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Ben Rai

Very good quality of the video on my new Iphose SE

Whatsapp call errrrr


When i call somebody in whatsapp if some one answered every 2 minutes call going to reconnect and both network is powerful.. i try with my 2 mobile same network too its same on that .. also please help as to fix this problem .. thanks..



Quitar el en línea de WhatsApp !

Sticker problem


Nice app.. but my sticker never loads to the end.. it ends up ending the app

I have met some great people on what’s app!




New Update Problems


I can’t send document via my iPhone iOS.


Dev Dinero

Will we ever be able to edit a sent message?

It’s pretty good

From the butt

I wish I could like comments like in group me.

Online status


Great app my only problem is that even with my online status off people still seeing me online.. fixing that would be great

Que los estados le pueda poner música 🧏🏻🤷🏻‍♂️


lucho llanes

Excelente medio para comunicarte con amigos? Familiares y conocidos

All good but...

sahar mhd

I used to send and upload my files, pics and videos with document attachment. However in the new update I can't see any send button for sending documents! Why is that?😩



انكم برنامج كيوت وحلو❤️❤️❤️😍😍

Plz add the feature of pining more groups so that it would be easy to find college/schools group work easily



What a great way to stay in touch with my 11 siblings with one click!!

Life is miserable to me without WhatsApp , as I stay away from my parents in other country this is the only medium for me to connect to them on audio and video calls , I love WhatsApp .

Audio notes crash app


Hi, so my WhatsApp was working perfectly till i updated to the latest and now if i receive a note and go to play it i will turn my screen black and pause the note. DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX THID ASAP!!

I think WhatsApp is awesome because A couple hours ago I found a way to chat with my friend who has a Google phone so thank you WhatsAppfamily

app problems

this is me adriana

Since I updated my iPhone device I have had problems with whatsapp when entering, it stays frozen and after several seconds the app closes and I have to uninstall the application and reinstall it. it is something very annoying.

Thank you


Thank you for providing us with all free, trouble fee way to communicate with each other.



Hi, I wanted to say that i love whatsapp but a rlly good new thing that you could do to the app is adding a "message schedule" so we can schedule the messages to send them in a specific time and date.

Lo Máximo


Una de las mejores app’s, gracias.

What’s app constantly drops calls with poor call quality



Just stop spying. Everything its ok

If I deleted a message it's for a reason why would notice the other I have deleted the message?

Scammer delight


That’s all it is because they know. That they get caught or reported 🤣one’s playing Tim McGraw and lord’s who else.

Why you don't enable polling in the application among the group members?



El practicar con tus seres queridos no tiene nombre eso es lo máximo de verlos y compartir con ellos

Easy way


Any time and any were always WS! TOP 1.

Excelente Aplicación


La mejor forma de comunicarte con las demás personas.



Love this app but, I hate the new update.. it’s very inconvenient that if a chat is archived you don’t get notified of new messages.. how can I change that

Crítica de cliente :

Norberto De Jesus Dá

O WhatsApp tem que: 1º - criar condições de manter ofline enquanto de está on assim como o Facebook , desligando o modo activo. 2º- opção de não deixar rastros quando apagamos uma mensagem enviada.

With this new update the screen keeps going black when ur hands pass over the phone, whether on a call or just texting.

Actually respects privacy


They don’t scan your personal files meaning that it’s actually end to end encrypted. Warrantless searches are illegal for a reason. If you have nothing to hide post your email address and password to prove it.

Video call


Love WhatsApp, but since las update if I make a video call and someone of the group didn’t answer I cannot add the person to the group video call

The “send” option appears at first and then quickly disappears so I’m unable to send files to my teachers. Sending photos and audio messages is okay but it’s just the files.

Send Function


When sending documents from Gmail to What’s app the ‘send’ function disappears The same issue also persists when sending documents from what’s app business as well

Latest update


Great we have Snapchat here too

What’s app Chile


In South America, Chile. Seems like an essential here. Lots of controls on the app. Be cautious

new update 8 aug


Thanks for the new update, if you can show us the possibility of seeing the photo and taking a screenshot of the other person, it will be great, I hope you will add this issue in the next update.

I am from Morocco and because of COVID-19 i can’t visit Because of your app I was Abel to connect with my family and friends thank you WHATSAPP!!!

A great App of providence


Am so so greatful , WhatsApp has provided for all my needs , this is so wonderful to me , it’s wonderful, wonderful to me

Imagine able to do live on this app . I want to be able to go love , please update it That would be really great



Dans cette version on ne peut pas masquer l’archivage. Il faut nécessairement retourner avec cette option.



No me gusta el nuevo estilo de las notificaciones

Es buena app


Pero no me dio mis emojis nuevos que e querido porque esque whatsapp no me dejo actualizar ese momento ahora me hacen falta mis emojis pero es buena app ☺️

I love it


Nice program But can whats app team put dark mood in iPhone 6 plus

Send Documents


In the last update, i realize i can't send any document, such as songs or either. Can you tell me what's happening? I have an iPhone 7 Plus.

