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I usually don’t write reviews but this is to good not to review! 5 stars 10 out of 10 this is better than Minecraft!


Prismatic Amez

Great game! When is 1.5 dropping for Mobile?



Really nice game. Wish we could get the 1.5 update though

So refreshing


So much heart and soul in this wonderful game!



I absolutely love this game this is a great farming/life sim game. If you don’t know what this game is about it’s pretty much like my sims+farming simulator+ a calmer terraria+animal crossing new horizons. This game is one of my favorites

Try this concerned ape


I have this game on ps5 best game ever but you should be able to hook up your PlayStation data on here and pc

First of all, amazing game!!! Definitely my favorite video game! But, every once in a while the game will NOT open no matter what you try. I had to end up deleting my year 3 game because data isn’t saved if you delete the app.


When will online support be available

Game without update


It is very addicting game for sure. However, it is mid 2022 and there is still no update.

1.5 Update

Kianis M

Please add the 1.5 update with the Ginger Island ✨

waiting too long


still waiting for a new update :’)

1.5 update

Chase Meridian

Think we’re ever gonna get the newest update for mobile or are we out of luck?

1.5 Please


It’s a really good game but it’s been the same for almost two years now, I really would like 1.5 to be added and a lot of others would too. Please do it.

Love the game

Lady misfortune

I love the game to death but only question is can you add the extended pack to the Mobil games or even co ops ?

Comfort Game


Its one of the most amazing games i have ever played so far. I never comment for a game but this one is just really good.

This game is awesome I have it on both switch and phone but my only request is that you allow us to sit on the chairs 🪑 but other then that this game is basically my life 😂

Love but..


Would like to see the updates that are available on the computers than this old version.

Crash a lot!!

Jane Lovegood

Firstly l think it’s my iPad problem,today l see the comments!!!And find a lot of people who have the same problem with me. And why don’t update 1.5?lt’s two years later!!

1.5 update needed!!!

a stardew fan!!

I looooove this game so much that I got it on my ps4, Nintendo switch, computer and iPad!! But when are you gonna update to 1.5 for mobile!! Pleeease update!!


1.5 update?


Love the game and always great for casual play. Looking forward to the 1.5 update so I can get back into it again.

More money attracts better coders! Let’s get that update going on iPhone so you can move on to Haunted Chocolatier

This game is great, but they’ve been saying FOREVER now that 1.5 is coming so WHERE IS IT!!

Insano wow amazing!!!!!

stardew valley fan n

This game is truly a masterpiece.

~需要中文 need chinese!!!!!!

we need Chinese





I love this game but how about another update?

From a Chinese fans


We need Chinese please please please please

First I love this game, but why so long for the next update! Please provide an update on the next release that we have all been waiting on!!

Awesome sauce


This game is really really cool, but I do have one pet peeve. You can’t play multiplayer on mobile😞. Maybe add this sometime?

Good game

callista freeman

This is a fantastic game I’ve been playing for a little now but the spirit festival keeps crashing my game and it always restarts me to the beginning, I have a really hard time focusing to make sure the time is good and this just messes me up

This is a really fun game overall, however I’ve noticed that after every hour of playing the game tends to crash which can get to be annoying.




Too many crashes


Love the game but it crashes on me at least 3 times a day and makes me start all the way over



Love this game but I’ve been waiting forever for the update to come along. Any news on if it’s still in progress?

Muito bom!


Um dos melhores jogos que já joguei valeu cada centavo



They should add the new updates to the iPad versions

Love the game but everything erased when I deleted! I had my farm decorated with fruit trees, bridges all repaired, mine cart operational, etc. Otherwise a great game!

Lost world


I love Stardew Valley and have been playing for a long time. Recently, my world that I had spent 100+ hours on, I was in Year 5, vanished from my app. I have no idea how to get it back - does anyone know where to begin?

Would love to see an update but I love it!

It was really fun. But now that I keep making progress, anything else is still lacking just like the back room at Willy’s fish shop and Ginger Island. Let me know if you need help updating, okay?

Super fun game but fishing mechanic for mobile needs work. Don’t know if it’s just me but it’s impossible to catch a fish. The response time just isn’t there for mobile so I lose it right away every time. Everything else is very fun though.

Favorite Game


I love this game some people have problems with the controls but I have a Xbox so I connected it to my phone and it is sooooo much easier.

ipad mini 6 screen ratio fix please!☺️

Esse jogo é perfeito


Eu amei esse jogo, gostei muito, eu queria que minhas criança ficassem grandes EU AMO ESSE JOGO

Great game

i hate this gammmme

This game is honestly fun and I love that you don’t need WiFi to play it is really a joy to play and the people you can date are fun and interesting. But it can get boring at times and you should probably watch I few tutorials if it gets boring.

Love this game and it has hours of game play! No issues except after a couple hours it sometimes would crash but tbh that’s on me because it was probably time for me to put it down anyway lol.

Needs 1.5 Update


So disappointed that the 1.5 update is not available as it is on the PC verson. Not having the update for mobile means there is a lot of game play missing.



This game would have been perfect if they had a joystick control similar to the Nintendo ds.

Keeps crashing


This game is honestly addicting and soooo fun, I would have kept playing if I didn’t reach year 3. I really don’t feel like starting over, maybe if you guys can fix the sudden crashes I would love to come back !

