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Stardew Valley app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Stardew Valley app an average rating of 4.83 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 59.2K ratings since its release on Feb 23 by ConcernedApe. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Stardew Valley?

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Rated 4.49 out of 5

59.2K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Stardew Valley

Best easy going game I’ve ever played.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth $4.99, it absolutely is and so much more. The game is incredibly made, the characters are engaging, and there’s so much to do. This is very much a “make your own fun” sort of game where you can spend entire days focused on a single thing. It also helps that the developer Concerned Ape is such a great guy. He goes above and beyond for his fans and you can tell he loves his game dearly. He’s had like 3-4 final updates that all get added for free. Best 5 bucks I’

Favorite game of the whole family!!

Love the story line and so excited about the updates! Keep em coming !


one of the few ported games that has all of the features from the og desktop stardew.

We need the new version !

come out quickly pls


After playing this game on my computer, I decided to play the mobile version on my iPad while I travel. 4 save files.... 4 attempts to complete the community center.... only to get completely frozen. This problem has been going on for months for me. Plus!!! All the amazing features of 1.6 are missing.

1.6 when??

Been playing for 5 years. Love every bit of this game

Awesome but!

I haven’t had any problems with this version and I’ve loved playing it so much! Especially on the go- it’s just that when i think oh i wanna nitpick my character’s appearance a bit, i can’t. I’ll go to Rasmodius’s tower and go to the shrine in the basement but it force closes as soon as i hit to pay to change :/

Issues with more recent iPhones

As of the iPhone 14, the dynamic island cuts into dialogue during cut scenes, taking out the first couple of letters for the first few lines of dialogue. It’s also impossible to leave the app by swiping up (unless you quit from the opening screen of the game); you have to use Siri to open a new app first. I would rate it much lower, but there’s nothing wrong with the game itself, it’s just no longer optimized for iOS. Maybe they’re waiting until 1.6 comes to iPhone, I don’t know.

No comment needed

Please fix the crashing issues! Great game otherwise!

I absolutely adore this game to the core, but it crashes so often, especially when using a controller. I personally use Backbone and it crashes every time I touch the right joystick. Another thing, the game freezes if you accidentally change items on the hotbar while fishing. It’s super frustrating to have to repeat days over again just because of an annoying crash. Other than that, I’d highly recommend this game to anyone. It’s super easy get hooked into playing HOURS on end lol. Again, amazing


The sound of the fishing game cannot be turned off. The friendly donation of the community center will be crash.

Multiplayer pleaseeeee

I’ve logged so much time in this game and it’s really good i just miss some of the pc features like multiplayer and would like to see them implemented

Nice game

Nice game, but could you make multiplayer for mobile? Thank you, and good job concerned ape

amazing game .. but…

I love this game. But this newest update have kept making the game crash and it is so frustrating!

Amazing game

i love this game, its so fun and make great progress pretty quickly, the only bad thing is it has a couple of small glitches, like if you get a call in the middle it freezes the whole game but saves progress, or randomly it wont let you exit certain spots, bug that so far it. definitely worth more money honestly.



1.5 Island Update <1 Week Away

1.5 Island Update <1 Week Away. Best mobile game I have ever played. One trans person did the majority of the work on this game. Chuds hate it. Lots of tutorials on YouTube. Well-kept fan wiki. This game is popular among leftists. Iconic soundtrack. This is a mobile port that lags behind the PC version updates. Version 1.4 exploits still work. Can manually transfer saves between PC and mobile on website. Legendary pixel art. Many secrets. A lot of software and hardware making this game work. T

Pretty good game

I love Stardew Valley I had it on pc ps4 and on mobile best game ever

we need chinese!!!!!

we need chinese!!!!!



Best game ever.

By far best game on the app store


Game is fun but crashes a lot and have to reboot. Needs update. No save button which would be great.

It’s crashing right when I open it up

This has happen to one of my other games too but like last year and for this app to ive updated my phone and have tons of storage left and I just bought this game 3 days ago it’s super fun and addicting


اللعبة جميلة جدا ًجداً

Don’t leave the app behind

I love the game but I haven’t played in so long because of the lack of updates to mobile while other platforms already have had them and so on

The Dog

Can you make an option to take our dog with us to adventure around? I have a service dog in real life and I feel weird leaving my cyber dog behind during the game 😅.

1.5 update

When is 1.5 update bruh

Great game one problem tho

The game is as good as i remember playing it back in 2019 but i was wondering if there is a way to make the screen fit better on an iphone 13, i have the pro max

Game is great sound not so much

Everything about the game is amazing except the sound cause there is none I don’t know why but there is no music whatsoever please fix

very good mobile port!!!

I had got this game to keep with me because I couldn’t really keep my switch with me all the time. I like the options for the controls and the customization for them like the size was adjustable and they were movable. There was also an option to buy seeds in bulk! This made it much easier than spamming the a button every time I wanted 50 seeds for my farm. The graphics are still good considering i’m running this on my phone! I also see that there is no differences in gameplay than the switch! Ov

good BUT……

good but waiting for 1.5

Item recovery service

It is the most disappointing part of the game. I lost more than one item that I wanted to get back. It took a long time to get the items. After that I deleted the game. The game was fun until that happened.


pls update 1.5 pls pls pls pls

Good game but………

Hi Stardew owner(s) I want to play with my sister but I play on my iPad and there is no cooperate on the iPad pls put the cooperate button on iPads oh and also please add player birthday ty!

Update please!

This game is really fun and entertaining. My only issue is, when are they going to finally update it to the same point as the consoles and computer? They have been saying for years now that it’s coming soon and still nothing has been done. It’s very frustrating when you pay for it and they don’t update it along with all the other consoles. I read all these cool things you can do now on the computer version and then it says coming soon to mobile. However the update never comes.

Amazing game

I have played this game so many times. I know I’m far from alone in having done so. I absolutely adore it. I hope someday a non-binary option is included.

Love it!

I absolutely love this game. I’ve bought it for every platform. I enjoy playing it on my iPad the most because of my old eyes. Only complaint is it crashes a lot. Always towards the end of the night then I have to play the whole day over again. Which can be aggravating but that will not stop me from playing. I’m just absolutely blown away by how much is in the game. It’s definitely in my top 3 favorites!


As a harvest moon player from 20 yrs ago - i love this game!!! The only issue i have is turning it off at night.

glad to have it but….

i love this game but the game crashes every time i get a cut scene

Greatest game of all time

I bought this game many time on different console. Love it very much!

Waiting on 1.5

You get to do everything by the end of year 3 and without 1.5 update, it’s getting really boring. Awesome game tho definitely 5/5 if new update is released


Please make it to were when you tap restore to previous save it asks to confirm rather than just reverting instantly. I tapped it by accident trying to save a backup save and it took me 2 days back and I lost an insane amount of progress. It is super disappointing why someone wouldn’t have a confirm feature on a button that could send people back days without warning….


I hope the author releases version 1.5 for everyone to take care of

Update DUE

There’s been updates to all other platforms besides the mobile app according to my knowledge and that of the wiki-page dedicated to this game.

It’s so fun

I’m a professional farmer now 👩‍🌾

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