Bien pero…

Andy In HD

Desde hace tiempo ya noto que muchas personas me comentan que al abrir la pestaña de los stickers y cargarlos, se FORZA el reinicio de la app y en esta nueva actualización aún sigue pasando !



Puedo comunicarme con las amistades de otros países, muchas gracias y bendiciones

No connections


Why does it not include all in the phone list? Thanks

I have a number of friends I connect with as I travel it’s a wonderful way to communicate with your friends as you travel

Ask aquestion


How i can move my history of whatsapp to new iPhone mobile device

When my phone is on silent mode I still hear the sound of whatsapp notification. It has started happening after my recent automatic update of the app.

Se cierra sin motivo y los stickers no los agrega

I love WhatsApp


Best App ever allow me to communicate with family and friends around the world

The new in app reply feature should be an overall feature to be able to see the convo.

Junior Sotelo

Junior Sotelo

I love this app I can text my mom tooo

Group chat features


Great Application and I’ve enjoyed using it since 2012. I’m a hard grader but I like everything about the application. I’d like to see the number of group chat members increased to let’s say to 1,000

The Best Nationwide

Claudy Artist

CanvasDiscount is the best quality print to canvas available nationwide. CanvasDiscount is the only printing operation I trust for capturing my artwork… Thanks again, CanvasDiscount…

Lo mejor


Muy buena sela recomiendo ante para comunicarme con mis familia tenia que comprar mucha tarjeta y gracias a esta aplicación hablo con todas mi familia sin párame gracias



Deberían de hacer en vivo aquí para unos solo hacerlo con las persona que uno tenga guardado sería genial

I love this app. Just was thinking that it would be awesome if you could have like a stone heart or maybe a frozen heart emoji… Strongly believe that a lot of us need those emojis.🤘🏼

Nice App!


I enjoy visiting with a friend from Germany.

I can see

Weasel 0041/4

It is great to see your loved ones when you speak with them. Thanks a bunch.


No me aparece la nueva actualización, para que solo vean la foto una vez:(



Estoy muy contenta por el servicio, gracias

It’s an easy way to share memories of Pete and Colette’s wedding since they’re overseas and I’m in AZ!

You can no longer search and reply to a message with this update. I used to really like that feature to help keep track of specific topics in groups



Its really easy to use and i can send pics and videos! And help me on saving onternational charges for Texting to my friends in other countries!!

in status bar searching some people so not show any more so olz fix it

Por fa


Arreglen el bug que no descargan fotos cuando estas en video llamada por fa

Like Signal but worse and with more data theft.

Archive Chats


Wonderful app but please remove the archived chats from the top 👎🏾


RusMes :b

When are people with iPhone going to be able to change the message tone?

Great BUT…


There’s a bug when you’re in a call. When I am in a call and someone sends me a picture, audio or video they can not be downloaded.


Judge Jamil

Outstanding performance. Thanks

About the new update.

Make a new update!!

What happened? Why can’t I select and copy stuff that I have searched for and written in the past? Please fix this.

Great Job

PrettyBoi $erg

I love life as much as I love canabisst

A años Luz de Telegram, Deberia ser multi dispositivo incluyendo ipad

Good apps


It’s been one of the best apps so far

I love it

Picture artists

But can you guys add filters i think others will like it to but it’s optional

Very content


I really enjoy this app for communication with my people in México!

AMOOO WHATSAPP PERO la nueva actualizacion es fatal cuando hablo con mis amigas y me meto a una app SE ME CUELGA LA LLAMADA ESO ES LO Q ODIO DE LA NUEVA ACTUALIZACION PORFAVOT ARREGLEN ESO :))


America 213

We should be able to self wallpaper almost the first page I mean the name areas

I’m enjoying with friends and family members photos, messages and conversations. It’s a good application to use and connect with them. Thank you

please add lock option


Please please 🙏 add lock option for lock our personal chat.

Please, whatsapp is behind every other chatting app.

End call button


Please reposition the end call icon from its current poison. With the latest update, there is a greater chance of dropping the calls due to the fact that the “end call” button is way too close to the bottom right of the screen.

Keeps freezing up n reconnecting


firey boy

The new update is trash I can’t remove someone to a call when I’m adding them

Thanks to WhatsApp we have a better option for being together for a better world. 🌟

Please decrease your disappearing msg days from 7days to 1,2,3 days this will help us to get fast replying our messages. And add one more options for showing online people’s.

Archived chats


It's a good idea that archived chats still stay archived. TKS



It's perfect, I just wish people were not able to see the messages that have been deleted for them

Whatssap account


My whatssap account has been banned

Hi! Having problems doing video calls and sending voice messages. It tells me to shut off my phone and i've done it plenty times and even updated the app. Thank you!

WhatsApp review


It amazing I have never seen something so good so far

Good app


This app lets me talk to my friends that don’t have iPhones but have Samsung and other phone brands.

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