Great game!


I love love this game , my only complaint is I’m not able to visit ginger island on mobile

Update plz


We need ginger island plz plz plz

Yes this is stardew


I already had this on Xbox console and now that I can play on my phone my mom‘s gonna be even more mad at me but it’s completely worth it because this game is literally just the same but on a smaller screen. It’s amazing!!



Please update overall great game

Love the game but it keeps crashing. Also need to make fishing more mobile friendly. Would be nice if the tutorials offered more info. Luckily I have been able to search online for most of what I need to know.



Thank you Concerned Ape for making this game!!! I love everything about it. I am really hoping that Co-op is coming to mobile soon. Me and my friends really want to play this game together. This game is amazing and I recommend it to everyone!!!!

I liked everything about the game, but spent 95% of the time walking from place to place. Not worth the time.




Need Update!!!!


Awesome game, but needs the update to unlock Willy’s boat and Ginger Island!

But I wish u can play multiplayer in mobile!!

Ok first off stardew valley is the best 5 bucks spent However it would be much more worth it when the new update comes out Literally i can play this anywhere and thats a who game changer All in all this game is great and if u have the money buy it

Won’t update the game

CA Oakland 小婷

Waiting for it to update to 1.5 so I can go to the volcano island.

I love this game


But please update iOS because I can't progress any further in my game and I was so excited to play over my spring break and now I can't ;(

Stardew valley game review

Hugh ugh no thank

This game is so fun and amazing and there are so many things to do I’ve not run into a single problems 100% would recommend so worth the money

Stardew Valley

AB Farris

It is a game ware you can chose how you play.You also design your own farm.

Great game


Absolutely incredible game but a few minor glitches but other than that it is great

I have stardew valley for steam & stardew valley for iOS,we very like this game,but stardew valley for iOS is not supported Chinese,we need Chinese,thank you。

Good game


Best game I’ve gotten on my phone

I dont need any updates except 1.5!

10/10 recommend so much fun! All of the characters have unique and complex feeling and backstorys making the game so enjoyable! Also you can play off wifi which is so amazing!



It’s 2022 and I’m still waiting for the latest update to be implemented on ios… *deep sigh*

We need Chinese!


The game is fun.but we need Chinese!

Waiting for update


I wonder why not porting whole gamepad control logic to PE. control could be much easier with gamepad. But the recent logic is so bad and lacking custom options.

It’s incredible, I normally play rpgs like Skyrim and Zelda and stuff but it’s this game that I find most addictive. That’s why I take one star because it’s so time consuming.



Such a large amount of content for such a little looking game

This is a great game if you have a lot of time on your hand and if you do it’s worth getting


Ethan osier

Every time I get free time I will play this game. Just like Minecraft mobile but WAY better

Great game!


This is a amazing game, I’m not great at it, but it has a lot to offer.

Ginger island


Please for your next update can u please add ginger island for mobile I was rlly upset when i found out there wasnt ginger island for mobile Overall the game a great

Add a icloud save so if u want play it on a diffent phone u can login and pick up were u left off. If i dont seenthis upate this mouth giving this app 1 star

Love it


Some spots idk what to do but it’s really fun

This game is so charming and fun to play!

I love the game but…

Levi Touchstone

I love this game definitely my top 5 probably my top 1 the only complaint I have is that the newer maps aren’t on mobile yet

Love it





Cuando nos traen la actualización para los que tenemos en juego en el teléfono ?

I love this game so much ,we need Chinese plz ,would you???



so i had just unlocked cherry bombs, and it crashed, and as soon as the chucklefish logo comes CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH PLEASE HELP ITS THE ONE GAME I HAVE FUN WITH AGAIN

Literally awesoem


Have nothing to say its amazing

The best


This game is sooo deep and fun to play, you can do it on the move and play anytime, but you have to sleep to save which means you have to at least do 1 day.

Can you please update to 2 player game please so that way my sister can play too

We need Chinese

Perseus Yi

Good game, but language is difficult for Chinese.

LOVE the game, but I just got a 13 Pro Max, and now everything is cut off, i can only see 6 slots in my inventory, can’t see the settings, etc…

i love this game but


first of all: please give us a choice to be non-binary. second of all let us change genders in the game. also please give us the 1.5 update soon! we haven’t gotten an update in 10 months not to mention no big update in over a year.

Meh port


The PC version is much better. Also, getting really tired of being promised the new update for Mobile it’s just around the corner and it keeps dragging out.

My favorite

ChelynUnoo Lovar

I love this game but, I can’t seem to find out how to go to ginger island

I love this game but wish it would update to include Willy’s boat repair and Ginger Island pieces. When is this happening?

So this is to all new players: once you get your fishing rod, immediately start fishing. Because then you can sell all your fish to make some easy money early game for things like the backpack upgrade and better tools 💃

Please Update


Don’t get me wrong I would of gave this 5 stars for being a fantastic game, but it’s been a whole year since the 1.5 update and I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of content compared to other platforms.

Love this game but the game won’t load the files anymore so I can’t play in my current person and I was just wrong the end of year two so it’s really awful that I’ve played so long and can’t access it now.

Update this!!!!


Update this!!!!!!!! Please do. I need a telephone from robin. I’d like mahogany seeds so I don’t run out of hardwood.

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