwise I love the app.

Love place order on line walk in say hi pickup and grab order.

Awesome service


Thank you Rachel at the new Starbucks Hartford Wi for amazing customer service.

Coffee Lover


I’ve always loved Starbucks and now I love them even more because of how I earn stars and get free coffee!! Thank you guys!



This helps out so much with everything. I have a lot of games and practices so if I want a coffee I can just run in and get it and still be early. Definitely get this app!!



I mean wants not to love about the app? It makes purchasing coffee from Starbucks very easy and simple. I always use it!



Starbies is the best decision ever!



My one and favorite card in the world. Where’s Yours????

Need to add a toggle for no silverware needed & my account keeps getting hacked and the money stolen off my card. I opted for the 2-party verification (a must BTW) but I’m so far not getting notified.



Drinks don’t have an option to make them less sweet or more. Also no option to warm our sandwiches open face.

The best


Best app, now I can get my coffee faster

Free Stuff!


I love earning points towards free stuff!🤗

Previous orders gone?


Since the last two updates, the “previous orders” section shows ordered from a month ago, and not two days ago.

I order online and call back in 1 minutes to store to cancel it but can’t cancel it. And it automatically deducted the amount from my account



This app comes in handy every morning!

I’m surprised they still haven’t added the ability to upload your receipt (from grocery store purchases for example). I mean… come on



Love ALL the different coffees!!!!

Easy fast


Easy and fast! Love being able to customize however doesn’t have option for “kid’s temp”

Starbucks is king and their app is no exception. Some flaws but why would you wait in line when you can order here and pickup and never wait again. Not to employees, this app is going to replace your job soon 🤫

Great app , not glitchy, but so often I order ahead and arrive on time for pickup, and have to wait for them to even start my order. What’s the point of that?



I love collecting points and getting my Starbucks faster.

I absolutely love my Starbucks app! I order ahead and it’s always perfect and ready with excellent customer service which is so appreciated these days and never goes out of style! Thanks again Starbucks 💚



I love my Starbucks at the Outlets. The girls there are the best. My boyfriend and son have gone to order my drink and the girls already know what it is. They are all friendly and make my day☕️

Best coffee


It’s the best coffee going. Love all the flavors.

I don’t understand why the app doesn’t include oat milk as a milk replacement option. I can’t order ahead for this reason, I always have to go in store to order something with oat milk.

Only thing is that you can’t really customize your drink. Before I got this app I ordered Americano My Way!😁 I can’t order it on the app the way I like it🤨 I hope they fix more options to customize your drinks. 🤞🏻

Salted cold foam


Please add the option of salted cold foam in the app!

Coffee is Life ! Can’t live w/o it!


Wendy Epps

How do I leave a comment about getting the wrong item? I ordered a breakfast sandwich & got another cinnamon cake

Great service


Service with a smile from friendly people😊

Need Oatmilk online

Viky barnas

I love the app but I only drink coffee with oatmilk so I can never order online and have it picked up.

I’ve always loved Starbucks especially there hot coffee it’s on point and ready to wake me up and the service of the baristas is great and will keep being a Starbucks customer forever…

There does not appear to be anyway to add steamed milk to a coffee using the app.

Use it all the time. Associate it with happy stuff.

Something is wrong


Usually it works just fine, but it won’t let me add money and says it can’t sign me in, but I logged out and could log back in just fine.

Every now and then, I order coffee and snacks at Starbucks and I am happily satisfied. Starbucks is a great cafe that has great service and the employees are nice. If I were to tip them each $10! Great service!

Coffee baby


I am a coffee fanatic. If you guys took expressos away id jus die. also gotta have my coffee boiling hot and Starbucks is only place I have found. No turning back now;) 💚💚💚 BIGG THANKS !!



I love this app because when I’m running late I just order on the app while I’m on my way to the store and it helps me sooo sooo much wnd save more time

Starbucks is my Go To!

Coffee Lover Mom

Everybody has something that they treat themselves too. Mine is Starbucks 🥰. The employees are so pleasant, they bend over backwards to get my order right, and I always feel welcomed!

Not up to date


Stores availability or food and drinks is frequently not up to date

Love when I get there my drink or food item are ready also they are always friendly Great service all the time

My only complaint is that there are a few functions buried in the 2nd - 3rd layers #tips of this other wise useful app.

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